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Dec 2, 2002
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Hey, this is the start of a story I was writing. It is more geared toward shrinking and foot fetish with hopefully some eventual trampling, so if it is not received well here I will not be offended. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Criticisms and Complaints are begrudgingly accepted. :) Enjoy.

It’s hard to believe this all started yesterday. What a world of difference 48 hours makes. Has it even been 48 hours? I am not sure at this point. All I am sure of is this is terrible and I seriously feel like I may die, or at least I may never be found again. Let's go back to the beginning...

I was with my friend last week and let me tell you, she is a foot fetishists dream. She is a 24 year old, cute brunette about 5'4" and maybe 115 pounds of curves and muscle. Jessy is a goddess. She is 1/8th Cherokee Indian and most of the rest Italian and French. She looks exotic and at the same time has the native american that gives her that "unique" look. I digress, Jessie has size 7-7.5 feet that are kind of wide for as slim as she is. She has cuter, but short toes and she loves to tease. She knows about my "fascination" with her feet and definitely uses it when it suits her. In a lot of ways she is kind of disgusted by it, but tolerates it since it's me. She actually threatened to febreeze her work shoes at one point if I didn't "behave" or if I didn't help her out with some stuff. I found out early on in our long long friendship that her shoes are rotten. A kind of vinegar and ammonia rotten that makes you cough and gasp for breath if they are fresh off her feet. I guess I really don't like the smell as much as the idea of her making me smell them (which is a story for another time), but needless to say they are bad, especially after a long day or if they are older. She also is not a big fan of socks which makes it even better/worse. I remember one of her boyfriends joking that they were an instrument of torture...oh if he only knew. So long story short, she's a bit of a tease with very stinky feet, but a good friend and a nice lady.
So we were at her house and she started telling me about a project her uncle is working on and blah blah blah. I wasn't really paying attention until she said it...shrinking. I perked up immediately and became engaged. Apparently her uncle was some researcher at the University of Indiana and working on some Darpa funded project to shrink supplies for transport and hopefully eventually troops for infiltration and Alpha Strikes. He was in town and had been telling her mother and her all about it; believe it or not they got the idea from Honey I Shrunk the Kids and had been working on it since the early 90's. They found that with the explosion of computer software and organic computing technologies they could use nano-bots to dispel and reassemble matter maintaining all aspects of the original item in it's shrunken version. Extremely sophisticated computer algorithms examined and measured everything and the nanites worked by transforming matter into oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and other common elements that could be rebuilt to reform the object. I was now even more interested as my dream has always been to be shrunk and be able to explore a woman's shoe and be trapped without her knowledge. What if I could get a hold of this technology. So I continued listening to Jessy and was probably drooling by the end of the conversation. I guess they had completed trials with objects and were getting ready to green light that, but only in extreme situations as it is still far too expensive for standard military use - not to mention the problems if the technology got out. I inquired as to the human use and she said they are looking in to human trials and had started with other living creatures with success, but it was still much in the exploratory phase.

At this point I pretty much lost it. I had told Jessy once that I thought it would be cool to be shrunk (long before I revealed my foot fetish to her) and I again brought it up. She smiled at me and said I thought you might like that. At this point I went for broke I told her that I wanted her to shrink me and put me in her shoe and wear it. Maybe just for a few hours at the mall or something, nothing major, but that it would fulfill my ultimate fantasy. She just laughed at me and told me I was crazy. "First", she blurted out barely able to control her laughter, "do you really think the government is just going to give you multi-million dollar classified research technology? And second, you would die in my shoes. Let's not play games, I know they stink and if you are 50 times smaller they will smell 50 times worse. I seriously think you might die from the smell." She almost choked as she finished her comments, but I was determined. "Please Jessy, I know your uncle he won't want to wait for approvals. C'mon, it would just be for a weekend and no one would know." "What makes you even think he has a specimen with him" "Jessy, He's your Uncle. That's just how he is. Guaranteed he has a sample and is more than willing to find a consenting 'victim' C'mon, please just ask him??" I think at this point she agreed just to placate me, but I would take whatever I could get. The rest of the day went on in an unassuming manner and although I wanted to forget about it I just couldn't.

After bugging her almost every day this week, okay, every day this week, She finally called me with some news yesterday morning, "So apparently you were right. Jack said he does have a few samples that are unaccounted for (I knew I could depend on his unrelenting, often unethical drive for accomplishment) and is willing to let you try one." SO now I was both embarrassed and confused. I didn't really want to just shrink for 5 minutes and be a lab rat, especially not for a guy of all things, and I was embarrassed wondering if Jessy had told him about my desire to be in a shoe. "Well hurry up and get your ass over here!" I snapped out of it, got dressed, and headed over to her apartment.
"Okay, so here is the deal. Jack swore off all knowledge of this because if it goes wrong he doesn't want to get blamed. You do realize you are basically taking your life in your hands, right? They were planning on experimenting on criminals and lets face it, probably the homeless, first." "Yes," I replied with a slight hesitation in my voice. Could this be real? Could this even be possible? I was snapped back to by reality when Jessy continued, "okay, well you always were kind of a dumb-ass. So here is how this works. We program in the parameters for the nanites and then you take these two capsules. They look like normal pills but are actually self replicating nanites. They will basically dissect your body, but you will have even more resiliency as if you were your same size. So basically, you won't get squished, but you won't have the strength of 10,000 ants either. Everything will be intensified, sight, smell, sound, etc so the nanites will actually work as earmuffs as well. They have a built in communication frequency which i can access via this earpiece so I will be able to hear you. It is specifically tuned so that it will only link to this earpiece if it is on and no other devices. Your clothes will shrink with you since they will be managed as well and one of the neat features is that the nanites will suppress all bodily functions while still cleaning your system. Let me think... is there anything else... Nope! I think that should be it. You SURE you still want to go through with this?"

"Well how will I get bigger?" I again replied, this time dry mouthed and barely grasping what i was hearing and saying."Simple, this is the panic button", she chuckled as she handed me something small that looked like a laser pointer. "Open this and press the button and it will send out a distress signal. The signal will alert me that you need help, but I will need to be within about 50 feet or so to send the signal to the nanites to reverse the process, so it may take a little while. The other thing is that you will need to be in a place where you can increase in size. Jack said you should grow slowly over about 4 hours or so but he doesn't know how the nanites will respond if there is something restricting growth." I literally looked at her dumbfounded. This was all too much to take in. "So you are going to shrink me and put me in your shoe?" It just came out. I didn't even realize I was saying it.
"What? NO! I told you before, you would seriously die in my shoe, plus I don't want to have to think about you rolling around in there doing God knows what!"
"C'mon! Please! I will be fine! just for a little while! I promise, I'll be okay!"
"That's a promise you can't keep! No! I guess I could just not shrink you at all..."
"NO NO No! I want to get shrunk, but I mean I really want to be stuck in a woman's shoe. Um, what about..." I had to think for a moment, "your mom! She would never know I was there and her shoes don't stink nearly as much as yours!(Jessy's mom was 43, but didn't look older than 33, I had kind of always had a crush on her and if I couldn't be forced into Jessy's shoe, than why not her moms?)

"What the fuck! You seriously need to get over my mom! And how the fuck do you know what her shoes smell like? huh?!?" Jessy started walking away, seriously mad. Apparently I had hit a slight nerve.
"Well okay, who else is there?"
"Why does there have to be anyone else? you are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something no one else has ever done and and all you can think about is my feet and my mom shoes? Seriously? What the fuck?"
"Okay Okay. Well when you put it that way. Okay, how about you just shrink me and when you go over to your mom's you can just set me in one of her shoes while you visit and this way you will know where I am and you can grab me before you go and make me big again when we get back here. She doesn't even have to wear me." The look i received as Jessy spun around put ice in my veins and daggers in my stomach, "You know what? Fine! You may not even live through this and if you love my mom soooo much i will go ahead and let you suffer for her. You're an ass! You know that right? I did know that, but was also much too excited to care. I was scared and excited and disbelieving all at the same time. OH mY GOD!!!

Jessy gave me the pills and I laid on the couch while I waited for them to take effect. "Let's see here...half inch should do it"
"Half an inch? that seems really small, Jessy! Maybe an inch would be better or 2 or 3"
"You are the one who gets shrunk, I am the one who makes the decision. Half an inch it is. The sedative in the pills should be setting in, go to sleep, worm!"
I gulped as I was starting to feel the butterflies in my stomach - or was it the nanites...


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Dec 2, 2002
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Thanks for the comments! Here is the next part. Not much action, but soon...

I awoke with a terrible pain like I had been hit by a truck. Was that all a dream? That was a pretty sweet dream. "Ooh I see you are awake, well at least you made it through the transformation part". As my eyes cleared I saw a sky scraper of Jessy. literally 70 stories tall. It wasn't a dream. So if I was 6 foot and am now a half an inch... Jessy is equivalent to over 750' tall. No way!!! The world around me was huge. I was still on the couch, now seemingly the size of Central Park with ripples of fabric the size of box hedges. Jessy's giant fingers approached and it was like a crane as the tops closed around my now minuscule body and pressed. It felt like my whole body was in a vice. The pain was intense, but i could somehow still breathe. I started to get sick as I was whisked through the air to come level with Jessy's now billboard sized face. "so is it everything you imagined?" she smirked. "It's been about four hours or so and I have to get ready to go to my mom's for your little adventure." I could smell her breath as she spoke and wanted to offer her some scope, but thought it best to not anger my new found protector/captor. I again got nauseous as I was whirled around and then I saw it...HER FOOT!! It was massive! I felt like I was looking at the top of a semi truck or something. Every ridge was distinct and unique, her toes were larger than me, and then it hit me...the SMELL. It was pretty obvious that Jessy had not showered this morning and I could distinctly smell sweat with a hint of leather. I was probably 50 feet away (well for me, in reality maybe 4 inches) and it was already this bad. I was starting to both relish and rethink this idea. She pressed the button on her ear as she spoke, "Man, you really ARE tiny. I don't think i would even know if you were in my shoe. I still can't believe this turns you on. So, now that I can hear you, how ya feeling?"
"Sore," was all i could groggily muster.
"okay well we don't want you to get lost, so we are going to put you in here," she said as she moved a tupperware container underneath me and gently set me in. It was nice to have her caring friend personality back. Jessy ran into her bedroom to get ready, "just shout if you need anything". After about 15 minutes of me sitting in the tupperware container admiring how high the walls were when at normal size i would barely have been able to fit a ham sandwich into it. Truly I did not have a previous appreciation for the perspective of someone my size. Jessy came back out picked me up and walked to the door. She set me on the floor and instantly i was hit with the sour ammonia smell I knew was her work shoes. I literally gagged and wanted to escape, but I wasn't even near her shoes. I guess she slipped the black loafers on as she again scooped up the tupperware container. "See I can tell by your coughing and gasping that you got a whiff of my shoes while down there. Now aren't you glad I didn't agree to let you rot in there?" she laughed as she continued,"tell you what, you survive mom's shoe and we'll talk about it" She continued laughing as she put the clear lid on top of me. "Don't worry you need basically no air, so you will be fine in there. Now let's have some fun."

We talked normally like old friends do as I sat on the passenger seat of her car, well really my room sized container sat on the seat, just another inanimate object. The next 15-20 minutes were rather uneventful as we rode to her mom's house for dinner. Jessy snagged my crate as she got out of the car and ran up to the door. "I'll drop you in one of my mom's shoes before anything else. I guess it should be a work shoe since we don't want her slipping on her tennies with you inside, now do we?"
"I guess not," i replied, both relieved and disappointed.
Jessy opened my top as we came to the entry closet and I could see multiple rows of shoes lined up like boats at a marina. "This one will do nicely," she whispered as se tilted me into the opening of a dark blue dress shoe with maybe an inch heel, squared off and sensible(although huge for me nonetheless). "She wears these off and on so the smell should be bearable and you should be safe. I will come grab you before I go. Enjoy, and don't go you could anyway." She again chuckled as she slid the closet door shut and left me in mostly darkness. She was right though. The walls of this shoe had to be at least 18-20 feet tall for me. As long as it was standing up like this I wasn't going anywhere. "Hey, Jessy! why don't you come set this shoe on its side so I can get out in an emergency?"
"Oh Hi mom! yeah hold on one second, just finishing up a call. I can't do that now. I am already out here. Sorry, but you will have to just tough it out. If I get a chance I will swing by later. I have to take this bluetooth out now, I am at my mom's. Okay see you later. beep." Did she seriously just pretend she was on the phone to tell me she is shutting me off? What if for some reason Cindy (her mom) decides to put these shoes on or who knows what..? now I was even more excited at the prospect of truly being trapped.
"Who was that Jessy?" I could hear Cindy, now right outside the closet.
"Oh just Jay. He wanted me to go do something with him. I told him I would be over here tonight." She was talking about me as if I was miles away.
"Oh, how's he doing? I haven't seen him in a while." Suddenly there was a bright light as Cindy opened the closet. OMG OMG OMG... "You know you could invite him over for dinner if you want." It sounded like she was shouting as I could see the skyscraper above me moving about.
"Oh no. He has to be somewhere tonight, but I will let him know you say hi."

The light disappeared as soon as it had come and the closet door slid to a close with a loud creak. My heart beat started to subside as I realized Cindy had just needed something from one of the top shelves or was hanging a coat or who knows what else..
I settled back in to explore my surroundings now that the excitement had subsided. I noticed the distinct smell of leather as soon as I was dropped into the shoe, but had stopped paying attention when Cindy startled me. There was also a definite scent of sweat, but not anything like Jessy's shoe or foot. I dropped do the "ground" and licked. My tongue was bit with the sharp taste of salt. Cindy may not wear these all the time, but she definitely wears them. I ventured farther into the depths of the shoe to see what it was truly like. It was amazing. I really still could not fathom the view from my size. There was a piece of lint stuck to the sole that was about the size of a bicycle tire and a tear in the sole the size of a pothole. I used the light from the panic remote and could see the end of the shoe. I never imagined it would be this big. I crept to the toe, not sure why I did so with such caution, and again surveyed the situation. Cindy's toe marks were evident and I could lay in them and barely reach the edges. The big toe indent I could not. I was in heaven. I had been locked in Jessy's trunk before and forced to smell and clean her shoes, but this far surpassed any of that. I laid down in the toe section of the shoe and exhausted, contentedly drifted to sleep on the soft leather "floor".


I can hardly wait for the next part... this is shaping up to be an awesome story!! Please continue soon!!!!!!!!!!


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Dec 2, 2002
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Not sure if I will get to any more parts until next week with the work schedule, but thanks for the kind comments, and here is the next part to tie you over.

I awoke from my slumber to the sound of voices out in the hall. I had no idea where I was and quickly became panicked. As my vision cleared and I stared high at the leather ceiling above me, it hit me again: this really was not a dream. I was shrunk down to half an inch and in the shoes of my best friend's mom. Wow. I started feeling good again as I took in my surroundings once more. I could still smell the leather and sweat although it was definitely more in the background as my senses had adjusted to the air. The voices continued in the hall and then passed by to the living room. I went back to exploring and imagining what it would be like to have Cindy's foot on top of me; punishing and trapping me, while she was completely unaware. The thought was too much and I had to go relieve myself. I slid under the tear in the lining so it covered me to my neck like a blanket. I enjoyed myself and imagined all the wonderful terrors my new size could hold. I dozed off again after completion, but not in such a heavy sleep.

I must have laid there half asleep, still slightly aware for at least another half and hour and then I started to wonder what was going on. I guess Jessy was just socializing, but I really figured she would come back to check on me. I guess I really was on my own. Now that I was thinking with my brain and not my head, the true shock of what happened hit me. This could be really dangerous. What if I couldn't get enough air, what if my body got crushed, and then there was the smell inherent to shoes and feet. While i enjoyed the idea of being forced to smell a woman's feet, I didn't really like the smell itself and I didn't know if I wanted to be subjected to it without mercy or control.

I was brought back to reality by loud voices again and then a bright light like the noonday sun. I squinted and looked away as my eyes had become more adjusted to the dark. "Oh Jessy, its a shame you have to head out, but I know it's getting late and you have work tomorrow. Let me get your leftovers while you grab your jacket." It felt like small earthquake tremors as Cindy walked away. As my eyes adjusted I looked up to see a smiling Jessy staring down at me (now near the heel of the shoe). Are you ready to go home buddy? Have fun? I nodded my head furiously, but was pretty sure she couldn't see it anyway. "playtime's over" echoed out as the air got stale and Jessy's massive foot came into view. She hovered it over me and I literally got chills. It was so massive and radiating her sweaty putrid scent. it hovered above me like a helicopter floating on air and I was frozen in place. She wouldn't, would she? Jessy moved her foot away and smiled at me again. She let me experience what it was like the moment before the disaster. I couldn't wait to tell her. She started to lift her other foot back over to show me I guess what the other foot would look like and as the ridges of her toes and the coarse ball of her foot came into view I heard Cindy's voice again, "what are you doing?"

Huh? I heard Jessy reply, slightly startled. You are welcome to borrow those if you need a nice pair of heels, they are so comfortable and definitely stylish, but not tonight. I just bought a new suit that matches them perfectly and am wearing it to work tomorrow.
"oh, yeah, no, I, was just..."
admiring them? Cindy completed Jessy's sentence for her. I know, aren't they cute? and before I even knew what was happening, Cindy's long fingers were striking and me and i stuttered backward rolling backward over myself down the slanted sole. My descent quickened as the shoes were whisked through the air and to the height of Cindy's chest.

A few seconds later I got my bearings again and turned around to see Cindy's index finger planted like a pole at heel side wall and my eyes drifted upward to her gorgeous face. She was french and Italian and had dark skin and long wavy almost black hair. It flowed past her high cheek bones and framed her hazel eyes and sharp nose. She really was an attractive woman. her volume increased (due to my proximity) as she continued, Jessy I know you are leaving, but you really have to see my outfit. It will just take a minute.
Mom, I really have to go. I'm sure you look beautiful ( I could tell she was nervous from the fluctuations in her voice). She cleared her throat quickly and restarted, I'm sure its a great outfit, but you can just send me a picture of it from work tomorrow. Here, I saw two different fingers followed by part of a palm start to come over my habitat, let me put those back for you and i'll grab my jacket.

I was shook to the one side of the toe and back to the other as Cindy playfully retorted, Oh no you don't you just want these for yourself. Her chuckle sounded like a church choir laughing in unison as she pulled the shoes back from Jessy. I was then dumped back completely into the lowest toe area as she held the shoes vertically. I lay there looking at her toe imprints just a few feet from me and out the shoe, up her side and into her shoulder and I started to get scared. Jessy was a smart girl and a good talker, but she was not about to con her own mom. What if she can't get me out. I mean as long as Cindy drops the shoes on their side I can sneak out and Jess can get me tomorrow, but what if the fall kills me. What if she sets the shoes down neatly as they were? My mouth and throat became dry in both terror and excitement. What if I go to work with Cindy... I loved the idea, but started to shake at the reality. Trapped in her shoe with no escape, she would have no idea that I am there, and no reason to give me any fresh air or respite. Being of clear mind, the gravity of the reality quickly outweighed the fantasy and i tried to think of an escape.

As I was looking around for any tear or weak seam or anything that could be used to my advantage, my equilibrium again changed as the shoe was leveled out. Cindy's Thumb now replaced her index finger at the mid-side wall of the shoe as she held them up for Jessy again, "C'mon it will only take me five minutes to change".
Mom I love you, but I really have to get going I kind of told Jay we would meet up later.
"Okay sweetie," as quickly as the thumb appeared it was gone as i tumbled to the heel of the shoe and looked up to see Denise's middle finger hooked under the top front of the heel. She moved forward to hug Jessy and the shoes moved like they were a dragster bent on winning its heat. Being as I had no seat belt in the shoe I went tumbling to and over the edge.

They say your life flashes before your eyes when you are dying, I saw only two giant, beautiful women engaged in a loving embrace as I tumbled from my fifty story perch. Time seemed to slow to almost a standstill as I remember admiring Jessy's ass as i plummeted to my doom...Classy Jay, Classy. I landed with a thud and opened my eyes again expecting to see pearly gates and st peter (please let it be the pearly gates and not the flaming ones). but instead I saw still two giant, beautiful women embracing.

My back felt like concrete that had just been jack hammered and i kept trying to gulp air but had none. The last time I felt like this was when i fell off my skateboard when I was about eight, but this was far far worse. The embrace concluded and Jessy Spoke again. "You know Mom, go ahead and try on your outfit for me. You can leave the shoes here and we can see it all together when you come down." Obviously Jessy was trying to detach the shoes from her mother to relieve me from my prison, but she must not have realized I fell out when they hugged. I was behind her back. Crap! I tried to shout (yeah, that was going to work) as my breath started to return and was stunned by the fact that other than some severe pain, there really was nothing wrong with me. Awesome! I was then stunned by something else. The air was thick and heady, almost sticky. as i took my first true breath in I was hit with a wall of week old garbage left in the sun smell hitting my nostrils. I looked up at the 20 foot black leatherette walls surrounding me and froze in horror. I had fallen into Jessy's shoe.


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Oct 8, 2006
i would have loved her mother to try him on just for some step to show the dress to her daughter, but i'll manage to wait for the next chapter :)


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Dec 2, 2002
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Sorry for the delay, I'm on a 21 day stretch at work, so time is limited... enjoy

My Heart stopped as i spun around. In front of me was the heel of Jessy's shoe, behind the dark, cavernous body and toe of the shoe. A I took another breath my eyes watered as if I had been preparing onions and I had to refrain from throwing up. I knew Jessy's shoe smelled terrible, but I never believed it could be this bad. I had to get out. I had to get her attention, but how? I looked up, my vision blurred from my tears, and wiped my face. Cindy smiled at Jessy and started to walk away, "You have to see it all together at once. I'll be right down" Jessy looked disheartened as the ground again shook as Cindy scampered off and up the stairs.

I was again brought back to my predicament and the sour, bitter, horrid stench that surrounded me. I never understood how some one could die from a smell until this point and had a new appreciation for all Sanitation Engineers in the world. Every breath burned my nostrils and my lungs and made me dread my next inhalation. I looked back up at Jessy, pleading with my eyes for her to put the headset back in. I'm right here! Look at me! It seemed to work as I saw Jessy's gaze turn toward my direction. Oh my god! I started jumping up and down, winding myself and further exacerbating my situation. Jessy took a step toward me then looked down at her other hip. Jessy reached in her pocket and then my world suffered from an eclipse as Jessy's foot hovered over me. This is it, I thought... I had a good run, but now I was to be crushed.

The sky lightened as her foot moved quickly over the opening and I saw her big toe slip over the back edge of the shoe. Her chipped purple polish brought back many desires of being captive to her feet, but those desires were soon shaken as her toenail faced me and she pulled the shoe toward her. I stumbled again, but didn't fall. I regained my composure and saw the opportunity in front of me. If I could climb her toe, or at least grab hold of it, perhaps I could escape my fate. As I inched closer to her largest toe the ground suddenly became unstable and I went hurling through the air toward it at top speed. She tilted the flat loafer toward the heel with her toe and then just as quickly let it drop. I hit her toenail and fell back on the somewhat giving sole. I was now a mere foot from her big toe and my mouth just stood agape at its size, power, and terror. Then in a flash, her toe was gone hurdling through the air and back on the ground, leaving me again trapped in her shoe, laying against the heel wall. I hurriedly got back to my feet and moved away from the wall, lest her toe came back and pinned me there. As I looked up again at my giantess captor I saw her playing with her phone as she sighed.

Oh Jay, how am I going to get you out of Mom's heels? What must he be feeling, mom is about to crush him and he has no chance. Then again, this is what he wanted, maybe I shouldn't feel bad for him... Hang in there Jay, I'll find a way to get you out... "I'm right here!" I shouted aloud, yet to no avail. How could she not see me?

The ground shuddered again as Cindy clomped down the stairs. I could see Jessy grimace at each thud knowing I must be going through torture. "Ta-da!" Cindy shouted as she spun into the room. Jessy smiled mildly and gave an approving nod. "You look great mom! That really is a great outfit"
"And aren't the shoes to die for?"
"If only you knew," Jessy muttered under her breath. "They look fabulous!" her voice returned to normal level. "I will definitely be borrowing those sometime soon!"
"See that took no time at all. Aren't you glad you stayed?" Jessy smiled as she sighed and nodded. I started toppling again, this time toward the side of the shoe, as Jessy's toe returned to tease me. She hooked it around the back of the shoe again, but this time turned the shoe nearly on its side. I saw my moment of escape, but was met with the side wall of faux leather then was again on my back staring up her leg as the shoe fell back flat the side walls still rising, trapping me. I saw Cindy reach down and one of the blue heels appeared in her hand. As she did this again, my shoe tipped again to the side as Jessy continued to play with her shoe. As I rolled to the edge I saw Cindy carelessly toss her shoes back in the closet, the one I was previously in landing on its side. As I lay in the crease between the sole and the wall i saw the piece of fuzz that was in Cindy's shoe roll to the edge of the shoe and flutter a bit from the fall. I looked back at Jessy's face and saw the first true smile since Cindy had picked up the shoes. She must think that is me, I thought. She thinks I am starting to crawl out of Cindy's shoe!

I rolled back into the middle of the sole as Jessy again let the shoe fall flat and again the walls ascended above me. My heart sank as I realized Jessy had no idea i was in HER shoe and it was only a matter of a few minutes before she sentenced me to destruction. I tried once more to get her attention. Jumping, shouting, anything to alert the goddess to my presence. "Okay mom, I really do have to go, but I'm so glad you showed me how nice you look in that outfit, and especially those shoes!"
"Oh, honey, anytime! Now go hang out with Jay, he is probably dying waiting for you (if she only knew). I know how impatient he is."
"Okay" with that one word my world again darkened and my heart stopped. I froze like a deer in headlights. I saw Jessy's massive foot rise and knew this was it. I prayed to every god I knew, and probably a few I made up, in that instant, but it kept rising above me as if in slow motion.

My fight or flight reaction finally kicked in and I turned and booked it for the dark, depths of Jessy's shoe. "If I can make it to the toe" I thought, "there is always extra room in the toe. I can hole up there and maybe survive." I ran with all my might, knowing that my exertion would result in punishment to my lungs in the form of acrid rank sulfurous stink, but it was worth it. I just had to make the toe. I felt like I was in an action movie as Jessy's foot entered the shoe. I was running from the now diminishing light toward the darkness. Everything behind me would be destroyed in the disaster, but I would make it perhaps diving as if from an explosion. My cinematic excitement was interrupted however by what felt like a truck hitting me from behind. I was thrown forward and to the ground, certainly tearing flesh as I slid along the insole, coming to rest in front of a large piece of dried toe jam. I rolled over only to see the ridges of Jessy's foot glide over my body mere inches from my face and then there was darkness.

I have heard that sight helps us process and prevent fear, and when you cannot see, your imagination assumes the worst. I did not need to assume the worst as I knew that I was experiencing it. I was trapped under my best friend's unknowing foot, in quite possibly the worst smelling shoe in the northern hemisphere and I was about to be crushed to my death. Perhaps not seeing my demise would be a blessing.

I took my final breath and braced myself as Jessy put pressure on her right leg and thus through her foot and to me. My body felt like I was in a juice press, all my joints wanted to burst and my bones i swore were cracking. At least it would be quick. Then, all the pressure subsided. Before i realized what was happening i was again in the vice of Jessy's foot and her insole wishing death upon myself to relieve the pain, and then again respite. I could not focus as every second held crushing, disastrous pain followed by sweet release, followed again by pain and cycling on. after about thirty seconds I realized Jessy was walking and I was still alive. I rejoiced and cried in depression at the same time as the cycle continued. I never really got used to the pressure, but it seemed to subside to a dull pressing, almost like a blood pressure monitor around your arm as she continued. As my senses returned, so did the putrid reek of Jessy's shoes and feet that I was now sandwiched between. This was truly torture. There was no enjoyment, no pleasantness, no arousal. If the military wanted to shut down Guantanamo, they could just send the prisoners here. Guaranteed they will talk. I swore, I begged, I cried, and I accepted and then the pressure was constant. I tried to move but was completely incapacitated by the weight now on me. Somehow I could still breathe, but now noticed that my confines were starting to get hot. It had only been maybe two minutes. If Jessy starts sweating, I could drown in a noxious torrid entrapment. On top of the fact that somehow my predicament could be made worse. I heard a jingle like keys, a creak and then the pressure subsided. I breathed a sigh sweet sigh of relief and refilled my lungs with the repugnant, malodorous stench. I assumed Jessy had sat down as I felt some movement and then heard the door slam shut.

I was turned vertically, I think and started sliding down the insole, but was quickly caught the force of Jessy's foot as she presumably pressed the brake. I heard the tick of her starter followed by the roar of her engine starting and realized Jessy must have said her goodbyes while i was distracted and was now heading home. "at least I will have an opportunity to get out, and maybe I can get her attention when we get home," i assured myself. I really was actually happy to have avoided an entire workday in Cindy's shoes after feeling the crushing burden of a giantess' foot for myself. Although the scent had to be better, the pain and suffering would only be mildly worse and hopefully it would just be a short drive back to Jessy's before I could make my escape. We will be laughing about this tomorrow I jested.

Although I was still in a great deal suffering, I started to think on my situation. I guess the nanites had reinforced my body to keep it from going splat. I remembered Jessy explaining that they would maintain the limits of your normal size, but this far surpassed even my expectations. They also must have been augmenting my vision as I could see Jessy's foot each time it was lifted before my world was blacked out by her force each step down. It wasn't clear or bright by any means, but I could not imagine there being a light source to allow any vision, so I was thankful for the limited amount i had.

As the vehicle began to move I could hear Jessy slamming her hand on the steering wheel, "Dammit, how could I be so dumb?!? I Never should have let Jay shrink and go in mom's shoes. Now how am I going to get him back? I mean, I guess I am glad he got to experience mom's feet for a few minutes." Her frustration turned to laughter as she continued, " I bet that asshole got a surprise when she slipped her foot in that shoe. The pressure must be intense. He is never going to shut up about trying it again though. I guess I will just go over tomorrow while Mom is at work and hopefully he was smart enough to crawl out onto the floor when she threw him down. If not, he deserves what he gets!" the last line turned from amusement almost to anger. I then heard the pop of the radio turning on and readied myself for a very long 20 minutes.