Sissy Gets Hands On Cocksucking Lessons....

May 19, 2018
Title: Sissy Gets Hands on Cocksucking Lessons.... You Disgusting Faggot!

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Today is your lucky day sissy! It’s time for you to learn how to suck a dick for your Mistress. Mistress Price is your everything and this is what you’re going to be doing for her. You must learn because you’re going to be sucking all her boyfriend’s cocks from now on and swallowing all their cum like a good sissy. Mistress Price coaches you through with this her big strap on. She slowly trains you the way to deep throat and work it right. This is your only future! This is sex for you in your miserable life! She ever coaches you on how to work a REAL MANs gouch to get a taste of his ass. You’re fucking pathetic……..

Ohhhh wait! Mistress Price has a surprise! Now you get to really see how well you are at sucking a REAL DICK faggot! Her boyfriend Kyle Chaos comes in and lucky for you he is willing to let you suck, let alone touch his real man dick. Your Mistress clearly demonstrates the things she has taught you on her boyfriend’s cock starting with under his balls. You must sit there and watch knowing what you’ll never ever feel from a woman. Once she’s had her way she makes you start sucking it. No pussy ever for beta sissy faggots like you! Deepthroat that cock sissy!! This is only the beginning of the rest of your entire useless existence!!

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Models: Heleana Price, Kyle Chaos
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