Story: Keeping my Wife, at a Cost!


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May 25, 2010
Keeping my Wife, at a Cost!

Everything was great until I went to a school reunion a little while ago. I had a beautiful wife of a year, Jenny, who I am crazy about, and I was very happy. I had not wanted to go to the reunion, as there were people there that I really did not want to see again. Jenny had insisted we go, as she was interested in seeing people I used to be at school with, and Jenny always gets her own way with me.

Anyway, we went along, and it was not long before I saw Dan, a guy I most wanted to avoid. He was always a lot bigger than me, and made my life a misery at school. I was often beaten up by him, he used to steal and fuck all my girlfriends, as he was so well endowed and much better looking than me. I also shuddered when I thought about how his two sisters used to abuse me as well.

I managed to keep away from Dan for most of the evening, until I had to wait some time to get a drink for Jenny and I. As I waited, I saw him introduce himself to my wife and start chatting with her. It must have been fifteen minutes before I managed to get back to where they were talking.

Dan was actually quite pleasant at the time, asking how I had been, and complimenting me for having such a gorgeous wife. I still did not trust him, but the evening ended pleasantly, and we shook hands and said goodbye.

The bombshell came on the following Friday. Jenny told me to sit down, as we needed to talk. She explained that she had given Dan our address, as he was interested in talking to her about me. She said that she was keen to hear what she had to say, as she liked him.

“Anyway,” she explained. “He told me about how he used to beat you up, and how he fucked all your girlfriends, and generally abused you, and I found myself being turned on by his stories. To ct a long story short, he ended up taking me upstairs and fucking me all afternoon.”

“What!” I cried. “You are not serious!”

“I am afraid I am,” she said. “Well, he is so good looking, and has a massive cock. But you know that of course, because he used to make you suck it, didn’t he?”

“Please tell me you are not going to see him again,” I pleaded, ignoring her last question.

“Sorry honey,” she responded. “He wants to go on seeing me, and I want it to, I have never had such great sex.”

“You are not going to leave me are you?” I said, panicking now.

“I will talk to Dan,” she replied. “To see how he feels.”

“I really love you,” I said, and tried to kiss her.

“I don’t think so,” she said, stopping me. “Dan also told me about how his sisters Jane and Bridget used to make you drink their piss and eat their shit. After finding that out, I won’t be kissing you again!”

I was so embarrassed and humiliated that Dan had told my wife about how his sisters used me, as she laughed, and told me what a pathetic excuse for a man I am. I also had no option but to wait until Dan and Jenny decide my fate.

After talking to Dan for some time on Saturday morning, Jenny told me he would be round that evening to let me know how things would be. She told me that when he arrived I should be naked, as he wanted to laugh at my tiny cock. She giggled as she told me, and I realised the evening was going to be humiliating for me.

Dan arrived at about seven, and began by remarking that my cock had not got any bigger since we last met. Jenny was clearly enjoying the way her new lover was treating me, and telling him how glad she is that she had managed to find his huge cock. When they had finished laughing, we all sat down, and Jenny produced a list of how things would be if she were to stay with me.

First, I would be allowed no sex with her whatever, though we would sleep together naked every evening.

I would be made to clean Jenny’s pussy after Dan had finished fucking her, or swallow his cum direct from his cock if he made me suck his cock for my humiliation and Jenny’s pleasure.

I would be made to provide full toilet service to my wife, and ensure that I would swallow all her shit and piss in future, or anything else she might wish to make me swallow.

I was to do whatever my wife or Dan told me without question. Failure to do this would result in severe beatings for me.

I realised if I wanted Jenny to stay with me, I would have to agree to these terms. I hated the idea of it, but as I said I am besotted with my wife, and can’t bear to lose her.

With all that agreed, we then had dinner. We each had a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise, only before getting mine, Jenny removed her panties, put the bowl between her legs and pissed all over my dinner. Then the two of them laughed at me as I gagged constantly as I tried to swallow it. After dinner, Dan and Jenny drank quite a lot of beer before Dan decided we should all go upstairs.

I was made to go to the spare room and lay on the bed. The two of them went to the main bedroom, leaving the doors open, so I could clearly hear the two of them fucking.

At first, there was some laughter coming from the bedroom, but after a little while I heard a large sigh coming from my wife, as she received Dan’s huge dick. Very soon after that, my wife began to gasp and moan as she enjoyed being fucked by that monster. The louder she began to gasp and cry out with the pleasure of it, the more I began to cry tears of jealousy, but at the same time the harder my little cock got. By the time she screamed out her orgasm, I was sobbing like a baby. Eventually it went quiet, and shortly after that Jenny walked into the room, and I saw her fabulous naked body that had been so expertly fucked.

“Have you been crying honey?” she laughed. “Did it upset you to hear how hard your bully has made me cum? Get used to it, you are going to be hearing it a lot!”

Jenny climbed on to the bed, straddled my head and brought her pussy down to my mouth.

“Time to do your cuckold duty,” she laughed. “It has been a long time since you tasted cum, hasn’t it? Never mind, you will be swallowing gallons of it from now on. Get your tongue in there and scooped it all out!”

I removed all of Dan’s cum, and then Jenny pressed her pussy to my mouth and told me to open wide.

“Sorry honey,” she laughed. “I need to take a big piss, better take a deep breath!”

She proceeded to let a long stream of piss into my mouth. When she was done, she started to laugh as I began to gag at the taste of the evil liquid.

“Look at you,” she laughed. “I can’t wait to see what you will do when you get your first taste of my shit! But that is for tomorrow, tonight you can carry on listening to your wife being fucked by your bully, sweet dreams!”

I was woken the next morning by the sound of Dan and Jenny fucking once again. I decide to go downstairs to make a cup of coffee. As I was sitting there drinking it, Dan came into the kitchen. He grabbed me by the hair, and forced me on to my knees.

“Open your mouth wide, you fucking toilet,” he told me, as he undid his fly and made me receive his long morning piss.

“Now get upstairs and clean your wife’s messy pussy,” he ordered. “Then you can drink her piss as well. Don’t forget to do everything she tells you while I am away, or I will beat the shit out of you, understand?”

“I understand,” I replied.

As he left and I went back upstairs, I felt tomorrow was going to get worse.

To be continued.


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Aug 8, 2004
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Great story!

Some quick feedback - I notice in a lot of your stories the action starts up pretty quickly with very little resistance from the sub. I feel like it could be made better if there was some more buildup. Maybe a slow descent into slavery. It starts with wife wants a more open relationship, then maybe clean her pussy out after a date and then etc etc. Either way still love it just sharing what I think might make it even better!
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