The evil Twins.

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Oct 16, 2016
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My first post here. Hope you will like it.

The three of them together were stunning. They were tall at 5’ 11’’ bare foot. They liked sports so their muscles were well tone. They had beautiful brown eyes and long auburn hair that were framing their faces perfectly. Often people would ask if they were sisters. Karen was only 17 years older than her girls and she had taken care of herself.

“I am so proud of you girls! You will be 22 years old next month and you will graduate in computer science.” Karen told her twin daughters.

“Well we have good news and bad news.” Kim said opening a bottle of wine.

“The good news is that we have a job! The bad news is we will only start in October.”Kate added.

“Hey that’s good news! One last summer of farniente. Enjoy it girls.” Karen said showing her happiness.

“Then would you agree to have one person more living with us?” Kate asked.

“He would do all the house chores.” Kim said.

“You want to hire a domestic?” Karen asked.

“Not exactly. He would be at our beck and call though.”Kate added looking at Kim.

“We were thinking of a male slave. It would be perfect and we could have fun with him.” Kim said looking at Kate.

“He could sleep in the small room in the basement.”Kim said.

“We could train him to do anything.”Kate said.

“Anything? Like what?” Karen asked.

“Keep an open mind Mom. I always wanted a slave to worship me.” Kim said.

“And I would like to be really mean. Like really nasty to a slave.” Kate added.

“What do you have in mind? It’s obvious that you have discussed this.” Karen asked intrigued.

“Ok” Kim said before taking a deep breath.

“We want a full service toilet slave.” The twins said together.

“Hmmm! A toilet slave….” Karen said.

“Yes. We can train him in a month’s time.” The twins answered together.

“That’s pretty fast don’t you think?” Karen asked.

“Not really.” Kim said.

“You have someone in mind?”Karen asked.

“Well, I will meet him tomorrow at three.” Kate said.

“We will go to the mall Mom.” Kim said.

“Mom I am willing to bet that Kate and I can train him as a human toilet before our birthday.” Kim said.

“That is quite a challenge Kim. To win both of you would have to shit and piss in his mouth.” Karen said.

“I agree with Kim.” Kate said.

“Of course you do. How will you force him to do it?” Karen asked.

“I intend to make him do it by using manipulation and if needed blackmail.” Kim said sipping her wine.

“So without a whip or cuffs or any props?” Karen asked.

“No. Without any physical restraints.” Kim said.

“What do you want to bet?” Karen asked.

“My car. If I win you buy me a new car. If I lose I will sell my car and give you the money.” Kim said.

“You in on that bet Kate?” Karen asked.

“Yes Mom.” Kate answered.

Karen was gauging her daughters. They were a stunning pair. Tall hourglass figures. Always supporting each other. They had a good chance of succeeding but they only had experience with an occasional slave in the dungeon. If they lose that will be a good lesson. If they win I can afford two cars and I will have a slave to abuse.

“Done. You have until your birthday in five short weeks.” Karen said smiling.

“You’re the best Mom.”Kate said kissing her on the cheek.

The company where Bernie worked had announced that they were closing and moving their production to the Asian plant. He had two weeks of work left. If he was careful his savings would last a month. He was alone and had nothing to keep him in this town. He gave his notice for his room and started to scan the ads online. After a week he found one for a room and board in exchange for doing house chores. He called and the nice female voice that answered, set an appointment in a week from now. It would be perfect. He would drive to a new city and see what would happen. He would have time to look for another job once he was settled in.

She was adamant about punctuality so at 3pm sharp he nervously pressed the door bell button. He saw a shadow through the window approaching the door and opening it. She was wearing a tank top with shorts and was barefoot.

She was beautiful. Her long auburn hair was cascading down to her shoulders framing a lovely face. Her curious eyes observing him and a small smile lifted the corners of her sensual mouth. She took his breath away.

“You are Bernie right?”She asked.

He nodded yes before stuttering a feeble “I am”

Her smile got bigger and she said as she moved out of the way:

“Come in. I am Katherine. Everybody call me Kate.”

He entered and saw a living room on the right, a closed door on the left and a stairway right after. He could see the kitchen at the end of the corridor.

“Have you ever worked as a man servant before?” Kate asked him.

“No but I am very good at keeping a house in order and cleaning up. I used to take care of my mom’s apartment when she got sick.” Bernie answered.

“Oh. How is she?” Kate asked.

“She passed away a few years ago.” Bernie answered mesmerized by her swaying ass.

“Sorry.” She said entering the kitchen.

There were dirty dishes in the sink and on the counters.

“As you can see we are not good housekeepers. Would you like a drink?” Kate asked smiling.

“No thank you I am fine.”Bernie answered.

“OK Then the job consists mostly of doing the laundry, the grocery shopping; take care of the grounds and the swimming pool. You know all the house chores.” Kate continued.

“So far that is what I had understood.” Bernie answered looking at her shapely legs.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”Kate asked him.

“Not anymore. We broke up last month.” He answered looking at the floor.

“Why? You are not good at giving oral sex?” Kate boldly asked.

“No I am excellent at that. It did not work out between us.” He lied.

He could not tell her that he never had a girlfriend.

Then she walked up to him. His eyes were at the height of her sensual mouth. She gently grabbed his chin and lifted his face to look in his eyes.

“One last test. Can you pick me up in your arms?” She asked him seriously. Hoping that her 150 pounds would not be too heavy for him.

“What?” He asked puzzled.

“You know one arm behind my knees and one behind my back and I will put my arms around your neck.” Kate answered smiling.

He was surprised by the request but he started to comply. Wow! He would lift that gorgeous creature in his arms. His luck must be turning he thought.

“That’s great!” She said with her arms around his neck.

He was happy to see her reaction. He did his best not to show that he was straining.

“Ok. You can put me down now.” Kate said pressing herself against him as he did.

She felt his erection on her thigh and was pleased to have excited him.

“You will meet my twin sister Kimberley and my mom Karen later on. Come with me I’ll show you your room.” Kate said opening a door to the basement stairway.

“Oh you mean that I will live here?” He asked.

“Of course silly, it’s a 6 days a week job. You will have a day off during the week.” Kate said.

In the basement he saw a door to his left where Kate went. The door facing his room was locked.

“Here this is your room” Kate said.

It was a nice room with a single bed, a small desk and a chair. He opened a door to a closet.

“This is great.” He said looking through the large window.

“I am please that you like it. Let’s go to the laundry room.”Kate said.

She gave him a guided tour of the house.

“Now when can you start?” Kate asked him with a smile.

“When do you want me to? See I am new in town and my meager belongings are in my car outside.”Bernie answered.

“Get settled in. You can start now or tomorrow morning. If you need something come and find me.” Kate said offering her hand.

They shook on it and he missed the wicked glint in her eyes.

He went to get his car and parked it near the garage and transported is belonging to his room. After putting everything away he decided to explore his new domain. He tried to open the forbidden door but it was locked. He picked up his dirty clothes bag and went to the laundry room.

He was so horny he had touched her and now this dirty underwear pile was calling to him. He would only pick up a pair. He would only smell it and put it back in the pile. Nobody would find out.

“Hi sis! Is mom with you?” Kate asked.

“She’s right beside me. We are in the food court sipping a coffee. I’ll put you on speaker.” Kim answered

“I got us a slave. He took care of his mother’s place.” Kate said in her phone.

“How is he?”Kim asked.

“He’s about 5’ 3’’ although he was able to pick me up in his arms and not drop me on my butt. Afterward I pressed myself against him to feel his erection.” Kate said.

“And how was it?” Karen asked.

“Small Mom. I think that he lied when I asked him if he liked giving oral sex.”Kate answered.

“Why do you think so?”Kim asked.

“Well he blushed and he looked down when he answered me. That’s a sure sign he was lying.” Kate said.

“Now have you activated the cameras?” Karen asked.

“Yes. He was excited when I showed him the laundry room and the pile of our dirty underwear.” Kate answered laughing.

“Why are you laughing sweetie?” Karen asked.

“Because I could see in his eyes that he wanted them and now I can see him in the laundry room. He is sucking on my underwear as we speak! Oh Kim he just took yours and he his caressing his small penis. Phew that was short he just came into them.”Kate answered laughing louder.

“I hope you are recording this.” Kim said.

“Of course I want to make a slave out of him. Now I will hang up because I want to recuperate your used underwear Kim. It will serve to blackmail him.” Kate said.

“Ok. We will be back for dinner. Bye.”Kim said before cutting off the call.

Kate went to the intercom.

“Bernie meet me the kitchen.”Kate said.

He didn’t know how to use the intercom to give is answer so he almost ran to her.

“Hey! You need to fill in some information for your employment with us. Here is the form and the Wi-Fi routers password is this.” Kate said giving him multiple sheets.

So he sat down at the table and filled the blank spaces with his personal info.

“I’ll be right back!” She said over her shoulder.

She went to the laundry room and retrieved the soiled underwear with a t-shirt. She left the panties in the dungeon and came back to the kitchen with the t-shirt.

“My favorite t-shirt. It’s not that dirty I can wash it by hand.” Kate said as she walked in the kitchen.

“I can do a load or two of laundry today if you need it.” Bernie said looking in her beautiful eyes.

“Oh that would be grand.” Kate said smiling as she touched his forearm.

Her touch was electric. He felt it going through his whole body.

“I will be in my room.” Kate said as she left with the filled form.

Bernie went back to the laundry room with her t-shirt and started sorting the colors. He was back in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher when Kim walked in the kitchen followed by Karen.

“You are Bernie. Welcome aboard. I am Kim and this is our Mom Karen.”She said.

He did a double take. She was identical to Kate. He could also see the huge resemblance with their mother. He would need to learn how to differentiate them.

He had caught up to the house chores in three days.An incident had left a lasting impression with Bernie. He was picking up the laundry in Kate’s room when she walked in with a shopping bag.

“Hey Bernie. I need your opinion.” Kate said as she went in the bathroom.

Bernie kept going around the room to pick up the pieces of dirty clothing. As he was putting down is basket when Kate came back.

“So do I look fat in these?” Kate asked him.

“What do you mean?” Bernie answered.

“Well does my ass look bigger in those leggings?” Kate asked.

“Hard to say you have this loose t-shirt down to your mid thigh.” Bernie answered still looking around for clothes to wash.

“Right. Let me fix this.” Kate said as she tied a knot in her t-shirt leaving her mid drift expose.

Bernie was stun. Kate’s beautiful long legs topped by that great ass were parading in front of him. Then with her back to him she bended down from the waist and touched the floor. Bernie was behind her drooling. Well the images he was engraving in his memory would be there for life.

“Well! What is your opinion?” Kate asked looking at him between her legs still bent in two.

“No you don’t look fat. Red is a color that suit you.” Bernie answered.

She stood and said before disappearing in the bathroom again:

“Stay there I still need you.”

Bernie was still flabbergasted when she came back wearing a light blue legging.

“And in this one?” Kate asked as she was bending down in front of him.

“You don’t look fat in this one either.” Bernie answered.

Kate had tried two more pair and Bernie had nearly come when she had taken his hand to put it on her ass cheek saying:

“I want to know what it feels like to have someone touching me with those leggings.” Kate said smiling.

After a few minutes of putting his hand on her thighs and ass she released him.

“Thank you Bernie.” Kate said as she went in the bathroom.

He had rushed back to his room to get rid of this raging erection. He was still horny afterward so he took a shower and ended it with cold water.

As he was pre soaking Kate’s light blue legging he remembered when she had called him to her room. She was wearing those leggings that he was holding in his hand.

“I need help to keep my balance. I want to check what I got on that shelf up there.” Kate had told him when he entered her room.

“What do you have in mind?” Bernie asked.

“Bring my chair over here.” Kate demanded standing in front of her wardrobe.

Bernie brought the chair and she climbed on it holding his shoulder.

“No. I need my two hands. Bernie get behind me and put your arms around my thighs.” Kate said knowing that is face would be at the same height as her ass.

When she felt his arms tentatively moving around her she pulled him in. Bernie was surprise by the move and his face ended up in her ass crack. He tried to pull back and realized he couldn’t so he turned his head sideway. Her ass was still resting on the side of his head.

“Hey it was more comfy before why did you turn your head?” Kate asked him.

Bernie did not know what to answer. He liked having his face in her ass and he was too shy to tell her.

“My ass is not attractive enough? Is it to big?” Kate pushed on.

“No. It’s not too big its beaut…very nice.” Bernie mumbled.

“What? Look at it Bernie.” Kate said knowing that it would bring is face almost in her crack.

Bernie turned his head and she pulled on his arms to bring him closer.

“Now tell me what you think.” Kate said.

Bernie had his nose in between her nice cheeks.

“It’s beautiful. I love it.” Bernie answered.

“You think so? Good. Now where was I?” Kate said releasing his hands from her grip and pushing her ass back in his face.

He turned his head sideway to get his face out of paradise. He had another raging hard on. He had almost ejaculated when she had pulled his face into her heavenly crack.

After about an hour Kate was done rearranging her shelf. She pushed back against him he took a step back and helped her down.

“Thanks Bernie. You have taken a step forward in your relationship with my ass you told it…hum wait I got it here.” She took out her cell.

She replayed their conversation that she had filmed. You could see Bernie’s face in her ass and hear him say he loved it.

“Now on your knees and kiss it good bye. I have to use it on the toilet.” Kate ordered.

Bernie was hesitating to obey.

“Hey I am sure that everybody will be interested to know that you love my ass.” Kate said moving toward the bathroom.

“Wait Kate I’ll do it.” Bernie said quickly.

“I am waiting.”Kate said over her shoulder.

Bernie knelt down and gave her a few kisses on her cotton clad ass cheeks.

“Too bad I cannot hold it in anymore! Got to go.” Kate said running to the bathroom.

Bernie remembered how excited he had been that he had run to his room to relieved himself. Deep down he knew that he would kiss Kate’s ass again.

Mowing the lawn, going grocery shopping distributing the clean clothes picking up the dirty ones. He was getting in the routine.

Bernie was stowing some groceries in the cupboard under the pantry when Kate said:

“Don’t move I’ll be just a minute.”

He saw two feet. One on each side of him then Kim called him.

“Bernie look at me!”

He turned his head and his face was in Kate’s crotch.

“Is this an invite Bernie? I thought you preferred my ass.” Kate asked holding back her laughter.

“Sorry. I didn’t …want…euh…sorry.” Bernie answered as he blushed a deep red.

“It was harmless I was pulling your leg Bernie don’t feel bad my ass knows you loved it.” Kate said laughing.

She stood there over him. Bernie was embarrassed but he was enjoying the position he was in.

“OK lovers that’s enough public display of affection.” Kim said also laughing.

Bernie joined them laughing but deep down he was happy to have put his lips on her cunt. She smelled so good and her lips were so soft through her leggings.

A few days later everything accelerated. That morning he was on his knees scrubbing the kitchen floor in one corner when again he saw two feet straddling him but strangely they were pointing as if she had her back to the counter.

“Don’t move Bernie I’ll be a minute. Keep on doing whatever you were doing.” Kate said again.

“Bernie have you finish ironing my blouse?” Kim asked from the door.

He turned around and lifted his head only to end up with his face in Kate’s ass. He couldn’t speak. He heard something hit the floor. Rapidly she was bending down at the waist to pick it up therefore pushing her ass in his face. He could not escape. His head was caught between the cupboard and her magnificent ass.

“Bernie hold down your passions. If you want to kiss my ass just say so.” Kate said.

“It sure looks like he is enjoying it because he’s not trying to move.” Kim added.

He tried to move his head from left to right to say no.

“Look he wants to go in deeper. Let me help.” Kate said pushing a little bit backward.

“Do you think it’s the smell?” Kim asked.

“Maybe I didn’t wipe this morning.” Kate answered.

Bernie kept on negating to no avail it was only wedging his face in deeper between her cheeks. Yes the stink of shit was getting stronger and no he did not like it.

“Be careful what you wish for Bernie you might get it.” Kate said as she was freeing him from her ass.

“No…I..Didn’t wish for that.” Bernie said.

“Are you saying that you did not like this? I got a feeling that it’s a lie because this is saying otherwise.” Kate said replaying the scene where he said he loved her ass.

He had enjoyed it a lot and he didn’t want to get up and show his hard on to them. So he turned around and continued to scrub the floor.

“Before I leave would you like me to put my ass in your face like Kate did?” Kim asked.

“No thank you.” Bernie answered his face already a nice shade of red.

“Yeah sure. Looking at you I know that you would have liked it.” Kim said laughing.

“No thank you.” Bernie had answered in a lower tone of voice.

“I will need your help when you are done here.” Kim said.

“Ok I should be done in an hour.” Bernie answered.

“Good see you in my room then. I want to put some order on my shelf.” Kim said as she was leaving the kitchen.

Bernie was not surprise of course the twins would have talked to each other. He was worried about the twins what did they have in mind? He thought as he was admiring her long legs and swaying ass under her mini skirt as she left.

He finished with the kitchen floor and went to Kim’s room.

“At last! Here you are.” Kim said.

“Do you want your chair in front of your wardrobe?” Bernie asked.

“Of course and I want you to help me with my balance like you did with Kate.” Kim answered smiling.

She climbed up on the chair Bernie went behind her and once she had a good grip on Bernie’s hand she pulled him in. This time Bernie knew what to expect and he had turned his head.

“Since you have confessed to loving Kate’s ass I want you to show some loving to mine.” Kim said.

“What do you mean?” Bernie asked.

“You kissed Kate’s ass. So I want you to put your head under my skirt and you do NOT turn your head. I want your face deep in my ass and I want to feel your kisses.” Kim said with a stern voice.

She lifted the helm of her skirt. Then she grabbed his hands and pulled him in. When she felt his nose in her crack she wiggled her ass to get his face in deeper.

Bernie was so excited that he was shaking. He felt her underwear molding her superb ass on his face. He ejaculated in the condom he had put on before joining her.

“Stop shaking Bernie get a hold of your nerves.” Kim ordered.

Kim was delighted that Bernie was so excited by her ass. After 5 minutes she decided to let go of the pretense of cleaning her shelf and move to the next level of her plan. With a tone that meant business she ordered Bernie to let go of her.

“OK you don’t want to obey the simple request of not shaking. Lie down on the floor.” Kim ordered with a frown.

Bernie had expected an hour or so with her. It had been a short five minutes. Maybe he would have more on the floor.

Kim walked behind Bernie and threw a cushion on the floor. She took off her underwear as he was lying down. Then she straddled Bernie’s head quickly kneeling down over his chest and holding the helm of her skirt.

“I want you to stick your tongue out and make a hard point with it.” Kim ordered over her shoulder.

When she felt Bernie’s nose in her crack through her skirt she lifted the helm and sat down on his face. She felt his tongue a little bit behind her asshole. She moved and sat down full weight on it.

“Keep your tongue stiff. I want to feel it deep inside.” Kim ordered.

Bernie was surprised. It was weird because he had not seen her take off her panties. Her naked ass was on his face and she was trying to swallow his tongue with her asshole. He pulled his tongue in his mouth and tasted her shit almost at the same time he felt his balls being squeezed hard. The pain was excruciating.

“It’s simple either you keep your tongue deep in there or you lose your balls. You have until the count of five. One…” Kim said as she was squeezing a bit more.

Bernie had wanted to kiss their ass since the first day but he had not anticipated that her shit would taste so bad. He felt the pain increasing so he pushed his tongue in her asshole.

“That’s better Bernie. Go deep turn your tongue inside like if you were giving it a French kiss.” Kim said as she was caressing her breast.

Then her other hand let go of his balls and moved to her clit. She was gently pumping Bernie’s tongue. Her juices had started to flow and Bernie could feel them dripping down on the side of his jaw. She kept herself on the edge for about a half hour and then her climax exploded triggered by the mental image of her taking a dump in Bernie’s mouth. She remained seated. She could feel his steady breath in her ass crack.

Bernie was still having a raging hard on. He felt her bending down and lifting her ass a little.

“Look up.” Kim ordered.

He open his eyes to have the flash of her phone blind him. He was seeing blue spots all over and heard Kim commenting on the photos.

“Now suck on my asshole. Good. Now lick my crack. Excellent. You are an ass cleaner now.” Kim ordered.

Bernie was still seeing blue spots.

“Look at the photos maybe I should be a photographer.” Kim said happily.

Bernie saw his tongue in her asshole and his face was clearly recognizable.

“Now Bernie this means a special honor for you.” Kim said smiling as she was putting on her underwear.

“What honor?” Bernie asked seated on the floor knowing there would be a catch.

“I am bestowing on you, in my name and my sister’s, the honor of being our seat for face sitting sessions and being our toilet paper whenever we’ll need you. You will use your tongue to clean us.” Kim said laughing at his disgusted expression.

“I will not do it.” Bernie answered.

“Oh. You will not! I will forward your pictures to my friends and every one in your contact list. Have I mentioned that my Mom is a close friend of the police chief? ” Kim asked him.

Bernie knew he was beaten so he answered with his head low:

“I will do it.”

“Of course you will or else.” Kim said.

“I promise. Can I leave now?” Bernie asked.

“Sure. Don’t go too far I think that Kate will want your services soon.” Kim answered as she was sending the pictures to Kate.

He had washed his face and brushed his teeth but he still smelled Kim’s shit. He had only swallowed a few tiny pieces of it.

“Hey! This is where you were hiding. Come with me I want to sit on your face.” Kate said.

She was wearing leggings that look like they had been painted on her. Her beautiful ass was defined very precisely and it was swaying right in front of him. He was sporting another hard on by the time they reached her room.

“Come with me.” Kate said as she was entering the bathroom.

Bernie was hesitant to go in.

“Don’t stop come over here and kneel down beside me.” Kate said.

He knelt beside the toilet where she had pointed.

She turned her back to the toilet lowered her leggings and panties and sat down. Soon they heard the sound of her pee splashing in the water.

“Aaaaah! That feels good.” Kate said looking in Bernie’s eyes.

Bernie had the feeling that she was looking at a thing.

”When I will be finished I’ll stand in front of you and I want you to lick me clean.” Kate said.

“You want me to lick your pee?” Bernie asked his complexion a dark red.

“Your tongue is our toilet paper now.” Kate said frowning as she was stepping out of her leggings and panties.

Bernie was astounded by her sheer beauty. She was standing in front of him naked from the waist down with her superb legs open.

“Hurry up before it goes down my legs.” Kate said with an impatient tone.

Bernie was slowly approaching her crotch when she grabbed his hair and pulled his face to her lips.

“It’s not complicated you lick ALL the droplets. Go.” Kate instructed him.

Bernie started licking her lips with small stroke of his tongue. Her pee tasted salty and acrid there was not much of it either. He was now giving broad stroke of his tongue to get this ordeal over with.

“Not so bad for the first time. Now the love of your life wants you to repeat the caresses you gave to Kim’s ass earlier. She told me everything. Your photos are great by the way. ” Kate said going to her bedroom.

Bernie was shock to realize that Kate was staying naked from the waist down. He followed her in the bedroom. Her ass was even better looking naked he thought. She was inserting a game in the console.

There was a pillow on the floor.

“Lie down on your back with your head on the pillow.” Kate ordered turning toward him.

He was on his back and she straddled him after making sure that she had her game controller. She sat down on his chest.

“I want you to smell my ass. So you will know what you’ll be eating.” Kate said as she was backing up toward his face.

When she felt his breath in between her ass cheeks she stopped and started to play.

“Start sniffing. I want to hear you.” Kate ordered.

All Bernie could see were the two globes of her ass cheeks in front of his face and her hair cascading down her back. His mouth was under her crack. He had this huge hard on and he thought that he would come again. He started breathing through his nose loudly. Her ass smelled a little bit of sweat and a lot of shit. That calmed down his erection.

“Do you like it? I didn’t wipe maybe I should have because my asshole is itchy. You will take care of that itch won’t you?” Kate said laughing.

Bernie realized that he could not escape she was too heavy for him and she had pin his arms on his side with her legs. He would have to endure.

“Stick your tongue out you know like you did with Kim.” Kate ordered him.

The smell of shit was lot stronger and his hesitation was just a little bit too long. He felt his balls being squeezed hard.

“Get that tongue out and start cleaning my asshole.” Kate growled at him.

He started lapping franticly. There were a lot more shit than with Kim. He had to swallow the pieces and he gagged.

“What are you doing? You haven’t put your tongue in yet. Hurry up and stick it in.” Kate said.

He got his gag reflex under control for now and put is tongue on her asshole. When he pushed it went in easily. She sat more heavily on his face.

They were always showing clean asses on the ass worship sites. She had a beautiful ass but it was very dirty compared to Kim’s and her shit did not taste any better.

“Your face is the most comfortable one that I sat upon. You are the first one to lick my ass clean. Keep on going deep.” Kate told him.

Bernie tried his best to obey. He was pushing his tongue as far as he could then he would lick the walls inside before withdrawing it to his mouth to swallow some saliva and whatever pieces of shit that had come in with his tongue.

“Kim is right you are very good at this. Have you ever done that before Bernie?” Kate asked.

She knew he could only answered by moving his head from left to right to say no which would nudge his face deeper in her ass if there was still some room or up and down to say yes.

As expected he did say no and the movement pushed his tongue in a little deeper. He felt a mass at the very tip of his tongue. He stopped rimming her instantly.

“Why….Oh I feel it now. Should I remain seated on your open mouth Bernie?” Kate asked teasing him.

He vehemently moved his head from left to right.

Kate stood up and started walking toward the bathroom.

“Come with me I will need your tongue.” Kate ordered.

Bernie followed her and knelt down beside the toilet without being told.

“Good boy! You are learning where your place is.” Kate said sitting down on the toilet.

A turd splashed in the bowl and she stood up.

“Clean me good or you will have to eat that turd and I will kick your balls hard.” Kate ordered as she presented her ass to Bernie.

He put his hands on her ass cheeks to spread them. He closed his eyes and started licking. When he had licked her asshole clean he sat on his heels.

“You have to clean inside too Bernie or are hungry for what is in the bowl?” Kate asked.

He pushed his head in her ass and put his mouth around her asshole and pushed his tongue in. Her asshole was full he could not get his tongue inside it.

“Oops! There is more. Lucky you! Having more shit to taste.” Kate said as she was sitting down on the toilet.

“Can you imagine your lips around my asshole as I take a healthy dump in your mouth? Because I can and when it would have gone down your throat you would put your tongue in my asshole to get more or to clean me when I would be done. I would be seated on your face to feed you.” Kate said as her turds were splashing in the toilet.

Bernie was shaking his head unable to utter the word no. The stink in the bathroom was almost making him gag.

“Think of how pleasurable it would be.” Kate said.

He was still shaking his head.

“Once again Bernie.” Kate ordered as she presented her ass to him.

Bernie spread her ass cheeks and started licking. He pushed his tongue in her asshole loathing another turd.

“You are a fast learner. Get back in position I want to play some more.” Kate said leading the way to the bedroom letting him watch her naked ass.

Once she was seated on Bernie’s face and that his tongue was probing her asshole she asked him:

“Have you ever gone down on a girl?”

Bernie moved his head from left to right wedging his face deeper in her ass.

“What you are twenty five and you have not please a woman this way?” Kate asked holding back her derisive laughter.

Bernie moved his head again from left to right wedging his face even deeper in her ass.

“Oh then I will have to teach you tomorrow when your mouth will be clean. In the mean time think about what I said in the bathroom it would be great to have a human toilet. I am excited just thinking about it.” Kate said before going back to her game.

Bernie’s tongue was getting tired he never worked it so hard for so long. The twins were beautiful but too cruel for his taste.

Kate played for another hour before getting up.

“I don’t need you anymore Bernie.” Kate said as she went to the bathroom to take a shower.

He kept doing his chores making himself scarce in case the evil twins would have bad ideas if they saw him. He ate his diner alone in his room. He had just finished when Kim found him.

“Come with me you lucky man. Kate told me that she let you admire her ass today.” Kim said over her shoulder.

Bernie followed her watching her ass sway under that mini skirt. When they reach her room she went in the bathroom. He knelt beside the toilet without being told and watched Kim pull down her skirt and panties.

“Good boy here as a reward you can look at my ass. Do you like it?” Kim asked him before sitting down on the toilet.

“Yes it’s beautiful but I don’t like cleaning it with my tongue.” Bernie answered.

Kim took his chin delicately in her hand and looked in his eyes as she was stinking up the place with her feces.

“You know that letting you clean my ass with your tongue is very intimate. I never done that with anyone else and it feel so good having your tongue cleaning my asshole.” Kim said with a small shiver of pleasure.

“I hate the taste.” He answered.

“That is not a problem! The solution is learning to love it. Then it will be a lot more fun for you. Now get to work.” Kim said standing up and opening her legs.

Bernie was lapping at her cunt trying to get all the droplets.

“Is it true that you never went down on a girl?” Kim asked him.

He nodded yes as she was turning around. “I…I…I…” Was all he could answer.

“Don’t feel bad. It’s all right.”Kim said.

“I wanted to but I could not find anybody to do it with. Girls don’t go for guys like me.” Bernie answered.

He put his hands on her cheeks to spread them. He closed his eyes and started licking. Then he put his tongue on her asshole and pushed. It easily went in and he rimmed her the best he could.

“You are very good at this. You should give a serious thought at Kate’s suggestion of being a human toilet. It’s exciting just thinking about it. Anyway you will see our asses a lot more often from now on. See you tomorrow.” Kim said walking in the shower stall.

Bernie was finishing his morning coffee when Kate appeared in the kitchen door and made a sign for him to follow her.

When they reached Kate’s room he followed her in the bathroom and knelt beside the toilet.

“You remembered. Excellent! Have you considered my suggestion?” Kate asked as she was peeing.

“No I don’t want to be your toilet.” Bernie answered reddening.

He had thought about it. The taste of their shit was so repulsive. He had fantasizes of drinking their pee but it did not go any further.

“Picture this scene. You would have your lips around my asshole and it would expand in your mouth. I would feel your tongue in me and feel a turd. I would be pushing it out. Then my shit would be at your throat on the way to your stomach because you would have swallowed it. It is so exciting just thinking about it.” Kate said standing up and opening her legs.

Bernie was lapping at het cunt doing his best to get all of her pee.

“You are really good at this. Here French my asshole maybe a little taste of my shit will help you accept my suggestion.” She said turning around.

“I don’t like the taste. Even if I French your asshole right now it will not help convince me to be your toilet.” Bernie answered as Kim was walking in.

“What? Should I save my pee? You convince him to be our toilet?” Kim asked.

“Not yet! He was going to French kiss my asshole to get a taste of what he is missing. It would be so sensual and so exciting. Don’t you agree Kim?” Kate said as she was pushing her ass in his face.

“Oh yes it would be exciting. I think that I would have an orgasm if we were to shit in his mouth. Anyway it would be the most any men as ever done for me.” Kim said as she was peeing.

“Don’t kiss me yet Bernie. Keep your mouth clean for Kim.” Kate said at the last minute.

“Ok Bernie my turn.” Kim said.

Bernie was in front of Kim lapping away.

“You would be our toilet. You can accept to do it with me it’s the same as accepting directly with Kate.” Kim told him.

When he was done Kate pushed her ass in his face.

“French kiss my asshole.” Kate ordered.

Kim had left for the kitchen where she told her mom about the bathroom scene.

“Look in the beginning you would not have to chew anything. I would let you swallow my turds whole. You would simply open your throat and let them go down. I am willing to try shitting standing up. The gravity would help my shit go down your throat.” Kate said with a pleasure shiver that was felt by Bernie.

Bernie was moving his head from left to right thinking it was strange that she would shiver as Kim.

He could not see the big smile on Kate’s face.

“Think about it Bernie. Think of all the pleasure you would give us. Don’t forget I want you in my room at ten for your lesson on how to eat a woman and clean your mouth.” Kate said over her shoulder as she left to get her breakfast.

Bernie went back to his room and washed his mouth then he took a long shower.

At 10 he was knocking on Kate’s door. When she said come in he saw that Kim was there too.

“Hey right on time.” Kate said with a big smile.

“So what do you know about eating a woman to orgasm?” Kim asked.

“Euh not much. I thought that I would be alone with Kate?” Bernie answered.

“You know that we do everything together. Don’t be shy.” Kate said laughing when he blushed.

They look stunning in their matching summer dresses Kate in yellow and Kim in pink.

“OK lie down with your head on the small cushion.” Kate said as she was taking off her panties.

She kept her summer dress on and she straddled his head. She grabbed the helm of her dress and sat down on his chest. She was looking into his eyes. Her thighs were on each side of his face.

“Now your lady friend as to be in the mood. Either by making out or by thinking of something that would give her an orgasm like what I suggested again this morning in the bathroom.” Kate said as she moved her cunt over his face.

“See I am already wet just thinking about it. You have to start from the outside and move in. Kiss then lick my lips before sucking lightly on them.” Kate said seated on his chest.

Bernie kissed and licked her lips alternating from left to right then he softly suck on each one.

“You see I am opening up as my lips are gorging up with blood. That’s good! Now move in and lick my clit. The little erected thing. Haaaa! That’s it! Lick it again make your tongue more stiff yes like that. Don’t stop licking. You can alternate with sucking. Yessss. Now move down to my vagina. Make your tongue hard and fuck my vagina. Haaaa! That’s good… more…. Faster. Lick my crack yes right there… harder…faster.” Kate said in a halting voice feeling her pleasure increase in waves.

Bernie had his mouth on her sex and he was drinking her heavenly juices. She tasted so good. He had never had such a raging hard on.

“Keep on going you are a natural Bernie. Follow your instincts.” Kim told him.

Bernie started to whip her clitoris with his tongue.

Kate had not anticipated that he would be so goooood she was caught in her own game and she was riding his face getting closer to a big climax.

Then Kim said to Kate:

“Think of using him as a toilet.”

Kate came hard on Bernie’s face. Pushing down on his chin.

He was very good at cunnilingus he would need only a little bit of practice. She remained seated. While Bernie was swallowing her come.

“Wow! Bernie you are excellent at that too.” Kate said after a few minutes getting back from her climax.

Bernie had ejaculated discreetly in his condom when she came on his face.

“Oh! Oh! We have a problem.” Kate announced.

“What is it?” Kim asked.

“I cannot get up without making a mess.” Kate said looking in Bernie’s eyes.

“Bernie you have to help her.” Kim said.

“Too late! Keep your mouth open Bernie.” Kate said.

Bernie was licking the outside of her lips when Kate had announced her problem. He was pinned under her and he could not close his mouth because she was still pressing on his jaw. Hot liquid started to fill his mouth.

“Sorry Bernie my orgasm was too big.” Kate said with a smile.

He tried to move his head from left to right when Kim squeezed his balls.

“I think you should swallow it now because your mouth sound full and I am not done.” Kate told him still remaining seated.

He knew that Kim would keep on inflicting pain to his balls if he disobeyed so he reluctantly swallowed. Kate gave him three more mouthfuls.

“Let’s switch places sis.” Kim said.

Kate stood up and Kim sat down on Bernie.

“You know what triggered my climax Bernie?” Kate asked him.

“No. You needed a trigger?” Bernie answered still feeling happy because he succeeded in giving her an orgasm with is mouth.

“I thought of you as my toilet. I came that hard on a mental image. Imagine how exciting it would be if it were for real. I think I would have an orgasm like Kim said she would.” Kate said with a big smile.

“Now open up Bernie I need to pee.” Kim said as she was positioning herself over his mouth.

Bernie never had time to voice any objection. He felt a hand on his balls and he opened his mouth.

“Here we go.” Kim said as she was rapidly filing his mouth.

Bernie thought that pee was tasting less vile than shit. He did not want to be an ass wipe even less a toilet. Still he was drinking the pee of the twins and he enjoyed it.

He swallowed another three mouthfuls.

When Kim was done peeing she turned around and sat her perfect ass on his face.

“You know the drill Bernie get that tongue of yours in there.” Kim said.

“I have great news for you Bernie you are now “drum roll” our piss toilet. I am so happy that you swallowed it all.” Kate said.

Bernie was moving his head from left to right pushing his tongue a little bit deeper in Kim’s asshole.

“Bernie you did not resist much and you swallowed it. So it must not be that bad. I think that you liked it.” Kim said over her shoulder.

Bernie had loved it he did not want to admit it openly to them. He had ejaculated when Kate had her climax and he had ejaculated again when they had peed in his mouth.

His condom was pierced and he did not know that his semen was soaking through his beige khaki shorts.

“Kate look at this.” Kim said pointing to Bernie’s crotch...

“What is this Kim? We should investigate further.” Kate said and she pulled down Bernie’s short zipper.

“EW! His underwear are full of it.” Kim said.

Kate lowered Bernie’s shorts and underwear to reveal his erection and his pierced condom.

“Well I can see that he is happy to push his tongue up my ass.” Kim answered.

Bernie was feeling ashamed to have been discovered. He did not want them to know that he was enjoying being used by them.

“Kim you should look the other way.” Kate said.

Bernie saw Kate taking photos of Kim seated on his face and of his erection.

“Here look at those shots. You are not the only one who is good at taking photos.” Kate said laughing.

“Hey Bernie maybe we should publish those photos for small penis fans?” Kim said laughing.

“Think about it if you let Kim push her shit down your throat you might give her an orgasm.” Kate said looking into his eyes.

Bernie was moving his head from left to right vigorously.

“I think he is trying to get his tongue in deeper. Keep doing it. I like that, it feels good Bernie.” Kim said sincerely.

After a half hour Kim stood up and released Bernie.

“Bye piss toilet.” Kim said.

“No! I am not! It can’t be! I could not escape when Kate and you peed in my mouth I did not have a choice. I was pinned down. You set me up.” Bernie argued.

“But you swallowed it all.” Kim said smiling as she was pulling up her panties.

“You pinched my nose and you squeezed my balls to make me.” Bernie said.

Kim’s phone beeped.

“Oh look photos coming from Kate.” Kim said.

He could see himself with his tongue in Kim’s asshole and his shorts with a dark spot. Then some shots of his soaked underwear and finally of his penis in the leaking condom.

“So you were saying toilet?” Kim asked in a harsh tone.

“Nothing” Bernie mumbled and left.

He was trimming the bushes after mowing the lawn. He had loved eating Kate and her juices tasted so good. He was looking forward to do it again. He had given her an orgasm. Sure he had wished to drink their piss once or twice not all the time. Then a voice broke in his train of thought.

“Time for a drink Bernie.” Kim was standing beside him.

“Not here. Everybody will see us.” Bernie said nervously.

“So I don’t mind. My dress would cover you.” Kim said to tease him.

“You can’t be serious.”Bernie answered nervously looking around.

“I am messing with you. Let’s go in the garage. It was fun to watch you panic.” Kim said laughing.

Bernie was relieved to follow her nice swaying ass. He knelt where she pointed.

“You have to lower my panties and let me step out of them.” Kim instructed.

He put his thumbs under the elastic band and lowered them to the ground.

“Now put your lips on mine. Stick your tongue out it will help me positioned my peehole. Good. Keep your mouth open. Here we go.” Kim said as she started to pee.

It was fun to pee standing up. She would have to find out soon how good he was at cunilingus.

Bernie felt his mouth filling rapidly. He tried to swallow and choked on it.

“Nice try but you will make a mess if you keep on choking. So tap me lightly when you need to swallow.” Kim said gently.

It was more important for Kim that he swallowed her pee. It would reinforce his acceptance of his toilet duties. He could try to keep up another time.

Bernie had another erection. It was exciting to be under her dress and have his mouth on Kim’s lips. He wished that she would ask him to practice cunnilingus. His mouth was filled again so he tapped her thigh and she stop. When he had swallowed he put his mouth on her lips again and she filled his mouth a last time.

“It’s a lot cleaner this way. There would be a lot less to clean up if you were to let us shit in your mouth.” Kim said.

Bernie was shaking his head from left to right even if he was hidden under her dress.

“I don’t hear anything. So is that a yes?” Kim asked taking a few steps back to look at him.

“No…No... I don’t want to do that.”Bernie said in a low voice.

“Are you sure? Because you are already saying it lower.”Kim said as she was gently lifting his chin to look into his eyes.

“Yes. I am sure.” Bernie said a little louder.

“Too bad I did not take a dump yet. I would love to be the first to sensually feed you my shit. It would be even more exciting knowing that I am the first one.” Kim said leaving him on the garage floor.

Bernie watched her walk away when she was in the house he realized that he still had her panties in his hand.

He finished trimming the bushes and watered the flower. Then he went to his room to surf the internet. He wanted to check his messages.

Kate surprised him in his room.

“Hello potty boy. On your knees now!” Kate ordered pointing in front of her.

When Bernie was in position.

“Take off my panties.” Kate ordered.

Once he had lowered them to the floor she took a step toward him. Without being told he lifted the helm of her dress and put his mouth on her lips.

“Good. I see that Kim as peed in your mouth. So tap me when you will need to swallow.” Kate said as she started to pee.

She filled up his mouth in no time. He tapped her swallowed and put is mouth to her lips again. They repeated the process one more time.

“That was so good wasn’t it?” Kate said.

“Not really Kate. You are blackmailing me into drinking your pee.” Bernie said.

“Anybody would ask me or Kim why we are using you right now. The answer would be you begged us to use you. Also all those panties full of your DNA would sent you to prison for rape for a long time.” Kate said.

“But I never attempted to rape you. You hacked my e-mail account and got my contact list to blackmail me.”Bernie answered.

“Who will the people believe? Two beautiful women that can pick up whoever they like or the little pervert? We are two you are one. So make the best of it and don’t piss me off again.”Kate said.

Bernie felt trapped.

“Oh I was forgetting go to Kim. She’s in her room.” Kate answered before leaving.

He knocked on Kim’s door.

“Come in Bernie. First I need to pee then you will wipe my ass.” Kim said.

Bernie lifted the helm of her dress and put his lips on hers.

“I love peeing in your mouth Bernie it makes me feel so good.” Kim said in their first break.

Again he drank two more mouthfuls. How could they pee so much? Bernie wondered.

“Would you like to try to give me an orgasm?” Kim asked softly.

“Oh yes I would.” Bernie answered then he tried to lick her sex but she pushed him away and turned around presenting her ass.

“Bernie! I want to shit in your mouth so will you let me?” Kim asked.

He moved back from under her dress still shaking his head.

“Aaaah come on Bernie. You only have to put your mouth around my asshole and put your tongue in it. I will push and my shit will go in your mouth then it will be at your throat that you will keep open to swallow it more easily. When your mouth will be empty you will simply put your tongue back in my asshole to signal me for some more shit. That will be so exciting.” Kim said with another shiver of pleasure.

“No…I don’t…want…that. I thought that you wanted me to eat you.” Bernie answered blushing.

“I cannot hold it in for ever. Are you sure you don’t want to?” Kim asked looking into his eyes.

“No…No…I…don’t. No…” Bernie answered lowering his eyes.

“You are tempted your hesitations are betraying you. You lowered your eyes indicating that you were lying.” Kim said a she was sitting on the toilet looking at Bernie.

“See I would have pushed four turds in your mouth. If you are afraid of choking I could try to pinch them off when you would tap me. So they would be smaller.” Kim said as she presented her ass to his face.

Bernie was opening her perfect ass with his hands as he was putting his tongue inside her Kim said:

“Friendly advice you should not argue with Kate she will get back at you for it. She sent me a text and she was pissed off. You were alone with her so there is no loss of face. She is right you know . If we send the photos to your friends you will be known as the pervert. If we press charges for rape you will go away for a long time. Two against one.”

His taste buds must be getting dull because her shit did not taste as strong today. Was he getting use to that taste? He hoped not .

“Bernie since your face will be in our asses often you should start shaving twice a day. I know you don’t have that much beard but I want to prevent chaffing.” Kim said with a smile.

“Understood. Can I go now?” Bernie asked.

“No we are going to my room I want to sit on your face. I want to enjoy those plump lips of yours while you tongue fuck my asshole.” Kim said.

She walked to her bed and picked up her tablet.

“Sit on the floor with your back to the bed. Now put your head on the bed.” Kim said as she was lifting up her dress.

Bernie saw her perfect ass descending on his face and got another hard on. Kim had taken her shoes off and she felt his erected penis with her foot. Bernie jumped when she touched him.

“You still like my ass on your face. Do you have a good condom on this time?” Kim asked.

Bernie tried to shake his head. She was seated with her full weight on his face.

“No. You are not wearing one?” Kim asked with her foot lightly brushing his thigh.

He could hardly answer her.

“Get naked.” she ordered as she was standing up.

Bernie got undress but he kept his underwear.

“The underwear too. I have seen naked men before.” Kim said.

Bernie blushing again took off his underwear.

“Stand up and put your hands behind your head and don’t move.” Kim said.

Kim got a few elastic bands that she used for her hair and attached them at the base of Bernie’s penis.

“Here we go. This way you will not lose your erection and you will not ejaculate. Now back in position.” Kim said smiling.

She sat down, adjusted her seating and when his tongue was deep in her asshole she started to tease him again with her foot. She did this because he would associate pleasure with her ass and the taste of her shit. Also she liked sitting on his face.

“He is still in your room good I need him to pee and to wipe me. Unless he has accepted my suggestion.” Kate said as she entered the bathroom.

“Nope not yet. I asked him and he refused.” Kim answered as she was getting up.

Bernie entered the bathroom and Kate was pointing in front of her. He knelt down and put his mouth on her lips.

“It’s so much fun to pee in your mouth. I could try to keep a small piece of a turd and then you would put your mouth on my asshole and I would push it in your mouth. It would be a start and we could increase the amount of shit that you would consume every day until you can eat it all.” Kate said as she was peeing in him.

Bernie was shaking his head from left to right.

“You will have to lick my juices and hurry up if I shit on the floor I’ll make you eat it.” Kate said.

Bernie had swallowed two mouthfuls and he was lapping at her sex rapidly. Abruptly she took a step back and sat on the toilet just in time. It was kind of explosive.

“It must be your lucky day Bernie because there will be a lot to clean up. I had Mexican food yesterday.”Kate said with a smile as she was standing up.

She was holding her dress up and presented her ass to Bernie. There was a lot on her ass cheeks and her thighs.

“Start by licking my ass cheeks and thighs clean and move in.” Kate ordered.

Bernie was moving his head in an up and down movement. Pulling in his tongue in his mouth often. There were a lot of pieces of shit.

“Does it taste better than Kim’s shit?” Kate asked.

“No not really it’s pretty much the same.” Bernie answered.

When he put his hands on her cheeks there was suction between them so he started to lick her crack to get some of the shit out. He finally reached her asshole and pushed to insert his tongue it was contracted.

“Wait Bernie I think I have a fart. I am still pissed off at you so you will have to eat it. Lie down I will sit on your mouth.” Kate said.

“Please don’t do that. It’s already awful to lick you clean. I will not piss you off anymore. Please.” Bernie begged.

“On your back! Now!” Kate ordered.

Bernie lied down on the cold tiled floor and saw her long legs straddle his head and her magnificent ass come down toward his face.

“Put your tongue in my asshole and keep your mouth open.” Kate said.

Bernie dreaded what was coming. Then her asshole quivered over his tongue he pushed it in and started rimming her. Like Kim’s her shit tasted less bad today.

She farted. A long fart that would have smeared her underwear.

Bernie was suffocating her fart had invaded his lungs and sinus. It was a stinky one. Also she had expelled some pieces of shit in his mouth.

“Open your mouth let me see.” Kate ordered as she stood up and turned around.

Bernie was trying to breath in some fresh air but is mouth was blocked by her pieces of shit.

“Oops! My bad. I did not know it would be a wet one so swallow that and finish cleaning me.” Kate said laughing.

Bernie got to his knees. He had to chew some of the shit in his mouth and surprisingly the taste was not as bad as he had expected.

“What are you waiting for?” Kate asked then she saw him chewing “Oh! That is good you wanted to savor my shit to get used to the taste. Swallow it or I’ll make you eat what is in the bowl.”

Bernie was nodding no and he swallowed with difficulty.

“No I did not want to choke.” He answered retching.

“Get use to it Bernie because I loved farting in your mouth. It should educate your mouth.” Kate said pushing her lovely ass in his face.

When he had rimmed her for about 5 minutes she said that he could go back to Kim.

“Are you ok Bernie you look queasy?” Kim asked when he walked in her room.

He nodded yes unable to speak he was concentrating to keep his gag reflex under control as he was sitting down near the bed.

“I made a fart eater out of him. It might help him to learn to love the taste of our shit because it was a wet one.” Kate said laughing.

“No you didn’t? Lucky you. May be he likes you better?” Kim said as she was adjusting her seat on his face.

He loved feeling her ass cheeks on his face and the crushing feeling of her weight. His erection was still there and he wished that she would let him ejaculate.

“Have you been drinking a lot of water?” Kim asked Kate.

“Yeah. I drank a gallon I think.” Kate answered.

“A gallon?” Kim asked.

“It’s a figure of speech. I drank a lot so I could pee a lot. It’s so much fun to pee in his mouth.” Kate said.

“Yes it is. I can hardly wait to take a shit in it.” Kim said.

Bernie was negating under Kim’s ass.

“Oh! Bernie keep on trying to push your tongue deeper. You know that by eating our farts you will be more at risk of having some shit in your mouth?” Kim asked.

For once he nodded yes.

“He did have some this fart was really wet. Here look.” Kate said giggling.

“Bernie you have to remember that whatever goes into your mouth you have to swallow it.” Kim said.

He nodded yes again.

“Let’s go to out for dinner.” Kate said

“What would be good? Pizza?” Kim suggested.

“Yes. Let’s go I am hungry.” Kate answered.

Bernie dressed up slowly he went to do his chores he was not hungry. After starting a load of laundry he went to clean the pool. When he was done he started working on his resume to find a job. He felt deep down that his resolve to refuse to let them shit in his mouth was weakening. The taste of their shit was still awful but more neutral now.

The girls came back around seven and Karen was waiting for them with a glass of wine.

“Hi girls you look lovely tonight.” Karen said looking at them.

“Thanks Mom.” They answered smiling as they look at each other.

“What mischief have you done?” Karen asked.

“No mischief Mom. We have educated Bernie a little more. He is so good that I promoted him to fart eater.” Kate said bursting in laughter.

“She did. Now he also knows how to eat a woman.” Kim said pouring two glasses of wine.

“Is he any good?” Karen asked.

“OH! Yes he is. I came hard on his face and he cleaned my juices without being told. This afternoon was even more eventful. Here look at these photos.” Kate said getting up to show her phone to her Mom.

“Thank you so what is the plan for tomorrow?” Karen asked.

“Well…”Kim started.

They drank another bottle of wine planning Bernie’s ordeal and they decided to go to bed.

Bernie was awoken in the middle of the night by Kate.

“Get on your knees. I need to pee.” Kate ordered as she was lifting her nightgown.

Bernie sleepily put his open mouth under her lips. He drank three mouthfuls. It must have been the wine he thought. His bladder signaled that it was full also. After peeing when he turned around in the bathroom Kim was in the doorway. She looked sad.

“Can I help you Kim?” Bernie asked.

“I need to pee.” She said wiping a tear.

Bernie got in position.

“Why do you love Kate more than me?” She asked him as she was finishing filling his mouth for the third time.

He swallowed. “I don’t love Kate more than you. What gave you that idea?” he asked.

“You did let her shit in your mouth and you chewed it before swallowing it.” Kim said wiping another tear.

“I chewed it to avoid choking on it. She threatened to make me eat the content of the toilet if I did not swallow what was in my mouth.” Bernie answered.

“Still you did let her shit in your mouth.” She said wiping another tear.

“It was a wet fart. I did not know it would be like that.” Bernie answered.

“Will you let me shit in your mouth tomorrow?” Kim asked him with tears in her eyes.

“It means that much to you?” Bernie asked.

“Oh yes. It would be so delightful to fill your mouth with my shit. Knowing that you would be forced to swallow it.”Kim answered.

“How would that be so delightful?”Bernie asked.

“I have to confess that it is a big turn on for me. Who else would do this for me? I know that you like having my ass in your face and I like sitting on it. So it would be like the next step. You have not refuse yet please don’t tease me.” She said with sparkling eyes.

“I am not teasing you…” He started to say when she hugged him. His face was in her firm breast.

“Ew! You should take a shower. I want to be certain: you will let me shit in your mouth?” She asked with a big smile.

“Yes I will but please don’t push too hard and I don’t want to chew it.” He said.

“We will do it as you wish. Anyway we will discuss it tomorrow when I will need you. I am so happy I will realize my dream.” She said as she was leaving.

Bernie returned to bed. It would not be that bad. He had survived the terrible wet fart of Kate he would survive Kim shitting in his mouth once. In the back of his mind he had the feeling that he had walked right into a trap.

“I WON.” Kim texted to Kate and Karen as she was going back to her room.

Kate was waiting for her.

“He agreed? Really?” Kate asked smiling.

“He did but you are not supposed to know.” Kim answered laughing.

“He agreed!” Karen said hugging Kim.

“How did you do it?” Kate asked.

“A few tears and a big hug to seal the deal. His penis is small but I felt his erection on my thigh.” Kim said laughing.

“You’re sure that he agreed?” Karen asked again.

“Yes. I will reconfirm it tomorrow morning. I will still need your artificial tears Mom.” Kim said as she was getting in bed.

“Keep the bottle.” Karen said.

“Thanks Mom. I will text you two when I will be using him.” Kim said.

They went to bed and had sweet dreams. Bernie was tossing in his bed.

Bernie was emptying the dishwasher in silence with Karen seated at the table drinking her coffee and reading the news on her tablet when Kate signaled him.

He followed her to the bathroom. When his lips were on hers Kate started her flow.

“Have you thought of my suggestion? It would be odorless because I would not break the seal of your mouth around my asshole. It would be so exciting. Just talking about it got my juices flowing again.” Kate said as he was swallowing his first mouthful.

She filled his mouth two more times.

“Clean my juices.” Kate ordered. Bernie was happy to taste her heavenly juices. Then she turned around.

“Here have a taste of what you are missing.” Kate said as she pushed her ass in his face.

Bernie was rimming her when Kim walked in.

“Good Morning you two. My turn.” Kim said.

“Here he is all yours. He is very good at this and he’s getting better every day.” Kate said with a smile as she was leaving.

Bernie had his lips on Kim’s and she was peeing. He tried to swallow some and it worked. He did not choke and he tapped her. He swallowed and sat back on his heel.

“Kim I want to try to keep up with your flow OK?” Bernie asked her.

“Sure. Ready? Here we go.” Kim said as she started her flow again.

Bernie drank it all without spilling a drop. It was faster this way.

Kim took a step back and took his chin in her hand to look into his eyes. Bernie could not believe how beautiful she was. A perfect hourglass figure. He could have drowned in those big sparkling eyes.

“Tell me I did not dream last night.”Kim said.

“You did not dream I agreed to let you shit in my mouth.” Bernie said.

She turned around as she was pouring some tears in her eyes she felt him kiss her ass cheeks. Then she faced him again.

“You make me so happy.” Kim said showing him her tears.

“I have a few questions for you. How will you do it? Will you go slowly but fast enough for me to swallow your turds wholes?” Bernie asked nervously.

“Calm down Bernie. I will first sit on your face then we will move to the bathroom and you will be kneeling behind me with your face in my ass. If you have a problem you simply tap me.” Kim said with a devastating smile.

“I do not want to chew it please.” Bernie said.

“Here stay down. This how I think we should do it. See I am positioning my asshole on your mouth and then I will push. Your job is to keep your mouth around my asshole. If you want me to stop for an instant you tap me. When you are ready to continue you put your tongue in my asshole.” Kim said.

He could hear her happiness. So he put his tongue in her ass.

“That’s nice. If you keep your throat open it should go down easily and I will keep on pushing.” Kim said before taking a step forward to look at him.

“Thanks Kim.” Bernie said still nervous.

“You’re welcome. Breakfast I am hungry anyway you will eat it tomorrow.” Kim said going to the kitchen.

Bernie wanted to do it once for her. He would have to clarify this with Kim. He went and brushed his teeth. He dressed up and started his chores like distributing the clean clothes, washing the cars and so on.

The day was moving fast for Bernie. In the middle of the afternoon Kate peed in him before sending him to Kim. He had skipped lunch to have more room in his stomach he was not hungry anyway.

“I only need to pee for now.” Kim said when he entered her room.

She was wearing another summer dress that was making her look fantastic.

“I want to…” Bernie started to say as she put her index on his mouth and shushed him.

“It’s urgent. I have a lot of pee for you. Keep up ok.” She said as she was pushing down on his shoulders.

They were still in her bedroom Bernie realized if he spilled a drop it would be on the carpet. However he did keep up with her.

“You are so good at this. Kate agrees that it’s so much better since you keep up with our flow. That’s a good omen for later. Lick my juices you started to get me going there.” Kim said as she was finishing.

Bernie was excited to taste her juices for the first time the flavor was similar to Kate’s but different at the same time. They were identical twins. He did not really care. She did not stop him and she came on his face. She was more discreet than Kate Bernie thought.

“Take off your clothes so if we make a mess later they will stay clean. Now I want to sit on your face.” She said as she was getting the game controller.

He saw her fabulous ass coming toward his face and got an erection. He stuck his tongue out and she impaled her asshole on it.

“That’s good. I am getting excited again. You know why, don’t you?” She asked and he nodded yes.

He is so gullible Kim thought. She was excited because she had surf on Bernie’s preferred sites. He was in for a wild ride. They had some good tips.

“I can see that you are happy to stick your tongue up my ass.” Kim said when she noticed his erection.

Bernie was pushing his tongue as far as it would go.

“I feel it coming.” Kim said remaining seated.

Bernie could not tap her she had pinned his arms with her legs. He moved his head from left to right.

“I’ll get up soon Bernie.” Kim said as she was texting Kate.

He felt a mass pushing on the tip of his tongue. He was a little bit nervous.

“Get Mom and join us in the bathroom bring your phone I want pictures.” Kim had written.

“OK let’s go I feel that it is close now.” Kim said.

She got up and went briskly in the bathroom with Bernie right behind her.

He knelt down and put his head under her dress and admired her ass.

“What are you doing Bernie?” Kim asked.

“Admiring your perfect ass Kim.” Bernie answered.

“Thank you for the compliment but I need your mouth around my asshole right now.” Kim said pushing her ass in his face.

Bernie put a hand on each ass cheek and pushed his face in when his tongue touched her wet asshole he pushed it in. He could not go far so he pulled his tongue back in his mouth.

She pushed her ass on his face. Her asshole was quivering and it started expanding in his mouth. Kim put her left hand behind his head. He felt the tip of a turd coming out. He swallowed some saliva and he sucked on her asshole a little.

“Oh! Yes! Bernie swallow my turd.” She pushed a little bit harder.

Her turd was at his throat he swallowed and part of it went down. He swallowed again and another piece went down. He felt her asshole close and he kept his mouth around it. He swallowed the rest of the first turd.

“Hurry Bernie I have some more and I will not be able to keep it in much longer.” Kim said.

He had forgotten to put his tongue back in. He did and her asshole was still obstructed. It opened again in his mouth. Her second turd was coming out faster than the first one. Bernie taped her but it kept coming.

“I cannot stop it Bernie. Keep on swallowing.” Kim said as she kept on pushing this long turd in his mouth.

Bernie was swallowing as fast as he could. He felt her asshole closing again. He swallowed what was left in his mouth and stuck his tongue in her.

“Yessss! This is the best thing we have ever done. I love doing this Bernie. Ah yes put your tongue in. Here is some more.” Kim said still holding his head.

He felt her asshole open again and he swallowed as soon that it was on his tongue. She kept on pushing hard.

“I am done. Please keep some in your mouth I want to see it.” Kim said when her asshole closed.

Bernie nodded yes and kept the end of her turd in his mouth. He hoped that she would be happy it was about a mouthful.

He tapped her and she took a step forward. Bernie was blinded by the flash of Kate’s phone.

“Yes great shots. I love it.” Kate said.

When Bernie saw Kate take the photos he knew that he was had again. He looked at Kim.

“Open your mouth Bernie.” Kim ordered.

”Wow your mouth is packed. Don’t swallow yet. Does it taste good?”Kate said.

Bernie shook his head no.

Kate took a few more photos.

“OK Swallow. You still have to clean me.” Kim said.

Bernie was blushing now he could not avoid eating Kate’s shit.

“You’re a good shit eater. That felt so great and you made it better by keeping up.”Kim said with a big smile.

“Don’t you want him to chew it?” Kate asked.

“Not on his first time and I had promised not to make him do that today. Tomorrow is another day. Anyway his mouth is coated he will get the full flavor. ” Kim said laughing.

“I am so happy Bernie that you have accepted to eat our shit directly from our asses.” Kate said.

“On your back Bernie.” Kim ordered.

“I wanted to do it only once for you Kim.” Bernie said.

“You are kidding? Do it only once? From now on you are our human toilet. Here is my perfect ass. Clean it go in deep.” Kim said as she adjusted her seating on his face.

“How was it to take a dump in his mouth?” Kate asked.

“It was great! He kept up with me even when I tried to make him choke by pushing as hard as I could. You will see I am almost done.” Kim said smiling.

“Surprise Bernie I had a little bit more.” Kim said as she pushed a little piece of shit in his mouth.

Bernie was licking the walls of her rectum. What had he agreed upon? That was a lot of shit that she fed him. But her ass is perfect and so is Kate’s he thought. Suddenly he heard the clicks of high heels.

“So how was it for the first time sweetie?”Karen asked Kim.

“It was great! We should have a lot of fun with him.”Kim said with a big smile.

“So you like my daughter’s asses Bernie. When you will be done here come and find me in my study. We have a lot to discuss and stay naked.”Karen ordered him.

Bernie was worried. Karen was beautiful but what did she want to discuss with him?

“That was excellent Bernie I leave you with Kate. Enjoy.” Kim said getting up.

“Stay down little one. I brought a cushion for your head and my tablet for reading. So here you can admire my perfect ass.” Kate said as she straddled his head.

Bernie got his erection back looking at her perfect ass. Then she sat down on his face.

“Stick your tongue out.” Kate said.

Bernie put his tongue in her asshole and she wiggled her ass to get his face in deeper. She could feel his breath in her crack.

After twenty minutes of rimming her ass he felt a turd with the tip of his tongue.

“This is going to be fabulous. I practiced pinching off my turds.” Kate said.

Bernie kept his lips around her asshole. Like Kim’s it quivered and then it expanded in his mouth. Then the first turd was on his tongue moving slowly toward his throat. He swallowed some saliva hoping it would move it faster. He did not want to keep it in his mouth afraid that she would make him chew it.

“This is so much better than I had expected.” Kate said as she pushed harder.

Her shit was soft and easy to swallow. Bernie was keeping up but he was feeling full. It was the fourth turd to come out.

“Wow. I am done clean me Bernie.” Kate said.

Bernie was trying to clear the load in his mouth. Finally he was done and he rimmed her.

“You see what you missed. It was out of this world Bernie. I nearly had an orgasm.” Kate said.

After a few minutes Kate stood up. She turned around and looked at him on the floor.

“I have been nice for our first time. In the future I will practice pinching my turds so you can chew them.” Kate said.

Bernie had just swallowed the last piece.

He felt bloated and he was thirsty. He drank a glass of water that made him throw up like never before and he felt a lot better when his stomach was empty. He brushed his teeth thoroughly and used half a bottle of mouth wash.

“Bernie! Where are you? Have you forgotten me?” Karen said in the intercom.

He hurried to Karen’s study.

“Come in Bernie.” Karen said in a stern voice.

She was seated in a lounge chair wearing a nice beige summer dress showing her long legs.

“Kneel in front of me” Karen said pointing.

Bernie knelt down and sat on his heels. He was uncomfortable to be naked in her presence. The first few days he had dreamed about kissing her long legs and giving her oral sex. Then he would have caressed her breast and penetrated her to take them both to nirvana. Then the twins had gotten on his back.

She uncrossed her legs and he got a glimpse of her naked sex when she stretched to pick up her tablet.

“I lost a big bet to my daughters Bernie. I thought that you would have been harder to train.” Karen said in a stern voice.

Bernie was keeping his hands in front of him to hide his erection.

“I want you to look at these images.” Karen said handing him her tablet.

Bernie blushed a deep red. He had thought that nobody knew about is laundry room sexual adventures.

“Any comments?” Karen asked him.

He shook his head.

“I have kept a few pairs of soil panties with your semen in them. I consulted with my lawyer and she said that it could mean a long time in jail.” Karen said.

“Please not jail. I beg you please.” Bernie said with tearful eyes.

“Well if you want to avoid jail you will sign some papers.” Karen said.

“OK I will. What are they for?” Bernie asked.

Bernie was very nervous and scared.

“They are your stay out of jail insurance in exchange for a small price. Now hurry up and sign the papers and we will have some fun after.” Karen said with a smile offering him a pen.

Bernie signed every contract without checking.

“Stay on your knees.” Karen said.

She verified all the documents then she stood in front of him.

“I am now your Mistress slave. You are my thing I own you now thanks to the papers you signed. I will use and abuse you to my heart content.” Karen said as she was peeing in him.

Bernie could not believe his ears.

“Put your head on my chair slave.” Karen ordered when he had cleaned her.

When Bernie was in position she turned around. The sight of her naked ass took his breath away.

He stuck his tongue out and she sat on it.

“That feels good. Let’s try something I always wanted to try with a slave.”

She started to push and her asshole expanded in his mouth. He felt the tip of the first turd coming out fast. He opened his throat and swallowed. She fed him many turds. He thought that it would never end but he managed to keep up with her.

“That was excellent slave. Keep some in your mouth I want to see.” Karen ordered as she was finishing up.

Bernie felt bloated and queasy. She had fed him a lot of shit.

“Show me slave.” Karen ordered.

He opened his mouth.

“Chew it” Karen ordered.

Bernie was trying his best but his nausea got him retching. He barely made it to the toilet. He threw up everything again.

“Well slave you will be punished for that. A toilet-slave has to keep down what he is fed. Finish cleaning me.” Karen said.

Bernie knelt behind her and tentatively put his hands on her ass cheeks.

“No hands! Your face only and clean me thoroughly or I will add to your punishment.” Karen said delighted for the excuse to punish him.

She had not moved her bowels for three days so the quantity had made him throw up she thought. He would get used to it. He would serve three women every day his stomach would expand in time. So I’ll help him with his punition. She thought.

She asked her girls to join her.

“Hi Mom.” Kim and Kate said as they came in with a bottle of champagne and three flutes.

“First business. I need you to sign all these documents as witness to his signature. On the upside you did make a human toilet out of him so I concede that you won the bet.” Karen said.

“Thanks Mom.” The twins answered.

“On the downside he threw up so as punishment he will be on a shit and piss only diet for the next two weeks.” Karen said looking at him.

“Sure Mom.” The girls answered together with a big smile.

“Now get in the queening chair slave we will start your new life with a long session of face sitting.” Karen ordered with a smile as Kim was popping open the champagne.
Jun 4, 2007
I agree, great story, very many thanks, more please, I like the way it seems to be moving to him being non consensual to the girls treatment of him.


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Jun 30, 2015
Excellent story. I'm glad I only needed one hand for the keyboard. Thanks for writing and sharing. I look forward to reading more about his upcoming adventures, growth as a toilet, and suffering at the hands of these ladies.