Snorting a Lady's Shit

Oct 15, 2009
Has anyone else ever snorted up a lady's turd? I did, and the smell and taste stayed with me constantly for almost an entire day. Speaking for myself, it was wonderful, especially falling asleep with my sinuses full of her fresh shit.

Why did I do it? First and foremost I wanted her to know I really really really smelled her shit, that there could be absolutely no doubt in her mind that I did in fact smell her poop and even had my entire nasal passage clogged with it from one day into the next (it very slowly worked it's way down the back of my throat bit by bit, and I happily swallowed every single bit of it, which she witnessed too). Second, I wanted to do it, and was not the least bit disappointed. In fact it was far better than I ever imagined. It actually had an incredible fragrance and tasty flavor.

Serious question, has anybody else ever tried it besides me? Even if not, any comments, good or bad, marveled or disgusted, any and all feedback is most appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. You might be wondering what she thought about it. Well much to my amazement, she told me I was the first to smell and snort up her shit, that surprised her a lot; but then she informed me I was simply another guy among a few dozen in her life who also ate her crap. TRUE!
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Sep 8, 2011
Goddess Amirha has a clip like that for sale. I think it shows her shoving the entire load up his nose. Not something I'd want to try.