The gym toilet

Feb 7, 2011
This story was inspired by a real girl I actually saw at the gym today, she was gorgeous with an amazing body and ass which was really shown off by her tight lycra workout pants so this story is dedicated to her even though she will never know it lol.

The gym toilet

Micheal Gregory couldn’t do anything apart from just lay there looking up from the bottom of the ladies gym toilet that he had been installed into just over a week ago.
His body which was hidden out of sight under the floor was completely immobilised with tight straps wrapped around his head, neck, arms, thighs and feet so escaping his punishment was all but impossible.
He guessed though that even if by some miracle he did manage to escape the authorities would simply just capture him once again and install him back underneath the toilet while adding even more time onto his already long 3 year sentence so their was no other option for him than to simply lay there helplessly strapped up under the toilet while the girls using the gym continued to piss and shit all over his face.
He knew that he only had himself to blame for his situation though, he just hadn’t been able to control his urges late one evening at the same gym that he was now serving in as a toilet.
On that fateful night it was just him and an incredibly attractive blond haired girl in her early 20s in the weights area and he was just unable to keep his eyes from staring at her perfectly pearshaped behind.
She was wearing a nice and tight pair of lycra workout pants that only accentuated her curves so after staring at her for a while he just couldn’t resist walking over and having a go at chatting her up.
He knew that deep down a girl like that would be completely out of his league since he was certainly no alpha male and was instead just a short, skinny runt which was one of the main reasons he’d recently started going to the gym in the first place to try and build up some much needed muscle.
So even though he would pretty much have no chance at ever picking her up he was just so turned on by the sight of the sexy young girl working out in front of him that his arousal simply took charge as he walked over and tried to start up a conversation with her.
Unfortunately though as predicted she did turn out to be an extremely arrogant girl as she simply told him to get lost the second he tried to talk to her while looking at him as if he was some sort of disgusting piece of shit which ironically in the end would turn out being not that far away from the truth.
It was then however with a combination of anger and frustration he’d made that fateful spur of the moment decision to teach her a lesson and instead try and force himself on her, knowing it was the only way he would ever be able to touch such a gorgeous goddess of a woman.
He had then left the gym and waited outside in the carpark for her to come out and that was when he made his move, just as she was about to get inside her car he jumped her from behind and began putting his hands on her tight workout pants she was still wearing and started feeling up the contours of her ass.
Unfortunately for him though he didn’t get any further as she immediately began fighting back, biting, punching and kicking him until he finally lost his grip on her and she ran away screaming for help.
After that it didn’t take long for someone nearby to hear her screams and come to her aide before the police were then called to the scene.
After his failed rape attempt Michael had immediately begun to feel guilty about what he had just tried to do however he still decided to jump straight into his car and make a get away completely unaware that there were CCTV cameras outside the front of the gym which had captured everything including the attempted rape, his face and his car license plate number so it didn’t take long for the authorities to track him down.
It then took even less time for them to convict him under the harsh feminist inspired sex offender laws where he was sentenced to serve a minimum term of 3 years underneath the ladies gym toilet which would be at the same gym where he had tried to rape the innocent victim.
He remembered the words of the female judge and how she had so eloquently put it “so that the women at the gym can punish, humiliate and degrade you all they want, that means from now you’ll be treated as nothing more than simply a filthy, smelly toilet” which was exactly what he was going to be for the next 3 years.

He was then installed inside the toilet the very next day, even though he had begged and pleaded with the authorities not to put him under there it was all to no avail as the policeman instead simply put a gag straight over his mouth which had tight straps that extended underneath his chin and around his neck before then being pulled up and tightened to another strap located the back of his head meaning he would no longer be able to open his mouth and talk while installed underneath the toilet.
He was then forced to lie down on a special bench under the toilet where the rest of his body was strapped up tightly and a tube was put over his penis with another one around his rectum that came up through the bench for his own waste to be disposed of before the small part of floor above his body which was on a roller system was then rolled back over and clicked into place.
Only his gagged face was now visible from the bottom of the toilet bowl which was to be his new home for the next 3 years.

That had all happened one week ago and since then he had lost count of how many girls had shouted abuse at him, spat on him as well as pissed and shit all over his trapped face.
It had been an absolute nightmare for him but the worst part was knowing he still had 3 years to go before his sentence was up.

He was then once again bought back to reality of the moment as his thoughts were interrupted by the dreaded sound of the toilet door being opened as he then listened for the footsteps and waited for the inevitable girl to appear above him before lowering her workout pants down and sitting on the toilet above his face.
The only saving grace for him was that the toilet seat was pressure sensitive and sets off an automatic flush system which goes off 5 minutes after a lady gets up from the seat and washes all of her waste off his face, however to his dismay some of the more crueler girls would deliberately hover over the seat instead of sitting down on it so the automatic flush system wouldn’t activate and he would be forced to simply lay their with his face covered in a smelly mixture of their piss, shit and dirty toilet paper.
Fortunately though at this moment in time his face was now clear since the last girl to use the toilet around 8 minutes ago had sat down on the seat and had only peed on his face so the flush system had just finished washing the last of her urine and toilet paper off his face and down into the drain located below the top of his head.
This meant he now had a clear view of the next girl who was about to use him as he heard her footsteps getting closer until suddenly he was shocked and very surprised to see the familiar face of the same very attractive blond girl who he had tried to take advantage of only a week before then suddenly come into view and look straight down at him.
She had her blond hair pulled back into a ponytail as her blue eyes continued staring at him for a few more moments then without saying a single word she simply spat on his face before then saying angrily

“I thought you were disgusting when you had the nerve to come up and try to talk to me but then afterwards for you to put your filthy hands on me as well, it really makes me feel sick just thinking about it”

as she then collected some more flem from the back of her throat and spat on his face once again.

“Well at least your exactly where you belong now, underneath a toilet being pissed and shat on is where such an ugly, repulsive, pig like you should be”

As Micheal could only look on as she then began turning around until her back was now to him and he was once again able to see that perfectly shaped behind he had been dreaming of only one week ago when he was still a free man.
He had wanted more than anything to see it and in a few more moments he was about to get his wish, unfortunately though the circumstances under which he would be getting such an incredible view could only be described as horrendous and the only reason he was even getting the privilege of seeing it in the first place was so she could simply use him as a toilet.
He would once again only be able to look at her ass but never touch it, especially now with his arms immobilised with tight straps meaning he couldn’t even move an inch, in fact he was unable to even jerk off anymore, not that he had actually felt like jerking off since he’d been put under there anyway, with the vile smell of girls waste combined with their rancid farts they would sometimes do completely putting him off from wanting to masterbate whatsoever.

She then peeled down her tight black lycra workout pants, revealing her creamy white behind, as she began lowering herself down onto the seat.
However just before she was about to completely sit down she deliberately stopped a few inches above the toilet seat so the automatic flush system would not be set off and then proceeded to fart straight on him, with the loud foul noise seemingly echoing around the toilet bowl before the wave of smelly air then found it’s way into his nostrils, making him feel nauseous.
Then to Micheal’s dismay he watched on as her tight pink hairless asshole opened up and a thick, slightly mushy looking turd appeared before slowly sliding out of her anus until eventually falling directly down onto his face with a dull sounding splat.
The awful smell that then came immediately afterwards was even worse than her previous fart and made him feel like being sick, however she still wasn’t finished as she then pushed out 2 more smaller but still equally as smelly turds.
As he lay there with a face now full of shit he just couldn’t believe how such an attractive and fit looking girl was able to produce such vile and disgusting smell as he instinctively tried thrashing around to remove her freshly laid poo from his face which of course in reality was completely impossible due to his immobilized position.
He then watched with only one eye due to the other being covered in shit as she let out a steam of urine from her shaved pussy that cascaded straight down onto his upturned face as well, with her golden stream then splashing into his remaining eye, causing it to sting as it then started running down the sides of his cheeks.
She didn’t seem to be at all concerned about what she was doing to him or even caring in the slightest about the discomfort she was causing him, in fact the groans of agony he was now letting out seemed to make her that much happier and he had was sure he’d actually heard her laughing about it.
At least by now though her stream was starting to subside until only a few droplets of pee was left to drip down onto his wet urine and poo soaked face.
She then let out a sigh of relief as she reached over and began ripping off some toilet paper while he on the other hand could only look up now with blurry vision and watch through his painfully stinging eye as she wiped her ass and then pussy before dropping the soiled paper between her legs each time where it then fell down and landed on top of his upturned face while also covering his one remain eye.
He then heard her pull up her lycra pants while also saying to herself in a pleased tone of voice

“Boy that really does stink”

As she then paused for a moment before cruelly saying to him

“Just to let you know toilet boy, I’m the only one left in the gym and it’s just about to close for the night which means that no one else is going to be using you today so your automatic flush system won’t be set off until at least tomorrow morning and your going to have my smelly waste sitting on top of that ugly face of yours for the entire night so have a good sleep asshole”

As he then heard her slam the toilet lid shut which meant the smell would now circulate around the bowl and become even more intense as the night went on.
However all he could do was simply lay there in complete misery, wishing more than anything that he’d never set eyes on that gorgeous but extremely cruel young girl at the gym.
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Feb 7, 2011
incredibly erotic. pity she had a shaven pussy though. shaven is such a turn off.

Thank you guys for the comments. When it comes to shaven or hairy pussies I'm kinda partial to both, but for me personally I favour the younger girls between the ages of 18-29 to be nice and shaven but for the older more mature women between 30-50 to have a bit of a carpet in the downstairs department
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