Stuck at the Beach


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Dec 6, 2004
Disclaimer: This story is an extended version of the story “Beach Facesitting Story (unwilling submissive pov)” posted at
by fcest132

I found this story to have a good potential so I just have to extend it. (fcest132 I hope you don’t mind)

No matter how much I wanted it to be real experiences (don’t we all?) I have to say this story is all fiction. None of the persons in the story are real life people. Any reminder of real persons is entirely random and completely unintentional.

The first part of the story is basically fcest132’s story.

This is my first story in English (I guess I wouldn’t get that many readers if I posted the story in Danish) I hope that I have removed most of the spelling errors.

Happy reading

[End of disclaimer]

Stuck at the Beach

She seemed like a nice girl, her name was Bella. I had always fanaticized about her in science class.
She was about 5-10 140 pounds with the nicest ass i had ever seen, she had blonde hair, a pretty smile, and a good sense of humor but i had always thought she would never want anything to do with me.
To my surprise on the last day of class she asked me if i would want to hang out over the summer, maybe go to the beach or something; i of course agreed. So i met her on a Saturday morning at the northernmost end of the beach where nobody else went. She looked as gorgeous as ever, her ass looked bigger in the bikini she was wearing than i ever could have imagined it could. We joked around a little bit laid out in the sun enjoyed conversation on various topics when the interesting one about wrestling came up.
She knew that i was on the wrestling team and jokingly asked me who my favorite wrestler was and tried halfheartedly to put me in some kind of weird hold. I told her (jokingly) that my favorite wrestler was Rakishi so she best not try anything or i would give her a stinkface. She took this as some sort of a challenge and came up behind me and started climbing over me to put her ass in my face. It was at this time that i really saw how nice her ass was, she crawled over me in her tight bathing suit with her hips parallel to my head and tried to lower her ass right onto my face! I narrowly avoided it by rolling over which put me in the position on top with my ass over her face.
However as we were laughing and rolling over my shorts got partially caught on the ground and my exposed ass went right into her face, i (still thinking it was really funny) sat back for a second before she screamed and pushed me off.
It was clear that what started as a joke had gone too far and she was angry. She tried to grab me and "show me how it felt" but her attempts were futile, but she kept trying so in order to make her stop i promised that before we left i would kiss her naked ass. I did not intend on doing this at all, and figured she would have totally forgotten before we left.
A couple minutes later she asked me if i had ever been buried in the sand before, i told her truthfully that i haven’t and that i had always worried i wouldn’t be able to move if i had been. She assured me that this wasn’t the case, and that i would always be able to get up if i ever really needed to. So i asked her since i had never done it before if she would bury me in the sand, she laughed a bit smiled and then agreed. After i was fully buried i realized that what she had told me earlier was not true and that i could not move at all, i told her this and she just smiled and laughed, my heart sunk deep into my stomach as i knew what was coming next.
"Remember our promise" she asked in a mocking manner as she got up and started walking in my direction “Bella please no” I cried as she moved closer and closer. I squirmed and pushed as hard as I could but to my discontent I couldn’t move a muscle, the only part of my body that wasn’t under at least a foot of sand was my poor exposed face. For a minute she laughed as she just stood over me watching my failed attempts to free myself from this partial burial, she asked me in between laughs who’s going to get the stinkface now.
She placed her feet on each side of my face and began to bend over slowly lowering her ass towards my face as I cried out, “please Bella no don’t do this to me it was an accident I promise please don’t give me the ass.” When her bikini was about 2 inches from my face she stopped and said “an accident how stupid do you think I am, now pucker up baby boy your not going anywhere until I get your lips against my butthole. I cried out NOOO somebody please…. And was abruptly stopped by her large ass which engulfed my face entirely. I turned to the side so that I could avoid getting my nose and mouth directly in her ass and so that I could beg her to please stop, but it was to no avail. She jiggled her ass back and forth against my face wiping all of the sweat off onto my face and before I knew it she had me pinned with my face encapsulated in between her huge beautiful buttcheeks.
She then stood up for a second and asked me for the kiss, I angrily asked her “haven’t you done enough” she laughed and told me that she was just getting started. My heart began pounding faster than ever now, what could possibly be worse than that unless…. She dropped her bikini. I froze in terror of what was before me, what I once looked upon in as an object of pure beauty was about to be used against me as a weapon. I couldn’t even come to grips with the reality that was about to face as he pressed her naked beautiful sweaty ass against my face. I couldn’t help it at this point and I started crying and sobbingly asking her to please stop. She thought it was funny and merely told me that she wasn’t going to stop until I did what was the unthinkable, she knelt over me and proceeded to spread her cheeks while I sat there and cried staring straight at her tight asshole as It slowly came closer towards my unwilling mouth. There was nothing I could do to stop her, and before knew it all I could see was black , I was literally up to my ears in her ass all I could hear was her laughter and taunts, all I could see was the inside of her sweaty asscrack. She told me to open wide and I nodded no, as I was still unwilling to concede to her terms, oh yeah? she said as she began farting right up my nose as she slid her ass back and forth over my face. I could hardly stand it anymore and finally agreed to do what she said. As soon as I got a second of air I said ok, and puckered up my lips in horror, she laughed and pressed her asshole right against my lips and let out the most disgusting fart I could have even contemplated. After that she just left me there psychologically destroyed and absolutely humiliated to be discovered by the next person who would happen to come by in this remote area of the beach.

[End of fcest132’s story]

Here I was stucked in the beach sand, looking out at the sea. I waited for a very, very long time for somebody to come and help me out. I didn’t know how much time past, since I couldn’t see any clock/watches, but it feels like forever and I become very thirsty.
Finally I could see 2 black chicks in bikinis walking down the beach each with a towel over their shoulder. They looks like twins both with nice figures and black hair. One was in a black bikini and the other in a red one. I screamed all I could “HELP, HELP” after them.
They began to run towards me looking for my call. But they didn’t see my head right away. First then they where just a few meters away did they see my head in the sand.
“What do we have here” the one in black ask. “Please dig me free, please!” was my first beg for help.
“Obvious you didn’t bury yourself in the sand and we don’t want to get in trouble with who ever did bury you here. So why should we help you?” ask the other one. “You will get in big trouble if DON´T dig me out NOW” I screamed in my frustration at her… I imminently regret saying that as they become angry and responded with “Now you give us the full story or you will get a foot more sand to worry about Mister!” I told them everything that happened (exempt for the farts part. I found it de gross to tell).
“She is a very smart girl and the way you talk, she properly did the right thing. Well, you have to do some things for us first before we will consider helping you free” the one in black respondent to the story. I didn’t really have a chose so I agreed in doing what they wanted even what I didn’t know that is was.
They laid down their towels around me, one in front of me and one behind my head. The one in black bikini sat down over me with the front of the bikini panties right in my face and her feets behind my head. It become hard to breath, but I could still get some air trough my nose and it become obvious they had not taken a swim yet, judged from her heavy scent and filthy pubic hair around the edge of her bikini panties. The girl in red bikini lay down on the towel behind me, facing us.

A hand came down and pulled the black bikini bottom aside and she demanded me to use my tongue to give her an orgasm. I got my tongue out and started licking her the best I could. I just wanted get over it as fast as possible, but she didn't make my job easy. While the girls was chatting about normal things I was thinking about how many days or weeks has gone since last time she had taken a shower. It took me a while to get used to her oily-fishy taste. It was first then they began to chat about girls, sex and their sexual fantasies that she becomes very wet. It become obvious to me that they were lesbians. After a while she began to move op and down, smearing her fluids and scents all over my face while the other girl pushed my face into her cunt. It was very hard to breathe as my nostrils got filled with her come. I have to time my breathing with her movements. After she comes she is just sat still and pressed her cunt into my mouth so I have to drink her come and clean her. But I couldn’t breathe at all! As time past my need for air become more and more urgent. The girls were giggling while I desperately unsuccessful tried to move my head away. Both girls suddenly gets up, just as I was beginning to see stars and was about to pass out.
They were just standing where, laughing while I was getting my breath back and blowing the filth out of my nose.

When I have got my breathing back to normal the girl in red had removed her panties and sat down in front of my face with her cunt on my lips and her legs spread out on each side of my head. The girl in black sat down behind my head on top of the other girl’s legs, facing towards us. Now I have to lick the new girls to an orgasm too. Luckily she didn’t smell or taste as strong as the first girl or maybe I have just got used to the smell and taste by now.
While I was licking away the two girls started kissing each other. As they are making out it become harder to breath in my hot sweaty flesh prison. It didn’t take long before I was drinking her come. After their love making I could hear one of the girl say “Why do I always need to go to the bathroom after sex? Well today I don’t need to” and then the cunt I was licking clean was pressed very hard against my mouth. A bitter, salty fluid was flowing into my mouth. Aaahh She was pissing in my mouth and I couldn’t do a darn thing about it. I was forced to swallow it all.
Both girls were giggling and laughing while I was fighting with her strong urine. I could hear the other girl saying that she needed to pee too. It feels like for ever before the flow finally comes to a stop.
The girls were quick to switch places. The girl in black bikini didn’t even remove her bikini panties. She just sat down and pressed her panties covered cunt into my mouth while the other girl was holding onto the back of my head. Her panties soon became darker and wetter and the taste of her urine filled my mouth. She was pissing for a very long time. I have to swallow time and time again. At least I wasn’t thirsty anymore. While I was sucking the last drops from the panties I could here the girl behind me saying she wants a tongue up her ass. I hope that she just wants to get her ass licked. I have already eaten enough farts for today (Bella’s farts).

The girl in my face move to the side and the girl behind me move forward over me and suddenly I was looking directly into her big black ass. Her ass was huge. It definitely was much larger than Bella's ass. Both girls was giggling while she was shaking her ass and moving it into my face.
I was told to get my tongue out and start licking. The girls just sat where and enjoyed the Ocean view and chatting while I was licking at her smelly ass.
I slowly slowed down the licking as my tongue become more and more sore. Suddenly she blow a huge shit-sticking fart right in my mouth and said “Did I tell you to slow down?”
They laughed as I was nearly gagging. Just as I got my tongue out and resumed the licking she farted again. This one was just a bad as the first one. I was told to get my tongue all the way up her ass and keep it where. I got my tongue as far up her ass as it would go. She began to move a little up and down on my tongue and I could hear them kissing again. She farted a few more times while they were kissing. The other girl moved onto her lap just as I feel a bitter tasting soft mass on the tip of my tongue. Oooooh shit!! That was exactly what it was. I could feel her shit pushing my tongue out and back into my mouth. With the weight of 2 girls against my mouth where was no way I could close it or even breathe. As the soft horribly bitter-tasting crap filled my mouth my options ran out. I had to swallow the shit. Luckily it was soft enough that I did not have to chew it. But it was still one hell of a fight to get it all down, it just keeps coming. After I had swallow like 8 or 10 times I was panicking for air then the flow of shit finally comes to a end. The girl on the lap got up and the girl on my face move a little, but just enough for me to get some air through my nose. She stay seated until I have lick her ass cleaner then ever before and the other girl said it was her turn.

The girl with the red bikini top moved behind me and lay down so she could see the next feeding up close. The girl in black bikini moved in front of me and as she sat down she moved the panties to the side. She use both hands to spread her ass butt buttocks apart. As she did this I could see some dried shit around her asshole and smell her extremely smelly ass. This horrible sight caused me to say. “Damn it BITCH! Have you never heard of toilet paper?”
“Yes I have. Mine is called YOUR TONGUE. Get it working NOW!” she said angrily while she pressed her ass into my face. The smell was horrible strong here. Her ass smelled at least 10 times worse than the other 2 asses I had smelled today. She gave me a few extreme smelly farts while I licked her asshole. It took quite a while to get the old crap away. I had to use my saliva to soften the solidified old shit. My mouth was completely dry when I finally had gotten her ass clean.
Suddenly she pushed her asshole hard against my open mouth. The girl behind me closed my nose between 2 fingers so I couldn’t breathe at all! I could feel a huge and very hard turd slowly slide into my mouth. The very strong bitter-sour taste got my stomach to turn, so I really had to fight to avoid throwing up. I could feel how the huge hard turd was pushing my lips apart as it diameter grows.
My mouth was forced open so I could not chew and I had no saliva left to soften the rock hard shit, so where was no way I could sallow the shit. The result was; my mouth got completely packed with her rock hard shit. My cheeks bulging out and was stretched to their limits and I couldn’t move my tongue at all. The worst thing was that she had taken her time and I was desperately in need for air now! I was in panic and tried disparate to shake my head free but in vain. I passed out while she was still forcing more shit into my already completely packed mouth.

I don’t know how long I was out, but then I wake up I could really feel the heat from the sun on my exposed face and I was still tasting the very strong bitter-sour taste of the shit my tongue was still buried in. I had pain in my jaws which was still forced completely open by all the shit that was still filling up my mouth. Even worse was the fact the sun had had time to solidify the shit which now was dry and hard as concrete. I looked out over the waterline in the distance where I could see the 2 black chicks were on their way out of the water and walking towards me while I tried to get the shit out of my mouth. My mouth was so packet that, I could not chew and my mouth was completely drained of saliva. So all I could do was shaking with my head and try to blow the shit out of my mouth. But it had absolutely no effect at all.
The girls giggled when they came back to my head that was sticking out of the sand and saw my disparete struggle to get the shit out of my mouth.
"Was there something you want us to do for you before we go?" asked the girl in the black bikini while they pick up their towels. "Just tell us loud and clear what we should do for you" the other girl said.
They laughed loudly while I tried to tell them that they should dig me free. But my mouth was so stuffed that I couldn’t even move my tongue at all and all that crap absorbed all my sounds.
After they had amused themselves at my expense for some time, the one in Black said "It does not sound like that he wants our help. Let’s leave".
They both gave me a “Bye shithead” while they was walking away. They never even told me their names.
When the girls were a bit down the beach I saw 2 men in Coveralls walk past me. One had a shovel over his right shoulder. I tried to scream for help. But my mouth was still full of shit so the 2 men did not hear me and they were too busy looking after the 2 black chicks to look in my direction.
I was soon all alone again.

Slowly, way to slowly I began to generate some saliva so I could very slowly dissolve the shit in the back of my mouth. It feels like several hours had past before I had dissolved enough of the shit to let me chew the last shit into small enough pieces that I could spit it out.

Long, long time went by before I heard someone come running from behind. Suddenly I was surrounded by a large sand cloud and I could hear Bella’s voice saying "Hay baby boy, you're still here".
As the sand cloud settle down I saw Bella in front of me. She was in a new short summer dress. From my angle I could see that she was not wearing underwear. As she was beating the hard pieces of shit to the side with a plastic shovel (One of those children use to build sand castles with) as she said. "Did you had a good day? It looks like you forgot to get sunscreen on your face now that you've been out in the sun all day." She was right. I could feel the sunburns on my nose, cheeks, forehead and ears.

Her face came down to mine after which she said "O shit. Your breath stinks. Have you been eating shit?"
"I have. Thanks to you!"
"Really? Tell me all about it".
She was giggling while I was telling her about the 2 black chicks.
“Well if you can eat their shit then you can eat mine too” she laughed while she turned around.
“NOooo. Please no. Not you too.” I cried as I saw the familiar sight of her beautiful large ass descending towards me. At least she was a lot cleaner then the 2 black chicks had been. Like in the morning she jiggled her ass back and forth against my face wiping all of the sweat off onto my face before she comes to a hold with her asshole against my lips.
Bella was talking about how she had been shopping all day long while I was kissing and licking her asshole.
She farted a few times before I could feel her first turd sliding over my lips. The shit didn’t taste that bad, just a little bitter. Her shit was like a very thick cream. I had to chew a couple of times, before I could swallow it. She gave me a mouthful at a time. After she gave me 4 big mouthfuls, I licked her clean.
She never stops talk about her shopping day during all this.

When she was satisfied with the cleaning she got up and took the plastic shovel and began digging up my left arm. She removed only just enough sand to enable her to pull my left arm free.
She stuck the shovel in the sand just outside my reach. She said I could keep shovel as I had already paid for it.
As she began to walk away she said "Here you can have your credit card back. Now that it is empty" by which she throw my credit card right in front of me as she walked away laughing...

[The End]


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Dec 6, 2004
Hi everyone

I'm glad that you guys liked the story.

equidum I'm not sure how to continue this story. But you are welcome to write the next chapter.
I have other stories in mind but unfortunately I do not have the time to get them written for the moment. (I'm busy with job change and relocating)