Started as a game

May 15, 2017
United kingdom
It started as a game, I'd always been into bondage and my wife was well aware of some of my kinks but not all.

I loved orally servicing her, and did this at every opportunity. One night I told her I'd like to try some cock and ball torture whilst I licked her to orgasm. She's wasn't massively keen at first but said she'd give it a try but then warned she may get carried away with an evil gleam in her eyes.

I lay down on the lounge floor and she slowly sat down onto my face. Tentatively at first as I licked every inch I could. Slowly nibbling my way around as she played with my cock. As it hardened quickly to her touch I upped my pace.
She started rolling my balls through her fingers and noticed my cock get even harder, flinching as softly tapped my balls. By now she was very wet and her breathing starting to speed up.

The more she got turned on the rougher she became and thus the more I wriggled and squirmed under her. After a few minutes she suddenly got up and ran to the bedroom stating I was moving far too much.

We have a small bondage collection the bottom drawer of our dresser and age returned with a large roll of duct tape.
She started at my feet with 5 or 6 turns, they were now immobile and she then made me fold my arms across my chest before taping both forearms together. She raised my arms above my head and sat back down pinning my arms above my head.

I was now at her mercy. We continued where we left off and she mused I would be punished for moving around much to my excitement. As she neared her climax her treatment got a whole lot rougher, my poor cock and balls were being slapped, scratched, her manicured finger nails digging into my tender balls.

She was now panting and really grinding on my tongue as I squirmed under the torment. She reached orgasm with a sudden squirt of her juices. I wasn't quite ready for this as it was the first time she'd ever ejaculated. She then collapsed onto of me in a heap leaving me still hard and now frustrated. When she did recover I was still slowly licking her sensitive clit.
Now that was amazing but we can improve things further I think. You still moved around far too much so we need a solution to stop you rolling around. Just then the doorbell rang and she looked at me before grabbing her dressing gown and chuckling to herself. She quickly rolled me under our large couch out of sight and threw a large blanket onto the couch hanging off to hide me.
She opened the door to her best friend Suzie who ran the local daycare and immediately invited her in. I couldn't move an inch and lay perfectly still as the two of them chatted without a care. I couldn't believe this was happening but after discussing how useless she thought I was and how much better she thought my wife could do she left with a hug.

I thought my wife would come and get me straight out from under the couch but she didn't.

I'm lying there whilst I can here her dragging something in from the garage. She sits herself down on the couch right above me with a giggle. I hope you realise what you've started little man. That was far too good so things are going to change. Some of it you may enjoy some you may not but I'm in charge now.

When she's had a cigarette and a drink she eventually uncovers me and the old travellers chest we had in the garage comes into view. Heavy set wooden case with reinforced corners and heavy leather straps accross the flat lid. As yet I'm still taped up wondering why she hasn't released me. She helps me to my feet but still doesn't go top remove the multiple layers of tape she applied.

She opens the chest and places the dogs old blanket in the bottom and hops me round to the side. I'm looking thinking there's no way I would fit in there being 5ft 6 inches tall.

Next thing I know my wife has wrapped 6 or 7 layers of the strong tape around my mouth and pushed me backwards. I've tumbled straight into the case on my back and she's now folding my legs upto my chin.

I'm possibly still in shock as I see the lid close above me and the light disappear. Then 2 heavy clicks as the latches seal me fate. Being in the position I'm in folded up in now completely helpless. From a little fun to packaged away out of sight.

I'm not going to lie I thought my cock was going to explode right there and then. My balls were aching from the earlier abuse as I heard my wife taking to herself.

She warned I'd be spending a lot of time in my new home, she was tired of my demands and expectations and it was now her turn to enjoy herself.

I had no idea how much time had passed but I was desperate for the toilet from both ends. I tried to shuffle or call her but that came out was a mmmmmppphhhh.
What's up I heard her say? Well speak up? Ah well it can't be that important so I'm off to bed she chuckled but remember it was you who wanted bondage but now it's on my terms. Don't worry tomorrow is Saturday so I think I'll have a lie in.
After good knows how long I could hold back the cramps no longer and I exploded from both ends. The hot piss drenched me and shit flowed from my rear end. The case now stank and I could hardly breath from the pressure on my position and smell from bodily fluids.
I must have dosed off to be awoken by my wife screaming that I was disgusting, a disgrace and no better that a baby. She dragged me from the case and released my legs. Chasing me into our rear yard.

Thankfully where we lived was fairly secluded. Next thing I know I'm getting hosed down with cold water as our dog dived around the yard playing happily. My wife warned maybe I should sleep in the yard with the dog from now on if I can't control my self. Knowing our horny dog this wasn't something I wanted at all.

I was then made to remove the chest and clean it thoroughly with nothing but my hands and cold water warning than next time she'd only permit me to use my tongue.

For the rest of the day my wife went shopping with Suzie whilst I was instructed to clean the house from top to bottom and prepare a nice meal for later.

Steak and vegetables my favourite meal was almost ready when my wife returned dropping numerous shopping bags on her way. I was instructed to strip and fetch the roll of strong tape. I tried to protest but she warned I'd be sorry. I trudged away to fetch the tape and as I returned I noticed her unpacking certain items from her shopping bags.

I was told to lie down as she applied to adult diapers to my now engorged nether regions Incase of any accident she said, then the words that haunted me saying Suzie had provided them from some stock she'd wrongly received.

Again I protested hoping that she hasn't told Suzie what they were for, as my wife's knee shot up into my balls. Don't worry I tell Suzie everything that's why she tells me I can do better.

Sometimes I think she maybe right.

The words were like a dagger to my heart.

Crippled on the floor trying to hold my broken balls through two large diapers she then took the chance to retape my ankles and my arms were taped behind my back this time to make me uncomfortable in my home.

The blanket was removed and 2 large black plastic construction sacks were placed inside the case. Now I'm worried, infact scared. I'm taped up, diapered and going to be secured inside a chest inside these strong black plastic bags.

She removed her panties which were nothing short of soaked and roughly pushed inside my mouth before more tape is applied. There you go my baby all secure for night just need to put you to bed before Suzie gets here.

I'm now tumbling backwards again crashing onto my arms beneath me. My legs again folding up and lid clamped shut.
Ah peace and quiet whilst your all wrapped up in your garbage bags. You did say you enjoyed bondage didn't you? Ah you can't reply but I must say I'm loving this. I feel so free to enjoy my self again.

Now don't get dirty in there baby or you'll be outside with Rex but still in bondage mind, he needs a new bitch I think as she walks away laughing.

As the evening slowly passes I hear the door go and Suzie arrives. I hear the odd mumbled word and plenty of laughter. They then come into the lounge and sit down placing their feet on the trunk. I try to stay quiet before Suzie asks where is the useless husband tonight and is he diapered like the baby he is.

More laughter before my wife replies he may be closer than you think.
Oh please tell me you know we share everything apart from your trashy husband. I hear the words I've been dreading, "I'll show you how trashy he is" the chest is unlocked and the lid lifted to raucous laughter from both women. Suzie says she's got to run to the bathroom before she pees herself, but before she moves my so called loving wife said just use him instead.

He begged me years ago to pee on him but I couldn't at the time but now seeing him lying there helpless and bagged up had changed my mind. Don't worry nothing should leak with those bags so feel free.
Are you sure because I won't stop once I start. Go right ahead he's almost trash now anyway haha.

I just closed my eyes in time before Suzie's piss splashed all over me to more laughter. I think he enjoyed it Suzie said but I think I need a poo. Well go ahead he shit himself yesterday so yours will be no different.

Okay shit head I hope your ready as first log landed on my chest. Ah you missed my wife giggled you did say shit head didn't you. Don't worry there's more and she repositioned her self.

This time was a perfect hit right on my face I tried to move but my wife threatened me again. Two more softer logs fell out one right on my nose.
My wife returned with 2 old towels and i thought she'd come to her senses but she just pushed 1 folded towel either side to stop me moving my head. My wife at this point decided much to the amusement of Suzie to join the game. She released a huge load of shit onto my head before pissing on my chest. Her reasoning was that i deserved to smell their shit all night and didnt want to wash it off. 2 hysterical ladies who then threatened to make me eat it all before they released me/ if they decided to release me.

My wife disappeared for a moment before returning with our large ashtray. She giggled again as she upended the large glass with probably 50-60 buttends and ash directly into my face. The ash burned my eyes and I couldn't breath at all.
Since you look so snug on those trash bags I think we should use them properly and the next thing i see is the kitchen bin is now emptied on top of me. All the days waste from food scraps to old cartons and soggy tissues. This was followed by the bathroom bin with dental floss, toenail clippings, dirty snotty tissues and used tampons.
I've never heard my wife laugh so much and they took a few photos for insurance purposes they said.
Well it looks as though the bin is full so and it stinks. Time to close the lid I think trash boy or is it shit head. They threw pile of old newspapers on top on me laying down the length until I was completely buried from sight. Folding the edges of the trash bags over to keep the smell in before sitting on the lid to squash it all down onto me. See ya shit head but I think we're out all day tomorrow so don't go anywhere will you. More laughter as they disappeared.
I'm lying there wondering what happened to my lovely, did I really ask or deserve this. What happens next? Surely it can't get any worse can it?
May 15, 2017
United kingdom
Here i am trapped, bound and diapered covered in filth, trash and bodily excretions and yet my body is betraying me. My cock is taped inside 2 thick and now wet diapers and is hard as steel. I've never been so turned on in my life, I can't imagine what I smell like as I've now grown accustomed to the stench inside my personal prison.

I eventually fall asleep before the cramps again set in. I awake with a jolt and feel my self moving and the being dragged accross the floor. The lid is thrown open and both girls take a few steps back covering their noses.
Eeeewwwww Suzie says are you sure we have to get him out, I say we close it back up and dump your trash for good.
I must admit its tempting but no, I'm quite enjoying my new power over him, my wife stated much to my relief.

The chest was then tipped over and I topple out into the yard before that hose is directed onto me again. Once satisfied I'm clean enough my wife releases my bonds and I'm ordered to clean the yard and garbage up. By the time I'm finished the girls have disappeared.

On the table I find a little note from wife,
"love you trash boy
I'm loving this I hope your are too if not tough luck xxx"

My heart races and I can't deny I love this new dominant side to her but also a little scared. With Suzie at her side I can see my treatment getting worse.
Things thankfully return to normal for the weekdays apart from a couple of devilish smiles saying she has plans for the weekend but I may be indisposed
May 15, 2017
United kingdom
The week passed ever so slowly with barely a mention of what happened.

My wife's phone was busier than normal with text messages and little smiles making me feel slightly nervous.
I asked a couple of times but the only response was "you'll see don't worry" then by Thursday I got scared when she replied saying her plans had now changed and it was all my fault for asking constantly.

My mind was now in overdrive wondering what she had planned for me. Friday morning and as I rose from my slumber my wife had already gone. A small note wars lying on the table which read " meet me at Suzie's work at 5 pm sharp"
The day dragged slowly, I checked my watch every ten minutes or so. I tried to keep my brain occupied but it was hard, very hard. I excited week and drive to the daycare centre to see only Suzies car in the parking lot.
As I approach Suzie directs me round the back. I walk slowly into the rear entrance of the day care past several large dumpsters and a compactor. Just then both my wife and Suzie appear just inside the door telling me to strip. I start to tremble as I slowly remove my clothes. You won't be needing these for ........ well we haven't decided yet as they both giggled.

I was told to lay down as they fitted fitted a cock ring over my rapidly hardening tool and then rolled over to force a large plug into my arse. The pain was unbelievable as it popped past the point of no return. This time 3 large diapers were fitted and duct taped in place. My arms were taped behind my back then my ankles forced up towards my hands into a hog tie.

My muscles are screaming already from the uncomfortable position. My wife bends down and fits an open ring gag behind my teeth before turning screws to open it further. My jaw is now feeling like it's being ripped open. Suzie bought you this present, she gave the gag one last tweek before reusing to get feet with that devilish smile. I love this woman so much but I'll admit I'm scared right now. I begin to tremble as she reaches down and tips 4 small pills into my mouth, now i can see your confused did let me explain, 2 are viagra to keep your little thing excited and 2 are super strength laxatives to ensure I'm in torture.
She now tells me the huge plug is actually hollow but with 3 diapers taped tightly it still won't be easy to release. Both girls are now laughing at my helpless predicament.

Well trash boy I guess it's time to put you away for the weekend. I'm now very scared as they heave my hog tied body from the floor and waddle outside towards the dumpster marked soiled waste.

I'm now struggling as best I can but to no avail. I'm unceremoniously dropped into the dumpster and a soft squishy landing. Suddenly the smell hits me at once as the girls retreat to a safer distance.

Soiled waste it said suddenly I realise in surrounded and covered by dirty shifty diapers. My wife reaches in quickly a places a tube into my ring gag and hangs it over the side, we don't want you suffocating trash baby. As they both appear with heavy looking bags. Pearing over the edge of the dumpster they split the bags and hundreds more diapers begin to cover me over.

Suzie saved all these for you isn't she kind?. She said she didn't want you getting cold and they'll keep you nice and warm, to more laughter.
The diapers got heavier and heavier as the sounds now faded away. The pressure then increased massively as they faintly chuckled that the dumpster was too full. They've both sat on the lid to close the lock sealing my fate till they decide otherwise.

See ya trash baby, well we might if we get here before the garbage truck and again more laughter. I am lying completely packed in tight with only a tube to breath, my cock strained with the viagra and added cock ring.
My guts started to rumble from the laxatives.

I love my wife so much I do hope she rescues me. Strangely I'm now hugely turned on by the total helplessness of my situation. I wonder what else they have planned for me or is this the plan to dump me..........


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Dec 6, 2004
This is a great story

I can't wait to find out of they "mis"use that thick pipe that goes in his mouth while hi is stock here ...
May 15, 2017
United kingdom
Lying here the cramps are really painful in my muscles, hog tied securely and compressed by god knows how many stinking, cold, soggy diapers.

I'm soaking as they all leak slowly towards the bottom of the dumpster. The worse part is the cramps in my bowls as the laxatives work through my system. I feel they cramps increase but i had no control what so ever with the hollow plug firmly inserted and trapped via the diaper. It got warm then cold as my shit leaks through the hollow plug and passes slowly through the layers.

I have no idea of time as I drift in and out of sleep. My cock is still hard and I try and slowly masterbate myself by wriggling and squirming but to no avail the cock ring keeps me hard but the lack of stimulation and movement prevent my orgasm.
Time lingers by the temperature drops then starts to rise again. I can hear the feint tweet of the many birds and the odd car horn beeping. Quite surreal but i had little option.

I hear a car pull up nearby and a door closing. Feint footsteps as my senses come alive I'm preying my wife has come to release me.
Suddenly it's harder to breath and I'm sucking for all my worth then i hear a giggle.

Hey trashy babe just checking your still alive. I try to mumble and plead but she can't hear me under 3 feet of diapers that are compressed above me.

Suddenly something wet enters my mouth but it doesn't taste like a normal drink. Slightly bitter taste but I have no choice but to swallow or drown.

I hope you enjoyed our morning piss we saved for you.
Next I feel some lumpy cold substance dropping and it doesn't taste like anything I've had before. It slowly fills my mouth but i don't like the consistency. Something tells me i don't really want to know what it is .

Suzie was dissatisfied you didn't taste her precious gift so she's prepared this for you. She took 2 of the same laxatives that we gave you and you just swallowed the result.
She went silent as i tried to regurgitate Suzie's watery shit. Our came up but had no where to go but back down again. This happened about 4 or 5 times before i managed to control myself. The taste for worse with every time.

I wouldn't do that if i were you as you need to learn to accept our generous gifts that we're offering you.
I've given you this generous gift as Suzie said you'd been fine without food.
But i suppose it's food or nourishment of a kind, or it was originally she laughed.
At least you can swallow as you cant chew can you she mused with a giggle.

I must admit I thought you were mad at first when we started this but I'm loving it. Admittedly thing's have progressed much quicker than you or i had dreamed. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying having my weekends back. My freedom and no selfish demands from you.

I still love you very much, but I'm falling for Suzie too. We've now became lovers and I'm hers from Friday to Monday. She didn't want you around spoiling things so we'll keep finding ways of hiding you. She wants rid of you for good but I can't do that.........(a long pause) well just yet i suppose....... another giggle as she hears a few sight moans from deep within.

Well I've got to go now but she said the garbage truck is coming in the morning so we'll try and get you out before then if we wake up in time......
And with that she's gone. I'm still hungry and thirsty but I darent being that disgusting shit back up again. I'm also scared tomake to much noise and be found buried in here.
Surely she'll get me unless Suzie distracts her......I'm going to try my best to win my gorgeous wife back when I get out of here.
How has it gone so wrong so quickly, i just wanted a little extra spice in the bedroom......
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May 15, 2017
United kingdom
My mind slips away and time fades again. I drift in and out of sleep, in between cramps and aches from all over my body but the diapers keep well squeezed from all angles.
The temperature slowly rises again and the traffic noise increases. That must mean it's morning and the garbage truck may be due any time now.

I'm listening intently to every motor hoping to hear my wife's car arrive. But I hear more of my own heart beat than anything else. Slowly i notice a deeper engine note approaching, the sound of clanging metal and hydraulic wines.
I'm scared and yet strangely excited, this can't be happening she promised to come.

The noise gets louder and I know it's near now.
Am I next? Where are they? Why aren't they here?

Suddenly my head is spinning and I'm trying to scream and shout, a loud bang on the side of the dumpster and a clunk. Please no, I scream and shout as best I can over the engine but no-one would hear anything.
I feel the dumpster lift and slowly tip. Everything is going in slow motion now. Up and over I go and the lid is unlocked now. The pressure is easing as the diapers slowly fall into the hooper.

I'm going to die here buried in dirty diapers. I can't quite believe what's happening as I tumble out landing in the pile of diapers.
Suddenly I hear laughter from more than one women.

I'm face down now so I can't see. My head has fallen right into a dirty diaper that's opened. The breathing tube has fallen out and I'm so stiff after 2 days I can barely move.
I lift my head but the diapers comes with me. Stuck to my face, my open ring gag means shit is now inside my mouth.
I shake my head to dislodge it but it just smears all over my face.

Now hysterical laughter before I feel a cold blade snip away the tape binding my legs.
My legs slowly straighten and I hear my wife so laughing for a second before warning I have 2 minutes to get out our they'll cover me over and bury me in the truck for good. That's the first time I realised it was all a setup and she was here watching.
I'm on the yard instead of in the truck as I'd thought surrounded by a huge pile of diapers.
My eyes are stinging from the bright sun light and disgusting mixture now plastered to my face. I still can't speak but only make undetectable moans and groans.
I fight to my feet on weary legs whilst slipping about on the unsteady ground.

I look out to see my wife (Sarah), Suzie and her sister Toni who's garbage truck it was.
Hurry up she shouted or we'll compact you with the rest of the trash ready for the incinerator.

I scrambled out but not before falling once or twice into soggy diapers pile. My legs and arms were still stiff and sore from being bound. I was instructed to remove my diapers but leave the hollow plug and cock ring. As I removed the soiled diaper my hard cock sprang free much to the amusement of Suzie and toni but my wife looked a little shocked and disappointed.
I told you he was a sick little pervert, how could any man get turned on buried in dirty diapers and covered in shit.
My heads now bowed towards the floor, I tried to reason but the ring gag made any sound turn into mumbles no-one could understand.
I was trying to say viagra and pointing at the cock ring but it was too late.
My wife walked almost solemnly back towards Suzie's pickup truck.

I don't think he's learned his lesson yet, Toni can you help me please. A cold water hose was turned on and mainly aimed at my cock n balls and strangely avoiding my shit covered face.

As we walked towards the truck I noticed the old chest I had been locked in previously, now on the truck bed. I tried to struggle but after 2 days and little food they quickly over powered me. The lid was opened to see the chest had been lined with the strong garbage bags again.
A swift knee to my tender balls and I was curled up in the fetal position. I was quickly bound with strong tape and lifted into bags.
Bitch I shouted and her face quickly changed to anger. You've seen nothing yet shit head, but you've just made a big mistake. I guess I'll have to teach you a lesson who the bitch is, but I don't think you'll like the answer.
Toni remarked that there looked to be some room in the bags maybe we should pack him in for the journey just incase he hurts himself.
Great idea toni now what can we use? Well he did seem fond on the diapers they both laughed.
Next thing I know the dirty diapers are raining down on me. Suzie reached down and cleared a few away from my head only to see Toni opening a huge diaper full of shit before turning it over and slapping it down on my face. Enjoy your ride shit head she quipped and the bags cinched closed before the lid slammed shut with a clunk.
I felt the truck move off into traffic. I had no idea what was really happening i was just trying to breath and survive. The truck came to a stop and a door opened and closed before we started moving again. I tried the shout but I was covered by the dirty diapers noone heard me.

Where am I going? Surely that was Sarah getting out so why am I still moving? My mind raced at a million miles an hour.
We drove for about 10 minutes before coming to a stop. I heard muffled voices then laughter. I didn't recognise the voice but it was definitely female and sounded shocked in-between laughing.

Really? No way? Are you sure? I won't get in trouble will I?

Not with the videos and pictures we have of him he wouldn't dare said Suzie.
5 days? I may want to keep him after that long haha the strange voice said.

The lid flipped open but I couldn't yet see due to the diaper over my face but I heard laughter.
Again the tape is cut from my ankles and I'm helped from the trunk. "I can't believe this" the new voice exclaimed. I can't believe he actually enjoys this but look at his little hard cock.

Suzie then introduced us.....shit head this is my cousin Lisa, she runs this dog pound for strays and such like. But lately the male dogs of which there about 10 have been very aggressive and constantly barking.
Here's where you can help........your staying here till Friday now as Lisa's helper as they both sniggered.
Now shit head do you remember calling me a bitch? ....I'm sure you do but it's you who is going to be the bitch. The dogs bitch to be exact as I started to struggle, scream and begging but only noise came out nothing understandable.

Ah look he's excited to get started. Suzie dragged the trunk from the pickup as Lisa fitted a strange collar round my neck. A lightening strike in my neck dropped me to the floor in excruciating pain. I think I blacked out as I'm now locked into a small dog cage. My neck and jaw are on fire as I look up to see Lisa sitting watching me.
Now I need to go through some rules Suzie wants me to follow and I must say they're extreme but she said she promised you she'd follow your plan. She said you may plead and begging for your gag to be removed and butt plug but you begged her for this with no mercy and she promised she'd pay me well for doing this for her.
First rule she said I had to turn the screw on your gag once a day which opens your mouth wider and wider. It already looks painful to me and I dread to think what long term damage it may do but if that's what you want I'll do it.

I shook my head vigorously but she just laughed and said this is what you wanted no mercy remember?. Your mouth can be used for what ever I want so that's good news for me. Whether it's my ashtray, garbage bin or toilet I'm sure you'll regret that decision too.
Your my slave to use as i wish so guess who's on clean up duty and there'll be severe punishment for any indiscretions.
Your to be plugged at all times.
I can't believe you'd pay someone to do this to you with no way out but I'll follow your plan. Your trunk is here with your disgusting diapers and that's where you'll sleep each night locked away as you wanted. Your wife thinks your here helping me aswell so she doesn't know your little fantasy either.
My head was spinning.....I couldn't believe my ears.
This wasn't my idea or plan. That bitch Suzie is trying to destroy me so she can have Sarah to herself. My jaw was so painful how could I survive it opening further.
Oh and don't worry about the other staff either, they won't help you at all. Infact they're all feminists and lesbian who hate men with a passion so if anything they'll take great pleasure in your humiliation.
Now if your good you'll get away with just helping me out but if you dare act up in anyway Suzie said i can use you as a spunk toy/bitch for the dogs. You'll be torn for good and probably need diapers for real.
She covered the cage with an old blanket and i heard her walking away chuckling to herself.

How? Why? Where will it end........all the questions spinning through my mind
May 15, 2017
United kingdom
I realise I'm not the most talented writer and the story isn't punctuated very well, missing speech marks etc. For this i can only apologise but hope you all can see past this.

Also this is my first story I've written so go easy on me
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May 15, 2017
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She walked in saying it was feeding time, suddenly my stomach growled. I'd not eaten anything really in days. She removed the smelly old blanket and smiled with a devilish grin.

Ah dont worry you'll get the same food as the rest of dogs but you probably won't like it very much she stated. It's the cheapest food we can find, but don't worry you'll taste much worse things this week she chuckled.

With that she disappeared from view as I frantically looked around the small room I was in. Nothing I could see would aid my escape and things looked bleak.

She returned a little carrying a few items in her hands. First she opened the cage but not before attaching the shock collar to the roof. I was then made to place my hands on padded leather mitts. Just round balls that turned my hands into useless fists. I now had no way of releasing the collar or straps binding me.

She then pulled me backwards and opened the rear door of the cage and secured my heals to my thighs/bum with strong black pvc tape preventing me from standing.
I'm now stuck on all fours which was all her idea apparently. Don't worry she said I just thought you may aswell feel like a dog too and stop you from having any ideas of escaping.
I tried to whine and beg but a quick bolt of electricity through the collar had me writhing around in pain.

This was your idea she reminded me.

I wanted to scream, plead and beg. I wanted to explain this wasn't my idea at all, it was her evil relation Suzie behind all this.
I couldnt see her behind me but i jumped as she placed a bag of ice on my genitals. Once she had successfully shrank them to the smallest I've ever seen as i looked through my legs.
Suzie had left a present for me apparently as she now fitted a scary looking device over my cock n balls. I heard a padlock click and knew this was now locked in place.

Suzie told me that you should serve us without any pleasure from that little clit down there distracting you. Those little spikes will cause great pain I'd imagine if you do try and get hard.

She then tilted my head back and dropped two blue pills in my mouth before turning me on to my back. She told me to swallow but I tried to spit them out knowing they were probably viagra.

This made her laugh and she returned with a funnel, I tried to move but she picked up her remote for the evil shock collar. I stopped in my tracks not wanting to feel my throat being zapped again.
I roll over and she twists the screw on my gag opening my mouth wider as I hear my jaw creak.

The funnel is quickly placed in my open mouth and I feel the tablets hit my tongue. She then squats over me and pulls her dress up and panties to one side. I'm expecting her to piss on me but she moves forward letting out a torrent of soft wet shit. Diarrhoea in its wettest form is pouring into my mouth as I gag n splutter almost choking. Swallow it bitch now or you'll choke to death right here. I swallowed best I could nearly throwing it all back up.

I'm warning you now if you throw that back up you'll lick every last bit of this floor and eat nothing but dog shit for the rest of the week. I managed to swallow it all down much to her amusement and my disgust. You should be thanking me for your liquid lunch as you can't chew i thought I'd make it easy for you.
Now there's a good bitch, you shouldn't have made me punish you and maybe now you'll behave and be a good little puppy.
I felt my cock starting to stir and I tried to fight the feeling then excruciating pain hit me. Oh I forgot to tell you that's called the gates of hell. If you get hard little spikes dig into cock so those two viagra you've just had may torture you further as she smiled.

It's nearly time for your first sitting with our other guests. Just be grateful your plugged at present or you'll really be their bitch in no time.

Just then 2 other ladies walked in with great delight on their faces. This is our newest puppy pointing towards me as i cowered in the corner. Puppy this Tina, she was tall and slim with white work dress on and black plimsole type shoes. She then pointed towards the other girl, she was around 5 ft 2 inches with short spikey blonde hair and tattoos down each arm. Robin meet bitch boi our guest for the week.

Oh what fun we have in mind for you, we've heard you've no limits and we're free to use you as we see fit.

I hadn't noticed they were smoking at first until they surrounded me. The taller lady picked up a leash and attached it too the shock collar. Tip your head back bitch she commanded, they took a long draw from the cigarettes before blowing smoke into my eyes and face. My eyes burned and i coughed as i choked on the nasty fumes.

Ohh look the bitch doesn't like our smoke as they flicked their ash into my open mouth. The dry still warm embers tasted fowl but i darent spit it out. Our own mobile ashtray they mused as they continued to circle me like a predator circles its prey.
One kicked out at my balls as the other was finishing her cigarette.
On your back now she commanded, i quickly turned over as lowered her cigarette towards me with a malicious smile. I tried to summon some saliva but i was arid dry.

The cigarette sizzled as it landed landed on my tongue. She laughed as coughed up sone phlegm from her throat and spat into my mouth.
Swallow my trash slave as her girlfriend followed her lead and a second cigarette was dripped into my open mouth. Swallowing wasnt possible as my mouth was dry and my gag reflex again kicked in.

Lisa again warned of her shit reappeared that I'd have every cigarette and bodily function all week down my throat.
The girls then spotted the funnel and gave each other a wink, here bitch boy let us help you........
The funnel was reinstated and trickle of warm salty piss splashed into my mouth. It slowly filled the funnel as i struggled to keep up with the flow.

Lisa placed her shoe onto my trapped balls slowly trying to arouse me. The inevitable happened as i began to grow hard and the spikes quickly tried to pierce my tender organ.
As one girl finshed the second removed the funnel. Unluckily for you its my time off the month.
As she slowly pulled her panties down i saw the heavy kotex pad emerge with large red clumps of monthly discharge. She carefully removed the pad and placed it directly over my mouth....... bloody clumps down over. I was just about to shake my head when Lisa increased the pressure on my balls. Robin then pushed directly in the middle of the sodden pad folding it into my mouth. Tina then wrapped several layers of the strong tape around my head sealing the pad in.
I tried to plead and beg almost emptying my stomach contents yet again.
They swiftly directed me back to my travelling case still lined with the heavy trash bags but thankfully the diapers had gone.
I crawled over and in as they appeared over head. Yes we'll have great fun this week so don't get to comfortable in there. We need to go make some plans for the upcoming week so enjoy til later. Oh and puppy i expect that pad clean when we return.....