Jun 25, 2008
Hi every one
Does anybody know of any scat stories, were a very large lady has a human toilet eat her shit. Ive writen a few myself for my own amusement but im looking for more stories and new ideas thanks every one. i do hope to make new and interesting friends on heres thankyou all.
Jun 25, 2008
Thanks very much ilovescat1 that was a fantastic storie a great read. I wont forget that will pay you back in some way in the future.
Mar 22, 2007
Here's a quick one i wrote a few months ago... BBW scat is not easy to come by... i apologize in advance for any grammatical and/or formatting errors, it was written in ntepad... lol enjoy

The Debt
by miami_fa


It all started when my co worker overheard me discussing my finances on the phone. I was on the verge of being evicted, and had no collateral. That's when she decided she would help me. She was a very large black woman, over 300lbs for sure. Large breasts and a huge ass. At first i didn't take her seriously but she insisted i listen.

"i know ur hard up for cash," she began. "I've been saving up to buy a replacement toilet since mine is a little, small for me. I don't have enough yet, so i can loan you what i have now, so long as you pay me back."

I argued no, my pride wouldn't allow me to take the money, but she overheard my entire conversation. She knew how bad it was, and eventually i caved. She came back later in the day with the money and an agreement stating i would pay her back.


She came in Friday asking for her money, apparently her toilet actually broke and she needed a new one immediately. I told her i didn't have it and after a few tense words, she pulled the contract out of her purse. There was a passage i didn't remember seeing, it said my failure to pay back the loan would result in my becoming a servant until i can pay off the loan. Afterwards i would work off any interest i owed at her home. Before i could argue she gave me a card with an address." be there tonight at 7, be prepared to be here all weekend." with that she walked out.

7:00 PM

I rang the bell to her house and waited for a response. She got to the door and let me in, as she closed it i turned to speak. I didn't notice the her pick up stick behind the door until it crashed onto my head sending me into unconsciousness.


I awoke and couldn't move, i couldn't even talk. Something was wedged firmly in my mouth holding it open, the room was too dark to see what it was. I struggled and found myself bound at the wrists and ankles on my back. I was secured to some sort of flat platform and i couldn't turn my head. It was at that moment that the light turned on and i realized i had a tube in my mouth about 2-3 inches in diameter. Above me lay a clear bowl, and above that some sort of metal frame and seat. Beyond that was the woman who assaulted me. I tried to yell but i couldn't talk with a tube in my mouth.

"Well now," she laughed. "Aren't u a sight for sore eyes, i told you i needed a replacement toilet, i'm glad you volunteered for the job. See i can't use public bathrooms, too dirty."

She was now slowly walking up to me, i could feel each step she took as it hit the ground.

"I can't use the bathrooms at the office because there's a good chance i would clog them... again" she smiled. "My replacement toilet would've been able to handle both my weight and the sheer volume of shit i put out, but for some strange reason i'm low on funds and had to settle for you, a bargain model."

With that she lifted her nightgown, exposing a huge brown mountain of dimpled flesh. Her heavy breasts swung as she tossed her clothes to the side. She stepped up to the platform i was chained to and i was pulling at my restraints with all my might. I was amazed at how secure they were, they offered absolutely no slack. My amazement was cut short as the bathroom light was eclipsed by her massive backside. It snapped me back to reality as i watch her sit on the seat and watched her thighs generously spill out over the edge. She immediately began pissing into the bowl and it immediately flooded my mouth. The taste was strong and the seal around my mouth was suprisingly tight. SO tight that no urine spilled out, it kept collecting in the clear tube that ran from the bowl to my mouth.
Before long there was well over 6 inches of piss collect before she stood and looked down at me.

"It's ok," she said. "I'll give you a chance to get use to this slowly.
The tubing is watertight so unless u swallow what in there, it's not going anywhere. I know you don't want to swallow my piss, but ur my toilet now, you're going to have to. Besides, do you really want to sit there with all that piss in your mouth. There's no way for you to spit it out."

She laughed as she walked out of the room, leaving my with a mouth full of piss, and only one way to get rid of it.

An hour later i had finally gotten the last of the urine down my throat. It was an incredibly diffcult task at first, but as time went on it got easier. It was at that moment that she came back into the room, she looked at the bowl, smiled and turned to sit on it. I braced myself for another flood of piss but was surprised when instead of the steady trickling i heard her fart. As the smell filled the room i tried to struggle again to no avail.

She grunted for a few seconds before i was greeted by that familiar crackling sound as she unloaded on the bowl. So much came out the bowl shifted under the weight of the load. So much shit was in the bowl it actually clogged the pipe and spared me from having to taste this foul mess, even if just for a few moments. She got up and came back with a small toilet brush and began forcing the shit into the tubing. I stared in horror as everytime she pushed the brush into the bowl, the mass of shit inched further down the tube. I could now feel the heat emanating off of the mass as it got closer and closer. With one last push she filled my mouth with shit. Then she continued to push down until all the shit in the bowl was packed into the tube. By now she had forced so much shit into the tube my cheeks were puffed out like a hamster. The taste was unbearable, but i couldn't spit it out. I could actually feel the solid chunks of shit in my mouth dissolving with my saliva and dripping to the back of my throat. As it pooled i eventually had to swallow if i ever wanted to get this taste out of my mouth. She laughed histerically as she sat back on the seat. She pissed into the bowl leaving a pool of urine above all the shit. This meant that as the night progressed, the piss would soak into the mass of shit, dissolving it and ensuring it all went into my mouth and not stuck in the tube. It also meant i would have another bladderfull of piss to swallow after i finished eating. She stared at me for a while, smiling the entire time.

"you know," she said. "you're a much better investment than that other toilet i was going to buy. Same price, but this one comes with entertainment. Yea i'm gonna use your keys to rummage through your apartment tomorrow since you'll be evicted by next month. I'll mention the conversation i heard you having at work when people start wondering where you've gone to. With no one to miss you, i think i've solved your living problem while you've solved my toilet one. It's a win/win." She smiled as she walked out. "enjoy your dinner!!"


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Thank you for this very good story ! I like the description of the toilet and the way he is forced to swallow whatever happens ! Also, I appreciate Her kindness : She deigns to offer him a large amount of pee to help him swallow her shit, and he really should be grateful for that ! THKS a lot !
Jan 28, 2003
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This is a story from my Femina Island Series

Viola - Part 1

Vie & The Deputies

Gemma parked her Jeep in the Sheriff's spot at the Police station. She was still feeling the effects of the party last night but even being a tad hung over couldn't erase the smile from her face.
'Mornin' Sheriff' Viola greeted Gemma as she came thru the door. Viola had agreed to work the night shift for awhile until life on the Regina's Island settled down. There were still a lot of lose ends to tie together & Gemma appreciated Viola's and the other Deputies willingness to cover the off hours duties.
Unlike Femina Island, Regina's Island, the second Island to be taken over by the Mother - Daughter Witch's, was still going thru its early stages & Gemma & her deputies were the law as every male on the Island was learning.
Viola was one of Belle's close friends. She used to work for the Russel Brother's but was happy to take the job as one of Gemma's deputies.
Vie, as she preferred being called was a big girl. Still in her twenties and as black as a moonless night, Vie stood around 5' 11" & weighted in around 270 pounds. At least that's what her licence said & Gemma saw no reason to press her on its accuracy . All of Gemma's girl's presented an imposing figure but none more than Viola.
Gemma could hear Jason's raspy breathing when Vie stood up behind the dispatcher's desk. Gemma brought her Slave Jason back to the station to keep Vie company during the party. Gemma just wanted to sleep it off and it gave her a warm feeling knowing that Vie would be having fun with her Slave.
Gemma tossed the keys to the jeep in the small tray on her desk and waved Vie back telling her she could sit back down.
Vie had picked up her pants and panties that she had rolled up on her desk and put them back down with a smile.
Jason's face was a mask of red lines and shiny with sweat & Vie's juices. He groaned when he heard what Gemma had said. Vie backed up behind the desk and stood looking down at Jason's mis-shaped face.
Vie wiggled her huge cheeks & smiled seeing the deep dark brown covering his thin pointy nose all the way to the bridge.

Jason looked up at the huge black ass cheeks seconds before they lowered back onto his face. The cheeks opened wide as Vie slowly bent at the knees. Vie moaned as she settled back on Jason's face. She slid her huge ass back until she felt Jason's nose rub against her Rose.
Jason began struggling, his legs kicking under Vie's desk.
Vie moaned feeling Jason's nose slid into her sticky hole.
'Oooo..almost forgot' Vie giggled as she grabbed the fat plastic straw off her desk & opening her huge thighs she worked the long straw, one of three taped together, under her till it found Jason's mouth. She wiggled her ass again as she heard Jason sucking air thru the straw while his thin nose lived in her asshole. The fart she had been holding exploded in a long searing blast up Jason's nose & across his hot wet face. Vie held her thumb over the end of the straw cutting off Jason's air forcing him to breath from her ass.
Jason trapped body rocked like he was having a seizure as he lost the fight not to breath thru his nose. Vie giggled enjoying the game.
Gemma paused & looked at Vie & just smiled while shaking her head thou she had to give Vie credit. Maybe she'd try it herself after getting Jason back home.
The young man had the perfect nose for facesitting as she well knew. Long & thin, it was perfect for smelling Roses.

************************************************** *************

Jason had spent most of the night licking Vie's fat pussy & ass. He knew if he wanted to breath he would have to keep licking and sucking or Vie would have him blacking out again which he preferred, only because she would get off him to slap him back to consciousness if she hadn't killed him.
She would make him suck on her Rose & eat her disgusting farts. Vie found that pushing her chair back & then leaning forward to fold her arms on her desk opened her huge ass cheeks enough that the slave's nose could suck in some air. Her straw left for another time.
Vie had used Jason all night uninterrupted as the phone didn't ring once. The only time his head was removed from the office chair was when Vie dragged him screaming to the bathroom where she manhandled him under the potty chair.
Vie was the only one to hear Jason's screams as he watched what was coming down for his mouth to catch. Vie pulled a magazine from the rack to read while she listened to Jason eating. Vie loved listening to him chew & swallow. The feel of his trembling lips pressed against her fat Rose, his mouth ready for another tasty morsel.
Vie sat there over Jason's face for almost an hour enjoying the Slave's tongue long after being licked clean. The phone never rang.
The only sounds were of Jason crying. Vie ignored him but she enjoyed hearing him beg & plead.
When Vie finally rose she saw a gasping Jason. His lips and mouth tinted a dark brown as well as his nose.
Jason, the brown nosed Toilet Slave she taunted him. Sitting back down she gave him a belly full of yellow wine to rinse his mouth out with before bringing him back to the desk chair to lick her BBW ass. The wooden tongs sat unused in the pail by the toilet. Jason had eaten without loosing thanks to Gemma' training & all Vie had to do was wet wipe his face so he didn't bring his stink back to the office.

Vie had watched some late night TV as Jason sweated under her huge ass only to pass out three times when Vie forgot to move so he could breath. Remembering, she pulled the fat straw from her slurpie. Later she would tell the other girl's of her ingenious solution.

Gemma smiled hearing Jason's sad cries as Vie reseated herself. She poured herself a cup of coffee as her other deputies filed in one by one.
All but Nadia, who had first patrol this morning. Gemma wondered how Nadia had slept as she had joined Gemma at Ashley's Kane's last night.
Gemma couldn't remember which one of Regina's boys Nadia had facefucked on Ashley's couch but by the smile on Nadia's face as they left told her whoever it was, Tom or Mitch, that Nadia had enjoyed it all.
The crackle of the radio sliced thru the room as Nadia reported in. She was at the northern most tip of the Island and was requesting assistance. Gemma picked up the mic telling Nadia that she was on her way. Gemma pointed to three of her girl's and they all shot out the door. Gemma & another in the jeep & the other two right behind them in the police van.
It was eight AM and Vie got up off Jason's face and began to get dressed. The other girl's stood looking down at poor Jason with smiles as they saw his ruined face gasping for air.
The first one to finish her cup of coffee freed Jason from the chair and dragged him back to the bathroom where he would spend the rest of the day.
Better put up another pot one of them said as they heard Jason pleading for mercy from the bathroom.
'Fat chance he has' one of the three white deputies said to the others bringing on a fit of laughs. All the deputies were hoping to get a Slave of their own, even Vie. Maybe the call that just came in would provide. Things were still a bit hectic on the Island. It had only been a week since Regina had cast her spell bringing the Mist over what was once Bimini Island & creating another haven for Women.


Outside of the Resorts there were plenty of vacationers & there were plenty of men, young & old still missing and hiding out on the Island. Some had survived the shrinking spell & having recovered ran in a panic trying to hide. There was nowhere to hide & soon they would all become someone's property. It was only a matter of time before they were caught as they tried to get food and maybe try to get off the Island, which was impossible. They could never leave on their own.

************************************************** *******************

Could Things Get Any Better?

Gemma had her Deputy driving her Jeep with the Police Wagon right behind them. Gemma sat in the back with Vic Torres.
The balding, wimpy 55 year old Apartment manager was kneeling between Gemma's open thighs learning how to eat pussy. She had caught Vic as he ran naked across the road heading for the beach. He ran across just as Gemma's jeep had made the blind turn. When he saw her he dropped the sack of food packages he'd managed to steal from the small store adjacent to the apartment complex. Now he ran naked as Gemma hit the breaks & ran after the chubby naked man.
Gemma caught him down between the dunes. All she had to do was fire a shot into the air & he fell to his knees covering his head with his hands. It was obvious that there were others hiding out down here somewhere & this frightened Man was going to lead her to them eventually.
There was a lot of rocky outcroppings along the stretch of beach & no doubt some caves where his friends were hiding.

Gemma was sure there were plenty more men who had recovered from the shrinking mist that Regina had called over the Island. Some males managed to escape without being caught & were, like Vic's buddies, hiding in fear.
To think that this balding old man had almost succeeded in his quest for food to aid the others was almost comical. None of them stood a chance. Naked & hunted they were doomed to become the property of Women who now ruled the Island.
All it had taken to break Vic down was making him eat her 9 millimeter. Gemma saw the panic in his eyes and it wasn't long after that he told her where the other men were hiding.
Vic was still crying & begging to be let go for ratting on the others as he gagged while he licked Gemma's pussy. Gemma told him not to worry, that she would keep him safe & away from the others he had betrayed & then release him.
Gemma could feel Vic's cool tears against the inside of her thighs when she squeezed his head as she came.
Vic had never eaten pussy before, that was easy to see and Gemma would keep her word to the chubby old man. She would release him alright. Right into the World of slavery when she gave him to Viola. Gemma couldn't wait to see Viola's face and Vic's when she handed him over to her 270 pound deputy dispatcher.
Vic had gagged almost immediately with just the smell as Gemma held him by his ears and brought his face in between her thighs. It was a typical hot Island day & even thou Gemma had showered before going to the station it didn't take much to have her soaking thru her panties that were sitting beside her on the seat.
Vic felt the Women patting his head as he gagged trying to lick her smelly pussy. Vic had never really been with a woman before. Not like this. In college he had dated. He wasn't a virgin or a homo but he had never done anything as disgusting as this. He remembered friends in college bragging about doing this saying 'No Muff Too Tough' making everyone laugh. Vic had played along not wanting to have them learn that he had never done it.
When Gemma squeezed her thighs around his head he was sure she would crush his skull. His open mouth was pressed so tight against the hairy hole that when Gemma came he almost vomited. Vic fought to swallow the slime just as he had when Gemma held his open mouth to her and forced her piss into his mouth. He swallowed what didn't leak out the sides of his mouth. Gasping & gagging after Gemma had pulled his wet face away he had to fight not to throw it all up. It was the 'Don't you dare' look he got from her that made him fight down the bile.
Vic knew as soon as she let him go he was going to find a way off this Island. To hell with the apartment complex, his money, clothes...everything. He would find a way. Plus she had promised and once the men he just ratted out found out, he was a dead man if they ever got their hands on him.
Gemma pushed against Vic's forehead moving his face from between her thighs. Vic's red face stared up at Gemma, his eyes still saying a silent please.
The jeep was moving slowly down the slope thru the dunes to the rocky shoreline below. The Police Wagon would have to remain back up top. The deputies in the wagon were carefully climbing down the slope behind the jeep.
Gemma had Vic sitting up in the jeep. It was time for him to keep his part of the bargain.
'Well'? Gemma said.
The shoreline's small beach was rift with tall rocky hills. Vic stuck out a shaky finger and pointed to a small opening back in the huge row of black boulders up on the shore.
' up into a cave' Vic said painfully. He felt like a coward doing what he was doing. He was condemning those men to Hell just to save his own skin.
Vic watched Gemma tell her girl's where to go and to be careful. Vic was looking up at her and mumbling to Gemma as tears rolled down his face.
' promised'
Gemma patted Vic's head and smiled down at the sad man.
Gemma watched her girl's at the mouth of the cave wondering if they would put up a fight but as it turned out they were weak & starving and soon Gemma saw her girl's leading the wretched souls from the cave. Some were having trouble walking and had to be helped by others.
There were 18 of them in all. Gemma didn't know how they came to be together like this and she didn't really care.
As her girls lead the rag tag group to the police wagon, Vic ducked down trying to hide but the younger, healthier men spotted him in the jeep and Gemma's girl's had to restrain them. Vic had his arms over his head as he cried. The men were swearing to kill him as the girl's herded them up the incline thru the dunes & into the wagon.
Vic looked up at Gemma again. His eyes conveyed what his voice could not as he sobbed like a frightened baby.

************************************************** *****************************

The Island's Finest

Viola heard Sheriff Gemma's jeep & the paddy wagon out front. She had her hands gripped tightly on the arms of the special chair.
Viola heard the commotion out front as she began to cum once again into Jason's mouth. The smell of her own excitement was rising up from her open thighs making her own nose twitch. Viola could only imagine how it was for Jason who had his nose pressed against her sticky Asshole while his mouth filled with her juices.
Viola rose on shaky legs when the door burst open. Gemma was dragging a leashed older bald man into the office while the deputies from the paddy wagon were corralling a large group of ragged looking men just outside.
Jason was gasping for breath as Viola stood. He watched her standing just above him fearing she would fall back upon his face as she tried to keep on her feet. Jason almost wished that she would. It would surely kill him and he was more than ready to die right about now.
Vic fell to his knees grabbing Gemma around her leg fearing the other men just outside the door. Gemma kicked the sniveling bald man and tossed the end of his leash to Vie.
'He's all yours Vie' Gemma told her as she grabbed the loop to the leash.
Vie grinned down at the white man as Vic stared up at Gemma in disbelief & horror.
'Yyyyyou promised - you promised to-to-to release me' Vic stammered.
'I just did...I released you to Vie over there.....You belong to her now' Gemma added.
'Why don't you take the rest of the afternoon off Vie' Gemma told her.
Go home & have some fun with your Slaveboy'
Vie was dumbfounded. She came around from the desk grabbing her panties and pants and headed out back practically dragging Vic along.
Gemma wanted Vic out of there before her girl's brought in the 18 fugitives from the cave.
Gemma could hear Vic screaming as Vie led him out back where her car was parked.
Vic fell to his bare knees out back of the police station. His bare skin tore when he hit the gravel as Vie tugged on his leash.
Vic couldn't believe the size of the black woman in front of him. She seemed like a giant to his puny white five foot two body. The black ass cheeks seemed to move with a life of their own.
Vie finally got tired of dragging the crying white man and stopped and turned facing him. Vie looked down on her property.
Her Slave actually. Just like Gemma had said.
Vie reached down and grabbed Vic by an ear dragging him to his knees. Vic screamed in pain wishing he could wake from this nightmare.
On his knees he barely came up to Vie's huge belly.
Vie wrapped the leash around her wrist taking in the slack and bringing Vic's wet face to her crotch. With her other hand,
Vie pushed two meaty fingers into Vic's mouth forcing it open. Vic's eyes were as wide as fear could make them and when Vie brought her slave's mouth to her wet pussy she held him there with the leash and a hand in back of his balding head.
The warm piss gushed into Vic's mouth as she told him to drink it. She couldn't wait to get him home. She was so excited listening to him swallow. She had heard Gemma telling the girl's how Jason would tongue bath her every evening & she was looking forward to it herself now.

Viola made sure his open mouth stayed open in her mass of sticky hair. Some was leaking out the corners of Vic's mouth but Vie was enjoying it to much to get mad. Plus he'd have all the time in the world to improve his toilet skills.
When she was done she wiped her pussy on her slave's face & balding head before tossing Vic into the back of her Jeep and heading for home. Viola's mind was racing with all the things she wanted to do now that she had her own slave & a white man to boot.

Back inside the police station the naked men without leashes had been cuffed like the others and now Gemma was passing out leashes to her girls. Gemma had eight deputies not counting Viola who was her dispatcher. Viola wasn't in any shape to be chasing law breakers even thou some of Gemma's girls wernt exactly marathon runners.
'Well' Gemma said as she walked up & down looking the eighteen men over. Some wernt more than 20 years old tops and 8 of them were white boys who were on the Island vacationing. Some probably from the Tennis Amatuer Open that had been going on.
'It looks like there won't be any Winners' Gemma said aloud as she walked around the frightened white boys.
'Unless you count my Girl's' she added smiling at her deputies.
Gemma knew what was going thru her deputies minds. None of them really had a male all their own. Other girl's had been lucky enough to find stray shrinkies, many of which had been trapped out in the open when the Witch's mist had rolled onto the Island.
Gemma looked into the sad faces of the men and the expectant faces of her deputies. Three of Gemma's deputies were white girls who had worked for Belle & the Russell Brother's.
'Well Ladies' Gemma began. Looks like we hit the mother lode here so I'll tell you what's gonna happen.
First of all who wants a whitie & who wants a black brother. Hands went up along with plenty of giggles & smiles of anticipation.
The shocked looks on the mens faces were mostly ignored as Gemma let her girls pretty much pick the ones they wanted.
Of the ten that were left, Gemma chose two to become Toilet Slaves right here serving in the station house. One black & one white. This way she could take Jason home with her and leave him there so he could rest up for when she returned home after a long day. Jason had become somewhat of a sorry sight doing double duty so to speak at home & at the office.
That left eight. Gemma would call Deep Cove & let Regina know about their raid & the remaining captured Men. If there was one thing Gemma knew it was that Regina & Rebecca would find a place for each one of them to serve.


Viola - Part 2

Deputy Sydney White

Sydney White tugged on the leash urging the young black man out the back of the police station. The young black had been out fishing with his Dad when the mist rolled in. Lost and unable to see, they finally made it to shore.
He was just one day away of heading off to College in the States
When the mist cleared they found their way to the hidden cave only to find others already hiding there. The stories they told about escaping from the apartment complex sounded terrifying and Nick could see the fear in their faces.
Nick now looked back trying to see his father before the back door to the station closed. Tears filled his eyes when he couldn't see his Dad.
Nick was small compared to other boys his age. He had just turned 18 but he looked much younger. At just over 5' 5" and maybe a 110 pounds he tried to keep the tall white woman from pulling him away from his Father, but he was choking on the collar when he tried to resist.
Sydney White towered over the frail black boy as she half pushed him into her Jeep convertible. Sydney ignored the boys crying.
Her own excitement had her tingling as she climbed in behind the wheel. The top was down but she could see the fear in the young blacks wet eyes. He wouldn't try to jump out of her car. But just to be safe Sydney wrapped the leash & knotted it around the door handle.
Sydney was soaking thru her expensive lace panties as she drove home.
Sydney stood around 5'10 with long jet back hair and striking emerald green eyes. Sydney looked at the young boy as she drove as he half laid curled up in the bucket seat. He was trying to be strong but when he thought about what might be happening to his Dad he began to break down.
Watching the boy, his weakness was sending a chill thru Sydney.
Sydney wasn't a bigot in the real sense. Most of her girlfriends on the Island were Blacks as where some of her friends on the Police Force. Sydney's Mother had moved them here shortly after her Father had run off & since Mom controlled the Family's fortune he wasn't missed at all.
They weren't rich by any means but they were more than comfortable. Sydney wondered what Mother would think when she brought this young black boy home.
Sydney's excitement was triggered by the stories she had read growing up about Slaves on plantations back home and thou the accounts didn't delve into any sexual abuse by the Whites it was hinted at and that's what sparked Sydney's imagination growing up in Georgia back in the states.
She always imagined she was the daughter of a rich southern family that had slaves and as she got older and learned more her sexual appitite for cruelity grew to have no limits. She imagined herself using young black slaves to satisfy her wildest sexual desires and now she was going to live that dream with the black boy she would make her slave.
Sydney gripped the steering wheel and had to pull off to the side of the road cause she was going to cum.

************************************************** ******************

Chelsie Kincaid

Chelsie looked at the white boy she had chosen from the group they had found in the cave down on the beach. He wasn't much younger than she was and Chelsie remembered him from the last year of school.
Peter looked at her definitely as she brought him out of the station to her car.
'I remember you' he said to her.
'You can release me now & nothing will happen to you' he added.
'Chelsie broke into a wide grin. She still retained some of the freckles she had been teased about growing up on the Island. A redheaded girl with a face full of freckles really stood out among the mostly black native population.
'Let you go?' Chelsie answered.
'Look...I don't know what's going on here and why everybody's acting like ....weird, but a joke is a joke---Ha Ha, so release me'
Chelsie tightened her pull on the leash dragging Peter's face close to hers. Before she could say anything else Peter spit on her face. Chelsie's freckles burst on her skin as she became furious, slapping Peter across is face & then backhanding him. When he just smiled back at her she kneed him in his naked crotch. Peter screamed and ended up hanging from the leash for a few seconds gagging before Chelsie released the tension on the leash and let him fall the rest of the way to the ground.
Peter lay on the ground with his knees tucked up to his chest writhing in pain. Chelsie used her booted foot to roll Peter onto his back and still holding the leash taut sat herself on his chest.
The boy had tears in his eyes as he looked up into Chelsie's face. Chelsie hadn't wiped the spittle from her face as she pinched the boy's nose closed making his mouth fly open. Chelsie leaned down and worked up a mouthful of spit and let it drip from her mouth into his.
Peter tried to turn his face away but Chelsie held the leash taut.
'Swallow it' Chelsie told Peter.
Peter swallowed the spittle making a face as Chelsie pinched off his nose once again.
About to work up another spitball, Chelsie had a better idea. Standing, Chelsie worked the belt of her jeans loose and let them fall.
She kicked one foot out before lowering her soaked panties. Peter's face looked shocked as he saw the trim red bush coming down onto his mouth as Chelsie squatted.
Peter tried shaking his face loose but Chelsie pulled on the leash and slapped Peter repeatedly until he stopped squirming.
'Open you mouth SLAVE' Chelsie told him drawing out the word Slave.
Chelsie felt his mouth open under her wet pussy and sat herself down the rest of the way. Peter was crying as Chelsie began pissing.
'God Dam this is so hot' Chelsie moaned as she felt & heard Peter gulping. Chelsie enjoyed every second wishing only that it could last longer. Finishing she eased up on her slaves mouth and looked down into his wet face. Peter was coughing and gasping as Chelsie told him to lick up the rest just before settling back onto his mouth.
Peter was crying as he licked the tender pink pussylips tasting more salty piss. When Chelsie bore down and began to moan he knew she was about to cum into his mouth.

************************************************** *******************

Gemma & Jason

Gemma gave one last check to the 10 men locked into the jail cells. Some looked at her with anger, some with begging eyes.
Gemma would deal with them tomorrow. She would pick two to remain at the station house as Toilet Slaves for her girl's while on duty. Probably two of the younger boys. One black & one white. Give her girl's a choice.
'Duty Slaves' She thought with a smile. Seems fitting. Maybe she should write it on their foreheads. But first she had to get two proper toilet chairs installed with plumbing that works like the ones at the Spa on the Home Island. She would arrange it with Ilsa and call her after she got home.
She had released a ragged looking Jason from the chair where he had spent most of the day and the night before under Vie big black ass. Gemma had to smile at the way her girl's had perked up when she let them take one of the cave dwellers home. Gemma knew her girl's and she knew those boys were in for a rough time.
Gemma looked down at her kneeling slave Jason.
'Would you like to remain home from now on Slave? or should I make everyday a bring your slave to work day?' Gemma said to the snivelling Jason.
'Home' was all Jason mumbled.
And how do you earn the right to stay home slave?' Gemma asked him.
'Doing everything you ask' Jason said, still with his head down.
'What was that Slave? Is that how you address your Mistress?' Gemma added.
'Doing everything you ask Mistress' Jason answered.
'What can Mistress expect when she needs to use the toilet' Gemma said knowing she was taunting her Slave.
Mistress expects her slave to serve as her toilet' Jason said, his voice cracking as the tears trickled down from his eyes.
'Who's Mistress's toilet slave?' Gemma kept at it making Jason weep even louder.
I am Mistress' Jason answered.
'Does Slave Jason love serving his Mistress?'
'Y-yes Mistress Gemma' Jason answered, his tears dotting the floor below.
Gemma continued, bringing Jason to near convulsions as he cried.
The men in the cells had listened to this exchange and Gemma heard their mumbling as she looked the open door where the cells were.
The men were clearly shook. Gemma closed the door to the cells as she smiled at them. Gemma led a docile Jason out front to her jeep and made him lay down in the back as she drove home. She only wished she had that slave sled installed with the new drivers seat.
Soon she thought....very soon.
Gemma let all her girl's go home, not asking any of them to stay at the station overnight. The men were locked up and not going anywhere, plus her Girl's had earned their spoils for today & all the days to come.

************************************************** ********

Viola & Vic

Viola Madison lived in a cottage at the end of Smuggler's Road. It was several miles from the resorts & stately homes on the Island.
Viola liked where she was. It was private and just a short walk down thru the dunes to the beach.
Viola still had her panties & jeans in one hand while the other held onto the leash that was partly wrapped around her thick wrist.
Viola's cottage was well away from the next cottage below her on the road and no one was around to see her happily leading the sniveling white man inside. Not that it would draw any strange looks now. Vie looked around & not seeing anyone she half dragged Vic, her Slave inside.
Viola didn't have any air conditioning and as high up as she was she got plenty of on shore breezes off the water below.
Vie locked the door behind her leaving the White man sitting in her livingroom. Viola couldn't help but smile. She was feeling a little guilty, almost like she had sneaked into her own home.
Viola walked up to the sniveling white man and dangled her yellow cotton panties in front of his face. She was a big girl and even with full cut cotton panties she still ended up with the seat of the panties bunched up in her crack most times.
Vic turned his head away from the pale yellow panties and Viola giggled as she followed his nose with them.
'STOP THAT!!!!! Viola yelled making Vic catch his breath and cover his head with his hands.
Viola was feeling very wicked. She had wore the panties for a time sitting on Jason's face back at the station while Gemma & the others were gone and they were quite wet in the crotch and as Vie checked them now she saw the seat of the panties had fared no better and had some dark stains from the wedgie.
Vie opened them up, pressing the wet gusset against Vic's nose telling him to sniff. Vic sniffed and then began coughing and gagging.
Viola laughed and rubbed the gusset all over Vic's face. After rubbing the seat with the skid marks on his mouth and nose she pinched his nose closed and when his mouth shot open Viola pushed the soiled crotch into his mouth.
Vic's eyes looked ready to pop out and as he was about to try spitting them out he saw Viola's icy stare and thought better of it.
'Suck them Slave' Viola told him in her sternest voice while inside she wanted to laugh as the white man began making faces as he sucked on the soiled panties.
Viola took the looped end of the leash and lifted one end of the long oak couch and looped the leash under the leg before lowering it back to the floor with a loud thump.
Viola walked into her kitchen leaving Vic sitting on the floor. She dropped some ice cubes into a glass and poured herself some ice tea from a pitcher in the fridge.
'You thirsty little man?' Viola called out.
Vic swallowed the foul juices in his mouth and shook his head NO at the tall black women. Vic's mouth was dry and he wished for a glass of cold water to rinse his mouth out with but after what The Sheriff had done to him earlier he was afraid to nod yes.
Viola walked back into the room with her glass. Vic saw the liquid and heard the clink of the ice in the glass as he swallowed again making a face. Viola straddled the leash and sat on her couch. She sipped her drink as she felt for the leash between her huge black legs.
Viola put her drink down on the end table and drew the leash taut as she crooked a finger at Vic to come to her.
Vic tried to say something as he was tugged toward the open 'V' of Viola's spread thighs. As Vic got closer on his hands & knees he saw the black thatch of kinky hair peeking out from under the woman's belly. Viols scratched herself down there as she grinned at Vic as he fought being pulled between her knees.
Viola leaned in and yanked the panties from Vic's mouth. She gave them a quick once over and dropped them onto the couch next to her.
'Please', Vic begged.
'This isn't fair...the other woman promised to let me go...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'
Viola pulled the white man into her crotch.
Vic felt his face pushed into the mass of black kinky hair. The smell was awful and when she told him to lick he thought he would surely throw up. Vic dry heaved, his stomach empty. The only thing he had in him was the rancid piss from the sheriff.
Vic licked as Viola slid her pussy against his mouth and opened her thighs as far as she could.
Vic's hot breath against her pussy felt so good and when she heard the man's slurping she laid her head back and held him tight against her with the leash.
Vic licked as he fought to breath in the rancid fumes from the black woman's sweaty crotch and when Viola came he almost blacked out from lack of air.
Everything was swirling around in Vic's head and when he came to he was sitting back on the floor still between the woman's spread thighs.
Viola had pushed his face away after cumming and was sipping on her iced tea when Vic came out of his daze.
Viola leaned in toward her White Slave, forcing his wet mouth open as she swished her drink around in her mouth.
Viola let the iced tea dribble into Vic's mouth mixed with her spit.
Vic drank it dowm hungerly as Viola took another drink. Vic waited with his mouth open only to watch Viola swallow the cold drink.
You still thirsty Slave?' Viola asked him.
Vic nodded briskly asking please--more...without thinking.
Viola moved to the edge of the seat cushion and slid down over poor Vic who fell onto his back. Vic saw the huge black thighs surrounding his face and the two fat finger spreading the fat pussylips.
Vic's cry was smothered by Viola's fat pink lips pressing into his open mouth. Viola closed her eyes and smiled.
Vic tried to kick himself free from under Viola's body and only managed to kick his legs like a bug. The first swallow had bile rising into Vic's burning throat that he ended up swallowing with the warm salty piss.
Viola had two fat fingers pressing down on her Slave's forehead, holding him down while she used him like a toilet.
Viola had done it with Gemma's Jason back at the station but this this was even more exciting cause this pudgy white man belonged to her and her alone.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********************

On The Land Of Women

Three of the white's from the cave had gone to Gemma's deputies. Chelsie, Pasha & Christi had chosen young whites from the group.
Gemma held out two more, one white & one Black to serve at the station house. Gemma had to smile remembering the joy on Vie's face when she gave her the white rat Vic to her. Poor Vic was going to get just what a rat deserved for turning over the others hiding in the cave down on the craggy beach.
Four of Ilsa's girl's had just left after converting the Mens & Ladies room at the Police station house to the wonderful toilets they had at the Spa back on Femina Island.
This brought another smile to Gemma's face. She had been watching news from the Islands new TV Station when her friend Ashley Kane had announced that the Sister Island was now named Femina Island. Ashley had also announced that tourism at both Islands was back online. Ad's & articles from select Travel Agencies would lure sub males to the Islands.
Gemma laughed hearing this cause she knew who those articles were for.
Rebecca had been responsible for the ads. Rebecca & others knew there was a abundant of men out harboring secret desires for what was available on both Islands but they only knew the things hinted at in the articles. Some, she suspected would find it just what they would of hoped for but Gemma, as well as others knew that most would find the reality much different than the fantasy. But it would be too late cause once they set foot on either Island they would never be able to leave.
Gemma knew that in Rebecca, Ilsa, Belle's as well as others hands these men and some women looking to Dom would soon be filling the airways jetting to The Land Of Women.
Gemma downed the last of her third cup of coffee but before walking back to the Ladies Rooms she picked up the silver dollar she kept in the wooden display stand on her desk and flipped it into the air.
Heads and it would be the young white boy and tails the black boy. Vie, who sat at her dispatchers desk watched the shiny coin float up into the air spinning and as Gemma caught it and slapped it onto her hand Vie held her breathe cause she had to use the Ladies Room also.
'Heads it is' Gemma cried out. Gemma smiled at Vie as she headed for the Toilet holding the White Boy. Vie rose to her feet and ambled off to the toilet holding the young black. Two cups of coffee was all Vie needed.
When Vie had left her cottage this morning she had drained her considerably large bladder into her Slave's Vic's mouth. Vie was pleased that in just these few day Vic was getting much better. Vie knew she never took a small piss with all the water she drank at work & at home, but Vie usually had a Healthy Appetite so when she fed the slave at the station most morning she mostly had another for her Slave at home thou she did has some concerns about Vic's staying power.
Vie frowned as she headed for the Ladies Room thinking that Vic needed to learn how to do a better job with his evening dinner if he expected to have anything else to eat.

************************************************** **********************


Vie lay in bed this beautiful morning. she didn't have to go to the station till 1PM this afternoon. It was another warm day & the rotating fan wasn't helping all that much as it oscillated back & forth.
Vie could feel the sweat between her large breasts. It tickled as it rolled down her sides. She would have her slave Vic lick her all over later. Right now he was where he had spent the night.
Vic couldn't feel his tongue anymore but that didn't mean he couldn't taste the sweat & pussy slime that he had spent most of the night licking from Viola's fat pussy.
When Vie had pulled him into her bed by his ear she had held him between her huge black legs & made him drink her pee again. Vic had been drinking it from her all day. It was the only thing in his stomach & he was starving & feeling sick at the same time.
Vic had gotten some rest after Vie had fallen asleep but it wasn't very comfortable with his head locked between her enormus thighs.
Every breath he took was filled with the stench of her unwashed pussy. Sometimes she would move in her sleep & grunt and fart making poor Vic gag. Vic tried not to make any noise. He knew if she woke he would be drinking more of her piss.
But it was morning & she was awake now & Vic was licking the fat oily lips & cupping his mouth around her slit ready to drink her awful morning pee.
Vic's mouth felt the first trickle before the flood. He didn't want to let any spill onto the bedsheets. Vie had promised him some real food if he did a good job.
Vic's empty stomach still tried to reject the filth that she was giving it but he fought it down. He remembered that last time he had failed. He could smell the coffee & the toast & hear the eggs cooking. All of which he never got to taste. Vic swallowed all the time never moving his mouth away from Viola's pussy.
Vic continued sucking even after the last vile drop had coursed down his throat. She was moaning & thrusting her pussy at his mouth.
With her huge hand pressing the back of his head, his mouth wasn't going anywhere at least until she came.
Vie bit her lower lip as she came into her white slaves mouth. Vic continued to lick until she pushed him away.
Please don't let her roll onto her tummy Vic begged silently. If she did then he would be expected to press his face into her huge ass & lick her back there.....Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee His mind begged.
Vie grabbed him by an ear and dragged him up on top of her. Vie lifted one heavy breast & pressed Vic's mouth to her sweat covered black skin.
Vic licked under each breast & was even forced to lick & suck the huge woman's underarms before he was allowed to rest his head atop her heaving stomach.
Hoping it was all over Vic waited for the fan to come back by him again but instead Viola's huge hand pushed him back down between her fat thighs where he watched her roll her bulk onto her stomach.
Vic never felt the fan as it rolled by him. With his hands trapped under Viola's body his face was deep between her asscheeks licking up the foul sweat & stink.
Viola hugged her pillow as the cooling wave passed back & forth over her face.
'Oooooooooooooooo' she moaned as she felt her white slaves tongue rimming her Rosette.
My Rosette she thought & smiled. What a lovely name.

Vie had dosed off with a smile on her face but when she woke & rolled over she did so right atop her Slave. Giggling, she sat up but when she looked down at him he wasn't breathing, at least that's what she thought.
Panicking, Vie picked him up & carried him into her bathroom & laying him in the tub she turned on the shower.
When the cold spray hit Vic he began to stir. His eyes flew open & he began sucking in air & coughing & gagging. When he looked up at Vie standing over him he passed out hitting his head violently.

************************************************** ******************************

Later, as he lay wrapped in a large bath towel still out cold on the bathroom floor Vie thought about how close she had come to killing him. She had wanted to call Gemma in her panicked state but couldn't think what she'd say when she answered.
The knock on her front door startled her. She looked down at Vic. The second & third knocks brought Vie out of the bathroom.
When she opened the door it was Gemma standing there. Gemma's smile quickly disappeared when she saw the look on Vie's face.

After Gemma got the story from Vie & checked to see if Vic was OK she worked on calming Vie down. It was clear to Gemma that Vic wouldn't last very long. Gemma had an idea.

************************************************** ******************************

The ride in Gemma's Jeep to Deep Cove was all of twenty minutes. They had left Vic, now awake, leashed under the leg of Vie's heavy couch.
He didn't have the strength to try to run but this way he wouldn't get any ideas.
Gemma had called ahead to Regina explaining her idea & now they were on their way. Gemma had left her Slave Jason at the Station & at the whims of her Deputies who just loved abusing him. They all knew the story of how he used to make Gemma's life miserable when she was the Dispatcher working for Sheriff Foxx & Jason was a deputy back on what was now Femina Island. Things had changed & Gemma's Girl's loved playing with Jason.

Vie looked nervous as Gemma exited the main road & drove down the steep cliff road leading to Deep cove where Regina's Beach House sat overlooking the blue ocean.
Gemma had been here many times but she knew this was a first for Viola.

Regina new the story of what had happened to Viola & normally it wouldn't even be a ripple of concern if a Female on the Islands killed a Slave, they were easily replaced, but after talking to Gemma Regina could see that Vie, & the Island's affect on her went a little deeper than most.
Regina welcomed then inside & took Vie's hands in hers. Gemma could see the calming effect Regina was having on her deputy dispatcher as she led Vie to long couch.

Regina's Slave Tom came in with a tray & poured Coffee for all three before leaving. When Regina & Vie's hands separated Vie appeared to be her old self. She was smiling & all the worry seemed to be all washed away from her face.

Vie sat close to Regina as Regina flipped open her laptop sitting on the coffee table. Gemma sat off to the side marveling at how Regina had took control of the situation, calming Vie down all the time making her feel welcome.

Vie had no idea what was going on but she felt so calm sitting here next to the Island Witch as she keyed into the laptop.

' you want to keep the old Slave you have at home?' Regina asked her.
Vie looked to Gemma but Gemma just smiled.
Vie didn't know how to answer & she didn't have too.
'There's nothing wrong with a Woman, any Woman on the Island's having more than one slave' Regina told her.
Vie looked at Gemma then at Regina...........'I can have another? Vie said.
'Look' Regina said turning the laptop to Vie.

'This is the Special Forum where were brought Slaves wishing to come to The Islands. So far we've only taken those that have offered themselves......but look what I've found' Regina added.

'That's me............A story about me' she said.
Regina scrolled down to the last entry & let Viola read what one of the Forum Boys had written.

Vie giggled as she read what Black_Knight15 had written.

'Damn I love Viola. I so would love to serve her'
'With my face there is always a place for you to sit on and rest your feet'

'Sounds to me like this Slave would love to come here & be your Slave'

'Black Knight' Vie said smiling as she watched Regina lift a small vile of potion from beside the laptop.

'I wonder if Black Knight means he's Black?' Vie pondered.
'I wonder what other services he has to offer me as MY Slave' she added.
Gemma could see the old Viola shining thru now as she thought about having a second Slave.
Regina removed the cap from the vile as she watched Viola's face brighten into a wide grin.


Viola - Part 3

Vie & Gemma both watched Regina work her magic. She touched the screen on her laptop causing a quick bright flash & now shimmering in Regina's palm was a tiny little man all curled up in a ball. Regina mumbled some words while closing her hand & when she opened a small 4" man was lying on the table.

Regina looked at Vie, still holding the uncapped vial as Vie's eyes grew wide..

'Viola' Regina asked. 'How do you want to use this little man?' Regina asked sensing something that only she could.

'I heard about these Panty Pet's. Some of the deputies have them but I'm afraid, know... Viola said thinking because she was so big he wouldn't last.

Gemma took hold of Vie's hand knowing she felt uncomfortable around Regina.

Regina smiled trying to ease Viola's tension.

'Pantyets are forever Vie' Regina told her. They can't die, their part of the panty forever.

Vie looked at Gemma, her eyes asking.

'I'm wearing one now' Gemma told Viola.


The new panties in her little bag were full cut. She had bought them thinking of going to the PantyPet shop & picking out a little man to become her PantyPet but she keep putting it off thinking he wouldn't survive because she was so big. Viola was glad she hadn't worn them now. They were clean & free of any embarrasing stains. She was wearing one of her thongs. She new the thongs scared Vic, they made her huge ass look even bigger. Plus she knew Vic hated cleaning them. She loved dropping several of them in front of him & watch his face as he mouth cleaned them.

Still shy around Regina Vie opened her small bag & pulled out the huge blue full cut panties. Regina took them from her & laid them open on the coffee table. Vie watched, facinated as Regina dabbed the potion on her little Black Knight & laid his tiny body in the wide gusset of her new panties. Vie watched Regina move the little man around the gusset. She was holding her breath, her fist in her mouth as she watched the little naked man seem to disolve until just his face, huge face filling the gusset. His eyes moved making Vie finally let out her breath with a deep sigh. She grabbed Gemma's hand when she saw the PantyPet's mouth open, the long red tongue licking the air, the eyes looking side to side.

'Vie' Regina said looking at the shocked Woman. 'Go ahead, touch him' Regina told her.

Vie gently touched the face & when the red tongue licked her finger she pulled her hand away, her eyes darting from Gemma to Regina.

'It's ok' Regina told her. 'Watch'

Regina placed two finger on the face, the red tongue licking wildly & when Regina used her finger toward the huge seat of the blue panties the face moved with it.

'You can move your PantyPet anywhere you want Vie' Regina told her. It will lick, suck, do everything your Slave does but you can take him with you anywhere you go but be careful she added.

'Gemma' Regina, said.

Gemma was still holding Vie's hand.

'Be aware' Gemma told her. I wouldn't drive or do anything that needs your complete attention while wearing them until you feel comfortable & in control. As long as your wearing him he will continue to lick, suck even drink your drippings. He can't die, be hurt & will last as long as the panties themselves so take very good care of them.

Leave them in some warm soapy water to soak. Gently wash them by hand & their ready for you again.

'Go ahead, try them on' Regina told her.

Vie stood & raised her long colorful Sari. Not embarrased anymore she eased her thong down. They were soaked, even the string that she had to ease from between her ass cheeks. She quickly stuffed her thong into her small bag & looked down at the PantyPat.

'Where would you like him Vie' Regina asked her. Vie looked down at the face, the eyes flashing, looking, the tongue, red & wide licking the air.

'Where he is now' Vie said licking her lips. Regina handed her the large panties, the PantyPet still in the wide seat.

'I'm not driving right?' she said nervously trying to keep from giggling. Gemma just looked up at her dispatcher & shook her head& smiled.

Vie held the panties & carefully stepped into them. Gemma held onto her shoulder afraid Vie might faint away but Vie was ok. She watched the face for as long as she could as she slowly pulled her PantyPat up her huge legs. She gasped feeling the tongue licking her cheeks but she surprised both Regina & Gemma when she squatted. Her huge cheeks opened drawing the seat in & when she rose she was glad Gemma still was near to steady her.

Gemma looked seconds before Vie let her Sari fall back over her. The seat of the panties & her PantyPet was wedged deep between her cheeks.

'Ooooooooooo' Viola gasped as the PantyPet's tongue licked wildly between her ass cheeks. Gemma helped Vie to sit back down. Her cries grew louder as the red tongue washed & rimmed her Rose. Gemma sat beside Vie, holding her. Regina took Vie's hand telling her to sit, relax & enjoy your new Slave.

'Was my Black Knight Black?' Vie asked smiling. I didn't really notice she added with a little giggle.

'Does it matter Viola?' Regina asked making her smile as she shook her head.

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Mar 22, 2007
Thanks Tekkar, i always loved how you detailed the interactions with the larger women of the island. I forget the names of the other girl that had her slave be used by her grandmother who was an ssbbw. i think that's how it went... lol
Jan 28, 2003
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Hi Miami------------The girl was Danielle & her slave was Kevin, the pantysniffer. Danielle, her mother Fran, her 2 sisters & of course Nana, her very very large Grandmother.
Part of the Any Given Sunday series.
Mar 22, 2007
Hi Miami------------The girl was Danielle & her slave was Kevin, the pantysniffer. Danielle, her mother Fran, her 2 sisters & of course Nana, her very very large Grandmother.
Part of the Any Given Sunday series.
Yes Fran and Nana, that's the one lol.