Taking out the trash

Feb 7, 2011
My wife unlocked the rubbish bin lid before lifting it up and with an evil grin on her pretty face began scrapping her breakfast left overs from her meal directly on top of my trapped face before saying in a cruel and sarcastic tone of voice

“Yuck its really starting to stink in their now isn't it honey”

However due to the fact that she and her now new boyfriend Todd had forced a ballgag inside my mouth before chaining me up and dumping me inside here so I couldn't move, all I could do was helplessly look up at her with pleading eyes and groan as a way of begging her to let me out, unfortunately though she was far from finished tormenting me

“Ohhh sweetheart what's wrong”

she continued using a voice of fake concern

“Are you getting lonely down there? Well I've got some good news for you honey you remember my friend Jenny well she's coming around for a visit and she's bringing her twin baby girls with her so you know what that means don't you? It's means there's going to be plenty of stinky diapers which will need to be thrown down there with you to help keep you company”

She then let out a cruel laugh just as I let out another pained groan

“Well look on the bright side honey you'll only be in their for another few days, just until your new permanent home is finally finished which is what Todd's taking care of now but until then I'm not going to ruin the surprise of where your new home might be, it'll be a fun guessing game for you for the next few days”

And with that she slammed the rubbish bin lid shut and locked it again before walking away laughing, leaving me in darkness once again while surrounded by four days worth of stinky household rubbish.

I had no idea my wife could ever be this cruel, we'd been married for two years and everything seemed to be going great until one day she told me she'd meet someone else and that his name was Todd and she didn't want to be with me anymore.
At first I was shocked and asked her why but she just said that she was “sick of the sight of me” however that just made my initial shock turn straight into anger as I'd always been kind to her and had treated her well and now this was the way she was going to repay me? I was furious and without thinking in a fit of rage I slapped her across the face which bought Todd who must've been standing outside rushing into the room and without any hesitation he whacked me hard across the jaw which temporarily knocked me out.
When I'd come to I realised they'd chained up my entire body so I couldn't move and gagged me so I couldn't speak before revealing what their plans were.

My wife said at first Todd was simply going to murder me and make it look like an accident for the insurance money but after I'd hit her in my fit of rage those plans instantly changed as they both decided I needed to suffer first and that locking me inside the household rubbish bin for a whole week was a good way to start my torment.
Todd then lifted me up and carried me to the outside wheelie bin and dumped me inside while also fastening a lock to the lid just to make sure I couldn't escape.
That was four days ago and ever since then my wife has been happily throwing all the household waste on top of me without even the slightest bit of compassion for me, as she said it herself I'm nothing more than trash to her now and trash belongs in the rubbish.
She also likes to tell me about her love making with Todd and what they got up to during the night while also mentioning how much better in the bedroom he is in everyway compared to me and how happy she is to finally be with a real man who knows how to satisfy her.

It had now been around three hours since my wife had last visited me and scrapped her breakfast leftovers into the bin, I'd heard Jenny arrive a few hours ago and every now and then I could faintly hear the laughter and conversation from the two woman as well as the crying of Jenny's twins.
I then heard the house door open and someone walking down the stairs towards my rubbish prison, then I heard the lock on the bin click open and I was once again greeted by the grinning face of my wife as she lifted the lid.
However this time instead of breakfast scraps she was holding a diaper in her hand as she once again looked down at me and said teasingly

“You know they really don't make diapers like they used to, I mean just look at this honey the sticky tape holding this one together just keeps on coming undone”

And with that I watched in horror as she slowly began peeling away the tape holding the dirty diaper together before turning it upside down and then dropping it directly down on top of me as the undone diaper and it's awful smelling contents hit the top of my head and began running down the sides of my face.

“See what I mean, they're practically falling apart”

She said with a laugh

“Boy I've gotta say though this bin is really starting to stink, in fact the smells really starting to make me feel sick, well at least it's not long now till Todd's finished building your new home anyway and we can take out the trash and bury it forever which means I no longer have to smell you anymore and by the way if you want another clue about where we are taking you then lets just say if you liked the contents of the diaper then your really going to love your brand new home!”

And with that she slammed the lid down once again and locked it, leaving me trapped in the stinking filth of the rubbish bin.

To be continued
Feb 7, 2011
Thank you everyone for your positive comments, knowing you all liked the story gives me the motivation to keep writing more so thanks again. Part 2 is almost finished so will be up here very soon.
Jun 3, 2014
I hope there are going to be some sexy 19yo Emo girls where he is going, at least one of them with a green mohawk and at least one with freckles and pink lipstick.