The Deal (F/m)


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Jun 22, 2018
Chapter 1

Fortunately, the clouds had disappeared when Roman reached his destination this Saturday morning. As soon as he had roamed the first rows of the weekly flea market, the sun actually came out. If that wasn't a good sign. A few minutes later his heart suddenly began to beat faster with excitement. She was actually there again. He didn't even know her name, but Roman's thoughts for several weeks had revolved almost exclusively around this attractive young lady, who had already sold him several pairs of her worn shoes. In the meantime, she even knew that he was not buying these shoes for a friend, but for himself. Little by little the slender blonde had tickled some details out of him. Despite her open-minded nature, she was visibly amused by the fact that Roman kneeled regularly at home in front of her old shoes and kissed them, licked them and inhaled their scent. By the way, she of course also made good sales with him. Which the attractive student of course also welcomed.
In the meantime she had even sold him very worn and sweaty pumps of her mother, because she only had a few pairs of heels herself and her stock of old shoes was slowly running out.
She greeted him immediately with a friendly smile. Since there was so little going on so early, the young lady used the opportunity to have an undisturbed conversation with Roman.
"I am glad that you are here again. Were the shoes from last week to your satisfaction?" Shy and a little embarrassed, he answered quietly.
"I am also looking forward to seeing you again. The shoes were good. Thanks again for that." The pretty blonde shone. "No cause. You bought them regularly. I have to thank you." After some small talk the young lady came relatively fast to the point. "Unfortunately I have no shoes to sell today. Slowly I really run out of them. Therefore I would have to make you a suggestion. But first I would be interested to know why you always buy worn shoes. Aren't the pairs that you have already bought enough for you or will the shoes lose their appeal for you after some time?
The beautiful student attentively watched each of his movements. He avoided her gaze with discomfort. Although it almost caused him physical pain, he confessed to her in detail the nature of his preferences. His greed had long since triumphed over his sense of shame. Grinning, she listened to his remarks, in which he revealed to her that licking her shoes clean was his main drive and that the cleaned shoes really lost their charm for him.
The young lady smiled at him. "Hey, it's not that bad. You can't always choose in life what you like and what you don't like. Besides, I had already suspected that you were mainly interested in licking my shoes clean. I just really wanted to hear from your mouth that you like to clean my shoes with your tongue. After all, you don't get something like that said every day."
Roman's face suddenly got some color. She had just exposed him, but somehow it didn't even seem to bother him. At that moment, his thoughts were still circling around the suggestion she wanted to make him.
With sparkling eyes she fixed him now. "As I said, I have no more worn shoes to sell you. At the same time I had an idea. What do you think about cleaning my normal everyday shoes, i.e. all the shoes I wear, on a regular basis?
Roman got big eyes. What did she mean? She immediately met his additional need for explanation.
"Quite simply. For example, I would give you several pairs of shoes worn by me once a week. After that you would have several days to clean them conscientiously with your tongue and give them back to me at our next meeting. Of course with a little attention in the form of a pocket money for me. Of course, I would then supply you with shoes that were soiled by me all the time. This would be an almost perfect trade for both of us. Don't you think?"
Speechless, Roman stared at her. This offer sounded really tempting. To be allowed to serve this beauty in this way was almost the epitome of his submissive inclination. When he asked her a little timidly about her idea about the amount of pocket money, a magical smile appeared on her pretty face.
"Don't worry, we'll surely come to an agreement. If I'm honest, it's not even about money. So it is, but not only. I feel the idea that someone apparently sees his purpose in life in licking my dirty shoes clean and even paying for it, very flattering and charming. It fascinates me somehow. I don't know exactly either."
Roman also smiled a bit timidly. She grinned and reached out her hand to him at the same time. "Then you agree?
Without thinking he shook her hand immediately and affirmed her suggestion completely absorbed in her deep blue eyes as if in a trance. Satisfied, she looked at. "I am happy. That'll be fun for sure. If I am honest, I can hardly wait any longer to wear the shoes you have licked clean. Oh yes, what I almost forgot. If our agreement works out, I can easily bring you one or two pairs of my mother's pumps. Without surcharge of course. I only mean, because I hardly wear heels and you were very taken with the old pumps of my mother, which I sold you."
Roman suddenly became clairaudient. In fact, these old high heels were a highlight of his purchases. For hours he had licked the worn and already from the shoe detached insoles, until he had taken also the last remainder of the foot sweat of the former owner in himself. The extremely salty taste had literally burned itself into his memory. An almost unforgettable experience for him.
He thanked her for this benevolent gesture and told her that it was of course an honour for him to clean her mother's shoes as well.
The blonde student grinned. "I can imagine that. All guys are into high heels. I would have been surprised if you had knocked them out. That's why I'm happy that you generally want to clean all my shoes. No matter whether you like them or not. That honours you." Roman smiled embarrassedly. Suddenly she took a piece of paper and a pen out of her pocket and scribbled something on it.
"My mobile phone number. Just write me a message with your number so I can reach you. By the way, my name is Silke. But you are welcome to say Sil to me. Only my mother calls me Silke."
He nodded and swallowed at the same time, while he inserted the note. That's right, they hadn't even introduced themselves.
A little meek, he now went on the offensive. "Pleased to meet you. I'm Roman." Silke smiled again warmly. "Roman. Really a very nice name, for someone who now licks my shoes clean." He looked at her in amazement. What was that all about? At that moment she began to laugh. "Sorry. I'm just kidding." But before he could think any more about this somewhat inappropriate statement, she suddenly opened the trunk of her car and took out an inconspicuous plastic bag.
Grinning smugly, she handed it over. "With wise foresight, I simply packed my dirtiest pairs of shoes for you. I wish you a lot of fun cleaning and remember: I want them back! So don't disappoint me. And don't you dare to cum on my shoes. Should I ever find traces of sperm, our agreement died immediately. Clear?
Intimidated, he immediately shook his head and assured her that soiling her shoes was also an absolute taboo for him, as he wanted to worship them.
The blonde student grinned again to her ears. "Worship? You worship my shoes while you lick them clean?
Her opposite looked shamefaced to the ground and finally affirmed, while she shook her head in amusement. "Well, if you enjoy it. Then go and pray! We'll hear from each other. Have fun with my shoes."
A little perplexed, Roman said goodbye, firmly enclosing the carrying handle of the bag. As soon as he had reached his car, he immediately sent the promised message with his number. Seconds later, the blonde lady answered already.
"Good boy. I'll get back to you. xD"
He stared at his mobile phone, agitated and with shaky hands. He still hadn't dared to look inside the bag. A chaos of emotions just broke over him. A true rush of happiness about the possibility of living out his submissive passion went hand in hand with feelings of guilt and fear of the consequences of having revealed his secret preferences to a stranger. Nevertheless, the young man was completely certain. This was by far the most exciting experience of his life.
Silke was really something special. Simply the dream of his fantasies made flesh. Nevertheless, some of her remarks were worrying. Something subconsciously reminded him to be careful. It would be anything but easy to master this tightrope act, to keep this lady in a good mood and at the same time not to become completely dependent on her. Before he started the car, he stroked the bag he had put next to him on the passenger seat, breathed out deeply and shook his head in disbelief.
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Excellent start to the story! One of my desires that I have actually lived out. Hope to see some more chapters. Maybe he'll actually be able to lick her shoes clean while she's wearing them. One of the things that I experienced in life was having the woman sitting on a chair over my chest, facing my face with her tennis shoes resting on my face while she played card games online. I looked for a pic of her doing that, but can't find one. Here's a couple of pics of the tennies that she was wearing. The dark spots on the toes are from my blood as she stuffed them down my mouth from the upper lip. Good times back then:) Just loved licking the soles clean:)

Btw, that's not me in the pic on the avatar, but wish it were:) Have bought many of Highest Arches vids:) Just love those spiked heeled boots and soles also:)


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Thx hhhmmm for your comment. Seems to be an awesome experience.

Chapter 2

Arriving home, he carried the bag into the living room like a treasure and gently laid it on the floor. Excited and with trembling hands, he immediately knelt in front of it and slowly took out the objects of his desire. His heart began to beat faster. These were really normal everyday shoes, which were only soiled by street dust. Ballerinas, chucks and relatively flat summer sandals with elegant straps.
Completely intoxicated by the idea that these shoes were worn barefoot by Silke, and that they had only been given to him for one reason, Roman was in a real endorphin frenzy at that moment. As soon as he had lined up the slightly to moderately dirty shoes in front of him, he began to sniff at them for a long time before kissing them in awe for minutes. He kneeled down, bent deeply in front of the blonde beauty's shoes and imagined that the owner was wearing them. When he started licking the girls' shoes almost minutes later, his feelings of happiness gave way to complete inner contentment. With real pleasure he cleaned the dirty soles of her leisure shoes with his tongue. The fact that he was serving this young woman with his activity, since she intended to wear the shoes that he had licked clean normally again, drove the young man to really top performances.
The next few days flew by for Roman, as he spent his entire leisure time almost exclusively on his knees in front of Silke's shoes, which, after many hours of tongue care, almost shone in new splendour. In addition he had even licked the very worn, but still elegant pumps of her mother by the way. Although he was incredibly ashamed himself, he gradually had to admit that his whole life was all about licking this blonde's dirty shoes and he even paid money for it.
When he licked the toe area of the insoles of her summer sandals for the hundredth time that evening, he received a message.
"Hi Roman. Are my shoes nice and clean already? LG Sil" Excitedly he answered immediately full of pride that they were already conscientiously cleaned. Her friendly follow-up message immediately included the place and time of her return. She also informed him of the unexpectedly moderate height of her financial expectations. Since the attractive student wanted her shoes back the next day, Roman caressed them again extensively before he went to bed exhausted and with aching knees full of anticipation for the meeting with Silke.
The next day, at the agreed time, he waited nervously at the familiar parking lot. A few minutes later the young lady parked next to him and greeted Roman shortly afterwards with a warm smile. As agreed, the meeting place was relatively discreet and yet not completely secluded, so Silke had no reason to whisper.
"Hello, Roman. Have you been waiting long?" After he had also greeted her, he handed her the bag with her shoes and the desired money without being asked. Pleased, she immediately pocketed the money and then took a curious look into the plastic bag.
"Wow! They almost look like new! Thank you. You really are unbelievable. Did you really just clean them with your tongue?"
Proud and embarrassed at the same time, he nodded. "And with my lips. At the same time he turned red with shame on his face.
The attractive blonde smiled at him almost touched. "You become really red. My God how sweet." When Roman looked shyly to the ground, she took a backpack from her car and opened the zipper. From this she took two pairs of heels and high-hooked sandals, which she smilingly presented to Roman.
"Since I can apparently rely on you, I brought you my precious shoes today, which I wear to ceremonial occasions or simply to party. I love these shoes. Especially the sandals. I even wore them on my prom. So take good care of them."
Roman was still staring at the elegant heels, but nodded immediately and assured her that he would look after them like his eyeballs. Pleased, she smiled contentedly.
"Nice. I think they are in good hands with you. But before I leave them to you to clean, I'd like to know something else."
A hypocritical grin suddenly appeared on her lovely face. The young man listened.
"What was it like for you to lick my shoes clean? Were they tasty and did you enjoy it? When Roman affirmed this again with shame, the young lady obviously continued to drill amusedly.
"And do you swallow the dirt or spit it out?" He would have loved to have sunk into the ground, but the prospect of her heels forced him to answer. So he quietly replied timidly.
"I swallow everything I lick from your shoes." Grinning and disgusted at the same time, she almost screamed: "Really? You really eat the dirt off my shoes?" Unbelieving she looked at him. "And what do you like about it?"
Without thinking Roman answered this time immediately. "Because this shoes were worn by you."
The young lady didn't seem to have expected this answer. Speechless and irritated, she just stared at him. A moment later she began to smile at him with emotion. "Oh. I see. That was kind of a compliment to me now, wasn't it?" Embarrassed, Silke put her shoes back in her backpack and handed it to him with a smile. She looked him straight in the eye for a fraction of a second. Shortly after she had caught herself again and said goodbye to him.
"So I have to go now. Thanks again for the pocket money. You are provided for the next days. See you then. I'll be in touch.
Roman could just say goodbye, the young lady had already disappeared with her car. A little surprised he looked after her before he opened the backpack to take another look at her elegant shoes. At that moment he realized what treasure had been left to him. Trembling with anticipation he set off now as well. He had hardly closed the front door when he received a surprising text message from Silke.
"Have fun with my darlings! My little shoe licker".

Proud and irritated at the same time, he stared for several seconds at the cheeky message of this young woman, who somehow had to be fascinated by him or his preference for her shoes. At least a certain amount of interest could not be denied.
But a little later he was already kneeling before the heels of this beauty, which he had hastily and excitedly placed in front of him on the floor as usual. For a moment he could hardly believe his luck, but in the next moment he already fell on her shoes. Like a starving dog his tongue glided greedily and with complete pleasure over her high heels. For the next few hours he licked her shoes clean several times. The extent of his efforts exceeded all previous measures by far. Always trying not to damage these sanctuaries, he even took each shoe so far and as long as possible in his mouth and polished the sole with his tongue at the same time. Unfortunately, the objects of his desire smelled only very discreetly, but at least the toe area of her ball shoes had the desired salty taste. Happily he enjoyed the foot sweat of this blonde goddess after he had licked the dusty soles of her party heels almost to the point of complete exhaustion.
When Silke's message reached him three days later with the return date, he had spent almost every free second in front of these shoes. Although they had long since been cleaned, this had not aborted his worship. A sore back and an almost sore tongue were therefore almost to be expected after-effects of these activities.
Somewhat reluctantly, he put the shoes, which he had worshiped continuously over the last few days, back into his backpack. Although he knew that he might soon receive these shoes again for cleaning, he would have preferred to keep them at that moment. But Silke's anticipation of new pairs of shoes immediately triumphed over his fears of separation.
This time the blonde beauty was already waiting for him at the well-known meeting point when Roman reached it as desired. After a friendly greeting she immediately took a look into the backpack to check not only the completeness of her heels but also their condition. Very pleased she grinned at him.
"The discolorations in the toe area of my sandals have completely disappeared. Did you really lick them off?" With a touch of pride Roman nodded a little uncertainly.
She shook her head grinning. "Wow! Only with your tongue it must have lasted half an eternity." But he only looked at the floor in shame, while she smiled at him warmly."
"Well, what can I say. Anyway, they look great. Thank you. I can't wait to wear them."
Her friendly words filled him with pride. At that moment he suddenly thought of pocket money. He almost forgot with all the excitement. When he politely thanked her and handed her the agreed sum, the beautiful blonde suddenly hesitated. Roman noticed that she was visibly embarrassed to accept his money again. After a short persuasion that this was the agreement and that he felt very honoured to be allowed to serve her in this way, she took the money.
"Thank you. You really are a nice guy. Only your preference for shoes is a bit exaggerated, but who is perfect? Isn't that right?

Roman now also had to grin. Smiling, she looked him in the eye. "Oh, unfortunately I had not much time to look for shoes for you today. Next time I'll bring you more. Promised. Wait, I almost forgot. I still have something for you."
Excitedly the already somewhat disappointed looking Roman watched how she took a shoe box out of the trunk and immediately presented the contents to him.
"I shall greet you from my mother. After I had so raved to her about you, she really wants to get to know you. She even gave me an extra pair of very well worn heels, which you may clean if you promise to visit us tomorrow. Additionally she has put some of her old and very sweaty insoles into the box, which you are allowed to keep in any case. No matter what you decide. Well, what do you say?"
Surprised, the young man stared speechless at dirty designer heels in the box. When he looked at the leather insoles, which were only made for the toe area of elegant ladies' shoes, the water already ran into his mouth. These had certainly absorbed the foot sweat of their owner over countless hours.
The slender lady drilled for it. "By the way, I would also be very happy. Now come on! Or should I really have to take these dirty shoes with me again?"
Suddenly he answered out of nowhere. "No, no. I'll come and visit you." The temptation to be allowed to devote oneself to these shoes had eliminated all his reservations and remorse in a few seconds.
Pleased and satisfied, she pressed the box into his hands. "Nice. By the way, my mother wants her heels back tomorrow. Of course cleaned. Don't embarrass me. So I'll see you tomorrow at 3:00. You can find the address on a note in the box. I am happy. Bye and thank you again."

She said goodbye surprisingly with a kiss on the cheek and left him completely amazed alone in the parking lot. As if he'd been hit by a car, he stared at the dirty heels of her mother. What the hell was he doing here?


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Maybe you'll get around to having him serve under her as a shoe licker. I can tell you from experience that the pheromones that are emanating from her feet inside her shoes is intoxicating, even if you are licking the sole of her shoe, you can still smell it:)

Hope to see you continue the story. Looking forward to the next chapter!
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This evening Roman sat thoughtfully in his apartment in front of the shoe box he had been given. Strangely enough, he hadn't even touched these noble pumps made of black leather, even though they basically corresponded exactly to his taste. He loved these kinds of shoes and worshipped in his imagination the ladies they wore. But today's events had thrown him a bit off track. Was it perhaps a mistake to be led astray by Silke to the meeting with her mother? It made him very uncomfortable, and soon another person would know about his secret preferences and his submissive nature.
On the other hand, it was also very tempting to meet the woman, whose foot sweat he had so incredibly enjoyed. Her worn heels, which he had acquired through Silke, were probably the most sensual experience of his fetish career so far. Who was this woman who had left him a dirty pair of shoes to lick clean as a friendly gesture? What did she get out of it and why had she invited him at all? Was she up to something or was she just friendly and wanted to see the strange guy who licked her daughter's shoes clean?

Questions after questions, and Roman just couldn't figure it out. The female way of thinking differed too much from his own. Without a doubt, he would find out tomorrow anyway. So he tried to hide his remorse as much as possible when he took her shoes out of the box. Finally the noble footwear of this unknown lady had to be cleaned accordingly.
The next moment he stuck his nose as far as possible into the toe area of these shoes and began to inhale deeply. And indeed he was immediately captured by a familiar scent. There was no doubt. These shoes had been worn by the same woman as the other heels, which had been kissed and licked daily by him for a few weeks already. Unfortunately the inner soles could not be taken out, so he would probably not get the benefit of the presumably sweaty toe area of the inner sole.
Suddenly it shot through his head. He still had the insoles. Excitedly he took them out of the shoe box as well. As soon as he had sniffed them, he could not resist and touched the dirtier one of them with the tip of his tongue. Immediately a true explosion of taste filled his perception. The extremely salty note tickled his tongue and gave him the highest pleasure. For other people this was certainly hard to understand, but the fact that these soles had spent countless hours under this lady's toes made them unbelievably precious for him. Nevertheless, or perhaps even because of it, he put the insoles aside to save them for the right moment.

However, he knelt on the ground as usual and immediately began to lick the dirt off these shoes, almost greedily absorbing it. For although tomorrow's meeting was still in his mind, he felt a deep gratitude to Silke and her mother, who had already given him so many moments of pleasure and happiness with their shoes.
The next day Roman arrived at the agreed time in front of the house that belonged to the address on the note. Lined by a large garden, it was located at the other end of the city in a residential area that could certainly be described as upscale. As soon as he had pressed the bell, his knees began to tremble with excitement. Did he really do the right thing or was he about to make the biggest mistake of his life?
But when the door was opened the next moment, it was already too late to run away. A slender and elegantly dressed woman smiled at him. Her long and blonde hair had been fashionably stuck up. With a friendly greeting she skilfully broke the ice. "Hello. You must be Roman. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Silke has already told me a lot about you. But come in first."
Shyly and hesitantly he entered the noble house and greeted the attractive lady, whom he estimated to be in her early to mid-forties. The attractive lady looked at him from top to bottom and immediately accepted the two small bouquets of flowers, which he had bought shortly before. To his surprise she now asked for coffee and cake in the very spacious dining room in which Silke was already waiting. After a short greeting, Silke, also very pleased with the small gesture, placed the flowers in the water and then joined the laid coffee table. In the meantime, Roman had become really nervous on his chair, after he had put the shoebox next to him on the floor.

The blonde lady now turned to Silke. "You have completely hidden from me that he is a real gentleman." She smiled a little embarrassed and sipped her coffee. At that moment he realized that the shoes he had been worshipping for weeks belonged to this woman, who was now smiling at him. The idea that the feet whose smell and taste had burned into his memory were now directly under this table and that he hadn't even looked at them before in all the excitement made him even more nervous than he already was. What was he doing here? Why hadn't he stayed home? To come out in front of Silke's mother in person was probably the stupidest thing he had done in a long time.
At that very moment the attractive lady smiled at him. "Oh, excuse me. I haven't even introduced myself yet. How rude of me. My name is Petra and as you probably already suspected, I am Silke's mother. But take a piece of the cake. It's really delicious."
In the next few minutes, the friendly Petra chatted with him in a relaxed manner. In the beginning about irrelevant things, she quickly showed interest in his professional situation. In order to conceal his insecurity, the young man willingly gave her information and tried to find out something about this woman with a few specific counter-questions. After he reported to the ladies about his unemployment and the difficult job search associated with it, Petra showed herself very compassionate and confessed surprisingly that she could only maintain this large house and a corresponding standard of living with the good pension of her husband, who unfortunately died much too early a few years ago.
Just when Roman had relaxed a little, she suddenly changed the subject. "I see you brought my shoes. Could you hand me the box, please?" He swallowed and his pulse had doubled within a second. When he hesitantly handed her the box with her shoes under Silke's amused gaze, her mother smiled friendly at him.
"You don't have to be afraid Roman. I already know your somewhat special preference. Besides, it's far from me to condemn you for something just because it's unusual. In addition, I have some sympathy for your love of women's shoes, as I also have a very strong preference for elegant and noble shoes. You could say I have a real shoe tick. But I don't feel the need to worship them, I just like to see them on my feet or polished in my shoe rack. By the way, my daughter is thrilled with your special service."

Curiously she opened the box and inspected the condition of her shoes. She nodded her head in recognition, and a smile immediately appeared on her face. "Wow. I'm impressed. Silke really didn't promise too much."
Embarrassed, he took a big sip from his cup to avoid her interested gaze. But Petra kept going.
"You wonder why I invited you today?" When he only nodded thoughtfully with his mouth open, she continued smiling friendly.
"For one thing I wanted to see the strange young man who licks my daughter's shoes clean. Is also somehow comprehensible, I think. On the other hand, we would like to make you an offer." Excited he listened carefully. What was she getting at?
She took another look at the soles of her shoes that he had licked clean and then put them on the table.
"Well, Roman. Since, as my daughter told me, you clean our shoes on your knees and with your tongue and even worship them at the same time, I assume that this is connected with an extremely submissive tendency towards women, isn't it?" He couldn't escape her disarming directness and nodded like automatically agreeing. To deny the obvious would have made no sense anyway. Both ladies now grinned contentedly.
"Fine, I appreciate honesty. That's why I want to be honest with you too. This is really a big house and the garden is also a lot of work. Furthermore, a few weeks ago our cleaning lady unfortunately quit her job due to health reasons. Therefore I would really appreciate it if you could support us from now on. Of course we would be grateful for that."
Roman stared at mother and daughter in surprise. Were they looking for a housemaid or a gardener, or what did this mean? Nevertheless, his interest was aroused and he inquired about the expected return service.
Petra smiled at him again and handed her shoes over the table. "Can't you imagine that Roman." Silke began to grin, while her mother became more concrete.
"Watch out. I am not a private dominatrix, nor do I have any financial interests towards you. So neither my daughter, nor I will jump around in a leather outfit for you and wag the whip. If you have thought of something like this, I must disappoint you. Your reward would be to lick our shoes clean. You wouldn't have to pay my daughter for it anymore and you would have the opportunity to lick our shoes clean while we wear them. Wouldn't you like that? And who knows, if we are satisfied with you, you might even be allowed to kiss our feet."

Confused, he took a look at the heels in his hands. He adored the shoes of this woman and also the shoes of her daughter. But should he really play the free cleaning man for these two ladies, who were apparently too good to clean themselves and shamelessly exploited his passion to their advantage? Even though he had something of it, they profited without having to lift a finger at all and even got their shoes licked clean.
Silke now looked at him questioningly. "I thought you'd be happy about this suggestion. You just had to serve us and for that you could lick our shoes regularly. From flip-flops to our winter boots. You can also kneel in front of us or crawl under the table. Everything completely free and only for some house and garden work. At the same time my mother even agreed to compensate my loss of earnings by increasing my pocket money. At least as long as I'm still studying. After all, she saves herself the money for the cleaning lady. Sounds absolutely perfect for everyone involved."
The attractive Petra smiled at Roman. "But before you decide, I want to show you something you should have seen before. Would you please follow me?"


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Chapter 4

Irritated and surprised, he stood up and followed Silke's mother, who walked in front of him down the hall to a room near the entrance and opened the door for him with a calculating smile. Speechless, Roman stared into this room filled with shoe shelves. An estimated hundred, if not two hundred pairs of women's shoes were right in front of his eyes, neatly lined up in high shelves. An incredibly large and equally elegant collection.
Petra, who had apparently already expected this reaction, smiled at him with satisfaction. "I said that I love shoes too. By the way, that's not even all of them, since I keep the most exclusive pairs in my bedroom. If you like, your kingdom would be here in the future. Although you will always kneel in front of me when you lick my shoes. But that's what you want, isn't it? You are allowed to look around a bit. Just feel at home."

Deeply impressed he went like automatically on all fours, crawled to the first shelf and began to sniff at several heels in the lowest shelf. Almost numb, he wasn't even embarrassed anymore. Petra looked down on him almost touched as he sniffed her shoes like a little dog.
"By the way, I haven't worn these shoes for a long time. So you won't find what you seem to be looking for down there." Somewhat disappointed he looked up to her and asked about his duties, which he should do here in return. The self-confident lady smiled at him again. "It's actually quite simple. You should do everything here that my daughter and I don't want to do or that we are simply too good for. By your submissive tendency you are the perfect candidate for it. Of course we would treat you accordingly and you would have the privilege to clean all our shoes from now on with your tongue."

Still kneeling in front of her, Roman was flattened by the many impressions when suddenly something very unexpected happened. Smoothly smiling, Petra finally went on the offensive, as she obviously wanted to bring these discussions to an end. Grinning, she slipped out of her black heels and then took a step back. Surprised, the young man stared immediately at her arched and perfectly pedicured feet. But now he understood the obvious hint that she had just given him her shoes to taste. An additional nod on her part finally gave him the desired permission.
Immediately he crawled to her heels and inhaled greedily. He instantly found this smell of the still warm and slightly damp shoe incredibly attractive. For a moment he forgot the world around him when he smelled the second shoe as well and then automatically covered both of them with loving kisses full of gratitude.
He didn't even notice that Petra couldn't hide her grin anymore. The beautiful blonde didn't seem to expect such devotion.
"And Roman, what do you say? Do we have a deal?"

Intoxicated by a dizzying feeling of happiness and guided by his submissiveness, Roman immediately accepted this unusual offer while still gratefully kissing her shoes.
Grinning with satisfaction, Petra looked down on him. "Good boy! Then you may now thank me and kiss my feet."
Without thinking about the consequences, Roman gave in to his submissiveness and kissed this deceitful lady's feet.
"Thank you so much for letting me serve you. I will not disappoint you. Thank you very much, Petra."

Satisfied, the beautiful lady smiled down on her new servant. "You are welcome. By the way, I think it's more appropriate if you address me with Lady Petra."

"Now, let's go back to Silke. She will also be very happy that you want to support us from now on. Oh well, if you obey well, I might need someone to clean the soles of my shoes later."
Triumphantly grinning, she slipped back into her shoes and returned to the coffee table with the literally paralyzed Roman, where she informed her daughter of his decision.
Surprisingly, Silke pressed him warmly to herself. With her big eyes she looked at him afterwards. "I am very happy that you want to serve us. I have always wanted servants. You will certainly like it with us. Believe me".
But before the young man could even react, Petra took him by surprise again.
"Why don't you actually thank my daughter? After all, she made all this possible! Come on! Kiss her feet!"
Roman hesitantly kneeled before the grinning beauty and kissed her feet. Although it was obviously embarrassing for him, he obeyed the instructions of her mother and thanked the young lady.

"Thank you Silke. Thank you so much for allowing me to serve you."
A little shy, Silke had her feet kissed for a while before happily petting his head.
"Wow, I can hardly believe how submissive and obedient he is. You were absolutely right! May I take him upstairs with me, mother? He can tidy up and clean my bathroom. Afterwards you can have him. I promise."
Petra smiled at her daughter. "No problem, sweetie. Take him with you. Actually I wanted to teach him some rules, but that can wait. But you treat him like I told you and he will only be rewarded if he has done all his work!"
The slim beauty nodded approvingly. "Of course, I'm not stupid."
It was only at this moment that Roman realized that these two ladies had already planned everything in advance. A cold shiver ran down his back. Where would this lead?
But instead of protesting, he continued to give in to his submissive tendency and followed the blonde lady upstairs.
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Apr 30, 2018
I was waiting to have more part before reading it and I'm not disappointed!
That's a very interesting story and I'm already waiting for the following :).
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Jun 22, 2018
Chapter 5

After a short tour of the house Silke immediately ordered him to work. Grinning, the beautiful blonde watched the young man shyly and awkwardly clean up her rooms. Almost two hours later, when she had ignored him for the most part, she suddenly beamed at him.
"Thank you Roman. You're doing really well. It's just wonderful to have you here. I still can't believe you're doing all this just to lick our shoes clean. Anyway, if you continue to work so hard, I can promise you that we will pay attention to your desires. My mother has already thought about this. I would not have thought that you would accept this deal. But now I am happy."

Nervously, the young man did not know how to behave. It was not his intention to surrender to these two ladies. Nevertheless, it had happened somehow. What should he do now? Somehow Silke seemed to be waiting for a reaction from him.

Dazed by his fetish, he went as automatically in front of her on his knees and thanked her.

"Thank you Lady Sil for allowing me to serve you."

Enthusiastically she clapped her hands.
"Wow, I don't believe it!" My own servant! You're welcome."
For a short moment the young lady smiled happily down at him.

"So my little servant. You now have the honour of cleaning my bathroom. Make an effort and don't forget to clean my toilet. If I am satisfied with you, maybe you may kiss my feet afterwards. Surely you would like that, wouldn't you?"

Nodding, Roman affirmed. Although he obviously felt uncomfortable, it was not possible for him to contradict the spoiled brat. His submissiveness had long since triumphed over his pride and reason.
Obedient, Roman set to work. While a thousand things went through his mind, he spent two hours cleaning this young lady's bathroom. Weary, he was still scrubbing her toilet on his knees as Silke walked through the bathroom in high heels, inspecting his work.

Quite satisfied, she patted his head. "Not bad at all for the beginning. I must admit, you are talented. It's anything but perfect clean, but I think you'll get enough opportunity to perfect your cleaning qualities. Practice makes perfect."

Roman bowed his head without contradiction. Somehow he didn't understand himself that he let all this happen to him. A few weeks ago he didn't even know Silke and her mother and now he was crawling in front of them on all fours.
Grinning again, the blonde lady looked him right in the eye.
"Well then, now it's time for your reward. Come on, what are you waiting for? Kiss my feet! You have earned it. But hurry up, my mother is probably waiting for you."

Without hesitation, Roman threw himself to the ground in front of her and kissed the calculating beauty's feet passionately and gratefully.
The way he was treated here made his submissiveness take complete control over him. Quite amazed at the extent of his submissiveness, Silke shook his head.
"You really are a born servant. Go on like this and you can regularly lick my shoes clean. Promise."
At that very moment she lifted her shoe toe and presented the sole of her shoe to him.

Surprised Roman froze. As if hypnotized, he stared at the object of his desire. Of course he knew that this deceitful beast wanted to finally seal his fate with this gesture. Nevertheless, he could not escape this magical attraction.

Knowing that this could possibly be the biggest mistake of his life, Roman waited obediently for the almost magical words.

Silke, of course, had also recognized the importance of this special moment. Confirmed by his behaviour, she was more and more absorbed in her new role.
"Well, do you like what you see?" When the young man just nodded, she finally went on the offensive.
"Come on! Beg for it! We both know you long for it!"

Meanwhile completely devoting himself to his submissiveness, he obeyed immediately. With his head bowed, he crawled before her and begged for this dubious privilege.

"Please, I beg you. Please, please let me lick your shoes. Please goddess Sil, may I lick your shoes."

Cheered, grinned the beautiful lady. "Goddess? That's sweet of you. We can talk about it another time."

Suddenly her pitch changed. "Before I allow you to clean the soles of my shoes with your tongue, I want to hear a few things from you! Understood?" Again he nodded submissively.

"Nice! Good boy. First of all, I want you to promise me that you will obey my mother and me at every word. Besides, you will behave according to your position and treat us with the greatest respect."

Obediently, the almost broken Roman obeyed, his gaze still directed at her shoes.
Euphorically, Silke clapped her hands like a girl. " This is a good boy! My mother will explain the details to you. But now it's time for your reward."
The young lady took an upright position and put her hands against her hips. "So servant! Lick my shoes!"
He obeyed immediately. Almost greedily his tongue glided over the soles of the young lady's shoes, which she presented to him patronizingly.

Motionless, she let him worship her shoes for a while before she stepped back and withdrew the objects of his desire.

"Enough. Now follow me downstairs. My mother must be waiting for us."

When they entered the luxurious living room shortly afterwards, the lady of the house was sitting on the leather sofa with her legs crossed. With a friendly smile she greeted her daughter and the visibly confused Roman.
Before Petra could say anything, Silke was already sitting next to her and reporting excitedly.

"You were so right! You can't imagine how submissive and obedient he is. He even begged me and kissed my feet. Besides, he doesn't clean badly for a man at all."

Smiling, the blonde Petra nodded visibly satisfied. "I told you he is a special young man. With his preference for our shoes, everything else would have surprised me."

She now turned her attention to Roman, who was just staring at the floor in shame.

"Well! I hear you served my daughter well. If I'm honest, I didn't expect anything else from you. By the way, why don't you kneel in front of us? According to your passion, the place at our feet is probably perfect for you. Don't you think so, servant?"

Intimidated, he immediately fell to his knees and lowered his gaze. Giggling, Silke whispered something into her mother's ear.

Petra pressed her hand benevolently. "Everything in its time my sweetness. But now to you Roman! For the beginning we don't want to overwhelm you. Basically, I expect you to kneel before us. You will obey us and make yourself useful here. So mainly cleaning and serving us. Also you will kiss our feet gratefully. As a reward you can lick our shoes clean. Of course only if you are explicitly allowed. You okay with that, Roman? Then kiss our feet now and thank us that you may serve us."

Without even thinking, he submissively kissed the tips of the blond ladies' shoes. Ashamed and broken, he thanked them obediently for the privilege of serving them. Extremely satisfied, the two ladies let themselves worship for a while, until Petra pushed him away with her foot.

"So, get out of here now. We'll be expecting you here tomorrow at half past nine and bring us some buns. At home you are welcome to think about how you can still become a better servant to us."

A few minutes later, Roman was already on his way home. Excited and ashamed at the same time, he had to deal with it first. What had he only settled on here?
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Dec 5, 2018
Absolutely love this story. Probably the best story that I have read in last few years (mind it i have been reading stories for around 15 years).

This story is very similar to how I was servant to 2 girls in real life (2 girls unknown to each other). I was not their servant in lieu of me licking their shoes as it is this story. I was their on-call servant and like in this story, i did clean their rooms and the toilet regularly, hand washed their clothes and ironed those, cleaned dishes, bought groceries for them, used to be their taxi driver who used to pick and drop them when they wanted (eg i would get a call at 1 am to pick her up from some pub and drop them home etc), also running errands for them ( eg post office, getting car repaired, mobile phone repaired etc etc). One of those girl would let me lick her shoes and the other one didn't. So i licked those without her knowing it.

This story is a little bit similar to my real life experience and has my imagination firing. Story has a potential for a lot of parts and go on for a long time and hope it does. Looking forward eagerly to next parts.
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Jun 22, 2018
Chapter 6

A week later Roman had already got used to the daily visits to Petra and Silke. Having spent most of his time gardening, he felt more and more exploited. Apart from a few instructions, he had received virtually no attention so far. After all, he was at least allowed to kneel before Petra to greet her. But so far he had not received a reward for his work.

Nevertheless, he was not able to contradict. The way Petra and Silke treated him seemed to cast a magical spell over him. He was aware of his submissiveness, but did he really have to let himself be exploited as a free labourer? When the young man had finished his work in the garden, he made a decision. It was time to talk. It could not go on like this.

Perhaps it was also time to renegotiate the rules or at least to demand the promised consideration. Yes, he was submissive, but by no means a fool.

He entered the house resolutely through the back door. Since Silke was still at the university at that time, only Petra was in the house. But when he met the lady of the house in the kitchen, she was carrying a tray. Surprised, the attractive blonde looked at him.

"Oh, hello, Roman. I was just on my way to you and wanted to bring you something to drink. You must be thirsty."

Confused, the young man stared at the beautiful lady. His determination was blown away and he looked shyly to the ground. Immediately he noticed that Petra was actually wearing the heels he had been licking for hours at home. That couldn't be a coincidence, could it?

In the meantime Petra seemed to have already recognized his inner turmoil. In a calm voice she handed him the glass of water. "Now drink for now. You've earned this refreshment."

While he thirstily emptied the glass, the lady of the house took a look out the window. "You are already finished in the garden. You really did that very well. You can be proud of yourself. You're probably here to thank me now, aren't you? Roman almost swallowed himself. Had he just heard right? She couldn't be serious about that.

Self-assured, Petra smiled friendly at him. "Later I would like to ask you for a small favor. I've been wearing these shoes all day and sweating a lot in them. Maybe you are so nice and would clean my feet. After that you can also clean my shoes. But first you may thank me that you may serve us."

Full of expectation, this devious woman looked him right in the eye. Of course Roman knew what game she was playing. Nevertheless, he could not escape her. Just as he was about to kneel down in front of Petra, she gently stroked his cheek.

"But why don't you take off your dirty clothes first? You don't want to show yourself in front of me in your dirty work clothes, do you?"
When he hesitated, the slender lady smiled. "You don't have to be shy. I have seen a naked man before. Besides, nudity is the most normal thing in the world, isn't it? So at least for a servant."

With a bright red head, Roman struggelt with himself. It was degrading and completely unnecessary. Nevertheless he followed her subliminal request and took off his clothes a little reluctantly. Grinning Petra looked at him. Completely naked he thanked her now. Suddenly the beautiful lady shook her head. "I thought you know how to thank me. Come on. My feet and shoes are looking forward to your tongue. You don't want to disappoint them, do you?"

Although he had planned to meet Petra at eye level, he fell to his knees again. Her skilful manipulation had made his submissiveness triumph over his reason. Completely submissive, Roman now kissed the beautiful lady's shoe tips and thanked her for it. Satisfied, the long-legged blonde looked down on the young man who kneeled naked in front of her.

"Good boy. That's how I like it." Petra enjoyed this special moment for a few seconds. "So, enough. Now you can take care of my feet." Without paying any further attention, she left the kitchen. Hypnotized by his submissiveness and her words, Roman crawled after her like a dog.

Shortly afterwards he knelt naked in the living room in front of her. The beautiful lady had put her feet up on a stool and switched on the TV. Grinning she nodded to him.
"Come on! You may take off my shoes."

Carefully he obeyed. As soon as he had put her expensive heels on the floor, he smelled the scent of her sweaty feet. Numb, he looked at her arched feet. Impatiently Petra barked at him. "You should lick them clean and not stare! Did you understand, servant! Make an effort! I hope your tongue loves my feet as much as my shoes".

In the next hour Roman caressed this woman's feet in every conceivable way. He kissed, licked, sucked and massaged as if there was no tomorrow. He conscientiously cleaned her feet with his tongue and lips. Without interrupting him even once, Petra enjoyed his tenderness, but watched him attentively.

Satisfied, she patted his head afterwards. "That was really pleasant. You seem to like my feet. That's a change from just licking shoes, isn't it? Maybe we'll repeat that again. So if you are still a good boy."

Ashamed, he looked to the ground. What was he doing here? This woman humiliated him as she wanted and he even thanked her for it.

"Now you can finally take care of my shoes. Before you can clean them, you have to put your nose in to enjoy the smell!" Wordlessly, he obeyed. Absent-minded he bent his head down to the ground and greedily inhaled her sweaty heels. Cheered, the mean lady also made fun of him while she put one foot on his head and pressed has face directly into her shoe.

"Well, you like that, don't you? Take a deep breath and enjoy. After all, these are your lady's shoes." Roman was almost paralyzed. He intensively absorbed the smell of her shoe while he was already passionately licking the insole. This went on for several minutes, until Petra took her foot from his head and the young man greedily began to lick her dirty heels.

Just as he was cleaning the dusty soles with long licks, a familiar voice brought him back to earth. "Oh my God! He's naked!"

Roman looked up and saw Silke holding her hand in front of her mouth like a girl. The young lady had meanwhile returned from university and was visibly surprised that Roman was undressed.
Amused, however, her mother grinned. "Yes, isn't he cute? Roman was such a good boy. He did his gardening and thanked me afterwards. In return I allowed him to undress in front of me. It is much more appropriate when he is naked, when he crawls in front of us. Don't you think?" When Silke only smiled in embarrassment, Petra demonstratively put her foot on his head again.

"It's ok, darling. Our little servant loves it. That's it, isn't it, Roman?" Intimidated and intoxicated by his fetish, he affirmed. "Yes, Lady Petra."

"You see Silke. But why don't you let him greet you first. Come on, Roman! Kiss her feet and greet her. You know your place." Broken, the young man crawled to the beautiful blonde like a trained dog. When he greeted her submissively, she could not resist a smile. "Wow! That's really awesome! What have you done to him? It is so exciting when he crawls naked in front of us. I can't believe he really likes that."

Her mother answered immediately. "Our servant is simply a very special young man. So I thought he could stay for dinner today as an exception. So at least serve us dinner and kiss our feet under the table while we eat. And if we are satisfied with him, he might get our leftovers. He can also clear the table afterwards and clean the kitchen. Well, what do you say?"

Silke enthusiastically agreed with her mother. "That sounds great. Did you hear that, Roman? You can stay longer today and serve us naked. This is going to be a great evening. And if you are a very good boy, you can clean my shoes afterwards. I promised you." Surrendering to his fate, he still kissed the young lady's shoes.

"Thank you, Lady Sil. Thank you."
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Chapter 7

When Roman returned home hours later, he was completely exhausted. The two ladies had not only exploited him as usual, but had also humiliated and degraded him as they pleased. Ashamed, the young man remembered the last hours. Naked and on his knees he had served mother and daughter. While the ladies were dining, he submissively kissed their feet under the table and after he had cleaned the kitchen, the now alcoholized ladies also made fun of him.

For minutes they touched his body and laughed at the shape and size of his genitals. Roman had to kneel on the table so that they could examine him better. It was difficult even for him to understand why he put up with all this. Nevertheless, he obeyed and endured all humiliations.

Although things slowly got out of control for him, he went to the two ladies on the next morning as usual. As soon as Sil had opened the door, he immediately fell to his knees in front of her and kissed her feet to greet her. Slightly hungover, the blonde student also greeted him. "Good morning, Roman. I'm glad you're here. There's a lot for you to do today. What would we do without you? My mother is shopping. I should tell you that you have to clean the kitchen, the hallway and of course like every day her toilet."

Submissive, he kissed the blond beauty's feet. "Thank you very much, Lady Sil. Thank you so much for letting me serve you." Touched, she smiled down at him. "You are such a good boy. Before you start your work, I must tell you something." Almost shyly, she asked him to look up at her. "I want to apologize to you for last night. It was not ok what I said to you. Even though you are our servant, it was just mean. Besides, your penis isn't that small. I like it and I liked to touch it."

Surprised by this unexpected apology, Roman nodded and put a smile on her face. Relieved, she looked him straight in the eye. "So you don't mind if we treat you like this? I am so happy. I already had a guilty conscience. To be honest, I really like it when you are so submissive and obedient. You are really a good servant so far. As a small reward for your services, you may spend some time with my shoes. You want that, don't you?"

Although he knew that his passion was being consistently used against him, he immediately kissed her feet. The young student grinned. "Good boy. I allow you 10 minutes with my shoes. After that you immediately get to work. Understood? I will go to bed again in the meantime." Since Roman knew, of course, where his ladies kept their shoes, he kneeled in front of Silke's shoes seconds later. He kissed and licked the young lady's footwear as if in a rush.

When he had once again licked the soles of all her shoes, he suddenly began to tremble with excitement. Petra was not at home and Silke was asleep. So he was completely unsupervised. Slowly and carefully he crawled the few meters to Petra's bedroom. As soon as he had opened the door, he saw the objects of his desire. Lady Petra's well worn Heels. For a moment Roman hesitated. After all, he was not allowed to lick those shoes. But his desire was stronger than his remorse. He just couldn't resist the temptation.

As soon as he had stuck his nose into her favourite shoes, he immediately began to inhale her unmistakable scent. It was exactly these shoes Lady Petra wore when she gave him orders. He kissed, licked and inhaled greedily as if in a trance. Forgetting time completely, he gave himself completely to his passion. After he had worshiped several pairs of her Heels extensively, a woman's voice ripped him abruptly from his fetish dreams.

"What the hell are you doing? I didn't allow it!" Shocked, Roman looked up. In the door was Petra, who was already back unnoticed by him. Trembling it was not possible for him to answer.
Angry, the blonde lady walked straight towards him and slapped him in the face.

"I guess that's the thanks I get! You have neither completed your duties nor followed my clear orders. I have no use for a servant who disobeys me. It is probably better if you go now!

Desperate, Roman went down on his knees before her. Even though he had only been exploited so far, he did not want to lose Petra and Silke under any circumstances. For some reason these ladies exerted an incredible attraction on him.

Submissively he begged Petra. "Please, Lady Petra. Please forgive me. I swear it will never happen again. Please, Lady Petra. I will do anything. I will obey you and serve you."

Unimpressed, the blonde lady looked down on him. "If you want to beg me to let you continue to serve my daughter and me, you better kneel naked in front of me."

While the young man immediately took off his clothes, Petra looked only disinterestedly at her fingernails. "And I've placed such hopes in you. Just recently I spoke to Silke how good it is to have you here. And now you're betraying me so badly. Maybe we were just too good to you. I don't know."

In the meantime Roman kneeled naked and with his head bowed in front of her. The beautiful lady let him beg her for minutes before she suddenly presented him with the sole of her shoe. "So you want to serve me even better? Want to work harder and longer for me and be absolutely submissive and obedient?"

"Yes, Lady Petra. Please, I will do anything you wish."

A smile appeared on her face. "So, so. Anything? So you want to do anyything for me?"

"Yes, Lady Petra."

Smiling, she stroked his face with her shoe. "You know I will control your life completely. You will not meet your friends or family without my permission. You will live only for me and my daughter. You will also give me your passport, all your personal documents and a bank authorization. Even if you are not particularly wealthy, I see this as a gesture of your good will. In return, I give your life a purpose. You may serve me longer and more intensely. And when I am satisfied with you, you will also be rewarded. After all, my shoes don't clean themselves."

She laughed gloatingly as she wiped the sole of her shoe on his hair.

"And my little servant? Do we have a new deal?"
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