The Fart Closet NOW OPEN on C4S!

Closet Fetishist

Fart Fetish Writer
Sep 22, 2007
Los Angeles
Just over one year and one month ago, I was hoping to start a clip store. Unfortunately it's taken much longer than I thought it would...

But now, finally, I am proud and excited to say my clip store is now open! Together, with the unique domination style of Mistress Kasia, we are working on creating videos to fill the void in quality fart domination. As a long time fart fetish writer and fan of cruel domination content, I sincerely hope these videos are enjoyed within the fart fetish community.

Some videos that are already available include POV Fart Toilet, Morning Wind, Naptime Fart Slave, and A Gassy Night In.

Check out the C4S Store at and feel free to reach out to me with requests, custom video orders, or just to drop me a comment.