The Deal (F/m)

Jun 22, 2018
Originally written in German and online machine-translated.

Chapter 1

Fortunately, the clouds had disappeared when Roman reached his destination this Saturday morning. As soon as he had roamed the first rows of the weekly flea market, the sun actually came out. If that wasn't a good sign. A few minutes later his heart suddenly began to beat faster with excitement. She was actually there again. He didn't even know her name, but Roman's thoughts for several weeks had revolved almost exclusively around this attractive young lady, who had already sold him several pairs of her worn shoes. In the meantime, she even knew that he was not buying these shoes for a friend, but for himself. Little by little the slender blonde had tickled some details out of him. Despite her open-minded nature, she was visibly amused by the fact that Roman kneeled regularly at home in front of her old shoes and kissed them, licked them and inhaled their scent. By the way, she of course also made good sales with him. Which the attractive student of course also welcomed.
In the meantime she had even sold him very worn and sweaty pumps of her mother, because she only had a few pairs of heels herself and her stock of old shoes was slowly running out.
She greeted him immediately with a friendly smile. Since there was so little going on so early, the young lady used the opportunity to have an undisturbed conversation with Roman.
"I am glad that you are here again. Were the shoes from last week to your satisfaction?" Shy and a little embarrassed, he answered quietly.
"I am also looking forward to seeing you again. The shoes were good. Thanks again for that." The pretty blonde shone. "No cause. You bought them regularly. I have to thank you." After some small talk the young lady came relatively fast to the point. "Unfortunately I have no shoes to sell today. Slowly I really run out of them. Therefore I would have to make you a suggestion. But first I would be interested to know why you always buy worn shoes. Aren't the pairs that you have already bought enough for you or will the shoes lose their appeal for you after some time?
The beautiful student attentively watched each of his movements. He avoided her gaze with discomfort. Although it almost caused him physical pain, he confessed to her in detail the nature of his preferences. His greed had long since triumphed over his sense of shame. Grinning, she listened to his remarks, in which he revealed to her that licking her shoes clean was his main drive and that the cleaned shoes really lost their charm for him.
The young lady smiled at him. "Hey, it's not that bad. You can't always choose in life what you like and what you don't like. Besides, I had already suspected that you were mainly interested in licking my shoes clean. I just really wanted to hear from your mouth that you like to clean my shoes with your tongue. After all, you don't get something like that said every day."
Roman's face suddenly got some color. She had just exposed him, but somehow it didn't even seem to bother him. At that moment, his thoughts were still circling around the suggestion she wanted to make him.
With sparkling eyes she fixed him now. "As I said, I have no more worn shoes to sell you. At the same time I had an idea. What do you think about cleaning my normal everyday shoes, i.e. all the shoes I wear, on a regular basis?
Roman got big eyes. What did she mean? She immediately met his additional need for explanation.
"Quite simply. For example, I would give you several pairs of shoes worn by me once a week. After that you would have several days to clean them conscientiously with your tongue and give them back to me at our next meeting. Of course with a little attention in the form of a pocket money for me. Of course, I would then supply you with shoes that were soiled by me all the time. This would be an almost perfect trade for both of us. Don't you think?"
Speechless, Roman stared at her. This offer sounded really tempting. To be allowed to serve this beauty in this way was almost the epitome of his submissive inclination. When he asked her a little timidly about her idea about the amount of pocket money, a magical smile appeared on her pretty face.
"Don't worry, we'll surely come to an agreement. If I'm honest, it's not even about money. So it is, but not only. I feel the idea that someone apparently sees his purpose in life in licking my dirty shoes clean and even paying for it, very flattering and charming. It fascinates me somehow. I don't know exactly either."
Roman also smiled a bit timidly. She grinned and reached out her hand to him at the same time. "Then you agree?
Without thinking he shook her hand immediately and affirmed her suggestion completely absorbed in her deep blue eyes as if in a trance. Satisfied, she looked at. "I am happy. That'll be fun for sure. If I am honest, I can hardly wait any longer to wear the shoes you have licked clean. Oh yes, what I almost forgot. If our agreement works out, I can easily bring you one or two pairs of my mother's pumps. Without surcharge of course. I only mean, because I hardly wear heels and you were very taken with the old pumps of my mother, which I sold you."
Roman suddenly became clairaudient. In fact, these old high heels were a highlight of his purchases. For hours he had licked the worn and already from the shoe detached insoles, until he had taken also the last remainder of the foot sweat of the former owner in himself. The extremely salty taste had literally burned itself into his memory. An almost unforgettable experience for him.
He thanked her for this benevolent gesture and told her that it was of course an honour for him to clean her mother's shoes as well.
The blonde student grinned. "I can imagine that. All guys are into high heels. I would have been surprised if you had knocked them out. That's why I'm happy that you generally want to clean all my shoes. No matter whether you like them or not. That honours you." Roman smiled embarrassedly. Suddenly she took a piece of paper and a pen out of her pocket and scribbled something on it.
"My mobile phone number. Just write me a message with your number so I can reach you. By the way, my name is Silke. But you are welcome to say Sil to me. Only my mother calls me Silke."
He nodded and swallowed at the same time, while he inserted the note. That's right, they hadn't even introduced themselves.
A little meek, he now went on the offensive. "Pleased to meet you. I'm Roman." Silke smiled again warmly. "Roman. Really a very nice name, for someone who now licks my shoes clean." He looked at her in amazement. What was that all about? At that moment she began to laugh. "Sorry. I'm just kidding." But before he could think any more about this somewhat inappropriate statement, she suddenly opened the trunk of her car and took out an inconspicuous plastic bag.
Grinning smugly, she handed it over. "With wise foresight, I simply packed my dirtiest pairs of shoes for you. I wish you a lot of fun cleaning and remember: I want them back! So don't disappoint me. And don't you dare to cum on my shoes. Should I ever find traces of sperm, our agreement died immediately. Clear?
Intimidated, he immediately shook his head and assured her that soiling her shoes was also an absolute taboo for him, as he wanted to worship them.
The blonde student grinned again to her ears. "Worship? You worship my shoes while you lick them clean?
Her opposite looked shamefaced to the ground and finally affirmed, while she shook her head in amusement. "Well, if you enjoy it. Then go and pray! We'll hear from each other. Have fun with my shoes."
A little perplexed, Roman said goodbye, firmly enclosing the carrying handle of the bag. As soon as he had reached his car, he immediately sent the promised message with his number. Seconds later, the blonde lady answered already.
"Good boy. I'll get back to you. xD"
He stared at his mobile phone, agitated and with shaky hands. He still hadn't dared to look inside the bag. A chaos of emotions just broke over him. A true rush of happiness about the possibility of living out his submissive passion went hand in hand with feelings of guilt and fear of the consequences of having revealed his secret preferences to a stranger. Nevertheless, the young man was completely certain. This was by far the most exciting experience of his life.
Silke was really something special. Simply the dream of his fantasies made flesh. Nevertheless, some of her remarks were worrying. Something subconsciously reminded him to be careful. It would be anything but easy to master this tightrope act, to keep this lady in a good mood and at the same time not to become completely dependent on her. Before he started the car, he stroked the bag he had put next to him on the passenger seat, breathed out deeply and shook his head in disbelief.
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Excellent start to the story! One of my desires that I have actually lived out. Hope to see some more chapters. Maybe he'll actually be able to lick her shoes clean while she's wearing them. One of the things that I experienced in life was having the woman sitting on a chair over my chest, facing my face with her tennis shoes resting on my face while she played card games online. I looked for a pic of her doing that, but can't find one. Here's a couple of pics of the tennies that she was wearing. The dark spots on the toes are from my blood as she stuffed them down my mouth from the upper lip. Good times back then:) Just loved licking the soles clean:)

Btw, that's not me in the pic on the avatar, but wish it were:) Have bought many of Highest Arches vids:) Just love those spiked heeled boots and soles also:)


Male btw.