Sissy Sabotage - Coerced Sissificiation / Feminization


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Jan 16, 2017
This is a custom video fantasy brought to life, no specific name used. To order your own email: raquel roper xxx @ *remove spaces*.

Customer's request:

"Loving all your latest clips especially the force feminization clips and writing to ask if I could please request a 10 minute clip.

The idea is me being a secret crossdresser who confided in the wrong woman. In the scenario was looking for an understanding classy beautiful woman to give me advice on how to dress do make up etc when dressing up in private - what I got instead was a powerful sadistic Mistress who for her own amusement has gradually destroyed my masculinity and turned me into her 24/7 slutty bimbo doll and outed me to everyone. As far as everyone else is concerned this is my choice but the real story is that you've forced me to become your bimbodoll and I've been powerless to stop it.

Was thinking of you taunting, humiliating and reminding exactly what you've done to me - of how you've locked me into chastity, having a clitty and a pussy not a cock, trashy long blond hair, piercings, slutty outfits, fake boobs, enhanced lips, being forced to walk like a girl and talk in a high pitched ultra fem voice - basically how you've taught me to be your slut and outed me to everyone. These are only rough ideas in my head and sure you have plenty of your own. Please could I put in a request for you to wear pvc, wet look or leather as you look amazing in it."


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