Tayla & Tiffany - Part 2


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Feb 18, 2003
These are posted on my blog, along with several other stories :)

I went over to see Tayla and Tiffany one afternoon and found that Tayla had left for a few hours with some other friends. Tiffany was home though, so I hung around for a bit. She was back in her room, sitting on the edge of her bed and playing a gaming console on her TV. I walked into her room and didn't even bother trying to sit on the bed with her. I sat down cross legged on the floor next to her bed. I was ready to see if she'd forgotten about stepping on me the last time I was over, and my hope was that she hadn't. I quietly hoped she saw how submissive I was as she stood on my body for that brief moment.
I sat and watched her play her game for a few rounds until she said, “Wanna play?” She tossed a controller over to me and we started playing against one another. I've always been good at games and I quickly won. She glared at me for a moment and reset the game. The next round was just as quick. I won again. “GRRRR!” she said, stamping a foot on the floor next to me. This might work out after all. I made a joke about “tempers” and scooted away from the bed a few feet when she playfully kicked at me. We played another round and l let her win. “Aha! Smart-ass!” she said to me with a huge grin. She reset the game again and I let the game go on a bit longer. I let her win again. I grabbed a pillow from the bed and laid on my back on the floor. I bunched the pillow up under my head so that I could still see the game. More importantly, I wanted to watch what I hoped she was getting ready to do to my body. Now I was ready.

She reset the game and we started playing. I let her get ahead a little, and then I destroyed her. She lost the game. She looked down at me and I smiled. She reset the game. She didn't last but a few seconds again. I won in a snap. That did it for her. She stood up from the bed and walked over to me. She put one foot on my stomach like she was aiming and then stomped me sharply in the abdomen. I grunted and she spun on her heel and walked back to her bed a few feet away. She plopped her ass down on the edge and said “Ready for another round?”
My heart was racing. It was pounding so hard I'm sure she could see it through my shirt. I could see it. Or was that my imagination? She brought me out of my little daydream. “Hey, you ready for another round??” I nodded and smiled. She gave me an evil grin. She was going to be fun. She reset the game and I let her win another couple of times before I killed her character again. She looked at me and I could tell she was holding her tongue. No telling what she was about to call me. She reset the game. I let her character live for a little bit, and then I swiftly killed her again. That was the last straw for her.
She slammed her game controller down on the bed and was next to me in one large stride. She didn't ask, she didn't say, “Are you ready?”, nothing. She put her right foot down on my stomach and just stepped up, putting her other foot down on my chest. I had THE most AMAZING view. Here was my body, lying flat out. Two beautiful, tanned feet with little pink nails were standing on me and a gorgeous young lady was looking down at me, daring me to play with a distraction. She reset the game...

I didn't want to lose this momentum. I killed her character off almost as soon as the game started. Looking back, she had amazing balance. She really should have gone into gymnastics or something. Balancing on my chest with her left foot, she stomped me in the stomach 3 times before resetting the game console. She put her right foot back down, shifting her weight onto my stomach. I just laid there, mesmerized by what had just happened to me. I looked at her beautiful, soft feet pressing me down onto the floor. Her golden, tanned legs, her round little butt. She won the round easily, I was so distracted. She started cheering for herself, bouncing and twisting her hips as she chanted off some rhyme about “losers”. Her blonde hair bounced around as she twisted and sang, standing on my submissive body. I just watched those feet twisting and grinding into my chest and stomach.
She stepped off of me, satisfied that her plan had worked and that she'd won the game. There were plenty more video game episodes that I'll cover in other stories!