Slave to her whim


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Apr 5, 2017
By now I was truly addicted to my mistress. The thought of her kept me aroused at night and when I was with her, I was slave to her every whim. I loved her dominating attitude but more than that, I loved her perfect body. Still, the thing that I coveted most was her beautiful ass. It was gorgeous, large and round with an intoxicating scent and exhilarating taste.

We had just started my tenth session. Mistress had chained me to the posts of her bed, I was like a starfish, each hand and leg cuffed to a different post. Already straddling my chest and facing my feet, my mistress was ready for me to worship her ass.

Mistress slowly lowered her ass onto my face. As she descended and her knees began to bend, my eyes slowly began to take in the tremendous view above. I first noticed her smooth and slightly plump thighs that quickly curved in, giving her a small thigh gap. As my eyes moved up her leg, they were next drawn to her perfect, shaved pussy--beautiful outer labia with slightly puffier inner labia that looked delicious. As she continued to lower herself, my eyes were lured to the gorgeous ass jutting out above me. It looked like it was sculpted by a God. It was so perfect. As it moved closer, I could feel the heat emanating from between her globes. Seconds after, I caught the first hint of her scent. Oh God, the scent. The thing I desired most. The thing I couldn’t get enough of.

“Sniff my gorgeous ass,” my Goddess commanded above.

I was happy to oblige.

I voraciously inhaled, her ambrosia cascading through my nose, making me more and more addicted to her, more and more subservient to her whim. With a final fluid motion, Mistress pulled her cheeks far apart and placed her delicate flower above my nose and released her orbs onto my face. My world went dark, this Goddess’s perfect ass was dominating my existence. I could only breathe through my nose, being able to draw a small amount of air that was perfumed by her deep canyon. The musky, bittersweet oil from inside her cheeks coated my face and the tip of my nose. I felt nearly hypnotized as her hormones and pheromones made their way to my brain and stimulated parts of it that had never been stimulated before. To say I was aroused would be an understatement.

“Now lick my ass slave,” My Goddess Commanded.

I slowly licked the length of her crevice. Her warm anus tasted slightly salty with a faint, underlying bitterness. I was getting the purest form of the drug that I was addicted to. The combination of sight, scent, taste and the sound of her moans was overwhelming. I needed more. I began to lick her sweaty, slightly bitter and incredibly delicious asshole even more vigorously. I heard her moan loudly. She began gyrating her ass heavily and I could hear her breathing deeply. She let up slightly and I gasped for air. “Only breathe through your nose!” she commanded. I returned to inhaling deeply. The warm scent of her earthy, anal musk flooded my senses. Her aroma was strong and the taste of bitter sweet, salty sweat on her asshole made me throb. I couldn’t get enough of her. I continued to lick and sniff while she continued to gyrate. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter.

Suddenly her legs clenched and she moaned in pleasure, orgasming onto my face. As she came onto my face and mouth, I lapped up her juices, the amount almost too much for me. My face pressed against her, her cum spilled down my throat.

Finally, my mistress finished orgasming, her slick juices coating my face. Still, she didn’t lift her ass from my face.

“Keep licking my ass,” my goddess commanded. Slave to her whim, I obliged.

A few minutes later she continued, “I have a treat for your good work, I’m going to allow you to cum while under my ass”.

I slowly realized what she had just told me. Then, I felt her warm hands on my member. She gripped me softly and sensually as she moved up and down my shaft. I inhaled sharply, absorbing more of her musky ass scent. “Soon” she continued “the smell, taste, and feel of my ass alone will be enough to bring you almost to orgasm. Every time you cum from now on, it will be breathing in and tasting my gorgeous butt.”

She continued to grind. Her ass on my face, it’s taste and scent, along with her warm hands were all too much. My hips began to buck. “Cum for me, my pet,” she said in a sexy voice. I exploded everywhere. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

She lifted her ass off my head slightly, allowing me to continue to breathe in her aroma.
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