The brutal Contract 2 - Day at work

May 30, 2008
This is the second part of the story "The brutal Contract" by deusfan. Here is the link to part 1


Sofia and Elin were sitting on my chest. I couldn´t believe how much it hurts to have just two women sitting ontop of me.

"How does it feel, Elin giggled and bounced a little ontop of Sofias lap."
"It...It hurts, I managed to say. I...I can´t...breath."
"Wonder why, said Sofia with a grin."

Elin got of Sofias lap and went into the kitchen to get a snack. The intense pressure was now only half of what it had been. I could manage to get some breaths in but not for long, when she came back she slammed down her ass on Sofias lap. I could feel a bit of Sofias bones in her butt, I guess it was not designed to substain two females sitting on it and neither was I. It felt like their bodies became heavier and heavier for each second that passed.

"Come on move over, said Sofia gently tapping Elins hip. You are starting to squish my legs."
"Oh I am sorry, said Elin. Hope I didn´t hurt you."

Elin stood up and once again I could get a few breaths in. I looked at her soft round butt pouting out. It looked like two ballons. My cock grew hard when I really got a look of these girls from that angle. Sofia, who was still seated on my chest, pressing my ribcage togheter, had very soft and perky breats and she smelled amazing, like some kind of fruit. My cock got rock hard in only a couple of seconds by looking at these two stunning women. I was actually almost beginning to think that this wasn´t so bad when Elin suddenly droped her jeans coverd ass down on my stomach and groin. Her left buttcheek crushed my cock flat and her right one mashed my guts. Once again I couldn´t breath. Alldoe their butts were feeling much softer their weight didn´t decrease.
Elin bounced up and down a few times to really get comfortable and then wiggled her bum to find the perfect position.

"Ah, that is nice, she said. I can like feel his heartbeat through my ass. I really must be squishing his guts right now."
"Well you will probobly feel that beat alot harder when he stops thigtning his abs, Sofia said."

Oh crap, I hadn´t thought about that. What will happend when I relax and simply give it all up to my body? Can my stomach really take Elins full weight sitting on it? What if Sofia then decides to sit on Elin? I was in fear thinking what could happend. This could very well be the end. Elin started to bounce again.

"I hope I don´t squish his guts up his throat, she giggled while bouncing on my stomach. Her butt flew atleast one feet up in the air before she came crashing down each time."
"I wouldn´t worry about that, Sofia said." I got his chest pretty mashed togheter, but maybe we should play it safe and put some weight on his throat.

Sofia got up from my chest and it felt like my lungs just inflated in a couple of seconds to a size they had never been before. I was so relieved. Sofia must have been sitting on my chest for atleast an hour.

"Oh look at that, Elin yelled out. His chest is a bit dented."

The girls laughed when they saw the imprint Sofias full womenweight had made on my chest. There were two wide dents in the form of an ass, Sofias ass.
After giggling alot and feeling the dents Sofia continued with the plan. She stood up on my chest and placed one foot on my throat and put her full weight ontop of that foot. The pressure was so intense and I couldn´t get any air at all, not only becuase of my throat but also because Elins body was really starting to crush my stomach. Not caring about how much pain I was in, Elin started to bounce. She went up even higher in the air this time. Every time she slammed her ass down on my stomach it felt like it burned alittle bit. Her jeans butt was really doing a number on my insides. I coughed and tried to breath when Elin was in the air, but it was no use. Every time I managed to get some air into my lugns Elins butt would simply make me loose my breath when she came crashing down. It felt like I was in some sort of machine that pounded meat. Everything became darker and darker. I looked up and saw a grin on Sofias lips. I passed out.

"Wonder if we hurt him, I heared Sofias saying as I started to wake up."
"Ofcourse we hurt him, Elin replied. If it would have been his head under my ass when I was bouncing I would have to wash my jeans from couch brain. "
"I know, Sofia giggled. But I wonder if we like did some real damage to him, like if we destroyed one of his kidneys."
"I really couldn´t care less, Elin replied. I mean, he signed the contract and it is his own fault. He should be grateful we don´t just kill him.

I opened my eyes and realised I was laying on the floor in the kitchen.

"Oh look he has woken up, Sofia said excited. Do you want some food?"
"Yes please, I answerd."

Sofia took an apple from the fruitbasket and bit of a bite. She chewed it for a while and then told me to open wide. I could see the chewed up apple inside of her mouth when she spit it into my mouth. It was chewed and felt alittle like youghurt, just ready to swallow. The applemush was coverd in her spit. Elin spat in my mouth while it was open.

"There you go, Elin giggled. Do you want anything else to drink except for our spit?"
"Maybe just some regular water, I said."

Sofia stood up and kicked me in the stomach making me fall over. She then stomped on my hand and grinded her heel on my pinky finger.

"Next time say please you fucking piece of shit, she yelled."

Elin also stood up but didn´t beat me. She took a glass and filled it with water, drank it up and started to "filter" it inside of her mouth. Sofia then opened her mouth and Elin spat the water and spit mix into her mouth. Sofia also "filterd" it and then told me to open my mouth. The water was all mixed up with their spit. I swallowed every drop of it and said thank you.

"You are welcome couch, they said. But now you have had enough eating. It is time to go to bed."

The girls led me into the bathroom and told me to lay down on the floor. Sofia stood on my stomach making it hard to breath while Elin crushed my chest. They danced around a little while brushing their teeth in their underwear. I saw their butts moving above me and I became instantly hard. I saw their breast almost pushing out of their bra, it looked like they had to small bras. Sofia had a C-cup while Elin had a D-cup. Alldoe their breast were big, they were very firm. Even if they bounced up and down their breasts wouldn´t go out of control trying to catch up with the rest of their bodies.

"Oh look, it looks like his dick still works, Sofia said and stomed her weight down on it."

The girls took turns stomping and standing on it. Then Elin got onto Sofias back and the weight of two fullgrown female bodies started to mash my cock. They jumped up and down trying to flatten it under their massive weight. Sometimes when they landed they pulled back the skin on my cock even further and it felt like it was going to rip. The skin can not take the weight of two girls landing on it. After about half an hour they gave up and left my dick very sore.

"Okay I get to have him in my bedroom this night and you get to have him at work tomorrow, deal? said Elin."
"Fine, but don´t break him."

Don´t break me...I was a bit afraid of what Elin was going to do to me in her bedroom. She told me to take my clothes of and get on my back on the bed. Elin started to remove her bra and panties but before I could get a glimps of what she look like naked, she turned of the lights, making it pitch black. I felt her weight compressing the bed as she got on it.

"Okay, this is how we are going to do this, she said with a soft voice. You are going to lay completely still and quite while I sleep on you. If you try to touch my breast or my pussy I will chop your dick of."

She didn´t even wait for me to reply but just let her weight fall down ontop of my body. Instead of having her ass sitting on my, I now had her whole body laying across me. She was laying on her stomach and I could feel her breasts pressing down on me, one of them in one of the dents. My dick was mangled under her hips and I could feel that her pussy was close to it. She turned around and her butt now squashed my sore dick, concentrating most of her weight on it. Due to the fact that her butt was sticking out quite much, not much weight was on my stomach. Instead most weight were on my chest. I had a hard time breathing. She felt very warm and soft and I could hear and feel her breath. Suddenly she put a pillow over my head so that she didn´t have to rest her head on my face. She just layed there and crushed my body under hers. It was getting really hot under her and it felt like I was going to cook. My cock was still flattned under her butt.
The alarm rang and Elin awoke. She sat up, crushing my cock even more under her full bodyweight resting on her butt, but allowing me to breath. It felt like I was steaming , it was so warm. Elin turned to the side to get her legs out of the bed, while still sitting on my cock. When she turned, she mushed it under her ass and bounced a little before getting up. I really wished that I could see what she looked like naked, but the pillow was still covering my head.

"Do not take the pillow of yet. Wait 5 minutes and then go take a shower. Sofia gets to play with you at her job in like 30 minutes so don´t fall asleep."

My body felt flattned and my dick was really sore from all the stomping, sleeping and turning on it. I had some minor problems breathing because my chest was compressed all night and I had not sleept anything due to the pain of being squashed under Elin all night.


That was part 2. Please comment on anything that you think I should explain more or describe better.

Part 3 story is already finished and I am just waiting to let this one sink in before I start writing the next one.



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Mar 20, 2007
I like this relentless squashing under body and butt! Great story like the first part! I cannot imagine however the weight of these rather light girls is sufficient to do the effects you describe, but well, it's fantasy anyway and the fantasy is hot! Waiting for part 3... (Lucky enough to find part 2 as it is not in the same thread as part 1 and I am usually not reading in the FS part...)

May 30, 2008
Thank you for all the kind words. Part 3 will contain facesitting so for all you facesitting lovers, like myself, your needs will be taken care of :p.

Squeezemeflat - Yes it is a fantasy but I think it would be pretty awesome if a single woman could do that ammount of damage, they would be so much more dangerous and a normal facesitting session could very well be lethal :p.
Mar 30, 2006
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You have plenty of writing talent. You're descriptions of getting sat on by women are realistic. I've role played this type of scenario many, many times over the years, and getting sat on by even a relatively light girl is very painful--especially if they sit for very long at a time.
A suggestion on composition: Remember to keep the dialogue tag seperate from the dialogue. For example: "I'm going to sit down," she said, "right on your face" she said is the dialogue tag that tells the reader who's doing the talking and is seperated by quotation marks in the dialogue itself.
I feel that you have alot of potential as a fetish writer. In the next chapters I hope the women sometimes wear skirts when sitting on him. Keep writing!
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Feb 5, 2009
The both parts of "The brutal contract" are SUPER!!! I'm waiting for part 3 of the series. Please post it soon!!! THANKS ALOT!