Slave to an Instagram Model (Part 1)


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Apr 5, 2017
I wrote this story due to an Instagram model that I'm obsessed with. I hope you enjoy it.

Below are some pictures:

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I had just finished college and in effort to find myself, I had gone on vacation alone to Cancún. It was my third day in the city and I was enjoying a glass of wine in a restaurant overlooking the beach. As I sipped my drink, I noticed a gorgeous women flanked by two bodyguards enter the restaurant. As I continued to stare, I realized the women was a model I was obsessed with, Demi Rose. I had found her on Instagram and she was absolutely stunning. Demi had a perfect exaggerated hourglass figure: large breasts and a wide, round bubble butt. The women was impossible to stop looking at. I waited for her posts everyday, so I could admire her divine body.

Demi strode to her seat wearing a white dress with a plunging neckline, showing the cleft of her cleavage. Too scared to say anything, I turned away from her and continued to finish my glass. After I finished and paid my bill, I got up to leave. While getting up, I bumped into a waiter who spilled all the drinks she was holding onto Demi and her dress.

Demi whipped her head and stared at me, “grab him,” she said to her bodyguards. Immediately, the bodyguards grabbed me and and pulled me out of the restaurant, escorting me to the limo waiting for Demi outside. They opened the door and threw me onto my stomach on the ground of the car. “Stay down there,” they barked and slammed the door shut. I slowly turned so I was on my back. I could see both the guards standing outside the limo and I realized there wasn’t any escape. After laying there for what felt like hours, I began to doze off.

I woke up to something slapping my face. I looked up to see Demi sitting above me, hitting me with her bare feet.

I tried to speak and she covered my mouth with the bottom of her foot.

“There are three things you need to understand,” Demi said to me, “first, you are going to pay for spilling those drinks on me. Second, if you try to struggle or leave, my bodyguards will hurt you. If something happens and you ‘go missing’ here, we’ll blame it on a gang or something, so there’s really no escape. Finally, I am Demi Rose, I am a Goddess and you are going to worship me.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Now, to pay me back, I want you to start by licking the soles of my feet. They’re tired and sweaty from walking around in the hot sun.”

She extended her bare foot to me, her cute, painted toes dangling above my face. As her foot approached, I could smell the funky scent and I wrinkled my nose.

Seeing my hesitation, Demi responded, “if you don’t listen, my bodyguards will make you follow my commands.”

Scared of the alternative and realizing this is a women I had been coveting, I stuck my tongue out and dragged it across the bottom of her foot. A salty and bitter taste entered my mouth. Demi placed the other foot above me. “Now lick this one.” I ran my tongue along the bottom of her foot.

“Now I want you to lick the sole of each foot twenty times, thanking me every time.”

I run my tongue along her right foot: “Thank you, Demi.”

I turned and licked the other foot: “Thank you, Demi.”

I continued to lick the bottom of her feet and she sighed contentedly.

As I finished, she commanded, “now you are going to suck on my toes and treat me like the goddess I am.” With that, she jammed her toes into my open mouth.

I licked on and between her toes, consuming the salty, funky taste of her feet. Demi had put me into a subservient position, on my hands and knees below her while she sat above me on the bench of the limo.

“Don’t you love how I taste, slave?” I was thrown off by her choice of words and I hesitated. Demi bent down and slapped me. “Don’t you like how I taste, slave?” She repeated.

“Yes, Demi.” I responded.

She slapped me again. “No, I am a goddess and you’ll address me that way,” she continued, “try again.”

“Yes, Goddess Demi, I love how you taste.”

“Good,” she purred as she shoved her toes back into my mouth.

“Do you know who I am?” Demi probed as I continued to lick and suck on her digits.

“Yes, Goddess,” I responded, “I follow your Instagram.”

“You do?” she purred questioningly.

“I wait for your posts everyday. I love looking at your body.”

“What do you love most about my body?” Demi smiled coyly.

As I heard the question, my face flushed. Still, in my subservient position, serving this Goddess, I felt compelled to tell her the truth.

“I am obsessed with your ass.”

Demi smirked, “Well slave, I haven’t had my beautiful ass worship since I got here. Since you’re my bitch, you’re going to be the one to do it.”
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