Suffer under my plateau heels until you cum HD

Jun 3, 2011
Mistress Julia wants to squeeze the cock as hard as she can. She has put on her black plateaus and the soles are hard as a rock. They don´t bend and she does not feel anything. She wants to see the cock falt when she looks down so she steps on the cock full weight. The pressure is so hard that the cock bends upward. She loves to crush him. She takes off one shoe and hints that he might get a footjob. No it is not the case. She crushes the cock again with her blue plateau slingbacks. While she tramples him full weight the slave cums and she steps off to let the cum spray all over the cockbox. She says....I did not allow you to cum....yet! So she mounts the cock again bathing it in its cum. After some hard stomping the slave cums again (no edit this for real).

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