Spicy Indian for lunch

Dec 15, 2008
My first story here. Hope you like it

Spicy Indian for lunch

She pulled down her tight jeans to reveal a bubble butt with a large, round ass, barely hidden by her panties. John was surprised to see that her coffee coloured booty, which looked so fit in her tight jeans, actually had a bit of cellulite and some stretch marks. It was somewhat larger and rounder than he realised when he saw her in jeans, earlier. He started to regret putting himself here, in this position - her ass was not perfect, it was a bit plumper and more ordinary than he dreamed of in his fantasies.

Then she looked down over her shoulder at him through her thick rimmed glasses, her long black hair flicking over her shoulder in the most feminine way as she did so - and John was so captivated by her pretty Indian features, even with some facial acne scars that her makeup could not fully conceal, that he felt better about her less than perfect ass. He was still fully captivated in the moment! She wasn’t a classical beauty by most standards, she was at most ‘cute’ in that mousy ‘girl next door’ way, but to John, right in that moment, she was like a young Indian goddess above him. His need to submit to her and debase himself beneath her, utterly, was overwhelming.

The look on her face was equal parts amused and disgusted. “You sure about this?” She asked in her cute British-Indian accent. John hesitated only briefly, then nodded in the affirmative - he had lost his power of speech, he was so nervous and excited.

Her large, dark brown eyes glittered with amusement behind her glasses. She smirked, then poked her tongue out at him, before he lost sight of her cute face and dark features.

John saw her pull her pink, cotton panties down completely over her wide, feminine hips and plump, round ass. Her panties were not especially sexy - they were normal cotton panties with a bland floral design. When she had put them on this morning, she had probably not expected to be showing her panties to a complete stranger! She didn’t even try to do it sexily, just matter of factly, the way she no doubt did it every time she used the toilet.

His Asian goddess lowered herself over John’s face, and sat down on the plastic seat he had bought for the purpose. John heard the seat creak a bit above him as she settled and adjusted her substantial round ass on the seat. The seat was attached to a bucket that completely surrounded John’s head, and it positioned her bum just inches above his face, so that his field of vision was entirely filled with her wide brown hips and ass. It cut off much of the bathroom light from above, but enough remained that John could see her ass up close now, so close, in fact, he could see the beginning of some faint cellulite dimples, and make out individual stretch marks, and even a couple of pimples. Apart from the stretch marks, cellulite, and a couple of pimples here and there, her brown bum cheeks were otherwise smooth and flawless. John could smell her femaleness now, an earthy, musky scent combined of sweat, pussy, urine, poo, and ass, mixed in with some kind of floral female hygiene spray - to John it smelled like the sweetest perfume ever.

Her unkempt, hairy pussy, stretch marks, and cellulite should have disgusted John, but for some reason it started to turn him on now - it made her seem more real, more feminine, more ‘girl next door.’ She was no artificially enhanced model, just a real life woman about to perform the most amazing act of female supremacy John could hope for.

She used her delicate fingers to pull her coffee coloured ass cheeks apart and John noticed her fingers were long, recently manicured, and painted natural pink. As she pulled her large, soft ass cheeks apart he saw her dark crack and her dirty epicentre for the first time. His heart skipped a beat - the dimpled skin around her taint and puckered asshole was much darker again, deep chocolate brown, and her asshole and what he could see of her vagina was ringed in dark, curly, coarse hair - clearly she didn’t believe in keeping a hairless asshole or anal bleaching! She was a 100% natural woman. The centre of her Asian anal rose was dark pink, contrasting with the dark chocolate skin and coarse black hairs protruding obscenely around it.

As John stared up into her dark centre, he was filled with second thoughts - should he go through with this? Could he even stop her at this point? This was his longest held and darkest desire... to be a human toilet for a pretty young woman, so how could he stop now?

She took his moment of decision away, and made it form him. Her anal rose pulsed visibly and a loud ‘braaappp!’ sound filled the bucket in which John’s head was fixed. A moment later the foul blast of gas that had escaped her asshole hit John’s senses. He was overwhelmed with the part sulfur, part faeces smell. It burned his nose and eyes, and made them water - he could even taste the bitter gas!

He heard her giggle slightly nervously as she farted, and he realised she was going through with this. As he recovered from the gaseous assault, he heard her lower belly rumble, and she let out a little groan. It was coming! She adjusted herself, making the seat creak and, amazingly, somehow managed to spread her ass cheeks even more. Her anal rose pulsed and then stretched, and as John watched in fearful anticipation, he saw the head of a slimy dark brown turtle crown through her asshole, like an obscene birth from a horror film. It briefly returned back into her deep centre, before reappearing more confidently this time and beginning to emerge fully. As it did so, copious drops of very sticky intestinal slime dripped onto his face.

John opened his mouth in anticipation, and some drops of strange, off colour anal slime began to pool in his mouth, salty, earthy, and quite disgusting. He had never done this before, and he wasn’t sure if he could really eat her faeces yet, but he would try! Anything to serve this young Asian goddess! He heard her grunt, and suddenly the full large brown turd emerged from her obscenely expanded rose. John was surprised by just how much her anal ring was able to expand to make way for the turd pushing its way out! John was fascinated - it was like the most disgusting birth ever, but instead of a baby coming out of a vagina, this goddess was birthing a log from her anus.

The log itself was long, and looked slimy and turtle like - he was so close could easily see the roughly textured surface, and even make out pieces of undigested nuts within it. The head of the turd was descending slowly toward his face - he quickly positioned his mouth directly below it and before he knew it, she had pinched off the loaf by contracting her sphincter. The hot, slimy brown mess finally dropped into his mouth, most of it landing directly, but the tail end landing over his top lip and under his nose. More of her warm ass juices from the log ran down his chin.

The smell that assailed him was truly awful - he couldn’t believe such a pretty and innocent young woman could produce something so foul. The taste was equally awful: a hot, slimy, bitter sausage that made him gag. His saliva and what he still assumed was some kind of intestinal slime coating her log began to mix and break the hot mass down in his mouth. He fought to compose himself, and then finally probed the poop with his tongue. His mouth was already pretty full, so he decided to try and swallow.

John used his tongue, then his teeth and lips, to bite down on the log. He managed to scoop most of the tail end into his mouth, using his tongue. Her warm, sticky brown had a fatty, solid texture, like rotten brie cheese. It tasted like rotting cheese too, and dirt, and death in his mouth. It was like nothing he could have imagined in his wildest fantasies. It was simultaneously the most horrible thing he had ever tasted, truly disgusting, and for that reason, the most wonderful thing he had ever tasted. In that moment, his mind was blown.

As he began to chew, that taste, sticky texture, and the rotten smell started to overwhelm John. He fought to keep chewing, trying to soften the mess in order to swallow. His jaw was already starting to ache from the effort to chew. When he had softened the shit sufficiently, he tried to swallow some. The poop momentarily stuck to the roof of his mouth, and he fought back his gag reflex. Finally, he managed to start swallowing, and he felt the warm sticky date pudding sliding down his throat, into his unsuspecting belly. His mouth was very sticky now, her shit had coated the entire inside of his mouth like warm toffee.

As he swallowed the first log, he stared up at the dark anal rose above him. Quite a bit more strangely opaque anal slime began to drip down toward his mouth, like treacle in slow motion. He had to reposition his mouth to catch it in his open mouth. It pooled there, tasting like filth, of course, but with an oddly familiar salty and ammonia like smell and taste. John had not known that slimey liquid would accompany her shit, but he supposed it was normal - it wasn’t like he really knew what to expect when a woman took a dump, afterall.

Another blast of sulfurous gas followed, and without pause, another log peeped out. This one looked lighter in colour, and softer. She grunted softly, and suddenly another longer, thinner log was pushed out of her dirty corn hole. It dropped into his mouth and across his chin this time. John began to scoop it into his mouth with his tongue, noting this one was softer and squishier than the first. It also tasted slightly different, more acidic and spicy hot, as though it had chilli in it. The taste burned his tongue, even as the smell burned his nostrils.

Just as he was trying to break this spicy log into swallowable portions, he noticed her ass hole pulse again. ‘Urrghhh!’ She grunted, much louder this time, and John was alarmed to see a shower of warm, runny diahorrea explode out of her dark centre. Suddenly John understood the origin of the term ‘brown shower’ - her diahorrea spattered all over his face - some landing in his eyes and burning them so intensely he had to close them, some landing in his mouth where the hot, acidic taste made him gag again, the rest coating his face.

John could no longer see, his eyes were burning and watering from her acidic diahorrea. This was not like his fantasies, where he could easily watch the shit descending neatly into his mouth. The reality of being shat on by a lady was much different, and far more overwhelming, than he had imagined.

He had little time to begin swallowing the latest barrage of foul brown pudding she had dropped, before he felt another huge log land across his mouth and face, followed by a strong and steady stream of hot, salty liquid which he realised was her urine.

At this point John was utterly overwhelmed, his mouth was literally full of shit and he couldn’t swallow fast enough to clear his mouth. He also felt his stomach roiling, protesting at the large amount of filth he had already managed to swallow. Her spicy pudding was not settling well in his tummy, not at all.

He could feel a solid mass of shit on top of his mouth and nose, making it hard to breath. Her piss had only washed a very little of the diahorrea off his face, and some had run into his mouth, but he still couldn’t see very clearly, as now her salty urine was burning his eyes too. He couldn’t breath properly through his nose or his mouth, and he started to panic, as he realised he couldn’t clear his airway, and as his upset tummy threatened to vomit back up the poop he had swallowed. He couldn’t even move his hands to help himself, as he had foolishly begged her to handcuff him into immobility, which she had all too happily done.

John heard her gasp and then sigh in relief as a final large load of acidic soft serve shit fell right across his face. He couldn’t breath now - his mouth was packed air tight full of sticky shit, and when he tried to breath through his nose, he only succeeded in inhaling her liquid shit and intestinal slime. He could see nothing, and could feel that his face was now completely covered in a lethal mask of poo.

John felt and heard her raise up from the seat. ‘Fucking hell!’ He heard her say in a shocked tone. She must be looking down at him, he realised. ‘This fucking stinks. No offence, but thats so gross! I guess you won’t be licking my bum clean, afterall, like you promised. Pity.’ A moment later he heard a rustle and then felt several thick wads of toilet paper descend gently onto his face. She had wiped, he realised. Compared to the earlier violent onslaught of faeces, this was almost delicate, like a lover’s caress. John was overcome with the feminine gentleness with which she had deposited her dirty toilet tissue over his face - the juxtoposition of such a tender act with the violence of her fecal onslaught over his face made John’s mind spin.

Her next words broke the gentle spell. ‘Eewww. You are proper fucked.’ John couldn’t have uttered a word to save his life, which indeed was on the line. Perhaps he should have thought this through more. With his fast diminishing energy he thrashed around in his restraints, trying to jerk his head around in a plea for help. Air! He suddenly needed air very badly!

Things went from bad to worse, as they do, and John really panicked at what happened next. Instead of helping him, since he was clearly choking on her poop, she instead said in her soft, British-Indian voive ‘So fucking gross! I guess you bit off more than you could chew!’ She laughed suddenly, a little nervously and loudly, at her own joke. ‘You got exactly what you asked for. Just swallow faster if you want to breathe.’ She laughed one more time as she made one last off the cuff joke ‘Also, consider yourself fucking dumped!’ And with that he heard her laugh again, then close the lid of the toilet seat, trapping him in with the faeces that would surely kill him.

John thrashed in his bonds, desperate to live. He didn’t have a death wish, he had had just wanted to fulfil his lifelong fetish! And now he was dying! Suffocating and choking to death on this Asian woman’s disgusting shit. John’s stomach was betraying him, attempting to vomit up the faeces in his belly, but with his nose, mouth and throat plugged tight with even more shit, his vomit had nowhere to go, and it simply accelerated his suffocation.

John panicked as the full import of his dire situation hit him. He realised that within moments, in agony, utterly debased, literally used as a human toilet by an Asian woman half his age, he would soon die in the most debased and humiliating way possible. What would his family and work colleagues think if they found out how he died? All his hopes, dreams, experiences, future plans... all gone now, literally shat out of existence by a pretty young university student.

Just as he was sure he was gone for, light suddenly returned as the lid was lifted. The next thing John saw and felt was a filthy toilet brush being scraped across his face. The stiff nylon bristles scratched his face painfully, but he was grateful as she was wiping the poop from his mouth and nose. He blinked, and finally could somewhat see again, and looked up into her face - she wore a look of true disgust, and was holding her left hand over her mouth and nose, even as she used the right to move the brush forcefully back and forth across his face.

With his fading consciousness, John managed to open his mouth slightly, and she seemed to know what was required - she inserted the end of the now shit stained brush into his mouth and pushed surprisingly hard. With a look of real determination, she began forcing her sticky, warm brown cake past his tonsils with the brush, and down his throat. John felt the mass working its way into him, felt his normally flat belly distending out, as the brush kept pushing ever deeper down his mouth and throat. Absurdly, John felt like he was being forced into giving a deepthroat blowjob to the shitty toilet brush and her poop both, heaping indignity upon indignity. But at least hope returned, that he might breathe, and live...

Priya finished washing her hands, and after adjusting her glasses, and checking her makeup and hair in the mirror, she left the bathroom. Despite her bravado in the bathroom, and her clever one liners, she was very shaken at what had just happened. This was totally out of her normal experience or comfort zone.

She went to the kitchen table and opened the envelope there as she took a few steadying breaths. She already knew what was there, she had counted it before agreeing to go into the bathroom. £1,000 in cash. The amount she had agreed on this morning, to take a dump in some silly old codger’s mouth.

As an undergrad student from a large Indian family of modest income, Priya needed every spare pound she could find. Uni was expensive, and her part time job as a waitress at the local Indian restaurant didn’t pay well. When she had answered a local personals ad for easy cash that morning, she had not known what to expect.

She had feared the old guy, John he called himself, would want sex, which she would never have agreed to - she had far too much self respect, not to mention a fiancée, and she was very faithful.

In fact, she had even had raunchy, spontaneous bareback anal sex with her longterm fiancée, Sachin, an Indian law student, just before coming here to use the old man as a toilet. Sachin always came bucketloads when Priya let him use her tight bunghole instead of her pussy. I wonder if the old man noticed, thought Priya, that my poo came with a large side order of sperm? Well, the old man could hardly object, thought Priya, since toilets don’t get to chose what goes into them. John had paid to become her toilet, meaning, as far as Priya was concerned, John had became Sachin’s toilet as well. It was only fair.

She could obviously never tell Sachin that a large sample of his sperm was now deposited in some old stranger’s belly, mixed in with a massive load of her own shit - it was too gross to talk about, naturally, but just the thought of it made Priya smirk in a surprising moment of sadistic cruelty. Somehow, the thought of it made her feel closer to her fiancée, a real man, young, attractive, and normal, unlike the pasty old pathetic freak she had just used as a toilet.

After her initial misgivings, Priya had been almost relieved, if a little freaked out, when John had explained what he wanted. But she needed the money, and the old man had offerred a surprising amount.

A fucking human toilet! Priya shook her head. She could barely still believe it, despite what she had just experienced. How could anyone want that? She shivered in disgust at the thought. Her last image of John, face still covered in her shit, with the filthy toilet brush still protruding from his mouth, like a weird strapon dildo, came to her mind. Horrible! Priya had to secretly admit, it had been satisfying to force that toilet brush down the old man’s throat, over and over, forcing her shit down his throat. Sure, it was the only way she could think to clear his airway, but it had also been strangely satisfying to force her poop down into the old man’s belly, which she had noticed looked pretty full when she was done. Still, it reall had been a relief, after confirming he seemed able to breath, to close the lid on the horrible, stinky hot mess.

She felt much better after her substantial bowel movement - unfortunately for the old man, she had really needed to take a big shit. She had a very spicy curry the night before with her family, and her tummy had been acting up too - she had a little too much coffee, as she had been studying for her nursing exams. And to top it all off, her sex with Sachin earlier that day had really left her needing a good poo! And boy, had it felt good! Best poo ever!

Priya knew she should probably feel some concern at leaving the old man tied up, head in the toilet bowl, to quietly digest her brown filth - as a nursing student, she knew all the bacteria and viruses human excrement contained. But, well, that was his problem now. Someone who wants to eat shit should suffer the consequences, thought Priya.

Her tummy felt much better now - if only the old man knew, she had taken the largest and most satisfying dump of her young life in his mouth! Turns out that even a pathetic old pervert was good for something, afterall.

Priya swept up her belongings and began to leave the hotel room. As she passed the coffee table, where John’s phone was, she had a wicked thought. She picked his phone up - it wasn’t locked - and she opened the camera app. Walking quitely back to the bathroom, she carefully lifted the lid one last time, pointed the phone, and took a picture. The scene there, and the smell, was still horrible, so Priya quickly closed the lid, and tip toed back out. On a whim, she took note of the old man’s number - if he made it through this, maybe she could make some more easy money this way again - before placing his phone back on the table. As she left the room, she smirked and took care to put the do not disturb sign on the handle - afterall, he probably wouldn’t want the maid to find him in that predicament.

The end... for now
Mar 23, 2009
this was really really really well written, and i would know. i have read over 16 books in my lifetime so, my opinion means something ;)
Dec 6, 2004
Great well written story.
I really like it:)

She left him tied up...who will find him?
A gleaning lady that recognize the setup and decide to use him herself?
Can the whoever that find him even release him or did Priya take the handcuff keys with her?
Will Priya return and use him again and demand more money to release him?

Please continue the story