Starved Rock part 3

Jun 25, 2009
With the pillow now on my face Kim stepped back on she was not at all soft when set her foot down and stepped on. She slowly walked in place, it still hurt but was much less painful with padding. Having never in my young life had more than three girls walk or stand on me at the same time this was all new to me. It was hard to hear but I could make out most of what the girls were saying.

My ears were ringing and my chest hurt with two girls bouncing up and down, I was lucky they weren’t too heavy maybe 125 and with flip flops on it shielded my ribs from the bone on bone contact. My groin was not as lucky the girl standing barefooted stomped around in the dark crushing me from every angle barefooted. She wasn’t careful where she stepped her foot came down and what ever was under it got pressed. I didn’t know her weight but it hurt and she was heavier than the rest,I felt three or four girls on my legs since they stayed for a while where they were I knew that luckily was all of them.

One of the girls said should we give him a break, we have been walking on him for a while. It was silent for a what seemed like forever and Kim said yeah, I don’t want to hurt him, come on you guys let’s make sure he is ok..

With that one of the other girls said he is fine let’s have some fun, Kim stepped off my face and I felt a big relief and could get some much needed air. The rest of the girls started to walk over me stepping on the pillow on my face and every other part of me. They seemed to pay special attention to my shaft, Kim said loudly come on you guys he has had enough. Someone said what do have a crush on him? Kim was embarrassed and said NO, I just don’t want to hurt him.. Another-one said you do! You like him. Kim stepped hard onto my groin and started to walk in place. The weight of two girls made me grunt into the pillow. Kim’s got a boyfriend one of the girls was messing with her.. What are we 12 Kim said I could tell by her voice she was getting pissed.. Another girl said want me to step off his face so you can kiss him. No! Well yes I want you to step off so we can give him a break… On one condition if I get off you kiss him.. That’s stupid just get off… “ not until you agree” Fuck ok, I will then we all get off for a little while. Ok some of the girls said, I heard one say my feet are sore anyway.

So the one on my face got off, and she took the pillow off, the other girls were still on me with only a small night light on it was hard to see much. Kim said you guys get off then I will so the crew one by one stepped off. As they did Kim was staring into my eyes, just when no more were standing on me Kim stood over me, her feet startled me on both sides.. Kim whispered sorry and then knelt down and laid right on top of me. With out a word she took my face into her hands and brought her lips to mine. I had never had a girl shove her Tsung into my mouth so she swirled her toung in my mouth one of the girls laughed and stepped onto Kim’s butt pressing her vagina into my cock hard. We were both dressed me in wranglers and Kim in thin shorts, this was an all new sensation for both of us judging by the look on Kim’s face. A mix of pain, pleasure and embarrassment. All the girls laughed..

Kim bit my lip as she suddenly pulled back and raised her head as the weight settled on her butt. Get off of me she yelled. The girl standing on her just laughed and pounced. This felt amazing to me I think Kim was enjoying it just a little but was overcome with embarrassment, she didn’t know me at all and now she was being forced to hump me with clothes on.

The one standing on Kim got off and Kim jumped to her feet and stepped right on my hard on to get to the girl that stood on her. She pushed her and yelled get out, now go home, you know what everyone out go! The girls gathered their flip flops and headed out the door, I sat up and could see Kim standing in front of me. Her shoes were off now and she said not you I want to talk will you please stay..

I was pretty sore but I was in love with Kim, ok maybe not in love more like in lust. But I said I should go I was I’m sure red with embarrassment. Kim walked over and put her now barefoot on my cock that was causing a bulge in my wranglers. Kim softly but steadily added weight and stepped on. Plz stay I really want to talk as she brought her other foot up and walked in place. She walked up on my chest and had me firmly pinned.. I’m sorry she said my friends can be asses, I don’t even know you’re name… Phil I whispered, hi I’m Kim but you know that. We didn’t hurt you did we? No Ma’am I again whispered.. Stop that Kim said what’s with the “ma’am” anyway?

I’m from TX that’s what you say when a lady speaks to you. Kim got a big smile on her face, I really love you’re accent. I whispered I’m not the one with an accent who says you guys and I laughed. Kim pounced a little playfully.. And what do you say when addressing a group? Ya’ll Kim laughed I like that Ya’ll, ya’ll yAll as she was bouncing.

So do TX guys always go to a dance and mostly watch a girls feet dance,? No I suspect I’m the only one…
“Why didn’t you ask me to dance… I was afraid… “ you didn’t have the guts to ask me to dance but you had the guts to come over and let my friends and I crush the shit out of you?

Yeah I said with a shit eating grin,,, Well Phil from TX your definitely not like the guys around here. I sure hope not I said.. what’s that supposed to mean? Well best I can tell they don’t treat women like queens it’s a shame every woman deserves respect and to be treated like a queen.

And if I were you’re queen what would you do for me? Kim asked..

I would kiss every inch of your body, starting right here, and I wrapped my hand around her ankle and lifted her right foot causing her to fumble a little standing on one foot on my chest. Kim just looked into my eyes curious what I was doing. Before she even realized what was happening I had her toes in my mouth sucking and moving my toung around and through her toes as hard as she did when she kissed me. This caught her totally off guard, she moaned loudly and she broke eye contact because her eyes closed. You’re queen approves keep going, don’t stop I was sliding her toes in and out like I was having mouth sex with her foot. She just moaned and swayed back and fourth. Then she pulled her foot out brought it the the other. Then stepped back hard on my rock hard shaft and slid her foot back into my mouth. You may continue she said. If you can make me cum I’m yours for the summer.

I took this as a personal challenge, I went for broke slowly sucking on her toes and sliding them in and out she was really getting into it. She lost her balance and stepped off. I took advantage and stood up and slid her shorts off, and she ripped off my wranglers we kissed and I slid my rock hard shaft into her over and over we went at it till I was completely spent and we laid on the couch…

Your queen owes you two summers and a queen always keeps her word.
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