"Squashing my slave" by MFXvideo

Feb 6, 2003
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Hi friends,

Tell me something fellows,
What do you think about a lot of punishment, domination and pain???
That's right, MFXvideo brings all of this in "Squashing my slaves". In this movie you will see Victória our hard dominatrix that decides to punish Tatthy with no mercy...poor girl!!!!
Another incredible production just for trample lovers!!!
Check some scenes after let me your opinions...
Hope you enjoy!!!

"Squashing my slaves"

What did you think of those pics???
Don't worry guys, Tatthy is alive!!!!hehehe

See more about this great movie, you know the address


See you


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Apr 28, 2004
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I have to say, that Tatthy chick has GOT to get off on being abused by female asses and feet.

I have any number of videos where they absolutely RAPE her face (Wild Schoolgirls 2...mmmmmm) and I don't care what they're paying her, if she didn't love it to some degree she wouldn't go back for more.

Christ, is that hot! It makes me want to quit my job, leave my life as I know it, and go be an abused object in the foot and ass smother video industry. I'd lose all my friends and family, but God would it be amazing to get used like that.