Take one for the Fetish team

Would you take a full force face kick from her to end all the annoying foot lust that she despises?

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Like Disco Lemonade
Jan 18, 2006
Hickville, Georgia
Miesha Tate is a highly skilled world renown (and tough) female fighter. Her fame has also brought much attention to her feet from "special interest" groups of perverted men on the internet. When Miesha found out about these men's love of her feet, she was not thrilled at all.

If she were given a chance to end all the misplaced lust over her feet by kicking one fetishist in the face with all her strength, would anyone here volunteer to take such a blow? Anyone except Superkick, because we already know he would volunteer. Are there any brave subbies out there who would take such a blow? I'm talking full force sole of her foot/heel connecting directly with your face as she fully extends into your skull.