Squatwoman Begins (part 2)

May 21, 2007
A/n: This is the second part of the story "Squatwoman Begins"

Squatwoman stealthly made her way towards where the fight was going on. The guy on the ground was clearly being mugged as he was down to his undergarments and every possession of his was taken away. Two of the guys were standing next to a large shadow. That was her entry point. She silently dropped into the shadow. The thug closest to her was the smallest one and the one next to him was the biggest. In a swift movement she caught the head of the smallest guy and slammed it into the nearby wall. He collapsed immediately. The big guy turned around and she kicked him in the balls as hard as she could. He too collapsed to the ground groaning in pain. She took out her whip and swung it, coiling it tightly around the neck of the third one. The fourth guy had already rushed near her by now and threw a punch at her. She dodged it with ease and kicked him hard on the nose and heard it break. She followed up with another kick to the chest that sent him falling. The third guy had managed to uncoil her whip from his neck by now and rumbled towards her shouting with anger. She ran towards him and slid under his feet and reached her whip.

She turned around and whipped him across the back so hard that his clothes tore in a neat line where he was hit and exposed his bleeding skin. She delivered two more blows to his chest when he turned around and he collapsed to the ground writhing and screaming in pain. All three thugs were on the ground now and she started whipping all of them in turn, savoring their yelps of pain with each swing. “Maybe I’m enjoying this too much!” she thought, but didn’t stop until the three thugs’ screams turned non-verbal. They couldn’t make any more sound due to the air being knocked out of their lungs. They appeared to be literally choking on the pain. She decided that these three were done for the night and turned around to the victim.

“P-Please don’t hurt me!” He cowered and backed away from her, looking horrified at what she had done to his assailants. “Coward.” She thought and gestured at him to get out of here. He wasn’t worth talking to. By this time she noticed that the first thug she had attacked come to and was making a run for it, abandoning his partners in crime after he saw what she did to them. A naughty smile graced Squatwoman’s face, and she licked her lips as if she could almost taste his fear. Nothing tastier than a scared prey trying to escape. She pursued him slowly, taking her time and letting him run for a while. She wanted him to think he could actually get away before catching him. After about a mile she decided to scare him a bit and dropped right in front of him. He couldn’t stop in time and yelled as he tried to turn and fell sideways. When he got up, she was gone. He was really starting to freak out now. He ran in another direction, trying to look in every direction to see her coming again.

She approached from behind and used the claws on her fingers to scratch his back. He howled and fell forwards. A red five finger scratch mark was now visible and spreading all over his shirt’s back. But she was once again not to be seen. He got up again and started running, begging for mercy this time. “Please let me go! I was just playing along! I didn’t hurt that guy!” he screamed in every direction, desperately hoping to get away from this nightmare. Another coward. Squatwoman decided that he had run far enough. She tackled him from a side alley knocking him to the ground and made another pair of scratches on his chest. He didn’t try to fight back. He curled into a fetal position begging her to let him go. “I’ll I’ll do anything! Please don’t hurt me anymore!”

Squatwoman hated cowards. She didn’t even particularly enjoy hurting them. Besides she didn’t like hitting someone who wasn’t even trying to hit her back. She would still punish him though. “Get up and bend down.” She said curtly to the coward bawling like a baby on the ground. He fell over himself obeying her and immediately assumed the position. The Squatmobile was parked quite far off as she had let him run almost 2 miles before catching him. She didn’t want to walk back. Of course she could always remote drive it here but she rather ride this coward back to her car. “You’re going to carry me back to my car. You won’t talk. You won’t stop and you won’t bend back up, because if I fall, trust me, you WILL regret it. Understand?” She asked, without looking at him. He whimpered that he understood.

She approached him and got on his back in a swift jump, knocking his breath out and unbalancing him. But he managed to not fall and started walking. It was hard to walk like that not only because of her weight but also because she was pushing his head down to hold his torso horizontal. Squatwoman wasn’t satisfied at the speed he was going. She took out her extendable baton and whacked him hard on the butt. Every animal understood that signal to walk faster, and he certainly did, and started grunting with effort as he managed to keep up a jogging pace. She was bouncing lightly on his back due to the speed he was going and her butt was stretching and pulling at the scratch mark on his back. But she either didn’t notice or didn’t care. She was too turned on at this point from all the bouncing and the groaning.

She made him take a slightly longer way than required, laughing inside at how pathetic he was. She wanted to see if he could go faster and whacked him on the butt a few more times, harder. He tried his best to go faster but he just couldn’t. Squatwoman wouldn’t give up that easy. She beat him right on his scratch wound next, making him howl and lose balance once again and sent him keeling off to hit a wall. Squatwoman still sat on confidently as if daring him to fall. He hit the wall hard head first, but managed to steady himself with his hands. He was quite shaken by just how much this woman was willing to hurt him. He started running again, much faster this time, almost at normal running speed. “Fear that gives men wings…” Squatwoman thought to herself with a smile. She was feeling almost uncomfortably warm and wet now.

The woman and her prey finally reached the Squatmobile. She dismounted him slowly and deliberately, her butt stretching and pulling at his wounds as she did so. “Ok. Get out of here now.” She said and walked towards her car without looking back. He truly did disgust her. She went over to the driver’s seat and was a bit taken aback to see a face there. She had forgot that she had left another prey locked in her car. She loved to make them wait. They waited helpless, knowing that she might be back any second to deal them more pain. The waiting was sometimes more fearful than the actual punishment itself, if you knew how to time it properly.

She noticed with a pleasant surprise that the prey stuck to her seat was weeping silently. His eyes were dried out and she realized that he had been crying all this time and was tired out by now. She felt herself growing warmer once again. It was harder to be aroused when she was in a fight or flight situation but now that her prey was trapped helplessly she knew she could enjoy it to the fullest. He looked up at her, his trembling eyes silently begging her for mercy. But she would have none of it. She waved her hand aside as if to say “Stop joking” and sat down unceremoniously on his face again and started driving. He started moaning in pain again. She thought she had given him too long a break.

She drove around for some more time, keeping an eye out. But it was slowly becoming morning time and even crime took a hiatus for a few hours. She should return and catch some sleep she thought. There was still the issue of disposing of the prey under her ass though. She wondered whether or not to try and get an orgasm out of the situation. He had grown silent now, having accepted his fate. He quietly sneaked in a breath when opportunity arose and didn’t try to turn away or complain. In other words he was becoming too boring. She could get off better if he was twisting and turning and trying get away. She would have to take him back to the Squatcave and tie him down on better equipment to bounce around on his face a little better and get herself going. She bounced a few times on him to convince herself. The car seat wasn’t particularly bouncy and it just felt like she was punching him in the face with her butt over and over again. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” she thought and kept dropping her weight on his face for a while.

But she knew she couldn’t get an orgasm in the car this way. And she was too tired to take him back to the Squatcave and come out again to drop him off somewhere far off. No she would just let him go soon. She lifted up an inch off his face and scooted forward a bit and sat back down, completely settling on his nose and flattening it. He grunted in pain, a little more audibly now that his mouth was open. But that was the point. “So… did you learn your lesson?” Squatwoman asked him, laughing at how she sounded like a teacher disciplining a kid. He painfully felt the vibrations of her laughter on his crushed nose and said back in a weak voice “Yes I did… Please let me go…” His mouth hurt when he talked as his lips were flattened against his teeth for too long. “Oh you did? Then explain it to me.” She said, enjoying making him think she was about to let him go. “I won’t ever try to rape anyone ever!” He said, almost crying with the effort. “I don’t think that was the only lesson. You clearly have a lot more to learn!” She said, laughing at his sudden begging. It was more fun again now. She lifted herself up again and sat back down smothering him properly.

He twisted and turned again, having given hope and having it taken away again. She sat unmoving, just taking in his pain and desperation. Facesitting hurt a lot more after the first few minutes when their face started to get sore. She could tell his face was really sore by how he was trying turning his head little by little very fast. She got up after two minutes and sat back squarely on his nose, exposing his mouth again. “Learned it now?” she asked, laughing at his heaving breaths. She could really do this all night, but she was feeling really tired by now. “I will be nice to all women from now on! I’ll be the perfect gentleman!” He said desperately clutching at straws, hoping that this was her right answer. Of course there was no “right answer”; she was just playing with him. But she decided that was good enough an answer. “Ok fine. I’ll let you go now…” she said and slowly got up from his face. A look of relief came over his flattened red face. He was even saying thanks.

But then she changed her mind. It was easier to let him go if he was unconscious. She dropped her butt right back on his face again without a word and sat up as straight as she could and crossed her arms. In 3-4 minutes he would pass out and she could dispose of him easier. A minute passed by and he was already struggling. Squatwoman was cycling through the songs in her system to find a more active song that would keep her from sleeping while driving. Another minute passed by and his struggling became violent. She could hear the strain in the bonds and wondered whether he would be the one to finally break it, where dozens of other prey had failed. She still ignored him. They approached the three minute mark and his struggling was now more animalistic and came in jolts, and he actually managed to shake her a little. She decided ‘Highway to Hell’ was a good song to listen to while driven and started playing it, bouncing slightly with the tune. Then she noticed that he had stopped moving under her.

“Finally.” She thought and adjusted the volume of the song until it was just right. Then when she was satisfied she got up from his face with an almost audible ‘squelch’ sound from the sweat on his face. He looked peaceful, like he was sleeping, unlike how it was like moments ago, filled with horror and flattened out. She was glad to see his unconscious body was still breathing. She had a tendency to take it a bit too far when smothering prey under her ass. She just liked it too much. But she had yet to kill someone no the job and today wasn’t the day she started. She undid his bonds and dragged him out of the car and dumped him in a heap on the sidewalk. She didn’t care if he got mugged in his sleep. It would just add to his punishment. She was however sure that he would never hurt another woman again. He might even be scared go near a woman’s ass again.

She got back in the car and started the long drive back home. She was all that stood in between the weak and defenseless and the monsters that wanted to take advantage of them. Anyone whom she decided was guilty was promptly punished to the point that they would think thrice before committing another crime. She was the reason criminals breathed a little easier when the sun rose. Of course she got pleasure out of it, but it was effective and after all it wasn’t like she was getting paid to do this job. Squatwoman was tired out for the day. The Squatmobile gilded away into the distant darkness, as if it never existed in the first place. But her victims and the people she saved, never forgot.


So I hope this one was good.. Please let me know if you liked it, and also if I should write more of the Squatwoman Chronicles...
May 25, 2008
Great story I love it. Please wright more on squatwoman. I think it would be so cool if squatwoman could fart on her slave face and smother her slave to death.
Mar 12, 2012
I always like your stories, please going on, and keep your style...:thumbsup2: I would wish it will have more brutal sitting, jeanssitting is my favorite love:)
May 21, 2007
@FacesitVN Thanks a lot! your comments are like a stamp of approval!
@snowpresto Damn straight shes out there
@sistersboy Thanks man. I try to refrain from death because some people may not like it, and doesnt fit well with most of the characters I create. But I'll include something for you in the next squatwoman chronicles.
@cindyscindy Thanks a lot! You've asked me for more brutal stuff many times. I'll include some nasty jeans sitting stuff in the next instalment. :D