Sofa Crush Part 3

Jan 10, 2018
The day of the party.

It was early in the morning and my chest was still painful from the night before. Still I tried to put it to the back of my mind as I had lots to be getting on with this morning. With that I dragged myself out of bed to find my wife was already up and in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I put on some clothes on and made my way to the bathroom. After having finished breakfast with my wife, she asked if I would go and get some bits from the shop and handed me a shopping list, a big list this was going to take all morning, great!!
I told her no problem I'll just grab my coat I get going. After we said our goodbyes I garbed my keys and left the house.
After some long and boring hours later I returned from the shop with everything that was on the list. Once I had handed this all over to my wife I went and sat on the sofa to watch so well deserved TV. Time seemed to drift away when I was watching TV and I had not even realise that my wife had finished setting the room up and had got changed. She was now wearing a black miniskirt, sort of tartan with pleats. This skirt always flares at the back when she walks showing her bum a bit. She had on a normal white low cut T-shirt.
She came over to my and sat on my lap and said, are you ready they will be here any minute. Ready? I replied. Yes you know what we had planed yesterday, she said. I had completely forgotten, how could I forget something like this. I started to panic a bit as I had not had any time to prepare myself.
Ok I'll get into position if you can put the blanket in place. I was in and really panicking or excited now, could not make up my mind as to what I was feeling.
The door bell rang and my wife said, you sure you want to go through with this as this is your last chance to call it off? I didn't say anything I just had waves of anxiety pulsing through my body and was unable to make a sound. She just said ok let's get the party started.
She walked out to answer the door and I could hear talking in the hall but I couldn't make out who it was. Then foot steps into the room and my wife asks Debbie, Cindy would you like a drink while we wait for the others to get hear? They both answered together with yes please. Well make your self's comfortable.
These two could probably kill me if they choose to sit on the sofa. I was really hoping it would have been the twins here first, I was sure I could take their weight but these two, it's going to be hard.
I could hear so moment near me and then a sudden compression on my lower chest and stomach. This pushed all the air out of my lungs and I struggled to fill them again. It felt like my insides were going to be pushed up out my mouth and I could feel my head starting to go red with the effort of having who ever this was sitting on me.
I had hoped that this was Debbie but to my horror I then heard Debbie ask where can I put my coat and my wife saying you can go put it on the bed. That would mean that it was Cindy on me and Debbie would be soon.
Debbie came back in and was moving around the room near me, i felt a bump on the sofa next to my head and with that wham. ..
This court me off guard as I was still thinking about the impending fate, that I did not move my face from looking up.
Both of them sat without a care in the world that I was under them as they did not know. The weight on my face now was very real and very painful.
My lips were pressed hard into my teeth, my mouth was forced open and my eyes are being pushed through the back of my head. My head felt like it was going to pop at any second, that with the weight on my chest of Cindy. She was crushing my ribs almost to the point of braking, I was now finding it so hard to breath with this unrelenting weight on top on me.
As Debbie moved in her seat the pressure changed pushing my face into different positions, I could feel my lips start to split. The pressure was so much that I was seeing stars and could hear my hart pounding in my head.
I must have been under them for 20 to 30 minutes before the lack of air started making me dizzy and pass out.
The party continued as I drifted in and out, every time Debbie move in her seat I was able to snatch bigger gulps of air but unfortunately this meant that her weight was pushing my face into different positions and braking my nose and splitting my upper lip. As Cindy move this pushed more pressure onto my lower ribs, the pain was intense.
Suddenly the weight of Cindy released my chest and my breathing became just a bit easier. However this did not last for long, due to what my lower ribs had just undergone when Cindy crashed back down on me, she broke two rids. The pain was a new and intense pain, I tried to scream out but was unable to make a sound due the the unrelenting weight of Debbie compressing my face into dust. I passed out again.
I came too some time later and found that I could move, Cindy and Debbie must have got up, the party must be over and I had survived. It still felt like
they where still sitting on me as my head was still pounding, my eyes were hurting and my lips were split and bleeding. My nose had been smashed across my face, my rids had been broken this made it feel like there were still there.
I could just about make out some talking, it sounded like goodbyes and a door being shut. My wife then said they have gone did you enjoy yourself? I didn't answer as I couldn't and because I didn't my wife lifted the cousion over my face and laughed saying you look all mesed up, she must have been heavy. She continued with well I'm going to pop out to the shop to get dinner, you can crawl out when you are ready. By the way Debbie and Cindy enjoyed sitting on you, I told them you where there when they arrived, they thought it was a bit odd but had no problem with in, in fact they would like to do it again some time. With that she left me to recover.

The End.
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Jul 11, 2002
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Great story. I love that your wife at the end said she told her friends you were there and they still went along with it and sat down like you weren't there anyway.