the breathless club

Aug 15, 2002
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I,e been lokkin for a copy of the tape/dvd of a film called the breathless club. i think it was made by didamond interational. it had two girls wearing jeans sitting all over this chap and then them strippin down to her underweat and kissing eachothter. i would love to get it on dvd an i coulod give some tapes as deal.


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Aug 11, 2002
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Breathless Club was one of my most favorite jeans sitting
videos after John put out Somther Scenes

with Destiny and Kaitlynn wearing tight Levis and double
facesitting in them for about 7 minutes (first part of video).

I asked John if he would see if Destiny would wear her jeans
and facesit and boy did John come through. They were so

John had received complaints about the jeanssitting and the
sales of Smother Scenes were not very good so I figured he
wouldn't make any more. I was just so happy when he made
Smother Scenes.

Soon after Diamond INtl. made "Breathless Club"

When I called John and asked where these girls came from he
said they came in and felt like doing a jeans facesitting video
and DID!!

I love the way they acted, they had such an attitude and just
kept their slave's head under as they smothered the life out
of him under their jeans.

I can't join memberships any longer so I don't know what John
has added to Diamond's or member's

I'm really glad to hear that the old films/videos are archived so
the members can see them.

If you love jeans facesitting and can join his member's site you
may want to look at a jeans facesitting clip or clips of

Veronica and Rihannon. I saw this a couple of years ago and
they had on tight jeans. Together they facesat a small male
slave who was bound all up in plastic wrap. He was so helpless
and soooo smothered.

have fun!!

waffel :)

loves women wearing tight jeans while facesitting
Jul 11, 2002
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i always thought the brunette form this video, and the brunette in ss031, aka "facesitting fantasies" were very fun to watch, not merely because of their amazing figures and beautiful looks,but because they genuinely seemed to be having fun! they were more or less like having a party, and the guy under them was like a extra party favor, it's not so common, even in those days, to see a girl just throwing back and enjoying herself in fetish videos, though john seemed to find those girls so very easily *grumble grumble envy envy*