Taking out the trash part 2

Feb 7, 2011
Part 2

With each passing hour the disgusting smell inside the rubbish bin was getting worse and worse, it was right in the middle of summer and very hot outside and to make matters worse my cruel wife had made sure that the bin was positioned where it would get the most sunshine during the day so it would heat up and make the contents inside even more awful smelling while also making it unbearably hot inside just to provide more torment for me which was exactly what she wanted.
My whole body was pretty much buried in trash up to my neck with only my face left uncovered, although it was still smeared with a mixture of rotten food and the contents of four opened diaper's from Jenny's twins which my wife had enjoyed opening and dumping on top of my face throughout the day.
My hands were securely chained behind my back then attached to another chain which was around my ankles that meant I could hardly move an inch and prevented me from wiping the garbage and crap off my face.

I'd heard Jenny leave about an hour ago and as she said her goodbyes to my wife I'd tried to scream out to her for help but the ballgag that was lodged hard inside my mouth prevented me from making any loud sounds, just small groaning noises which nobody would have been able to hear even if they were standing directly outside the bin so to my dismay all I could do was listen to her car start and then take off slowly down the street.

I guessed the time was getting towards late evening and around half an hour after Jenny had left I heard a truck pull up into the driveway which sounded a lot like Todd's.
My wife then came rushing down the stairs to meet him as I heard her welcome him home with a loud kiss while purposefully telling him how much she's missed him and also mentioning what she has in store for him when they get into the bedroom tonight knowing full well that I'd be able to hear all of the details.
After some more kisses and loud bedroom talk I heard Todd say

“Well I've got some good news honey, it's all finished”

I then heard my wife reply in an excited tone

“That's fantastic! We should dump him in there first thing tomorrow morning! The ladies told me they'll start arriving tomorrow afternoon so the timing will be perfect, plus that bin is really starting to reek I can even smell it standing over here so it really needs to go and be dumped into it's new home”

“Boy you can say that again honey, it smells disgusting but it's still a fitting place for that sorry excuse of a man you used to call a husband”

“Ha ha you can say that again, although you've gotta understand I only married him for his money, there's noway I'd ever marry such a pathetic thing as that if it wasn't rich and especially not when I can have someone as handsome and manly as you”

As I heard them both kiss loudly again before my wife finished off by saying

“And just think as soon as our plan is finished we'll have all of his money plus his house as well as the huge insurance payout from his life insurance policy, so we can both live in the lap of luxury for the rest of our lives while he can live in stinking filth for the rest of his!”

Which made them both laugh in satisfaction before walking away up the stairs and into the house for their night of wild love making while I on the other hand was left there trapped in unbearable stench and filth to think about what I'd just heard and to wonder what cruel fate my once wife had decided to force on me.

During the night I couldn't help but imagine her and Todd making love in my former bedroom which I knew was exactly what she wanted and the reason why she'd said it loud enough for me to hear.
She wanted me to suffer and having me knowing what they were doing while I was trapped here in such misery was just part of her cruel plan of physical but also physiological torture.

By the morning the air inside the rubbish bin was almost so putrid I was on the verge of passing out. With the ballgag lodged deep inside my mouth I had no choice but to breath though my nose and inhale all of the stench of the bin so it was with a sense of relief that I finally heard my wife come down the stairs from her wild night of love making and unlock the bin lid and open it so I could get a little bit of fresh air even though the air around the bin was still unbearably awful and was nowhere near fresh but it was better than nothing.
She then spoke up and said

“Raise and shine, loser”

And with that she held up a full rubbish bag and tipped it upside down so that all the filthy contents fell over most of my face so by the time she'd finished the only thing you could see were my eyes and nose, everything else had been completely covered with trash.
She then held her fingers over her nose before saying

“Yuck! Just when I thought this bin couldn't smell any worse! I'm so glad we're getting rid of it today”

Just then a voice from the street called out my wife's name as she replied back

“Oh hi Mary, I'll be there in a second”

my wife then looked back down at me and whispered sarcastically

“Now don't you go anywhere”

As she slammed the bin lid shut and locked it again so that she could walk over and have a chat with her friend Mary.
After around 20 minutes I could still hear them chatting away in the distance as well as the barking from what I guessed were Mary's pet dogs that she was taking for their morning walk.
After a further 5 minutes of conversation they said their goodbyes and I could hear the footsteps of my wife coming back up the concrete driveway again as well as the rustling of some plastic bags that I guessed she was holding in her hands.
The lock to the bin was again undone and the lid lifted up to reveal the smirking face of my wife holding two plastic bags in her hands as she said

“Hey honey guess what? This is really your lucky day! I realise you haven't had anything to eat for a long time with that gag stuck in your mouth and all so I'm guessing you must be absolutely starving! So to show you that I'm not really a bad person I've bought you back some breakfast! Well actually I guess you should really be thanking Mary's dogs since they are the ones who prepared it for you and I guess Mary as well since she asked if I could put these bags full of dog shit in our trash for her”

“However though seeing as how I still don't want to undo that gag of yours just yet I'm afraid you'll simply have to snort your breakfast though your nose this time around”

and with a cruel laugh she tipped the bags of dog shit directly over my eyes and nose which meant I was now completely covered in a mixture of rubbish and shit.

“There we go honey, bon a appetit,”

I now couldn't see a thing with a thick layer of smelly dog shit covering my eyes, however I was still able hear what was going on around me and could hear the voice of Todd as he came outside and made his way down the stairs towards my wife until I heard them passionately kiss above me while he said”

“Here she is, the love of my life”

I could hear them kiss passionately again before he looked down inside the bin and continued

“Ha ha would you look at that he's completely disappeared in there! I guess he's just one big piece of smelly garbage now”

This made my wife giggle as she said

“Yep you can say that again, he's nothing but a piece of trash now”

“Well honey you know what happens to trash, it gets thrown away so I think it's about time I backed my truck up and winched this big stinky bin onto the back trailer to get rid of it once and for all”

“Yep, that sounds like a great idea to me, I know the ladies are really looking forward to using him for their own entertainment over the next week so we better not waste any more time, the sooner we get him into his new home the better”

“Ok sweetheart I'll go get the truck”

I then heard Todd walk away as my wife spoke down to me and said

“Well it's almost moving time so I'll give you one last clue about where your moving to and lets just say it'll be deep, dark and after only a few days it'll be really really smelly, so if you think this bin is bad just wait till you've spent the next few days in your new home, but on the bright side though honey you'll have heaps of ladies keeping you company for the next week and don't worry I've told them all about you and they all just can't wait to meet you!”

As she began laughing in satisfaction before slamming the bin lid down and locking it once again just as Todd's truck started up and began reversing down the driveway until it was right beside me.
I could then hear some chains being tied around the bin and then the sound of a winch as it began lifting the bin up off the ground and onto the back of his truck, as Todd then started fastening it to the back of the trailer, ready for the journey ahead.

As I began putting my wife's clues together I started to get even more worried than before about where my final destination was going to be.
The contents of a diaper, a deep dark pit and a whole group of women? I began to get a really bad feeling about what was about to happen next.

To be continued
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Jun 3, 2014
I hope there are going to be some sexy 19yo Emo girls where he is going, at least one of them with a green mohawk and at least one with freckles and pink lipstick.
Feb 7, 2011
Thank you for your comments, it's great to know your still into the story. I should have some spare time tomorrow to write part 3 so it will be up here very soon. Part 4 will then be the final where he gets buried alive inside a tomb full of women's shit so just a word of warning that it's really not going to end well for him. Also Cambus731 I'll include some sexy 19yo Emo girls for you in part 4 and I'll make sure one has a green mohawk and at least one has freckles and pink lipstick and if anyone else wants me to add a certain type of lady for them in part 4 then let me know and I'll include them in there as well.
Jun 3, 2014
Police officer is a good idea. I'm not into that at all, but it certainly could add to the story as he sees her and thinks he is going to be rescued. Imagine the dismay when he soon realizes that is not going to happen.