The human chair


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Feb 18, 2003
Today I had the great opportunity to be a chair for Miss Fetish. I went to her house for a visit. About 30 minutes into my stay there, she decided she needed a cigarette. Now…I have never really seen her smoke. She hides this from me. I was lying on her bed while she made her way over to her computer and sat in the chair. She was about to light up when I asked her to come over to me. She hesitated and I asked her again, asking her not to light up for a moment. Ignoring my request she went ahead and lit her cig and then came over to me. I was a bit disappointed…I wanted her to trample me, light up and smoke as if I wasn’t even under her feet. She did something even better. Grabbing a magazine from her bed, she sat firmly down on my pelvis and put her feet on either side of my face, holding it securely between her soft pretty soles. Taking a puff on her cigarette, she lifted the magazine and dropped it squarely onto my face! She used her feet to squeeze my head/face and steady it underneath the magazine as she read. Occasionally she’d lift the magazine, look at me and use her feet to mash, grind and squash my face together. Tiring of that game, she decided to use her heels. Putting her heels together and forming a “V” with her feet, she put her heels down under my chin on my throat and pushed. I felt a tingling go through my body and I KNOW she felt my cock get hard underneath her cute little ass. Nevertheless, she didn’t let me up, but kept shoving her heels into my neck. This was repeated a few times on me. I held the Sprite can that she was flicking her ashes into in my left hand. It was all I could do to hold that steady for her as she crushed my windpipe under her beautiful feet. After a few moments she let me breath again and slapped the magazine back down onto my face to read. I just laid there in ecstasy under her until she finished her smoke and put the magazine away.