The club

Feb 7, 2011
The club

Part 1

38 year old detective sergeant Sarah Goodman took a long sip of her morning coffee before walking over to her desk, sitting down and opening up the folder she was carrying in her hand.
She’d lost count of how many times that folder had been opened and the papers inside had been taken out and studied for even the slightest clue which could help solve any of the mysterious disappearances of at least 15 local men who had been reported missing in the area.
The all male victims had began vanishing without a trace around a year ago, leaving no clues behind as to their whereabouts or what had even happened to them, it was like they had just disappeared into thin air, there were also no bodies ever found so it was impossible to know whether the men had been murdered or may in fact still be alive.
There didn’t seem to be any pattern either with the men all being from different age groups and races, some being married while others were single so trying to get any leads on the case no matter how small was proving to be an impossibility.
Despite all of the victims differences though she was almost certain that most of the missing persons cases were somehow linked together and that the same individual or group was responsible for the disappearances, she was almost certain of it.
So once again she found herself mulling over the case notes in the hopes of maybe finding something new she may have previously overlooked when her concentration was suddenly broken by Bruce one of her police colleagues as he walked up to her desk.

“Morning Sarah”

“Oh hey Bruce, whats up?”

“Well I’ve got a lady downstairs who claims she has information on the missing persons cases you’ve been investigating, I don’t know how credible she really is but thought I’d better come and let you know, I left her downstairs in the questioning room so she’s in there waiting to see you”

“Ok thanks Bruce I’ll come down and see her now”

As Sarah then took one more sip of her coffee before getting up and making her way down the stairs to the stations questioning room, it wasn’t the first time someone had come in claiming to have information on the disappearances however after investigating further all of them eventually turned out to be unreliable and of no help at all to the case so she definitely wasn’t getting her hopes up that this one was going to be any different.
Once downstairs she walked along the corridor until eventually reaching the questioning room door and making her way inside where she was then confronted with the sight of a very nervous looking young woman who appeared to be around 25 years of age.
Sarah however simply gave her a reassuring smile before walking up to the girl and introducing herself while also extending out her arm for a handshake which the young lady then returned.

“Hi my names detective sergeant Sarah Goodman and you are?”

The woman who Sarah noticed seemed to look slightly Hispanic then replied anxiously

“My names Clara and I’m one of the housekeepers who works for Lady Cordelia at the exclusive Lakeside Hills country club”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Clara I’m the detective who’s been investigating the missing persons cases that have occurred in this area and I was told you may have some information that could help with the investigation?”

Sarah then watched as the young woman began staring down at the ground, almost like she was deciding whether or not to just forget the whole thing and simply get up and leave however after a few more seconds of thinking what to do she looked back up again then began to talk

“Well I don’t have any proof to show you, I can only tell you what I heard yesterday after I had finished my cleaning shift at the country club. I know it’s going to sound totally unbelievable and it could really just be a total waste of your time, however there was just something about the way Lady Cordelia was talking to her friend and the details that she was going into that made me believe what she was saying really was the truth”

Sarah then looked intently at the young girl wondering exactly what she had heard and what it had to do with the case so encouraged her to keep going on with the story

“I was walking outside to my car ready to leave for home when I realised I had left my car keys sitting on the kitchen table so turned around and headed back inside to get them. Lady Cordelia was sitting in the lounge area which is adjacent to the kitchen talking to one of her friends and mustn’t have heard me come back inside so she didn’t know I was there and could hear everything they were saying.”

Sarah’s interest in the story was now beginning to rise as she then asked the girl exactly what she had heard

“Well they were talking about what they had done last night at some club and from what I could hear them saying it sounded like the main purpose of the club was for women who wanted to go and abuse and torture men! I heard them mention things like whippings, electric shocks, forced cunnilingus and bizarrely even human toilets which were mentioned. It also sounded like all of the suffering men were being held there against their will and all for the women’s perverse enjoyment and pleasure, but the thing that really made me think what they were saying was real and that these missing persons cases could be somehow be connected is when they began talking and laughing about a young Hispanic male they were torturing last night, they mentioned he had a large eagle tattoo on his back that they were using as a dart board for some type of sick game but you see the thing is I had a Hispanic friend named Carlos who went missing a month ago who had a large eagle tattoo on his back and none of his family or friends knew where he had gone, it was like he’d just vanished off the face of the earth”

Sarah just stared at the woman for a moment with a shocked look on her face not quite sure what to make of the story as she tried to take in what she’d just heard.
As unbelievable as it sounded though the young woman appeared to be telling the truth, especially with her years of policing and detective work giving her that intuition to know when someone was lying.

“Wow that certainly is some story Clara, I don’t suppose they mentioned exactly where the club is located?”

“No they didn’t, but I am sure it’s not around the country club anywhere, I’ve been working there for over a year and have never encountered anything like the sorts of things they were talking about and I clean all of the rooms and am there just about all the time so I’m positive they must have it somewhere else, but where exactly I just don’t know. I just want you to believe me and investigate it further, all I want is for those cruel women to be bought to justice and to see my friend Carlos once again”

Sarah then reassured her that she believed every word that was said and that she would do everything possible to fully investigate the new information she had just been told and to find out just how involved Lady Cordelia had been in the disappearances, even if it meant having to go undercover to try and get some solid answers.

To be continued
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Great story toiletman80. I glad you took your own story idea & ran with it. After seeing your post this morning I was thinking of maybe using your idea in my Any Given Sunday series. If I do I would want your ok, after all it is your story line.
Feb 7, 2011
Thank you tekkar, macrina and doorstep for your comments I'm really glad you liked the start. I've got a feeling it won't be long before Sarah manages to talk her way into the club and the action really begins.

Great story toiletman80. I glad you took your own story idea & ran with it. After seeing your post this morning I was thinking of maybe using your idea in my Any Given Sunday series. If I do I would want your ok, after all it is your story line.
Yes that's fine tekkar please feel free to use this storyline for one of your great stories
Feb 7, 2011
Thanks for the comments! I've unfortunately been a bit busy lately and haven't had the chance to really sit down and continue with the next part, but hopefully I'll get some free time soon and be able to finish off the next instalment
Feb 7, 2011
Part 2

2 Months later Sarah or Felicity Buckingham as she was known to the ladies at the country club which was the undercover name she was using for the case was sitting in the lounge of the exclusive Lakeside Hills club waiting for lady Cordelia to arrive back from her afternoon of horse riding.
The past 2 months unfortunately hadn’t turned up anything substantial with the ladies at the club not mentioning or even hinting about anything that the young Hispanic maid had heard.
In fact Sarah was beginning to doubt her own judgement and started to think that maybe this whole thing really had been a total waste of time, however she had come this far so was willing to give it just a little more time to prove that her hunch was indeed right.
She sat there thinking over the last few months of the case, remembering how to start off with her boss at the police station had been skeptical about the whole thing and didn’t want to put any money or police resources into investigating something solely on the word of a housekeeper with no physical proof as evidence, however because of the reputation Sarah had at solving cases and the uncanny ability she had of getting the bottom of a crime he decided in the end to put his doubts aside and trust her instinct so eventually went along with it.
With the funds then acquired she had gone about building her rich woman persona starting with some designer clothes, handbags and shoes.
She then managed to commandeer a ferrari that had been seized and confiscated by the drug enforcement agency in one of their latest busts and was now the property of the police.
So with that part sorted out she had then made up a few fake articles on the internet under the undercover name of Felicity Buckingham just in case they decided to look into her background, so she made sure that at least one of the articles mentioned how she had received a huge divorce payout from an ex husband so they would think she was very well off.
With that all done she would now have the best chance of becoming a member and blending in with the posh ladies at the country club which as it turned out had completely worked since she was welcomed to join after only her first interview.
She had then waisted no time in trying to become friends with Lady Cordelia, talking to her whenever possible and pretending to share the same interests in an attempt at gaining her trust.
However as friendly as they had both become over the last few months there still hadn’t been anything mentioned about any of the abducted men no matter how many hints she dropped or how many times she tried to steer the subject into that direction without sounding to obvious about why she was really there.
But she still wasn’t ready to give up just yet as her thoughts were then startled by the sound of the estates front door opening and then the sound of boots walking along the hard wood corridor towards the lounge where she was sitting.
After a few more moments she was then greeted with the sight of Lady Cordelia as she walked through the entrance way of the lounge room, with her mere presents as usual giving off an aura of share power and dominance which even for an experienced and hardened cop like her would always seem to slightly unnerve her.
Even though her demeanor exuded complete control she was still an extremely attractive woman of around 40, with her flawless white skin and her long straight dark brown hair freely flowing over the tops of her shoulders and extending partway down the length of her back along with her large brown cruel looking eyes that seemed to command obedience.
She was still dressed in her horse riding attire that really accentuated her voluptuous figure and showed off her perfect curves that she seemed to have in all of the right places.
Her tight cream coloured breeches revealing a near flawless pearshaped behind and a white shirt underneath her fancy black riding jacket that had five sliver buttons running straight up the middle of it which also happened to expose the firm round shape of her large perfectly formed breasts.
To finish off the ensemble she was wearing a pair of dark brown leather boots that came up to almost her knees with a pair of black leather gloves over her hands as well but the most disconcerting feature and the one that really made her dominance all the more prominent was the black riding whip she was still carrying in her hands.
There was also a very scared looking Mexican man of about 45 who Sarah had seen a few times before when he was working around the property following directly behind her.
Lady Cordelia then met Sarah’s gaze as she began walking towards her

“Felicity welcome, it’s good to see you again, I presume the staff have been taking good care of you?”

“Yes they have Cordelia, your bartender here James, certainly knows how to make the best cocktails”

“Well I make sure my staff working here do the best at all times, as I’m sure you already know from your previous visits here I don’t tolerate any laziness or inferior work and that I won’t hesitate in disciplining any of my workers if they fail to live up to my high standards”

She then made her way over towards the sofas before sitting in a seat just opposite from Sarah

Sarah then watched for a moment as a slight almost cruel looking smirk came across the lips of Cordelia before she pointed to the ground in front of her boots then said loudly in a strict tone of voice

“Eduardo! On your knees in front of me now!”

Then within a matter of seconds the scared looking Mexican man was down on his knees with his head bowed directly in front of her

“I want to know why the stables were so dirty this morning? The bottoms of my boots were filthy after I’d finished walking through there and considering it’s your job to make sure everything is clean in that area I hold you personally responsible for the totally unacceptable quality of the work”

The man then began anxiously stuttering, not quite sure what to say before replying

“Please Madame, I spent over three hours polishing the floors early this morning, I don’t know how they could have gotten dirty, they were so shiny after I’d finished I could see my refection in them”

Lady Cordelia then angrily stared down at the quivering man at her feet, clearly enjoying the mans fear before quickly snapping back

“So your calling me a liar then you sorry excuse for a man! How dare you! Well maybe I should give you an example of what a lie really is then and have you arrested for something like theft or maybe even sexual assault and then after your sent to prison I’ll personally make sure your whole pitiful family gets deported back to where they all came from”

Sarah then watched on as the man then began begging for her not to do it, as he lowered his head and began apologising while frantically kissing the fronts of her boots however Cordelia simply kicked him in the face before saying

“Well because I’m in such a generous mood I’ll be willing to overlook your laziness this time and give you one more chance however the fact of the matter is you still need to be punished”

As Sarah then watched Lady Cordelia lift up the horse whip she was holding in her right hand almost like she was about to hit him with it, which had then made the man flinch like he was preparing himself for the stinging blow of the whip to strike him
She then ordered the man to stick out his hands with the palms facing down and hold them there without moving which he very nervously did.
Then without wasting anymore time she bought the whip straight down extremely hard across the mans knuckles forcing him to let out a yelp of pain which Sarah couldn’t help but notice bought another sadistic smile to Cordelia’s red lips.
She then ordered the man to hold out his hands in the same fashion once again before striking his knuckles equally as hard which forced out another anguished groan of pain and when she ordered him to repeat it for the third time Sarah could see the mans knuckles starting to turn bright red and his hands begin to shake in nervous anticipation of the next blow which then connected with his skin once again, making a loud slapping sound as it did.
Sarah noticed how all of a sudden Lady Cordelia then turned her attention to her as she began looking straight at her, almost like she was trying to read her body language and study what sort of reaction she was having to her abusing the poor Mexican man.
Sarah then thought about this for a second before her police intuition quickly kicked in and she realized that this maybe some type of test to see how she would respond to the sight of a man being beaten, so with this in mind Sarah gave Lady Cordelia a satisfied smile back and a nod of approval to signify she was indeed enjoying the spectacle.
After seeing that Lady Cordelia then turned her attention back to the scared looking man before giving him a look of disgust and then threatening him by saying the next time he doesn’t do a proper job she will force him to lick all of the horse shit and mud off the stable floors instead before telling him to get out of her sight as the petrified man waisted no time in running straight out of the room.

She then turned back around to face Sarah and started looking her straight in the eyes before saying seriously

“It’s always good to keep them on their toes and alert at all times, it makes them work even more efficiently, however as much as I enjoy beating a man and instilling fear into my workers I did have an ulterior motive for doing what I just did. You see I’ve been watching you for the last couple of months and from what I’ve both seen and heard in that time it’s made me come to the conclusion that I think we may share some common interests and the scene you just witnessed in here was shall we say the final test just to make sure my judgements were indeed correct”

Sarah’s heart then instantly began to race as she realized that this could be the moment all of her hard work over the past few months could maybe pay off as she carefully replied

“Well I certainly did enjoy the spectacle you kindly treated me to in here today, I have to admit that there’s really nothing I like seeing more than a worthless man being put in his place by a powerful woman”

As Cordelia then simply gave her a gratified smile back before saying

“Well then it appears my observations were indeed correct, however I must warn you though what I’m about to say must remain completely secret so you can’t tell a soul, no friends, no family, absolutely no one”

As Sarah then nodded in agreement while reassuring her that the secret was safe with her before lady Cordelia then continued

“You see some of us ladies here at the country club have created another more selective club, one which enables us to satisfy some of our more sexual urges no matter how depraved they may be and gives us the opportunity to use and abuse any man who we think deserves such degrading treatment. You see we pay trusted people to abduct these men and then have them taken to the club bound and chained so we can use them to fulfill these perverted fantasies we have while the men are all kept against their will and have no choice but to do exactly what we say. They get whipped, beaten and simply tortured all for our own personal enjoyment, we even force some of the more deplorable of these men underneath the clubs specially designed toilets where they have no choice but to consume all of our waste that we drop down into their open mouths throughout the night”

Which bought a wicked smile to the lips of Lady Cordelia, however Sarah on the other hand almost couldn’t believe what she was hearing but still managed to quickly pull herself together before coming to her senses, realizing she must over come her initial shock and play along until she could gather enough evidence to bring all of these cruel women to justice as Cordelia then finished off by saying the words that Sarah had been waiting the last two months to hear

“And as luck would have it Felicity we actually have a club meeting tonight and I’m inviting you to come along to see for yourself and even participate if you feel the need which I'm sure you most certainly will because once you get a taste for the type of domination, power and sexual gratification you’ll experience at the club then it very quickly becomes an addiction and you just keep wanting more, so meet me back here at the country club at 10pm sharp and I’ll personally take you to the secret location where we hold our meetings and remember not a word of this to anyone”

To be continued
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