Sweaty Armpit Slave

Yuliya Kate

Mistress Yuliya Kate
I am working out and see you sneaking at Me. I approach you and ask what you are starring at. As I am fixing My messy after-run hair, I catch your eyes looking at the wet spot on My T-shirt under the armpits. I see you are an armpit guy, aren't you? Well, I have a problem with men starring at My armpits without My permission! If you don't want Me to scream for help and tell everyone that you are a pervert, follow Me and do what I say.Behold - this is My house and before we come in, I want you to worship the sweaty stains on My T-shirt. I want the neighbors to see you sniffing it like a dog. Get your nose under the armpit and inhale the strong aroma.
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