The irresistible feet and the movable objection.

Sep 8, 2002
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It was a bit of a surprise, the argument happening so long after the events that actually caused it. A surprise, and a shock, too – to find that Danni knew so much about what had happened in the old house, and about some of the things Geoff had got up to with her shoes, and even with her mum’s. Worse still, once it had come out, it had proved hard to bluff it out – verging on impossible. God, embarrassment and shame, in bucket loads. It now seemed, to Geoff, as if it might have been almost better if he’d just said that the evil stepsister could stay at his flat whilst she was in town – and her friend as well - no questions asked. Better, maybe, with no remarks made about her putting her feet all over everything? But then, that had been the truth of it - and it had seemed worth mentioning, when she’d first turned up from nowhere, mate in tow, and made her cheeky request. That was the way she’d always been, same as her mum had always been – like the whole world was for their use only. Geoff remembered the pair of them – stepmother and stepsister – from all the years he’d lived with them in his space, with him getting zero respect from either. Cleaning after them, taking calls for them, getting his stuff trodden all over in return.

He couldn’t help himself wondering how much harder still it would be, in his two bedroomed flat – when it had been hard enough in a four bed detached. Hard, in more ways than one. Alright, so the mate wasn’t the mother – but if she was anything to do with Danni, she was bound to be a handful, nonetheless? And she was definitely fit. So he’d made discouraging noises. He’d thought that might be the end of it?

Geoff would never have imagined that his chosen strategy carried with it such a risk. Never once had he realized what Danni had been carrying round in her head all this time. He’d never considered for one moment that she would have had the slightest idea about the hidden part of him, the flip side to the rage; the almost-adoration. He’d never have believed she’d have caught on to it: the bit inside his head that had always wanted what he supposedly resented. The part that enjoyed it beyond reason, every time a foot was playfully pressed into his body: the part of him that had actually craved it, when they suggested using him as a footstool; the part of his heart which leapt every time he found their wet footmarks on the bathroom floor, after one of their endless showers – or found boot prints in the front hallway, where they hadn’t wasted their time with the doormat. He’d never thought they’d had a clue about any of that – and he certainly hadn’t ever expected Danni to raise it, indignantly, as a bargaining chip in an attempt to oust him from his own bed, onto the lounge sofa – for two entire weeks.

‘I can’t believe you’re making an issue of all that,’ she’d said. ‘We always thought you’d secretly enjoyed it? I mean, come on – what about those things you were always leaving all over the floor, in the kinds of places where people were just bound to step on them? Like right by the front door, where there was almost no way to walk in without…’

Fuck, fuck, fuck. And her friend, just sat there, wide eyed. Hardly started into the subject, and suddenly Danni had jumped to somewhere completely nuclear. Talk about raising the stakes, to get her way. So typical, even that tactic. And Geoff had tried to counter, but it had only got worse.

‘By the door,’ he’d said, feebly trying to get back ground. ‘I’m not talking about by the door. I’m talking about my bed, my clothes. Stuff in my bedroom. My study work, from college…’
‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. And we suffered all the moans at the time, mum and me, even about those things. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I mean, how were we to know? Half the time it felt like it was deliberate, like, we actually thought that for some reason… like it was kind of a way of showing us you’d really accepted us, that you wanted us around? Right, so you’d do all that complaining and sulking - but we just thought that was part of the game you were playing. You never seemed to change anything: same floors, next day, just different stuff for us to step on… and, Jeeze, if we’re talking about the bedroom, what about what mum found in the drawers, or about… Geoff, are you sure you want to have this discussion? Or maybe you want to have it in private, or something? Because, I can honestly say, this is all new to me and it looks like somehow it’s kind of a surprise to you, too? But I don’t know how.’ She thought for a moment, turned to her friend – showing, if nothing else, that she was perfectly well aware she was there, hanging on every word. ‘Stace – do you want to give us ten. Just pop down to the shops, grab some wine, maybe?’

Wine? How fucking presumptuous was that? Ask to stay, and start going getting stuff to settle in for the night with before even getting the Okay? But then, in truth, Geoff was relieved. He hadn’t been sure what she’d say next, how much she truly knew. This was like a force ten thunderbolt into his subconscious, and he was in pieces, trying to regroup his composure. A break was going to be welcome. Some damage limitation? (Well, miracles do happen?)
‘Sure’ said Stacey. Grinning. And anything for you?’ she added, looking in my direction.
‘I, er, I, er… a couple of beers. Strongbow, maybe?’
‘That’d be fine,’ she said. Consider it a gift. And I guess this means…?’
‘For tonight,’ I agreed. ‘Definitely for tonight. And…’
‘And we’ll see how it goes, I guess? interrupted Danni. But it looks like we’ve got a bit of sorting out to do, before anything else. So if you just…?’
‘I’m gone’, said Stacey. And she was true to her word. Door shutting behind her.

‘You..’ I started.
‘Hang on just a second. Don’t you go putting this on me. I meant what I said. If you were so much against us, in the old place, what were you doing… what were you doing licking our fucking shoes, for a start? And that really is just for starters. I mean, now it seems like you’re trying to say you didn’t…’
What! What! Holy shit. How did she know that? Or had it been a lucky guess?
‘Yes, licking. And don’t go looking all like you don’t know what I’m on about. I saw you do it, more than once – and I wasn’t the only one. It’s not like the hallway was exactly private. I mean, from the top of the stairs, anyone could see… and those shoes by the door, they were always… I mean, we only took them off there if it was tipping with rain and stuff outside, where we’d been walking on shitty pavements and wet grass and mud and all sorts, and then you… but, I mean, what are you saying here? That we should have stopped you? That it was somehow our fault, for having… having what? Shoes? Feet? Tits? I mean, what is your problem, right now? How is it you’re saying that this was all down to me? Or to mum? And yes, she did know. Your dad didn’t, I don’t think – but then he was hardly ever there, but mum…’

How the hell do you reply to something like that? Even if you’d have had warning, how would you deny something which is described in a way which makes it feel like you were caught in the act, good and proper? She must really have known, all this time? She, and that witch Miranda… they’d never said a word, they’d just let him go on thinking… and all the time they must have been laughing their arses off… And Dad? Was it true, if they knew, that he definitely didn’t? Or was she just saying that, covering up, now she’d realized what a big deal this was?

* * *

Stacey saw the look on Geoff’s face. Like his whole world had caved in. She took pity, momentarily – realised this must be hard to hear, whatever the truth, especially if he genuinely hadn’t known they’d been in on it, or how many were in on the ‘secret’..?

‘What I’m saying is this, Geoff,’ she said. ‘It’s not like we minded all that much. We… we liked it, kind of. It’s just… it’s just we thought that you were Okay with us. And I mean, if you didn’t… I mean, like I keep coming back to, no one forced you…? All I’m saying is, how is it you’re getting funny about me staying, now, and coming up for reasons to put me off which are to do more with your own stuff, than with me or mum? That’s all. I just want to understand? Has something changed, or..?

* * *

And how do you tell somebody that a bunch of things like these actually fits together quite logically. How do you tell them that they’ve got it all, bang on – and that therein lies the problem, complete. You actually kissed the ground they’d walked on because you actually adored the way they behaved… like you were possessed by them, and especially by their cruel but sexy feet… and that nothing had changed. The problem was in the sameness, not in the difference. No way could Geoff had had Danni, and her damned size fives, parading round his flat day after day, without him being completely obsessed by them, all over again. It wasn’t as if the feelings had ever really gone away. He still sometimes wanked over the memories. Still sometimes got out the old bits of course work - some with muddy trainer prints, some with deep horseshoe indents, some with creases and rips – and he would still come in his pants, just looking at them, with just the smallest bit of stroking.

It was a hell of a hard half hour. It seemed to take forever for the admissions to spill out – but out they came, even if sometimes they emerged as “failures to deny” rather than open admissions. Sometimes, there were no words at all, just nods of cheek-flushed assent, which were aimed at the floor (where Geoff couldn’t meet her in the eye, and own up to it all). The thing was, no matter how painful the reality, there seemed no choice, no way to do anything but capitulate to her, shamefaced. Yes, it was true that he’d used his tongue to clean his stepsister’s boots and trainers, and to clean her mothers’ too – in fact, he’d used it on just about anything they’d ever actually worn on their hot, if destructive, feet. Yes, it was true that he’d left bits of food, course work, all kinds of clothing, where either Miranda or Danni would be almost certain to tread on them – so it wasn’t surprising, how often his stuff had ended up being trampled all over. Okay, so in defence of his earlier argument: there’d been casualties which he definitely had not invited. But it was the way in which their thoughtlessly placed feet somehow forever homed in on his special possessions, unaided, that had provoked the set ups. Thin line, between love and hate. All, in the end, about control? Like if he’d been the one to make it happen then he could live with it? - even if, after the event, his cock would often be that bit more rampant if something special had got fucked on the floor through their carelessness, rather than through Geoff’s planning. (He could remember one of Danni’s tricks that he’d particularly loathed – but had always come like a fountain over, afterwards – where she’d endlessly spill tea or coffee and then either walk it all round the house where Geoff would have to spend ages removing her sticky shoeprints from the laminate – or, worse still: she’d grab one of Geoff’s T-shirts from the washing, drop it on the floor, right in the puddle, and then press her toes onto it and shunt it around in the wet, like it was a foot-propelled mop. She’d even make jokes: “proper tea shirt now”, or “needed a wash, anyway?” And as often as not, it would end up with the pattern of her shoe all over the cotton, like tattoos, clear as anything in the places that were wettest and filthiest - with Geoff, making a point of demanding it was washed, and then usually wishing he hadn’t been so hasty with the evidence.)

Of course, it wasn’t like the pair of them weren’t attractive, even if in slightly different ways. Miranda, a little more petite, more Latin looking. Danni, sort of auburn haired, pretty, well shaped bones, maybe about ten stone eight… and it wasn’t like either of them was really horrible, even if sometimes they could be a bit self centred, even arrogant. And, hey, it was the arrogance, in the end, that Geoff knew he was virtually a slave to…

And here she was, back in front of him, after all this time. Black top, black jacket, jeans – black boots, thin heel. New looking, the boots – like all her stuff, always smart, even her shoes and boots, even her trainers (which although they’d sometimes been shitty underneath, had always looked clean and tidy on top).

And here was Geoff admitting that he’d been her little shoe whore, all those years.

* * *

‘Like them’ she asked.
‘The boots’ she said, trying not to laugh. It was so obvious what he’d been staring at even if, as always, he tried to make it look like he was interested in something else. Christ, like all those men on trains, buses – making out they were looking at their newspapers, or at adverts on the walls, when really they were checking out the goods. And plenty of them would go straight to the feet, with their lusty stares. Wasn’t a woman in the world worth her salt that didn’t know it, so how come men seemed cocooned in this little fantasy world, where the eyes, and the shifty expressions, somehow weren’t supposed to give them away? Silly sods. Nice, though, the power that was handed over by the pretence. Like, suddenly shoot them a look and they’d wince - like Geoff was wincing now (which was why Danni tried not even to smile too much, and certainly not to smirk or giggle). She didn’t hate him, not in the least – and she hadn’t meant this to be as tragically challenging as it had obviously turned out. She’d really thought he’d had more idea of what was common knowledge, and of what to expect from streetwise women. ‘It’s all right, you know, to like them?’ she said – getting back to the boots. ‘I mean, do you think I don’t spend time choosing? I care. I like it, if people think my feet look sexy in what I wear? I mean, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?’

He didn’t look convinced. But she could see he’d taken the point. She could see it had helped just the tiniest bit. Probably not the time to ask if he wanted to put his tongue to the soles, or give the uppers a nice little polish – but maybe? Maybe if he had a bit of time to think about it, this whole flat arrangement could work out way better than it had seemed for a while. She’d always liked him, deep down. If there was something he wanted, but couldn’t talk about… well, letting him enjoy himself with a bit of harmless fun wasn’t any great hardship, and might be a lot easier then offering rent? Just a question of finding out what it was he really wanted, rather than what he’d always claimed he’d wanted, which was clearly quite different – and then? Stace’d be cool, if all it that was involved was a little bit of flirting with something, and someone: a bit of play – even if it was a slightly unusual idea to flirt with. Her hubby wouldn’t have to know, and nor would Danni’s partner? Not like it was sleeping with someone. But she was digressing…

‘Danni?’ he said, bringing her back to the now.
‘Do you think I’m a complete twat? I mean, for a start, do you still want to stay?’
What! ‘Course I do.’ This time she allowed the smile. ‘God, aren’t you missing the point a bit, here? Nothing’s changed, for me – only for you. From when I was twenty, and you were – what, eighteen? – I always knew that you had a bit of a thing for me and mum, and maybe specially for our feet. We both knew, that’s what I’m saying. But we just thought, Okay. I mean, we never wanted you to be unhappy – no matter how you saw it, and even if we wound you up a bit, at times. So you messed round with our shoes? So what? You liked..? See, that’s all I’m, trying to get at, here. I mean, I’ve always thought that me and mum were more takers, and you’re more of a giver. But doesn’t that mean we shouldn’t have all been able to get on together, no problem? Perfect, in fact? No one should be getting hurt. It’s just about accepting what’s true?

Silience. She let it ride. Then. ‘Yeah, but…. It just felt like…. Like the pair of you were just walking all over me….’

Danni thought for a bit. Then she came back as honest as she thought was right. (She was never one to show the whole deck, although a few cards here and there often seemed in order.) “Okay, she admitted, finally. ‘Maybe we were, in a way. Not actually, of course. But what I’m saying is… what’s the problem with walking on someone, if that person is happy to be walked on? I mean, how is that wrong? And why does it have to be a problem…?’ She tailed off. The colour of his face was back to scarlet. After that little bit of apparent relaxation, it all seemed to have reverted…

There was another long silence. She let it ride again. Then, finally.

‘You said…. for real?’ He said.
‘Nothing’ he said. ‘Just, you’re right. I mean, if someone wanted you to…’

Silence, yet again. And this time, Danni ‘stepped’ in. She took a punt. She suddenly thought, for a moment, that she was starting to understand what this was really all about – and she thought it was worth a risk, to cut to the chase

‘Look if someone wanted me to do something, like, say, they wanted me to actually step on them – like I don’t know, let’s say like they’d be my footstool or something, like maybe if I needed to reach something down…? well, then they’d need to someplace I could do it – like, not in another room, thinking it was going to happen by accident, or not shouting abuse at me every time my feet got within two yards of them. But, sure… anyone I was Ok with, I’d step on them if they asked me. I mean, why the hell wouldn’t I? Probably enjoy it? So if you’re thinking about whether I’d really walk on someone… Well, does that answer your question?’

Geoff nodded.

‘Okay.’ Danni thought she was really getting warm now. Why not go for hotter? ‘And’ she asked, ‘does that mean you’ve maybe got something somewhere, needs reaching down?

‘Maybe’ he said. Sheepish.

‘Well all right then,’ Danni said. Almost relieved, although suddenly a little flushed herself. Well then, why don’t you go get me a cup of tea, while we’re waiting for the wine, and then you can show me what it is I need to reach. Then maybe we’d actually be getting somewhere?’

‘Tea? Sure,’ he said,

Geoff went off to the kitchen. Danni followed a minute or so later, to help. Funny – both of them seemed a little awkward, when the inevitable happened. As he handed her the cup, some of her drink spilled on the floor. Danni noticed it. She registered it, in a way that maybe she wouldn’t always have. She looked at the puddle. She looked at Geoff. ‘This a T-shirt job?’ she asked, sort of playful – but a little nervous, too. This was getting real.

* * *
Everything that Geoff was scared off started to happen, suddenly. He wasn’t sure if she was suggesting that he take off his top, to swish it round in that wet brown mess, pressed under the toe of her boot. Or maybe she was suggesting he might even want to get down there himself, on the floor, his top still on his body, and… either way, the thought of what might be about to happen was giving him an erection the size of the Empire State, and he couldn’t see how she could fail to notice. He knew damned well Danni would be good as her word, if he decided to play. Whatever ended up on the floor, she’d have her foot on it in a heartbeat. It was the type of girl she was, that she’d always been… that was what he’d always loved about her, and what made him hard, and what terrified him made him feel so exposed… Apart from anything else, this meant for sure that she’d known about the T-shirt stuff, too. But…

He made his decision.

He wasn’t able to look at her, as he pulled it over his head. Passed it to her, eyes almost shut, hardly daring…

‘You’re such a sweetie’ she said. She took it between her finger and thumb, held it over the spillage, let go… followed by that same old move: treading it into the puddle with her right foot, first with just the toes, and then putting the whole of her sole on it: his clean top, being shunted round the filthy floor, pressed underneath her boot. And then…

‘Go on,’ she said. ‘Be brave. You can use it to keep your skin off the cold floor? That’ll be your rug, and you’ll…. You’ll be mine. So, come on then, make your mind up. You wanted to know if I’d step on a real person. Well, get down there and find out.’

Geoff didn’t know what to say, where to look where to hide. His erection was coming almost to the point of leakage, already. The thing he’d wanted from Danni, if he was honest, for all of his adult life. He’d wanted her to stop walking all over his possessions, and walk all over his body instead. And those boots…

Geoff still didn’t look her in the eye. He just knelt, and then lay. He heard her kind of laugh. He thought, for a minute, that he was about to find out this was all some terrible wind-up. And then, suddenly, there was a pain in his back like nothing on earth, right in the centre, where she’d opted to stand right on his spine… shit, that was terrifying. And then another pain, similar, but near his shoulder blades. He could hardly stand the pressure and, to his surprise, he was already finding it hard to breath. He’d thought maybe she’d have done a practice run, or at least gone without the boots… yeah, but Danni was Danni. And now those killer heels had his flesh pinned like a fish under two inescapable hooks. It was more than just the sharpness, that often made him think of those metal tips in that way. It was the fact that he knew, this was something more than he could ever have dreamed of. Oh God: Danni.

And then, from nowhere, the ring on the door. Oh Hell, No , NO.
Jun 13, 2005
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Wow! Great as always! I think that youre one of the all time best writers. Can you give more detailed about them stepping and damaging his precious items like diploma, paper works, souvenirs, model cars etc... this parts of your stories just take my mind away but you generally keep them shorts..

Thanks again...


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Aug 19, 2002
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A well, what can I say.....:think:
It's the kind of writing Ste letto Does.........:clap::thumbsup2:

so YESSSSS, great start Ste letto

Thank you, for sure this is going to be a superb one

Nov 7, 2008
I'm def looking forward to reading more. The build-up was very very good. I would love to see what is actually going to take place now. I would absolutely love to see him turned into an everyday foot stool, especially his face.

I hope you post more
Sep 8, 2002
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Part 2

For a minute, it was total panic. Geoff knew full well it had to be Stacey at the door, and for a second or two he forgot that she had no key, no way to actually get in without someone opening up from the inside. It certainly brought him back to reality. Shit: this was all down to Danni – same as ever. She’d acted so calm, so matter of fact, right through the time they’d spent talking, that the things she was saying had started to seem reasonable. She’d talked about stepping on him, like it was the kind of thing people did all the time – as though there was a version of reality in which one lot of people could be lying on the grass in a park, nice summer’s day, and other people could come along and trample them in passing, as they meandered round in the sunshine – like the bodies under their feet were nothing but fallen leaves or old ice cream wrappers or something. That just wasn’t the way things happened. But still here it was, happening, right now – a twenty-five year old woman, who he’d known for years – but who all of a sudden was playing Queen of the Castle, standing on his bare back, wearing thin metal tipped heels, which were goring his skin like hell… and all like it was a reasonable thing to be doing. It wasn’t like she seemed in any rush to climb off, either, even with the ringing at the door. Seemed like ages, before the heel that was biting into his shoulder suddenly bit even deeper, and he heard the tap on the floor where she’d dropped the other foot down. Then, finally, the pain stopped. She ruffled his hear with her boot, briefly – before moving clear of him, allowing him up.

And that wasn’t the end of the problems. No shirt, no shirt. How was he going to explain that one away. After all, this was something else that wasn’t all that normal, either – spill something on the floor, and most people react by getting a cloth or a kitchen wipe. Most people don’t take off a clean, almost brand new, £25 GAP T-Shirt and invite their stepsister to grind it into the dirt with her foot. No way could he put that back on. It had a shitty patch on it, in the shape of her sole – which wasn’t surprising, but if he’d worn it again then it would have looked for all the world like he’d somehow had Danni’s boot pressed into his back. Which he had. Both boots, in fact. Which was why Geoff definitely didn’t want to invite the questions.

‘Can you get the door?’ he said.
‘Sure’ she said. Huge smile.
Geoff dived into his bedroom, started rifling through the drawers. He found another shirt, pulled it on quick sharp, and tried to calm himself. He heard Stacey’s voice, heard bottles clanking, heard her go into the kitchen.

Oh shit, Oh shit.

Geoff was too late, much too late, in getting back to the scene of the crime. And if he’d had any hope that Danni might have removed the evidence herself, he’d been clutching at straws. When he walked through the kitchen door, the update to his problem was there for him to see, plain as day. Not only was the evidence still lying exactly where it had been left, but it was being firmly pinned to the floor – yet again - by two serious looking stilettos. Only this time it wasn’t Danni, standing on it. It was Stacey – unpacking the wine onto the breakfast bar, with her heels drilling right into the cotton, not a care in the world. What, so hadn’t she seen it? Was there still a chance that Geoff could somehow kick the T-shirt to one side, once she’d moved, and prevent her from wondering how the clothing he’d been wearing when she went out had somehow got dropped on the floor and walked on by the time she’d got back…. especially given what she’d already heard being discussed… although, actually, it might not have been as hard as all that to account for the boot-shaped patch of shit. There was no reason, in theory, why she might not think it was one of her own feet that had just trampled the otherwise white material into the sopping brown-ness underneath, rather than one of Danni’s..? The two pairs of shoes were kind of similar, in shape..? Still a problem, though, explaining what the shirt had been doing on the floor, in a puddle of tea, in the first place.

Before Geoff had time to think it through any further it was too late. Stacey moved one foot, and snagged her heel on the cotton. She looked down – lifted her leg, untangled herself. She turned to face him – but still with one heel pinning the sleeve, still not completely moving away - and apparently not even considering kicking the offending article aside or, heaven forbid, picking it up.
‘You want the beer in the fridge?’ she asked.
Geoff couldn’t answer, at first.
Danni helped him out. ‘Should have thought so,’ she said.
‘Right you are,’ said Stacey. Then she did the unthinkable. She looked right at Geoff, and then down at the floor. She turned and poked at the T-shirt with the toe of her shoe. Hell of a design, that shoe had – like it was a lace up, but with a pointed front and a really narrow heel, and with patterns on the uppers, like with a brogue. Could have been mistaken for a boot, if she’d been wearing trousers, rather than the skirt… She turned back, to face Geoff. ‘Weren’t you just wearing that?’ she asked.

Geoff gave his millionth sheepish nod of the day.

‘Just as well you’re not wearing it now, then, I guess?’ she said. ‘I’m afraid I’ve just been treading all over it.’

No apology, Nothing. Just the facts, stated. God, was she some kind of clone? Different hair – dyed blond, page boy – and different build (maybe a bit heavier than Danni, but shapely rather than big) but the attitude: the attitude could have come out of Danni’s own personal handbook, no problem.

‘Isn’t she a star?’ said Danni. Trying not to laugh. ‘Oh, and don’t think she wouldn’t,’ she added. If you know what I mean?’

‘Wouldn’t what?’ said Stacey.

Danni touched her nose with her finger. And said nothing more. For the time being.

* * *

The next hour, in that flat, was one of the oddest in Geoff’s life. It was all small talk, and careful sipping of drinks. What shops were around? What cinemas? How long had he lived in his flat? More about him, perhaps, than about the two girls – like he was being quizzed, but like the answers were actually kind of blurry, even as they came out – like he was already drunk, when he knew that he wasn’t.

Turned out that Stacey was that bit older than Danni, and that they both worked in clothes retail. Both for the same chain, too – which made sense, the pair of them being in Nottingham, together.

Thing was, it was hard to make small talk when his head was full of questions about what he was going to do, if Danni came back to the business of the floor. His thoughts were full of that image, even though he hadn’t seen it (and he resented that he couldn’t ever actually see it: the woman, upright and triumphant, on the prone man. Her, on him. And he knew that she might well come back to it, because that would be her all over. He’d even noted a few sly winks, which made him nervous as hell, but which also made his cock stir like crazy, every time his concentration was hijacked, with the possibility of… Oh, Danni. You mad bitch, Danni. And those fucking feet!

Geoff knew, if he was honest, that the cat was well and truly out of the bag now. He knew that if he could stand it, then she’d play, for all she was worth. And he felt like somehow, if he backed away, after they’d both already made their first moves, then he’d be letting both of them down. Him, and her. Be brave. Be brave. Somewhere, over the rainbow…

No. Somewhere right under this roof. If you want it.

* * *
For Danni, the next couple of hours seemed to pass at a snail’s pace. Seemed to take everyone for ever to get the drinks down. No good opportunity, to get back to it - even if she could have figured exactly how she was going to rope in Stacey, and make sure there were no killjoys… and it was hard to keep patient. That had been one hell of a kick. Up, on his skin. And to think… at first, she’d thought it was an unlikely shot in the dark, and she hadn’t really believed she’d stumbled on what he was actually all about… But now...

Shit, all these years… and all she’d need to do was just… And fuck, had it been a good trip!

She wasn’t still was certain of exactly what floated his boat, to the finite details, or of exactly how far he’d let someone take it. But she felt a whole lot closer, and she wanted to get on with the testing…

* * *

Seven in the evening, Tuesday. Only a couple of hours after the two girls had made their entrance, and even less time since those few exchanges with Danni had altered Geoff’s whole outlook. And it wasn’t looking good for the football. Not that Geoff was as insistent, on this occasion, as he might otherwise have been. Stacey said she’d pay for pizza – since both girls would apparently be getting around £100 a night for subsistence, even though they’d checked out of the hotel (so she reckoned she could afford a couple of American Hots).

‘Nice one,’ said Danni. And she turned to Geoff. ‘And I guess, like the song says, two out of three ain’t bad?’

He knew exactly what she meant. Beer, pizza. So it had to be the match that was going to be in question. And in his own house, too.

‘Well’, she said. ‘What did you expect, given your guests are girls. Get a film on Box Office, eh? And we can blob on the settee? And you…. Well, I guess you can think of other ways to help us feel comfortable? Maybe get a bit of catching up done? If you’re up for it?’
Oh God! Was she really flagging an intent which he thought she was flagging, and so blatantly…? Did she think they could do a repeat, whilst..? Surely not. No, couldn’t be. She’d said she wanted to blob out? You don’t blob, standing up. Geoff still stared at her, though, disbelieving, hoping for a clue about that last jibe.


‘She picked up on it. She’d always been sharp - same as those damned heels of hers, which had been the kind she’d gone for since the dawn of time. Just meant,’ she said, ‘that maybe you could sort us out a couple of pillows, stuff to make us nice and comfy. That kind of thing. You’re not going to let us down now, are you?’ She lowered her voice. ‘Is there a problem? Or do you just need a bit of help - like, in the kitchen?’

‘No, no.’ he said. It’s fine. Whatever your ladyship wants…’ It was hard, to add those last words. But he managed them. They seemed to be needed.

‘Wow,’ said Stacey. ‘I could get used to this. And she winked at Geoff. God, surely Danni hadn’t..?

Oh, no. Surely they didn’t both know. Already?

* * *
It was at around eight in the evening that it came – the moment when Geoff suffered the first serious public indignity, at the hands of his two older guests. Or, at their feet, to be picky. A wonderfully and scary indignity, of the sort that he’d fantasized about for years, but which was still damned hard to allow to be inflicted, in practice. The film was up and running, the wine was flowing, the girls were laughing and joking at bits of the acting. Danni took her boots off, and Stacey did the same with her shoes, in time. White socks, and stockings, underneath – although Geoff had already known full well about Stacey’s black patterned stockings. Danni had her legs up on the sofa, for a while. They were kind of kidding around about it all – especially with there not being that much room, without an occasional kicking for Stacey. And then it came. ’Why don’t you come over here?’ Danni asked Geoff. ‘On the floor, here, by us. You can have one of these cushions?’
‘I’m okay here,’ Geoff said. Although he wasn’t all that comfortable in truth, his back against the radiator. Angie had always said he needed another chair…
‘Maybe,’ said Danni. ‘But I’m not. I need somewhere comfy to put my feet. And you’re the only comfy thing I can see, right now. So are you going to come over here and be an angel, or..?’
Stacey laughed. ‘God, Danni. Only you could have come up with that,’ she said.
‘Damn straight,’ said Danni.

Shit. This was it.

Geoff got up, slowly – in his own time. He didn’t want to look keen. He still wasn’t sure he wanted to go through with this, at all. Already, he could feel the reaction in his groin, and could imagine the additional embarrassment and shame that might be coming his way, very soon indeed. He knew, though, that if he really, really wanted this, then he had to take another plunge, another leap of faith. So he eventually crossed the room, and lay himself on the carpet, in front of the pair of them - more at Danni’s end of the sofa, than Stacey’s. He wasn’t allowed to get away with that.

‘Down a bit,’ said Danni. ‘There’s two of us, you know?’

Geoff moved. And no sooner was he in place, than two socked feet were plonked on top of him – one on his chest, and one on his gut. Wasn’t too long, either, before he felt two more similar pressure areas, top and bottom of his left thigh. So the stockings had joined in, too. Not long after that, either, when he got the first playful prod in the face from Danni’s toes. She stroked them over his mouth, and his nose – just quickly, but long enough for the scent of the socks to make itself known, even if the softness of them was kind of soothing.

Oh God, Oh God. It was happening. All his dreams, all his nightmares – bound together.

It was maybe two minutes after that, when the phone rang. Shit. Shit. Geoff was in two minds. He ought to get up, answer it. But then, that would mean him moving – and part of him liked that idea, the legitimate excuse, and part of him didn’t. How would he get back, for a start, without obviously choosing to? He needn’t have worried. Help was at hand, in resolving the situation.

‘I’ll get it,’ said Danni. ‘It’ll probably be home. He said he’d ring back’ And before Geoff could argue, she was standing, and a second later she did something unbelievable: she trod on him, full weight - right on his half-erect cock. Picked her spot, placed her foot where she specially shouldn’t have, and pressed down – with Geoff instantly getting a five star gravity lesson. Her, going up – the power of nature, trying to keep her on the ground. His groin, as the battlefield. Just for a moment, the resulting crush… and then she stepped off. And there it was, done. No warning. Geoff had literally had his cock walked on by his stepsister – as she’d made her way across the room to pick up a call which she had no way of knowing would even be intended for her. Wasn’t even her flat, after all…

‘Hi?’ she said. Gesturing at Stacey to use the remote, to put the film on pause. ‘Oh Ange, hi. Sorry, I thought it’d be Dave ringing back. I… sorry, I guess you…’

Danni looked amused. But not phased. The call was obviously for Geoff, given that Angie was his girlfriend - and he was still on the floor, with his recently flattened balls to worry about, and with some girl he hardly knew, still resting her feet on his thigh. But Danni didn’t seem like she was about to hand over to him, and didn’t seem at all interested in him or Stacey moving themselves. She was making it a good option for him to stay down, if he could hold his nerve…

‘Yeah, sure he’s here. No this is Danni. You know, Danni. Yeah……. No I was in town, working, and the hotel was shit, so me and Stacey…. …. Yeah, Stacey… … Oh, no, don’t worry. Nothing that’s a problem, She’s kind of like, my boss…?

Geoff shot Stacey a look, and found she was looking right back at him, like, almost laughing. ‘Yeah,’ she said. ‘But, I guess I wouldn’t have to tell you, it doesn’t always seem like it!’ Oh God. She wasn’t even exactly a friend. More… Oh, hell’s bells…

But Geoff didn’t have time to take that train of thought to its obvious station. Danni was making her way back to the sofa. Then she repeated exactly the same move as earlier. Right on Geoff’s privates, by way of getting her body up and over his, before slumping back onto the sofa, and …. putting her feet back on him, next to Stacey’s, and… carrying on talking to his girlfriend.

‘No… no, he didn’t know. It was kind of, spur of the moment. We were just close, and I got Stace to run us over… no, not like that, you know what I mean… and he’s been a real sweetheart…. But no, we didn’t check up front… probably should have, but… do you want to talk to him… Yeah, I’m fine, really. Doing quite well, and pleased to be up for the fortnight, catching up on a few things… yeah, mum’s good… and you…? That’s great.. so, shall I hand you over?…

Next think, Geoff was on the phone. Talking to Angie. While the two woman were sat there, up above him, all four feet still resting on his body – with Danni obviously amused by it. Geoff couldn’t see Stacey’s face, with Danni’s legs in the way. But chances were she was having a good laugh, too… and his cock was responding to the worsening humiliation. Getting bigger. Oh, shit.

* * *

Stacey was enjoying it. And a lot of things were going through her head, as she half considered what was happening in general, and half earwigged on the call. She’d always thought Danni was a bit of a pushy one, but this was classic. Wouldn’t mind introducing this, back at home. Your man, at your feet. Or, A man, at any rate. In truth, she might have let Geoff off from his role, temporarily, whilst he was phoning, if it had been just up to her – except, like Danni had let out, Stacey was the boss, even if only in working hours. She couldn’t be seen to back off, when neither Danni nor the guy on the floor were showing any signs of it – or it might have seemed like she had less nerve than her employee. Danni was a handful as it was, and although Stacey thought she had her measure, at work, she didn’t want to take risks, to tip the balance. In fact, she was going to have to do something about that little challenge she’d just been given. She knew enough of Danni, to know a challenge was exactly what it had amounted to. A double challenge, in fact: to her, and to the poor sod whose balls she’d just probably mashed to a pulp! Stepping on his cock! If Stacey was going to top that one, then she’d have to do something seriously out of order... poor, poor sod. She hoped, in part that there really was something in him that enjoyed this. Stacey sure as hell wouldn’t have, if it had been her down there, getting trampled.

And that conversation she’d heard earlier? Looked like Danni had been spot on with that, too - like she tended to be. He sent out mixed messages, to women. She obviously liked him, though. She’d talked him up, to Stacey, in the car on the way over – at the same time as giving a few clues that it might be an interesting stay. And it hadn’t taken long for it to start playing out. Felt okay, though, the way the first of the challenges had been handled. Felt like Stacey had made clear she wasn’t going to be part of some game that was just between the other two of them. (Although, to be fair, she didn’t think that was what Danni had been up to – but best to make sure.) His face, when he’d heard that remark about his T-shirt being trodden all over… priceless. Like, he’d obviously been trying so hard not to check out if Stacey still had her foot on the edges of it… and she really hadn’t been sure if he’d swallow it - where she could feel that she still had the sleeve of it between her heel and the floor - or whether he was actually wanting it, or whether he was about to burst into tears… but, she’d had to test the water. That thing couldn’t have got there by magic. He had to have taken it off, he had to have known it was down there, he had to have known it had been under someone’s foot, obvious as anything – and long before Stacey had come along and nailed it, had snagged the cotton… It was easy, too, to see why the claims had been made, that he invited it, whilst pretending he didn’t. Danni had a point. Did he really think the whole thing wasn’t transparent, even if the exact aim of it all wasn’t clear? Did he think women were retards?

Maybe he was just kind of backward about that kind of thing. In a nice way.

More and more interesting, the phone call, as it went on. Stacey would have been homing in on this situation more, if she’d been the girl on the other end.. two women, in your boyfriend’s flat? So, maybe the daft cow didn’t know exactly what was going on, or that the love of her life was on the floor at someone else’s feet, even as they talked, but even so… Stacey would have been in the car, and straight over, even without that knowledge. No bother. And she’d certainly have put a stop to all this, if she’d even had so much as a sniff of it. If a couple of chancers had come round, with their socks and stockings all over her own partner, they’d have been on their way to the door quick sharp. Him too, if he’d looked like he was enjoying it

She really hoped, though, that the woman on the other end wasn’t going to take umbrage, break up the party. Stacey felt a bitch, herself, disliking Angie for the fact that she might get uppity… but, that was the truth of how she felt. Stay home, little girl. Me and Danni, we’re having fun – at your expense, maybe – but what you don’t know won’t hurt, so just butt out. At least for now. (I have a feeling I could really enjoy this, so just let us be? And… )

And then the an idea came to her. Followed by another, and another. She could copy Danni, and dare to step right on his groin – but she could do it with her shoes back on! Although that might well amount to being some barbaric form of birth control! Or she could just do a little twist, with her stockinged foot, as she mimicked the walk over. Or… Poor, poor sod. If this was going to be a competition, then he was clearly going to be its number one loser...

Stacey opted for idea number 3. But she waited for the call to end, before putting the plan into place. Maybe Danni wouldn’t have waited. But Danni wasn’t to know any waiting was going on. There was no lack of face, with the invisible...

* * *

The call lasted maybe ten minutes, total. Geoff said his goodbyes, and sent Danni’s love – at her request – and then put the phone down by his side.

‘She alright?’ asked Danni. And Geoff could have sworn he heard a half-laugh, from the other end of the sofa. It made him feel a bit bad. Like it wasn’t just him that was involved in this. Chances were, he already had some kinds of marks on him, from Danni in the kitchen. And maybe it wasn’t fair… except, another part of him was saying it was that he should just be thinking of it as a bit of fun, like Danni obviously was, and like …. Her boss….. seemed to think, too…

Her boss. Jesus. And it was while he was still thinking this through, that the boss in question kind of shifted herself sideways in her seat, and moved her right foot, putting it back on him, firmly, but on a higher part of his thigh than before, just fractions of an inch from his still pulsing cock – before starting to flex her leg, or something… Geoff couldn’t tell exactly what she was doing, except every second or so his jeans would be pushed tighter against his cock by the rhythmic pressure from her toes… Christ, was she doing that on purpose? Was he now down on his own floor - with his stepsister’s boss, on his settee, deliberately teasing his cock with her stockinged foot… and, oh no… he should have guessed what would come next. Danni must have picked up on it, too, because barely a minute later Geoff felt mirror movements… her, sneaking her own left leg down, lower, toward Stacey’s. Kicking at the bottom of his T-shirt, searching out bare flesh… and suddenly Danni’s foot was so low down, it was almost sliding inside the waistline of the jeans… the front of her sock must have been near enough touching the elastic of his pants… a pincer movement, with his cock the only thing in the ever closing gap between the sock and the stockings… and, anyway, the gap wasn’t going to be big enough, for long, even if it stayed the same. He could feel the increased stirrings that this cruelly executed teasing was causing, fed by a fresh attack of furiously rushing blood - the tell tale rampant erection, forcing it’s way up towards Danni’s newly positioned toes. Fighting its way under the elastic, heading for the open air… There was every risk it would actually be visible, any second, to anyone looking carefully, if this carried on…!

He tried to keep cool. No point jumping up now, giving it away for sure… he just had to hope… but he was sure, as sure as was possible, that the extra growth meant his glans were now touching against something soft, but new. Not touching hard, but hard enough, for such a sensitive part of the body to be able to register it… and it wasn’t his pants, and it wasn’t his jeans… If the erection got any bigger, she’d be bound to feel… It was like one of the scariest, most incredible moments of Geoff’s life. Pity it wasn’t barefoot, because he always so loved that girl’s feet... but without the socks on, she’d have felt the sperm escape committee, hard at work, almost for sure. The one sock, and his cock, were definitely in contact. Anything more solid, and…

If she wasn’t aware, already, of course.

And one more massive problem, still to worry about. The tiniest move, from either of those girls, now, and there could be pre-cum, or worse. He had to pray, for a temporary halt to advances. If either of them were to move again, and land a foot on the bull’s eye, with any real pressure, over the next few seconds, then… And he wasn’t at all sure he was pinning his hopes on the right kind of girls, not to do exactly what he was dreading. If they raised it a notch, now…!

It wouldn’t just be sweat, the dampness round her toes…! There’s be a whole lot more of a soaking coming her way. Literally, coming.
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Part 3

(And, as always, thank you for the comments. They are always appreciated.)

Danni wouldn’t have thought she’d be the one to hold back, or change tack, when it had started getting really interesting. But that was the way it worked out, at least for a short while – helped, a little, by another phone call (which was to come quite soon after what was unfolding began to get a bit highly charged). It was the call, and what followed, which probably made the biggest changes of the night, but the immediate - and temporary - retreat was her own decision. And the reasons?

She’d known Geoff a long time, and grown up with him for quite a bit of her life. She liked him, respected him – in her own way. It probably shouldn’t have been a surprise to her that he’d developed a serious hard-on, from having his stepsister treading all over him. If he’d kissed and licked her shoes - and had been doing it for years – then the clues were all there. He liked her feet – or, maybe even, feet in general? But it now seemed to Danni as if it was the idea of actually being under them, that he specially enjoyed, even more than he’d enjoyed sniffing around in the places where they’d been, but had gone from – even if maybe there was no real proof of that. After all, it may well have been that he’d been getting off on it, exactly the same, even just from getting intimate with the shoes – because it wasn’t like sexual arousal had been what Danni was specially looking out for, at the time. She’d always been too far away, for a start – right at the top of those stairs. Maybe, even, too young, at 20 – not enough experience of life? Even so, she still felt she’d been a bit slow with some of the signs - because it was the underneath of the soles, when she thought back, that his tongue had usually seemed particularly attracted to, rather than the insides…

Ugggghhhh. The thought of it. Fine, for him to do it, if that’s what he wanted – in fact, it had always created some kind of evil satisfaction, inside her, thinking of him, licking away at the dirt off the streets, just because it was Danni, who’d brought it home on the bottoms of her feet - but it was still a bit gross. It wasn’t like she’d ever been someone to worry that much about exactly where she was walking, or about what she might be picking up from the pavements as she went along - and he’d have been one of the first, to point that fact out… Although, to be fair, she’d always made every possible attempt to steer clear of dog shit – for the sake of the shoes, more than for anything else

Maybe, though, it really WAS all coming together in some kind of pattern. His interest was apparently not so much in Danni’s feet, in themselves - but in the things, lying in her way, which ended up underneath them? It seemed like what he actually wanted, was to… to have swapped places, with those things..? and for her to have stepped all over him, in pretty much the same way as if he’d been a bit of old newspaper in a lift, or a proper mat - the same as she’d done with his computer project (although, in fairness, that was one of the times Danni had been truly apologetic - where the pages had got tragically reshaped, from just those couple of minutes of being sandwiched between her low-heeled DMs and the carpet, not to mention that he’d lost the original file, and couldn’t reprint…)… ?

So, did she have it right, now? Was that what he was really after? For her shoes to make their impressions on his flesh, rather than on bits of paper? (And, for sure, those DMs had always left mean looking patterns on anything soft, and she still had them, so that was definitely a possible..)… Or maybe he’d even have liked the idea of bits of him being seriously squashed, like with her trainers, and that miserable woman’s bag of grapes at the car boot sale (which he went back and paid her for, and then kept, on the sly) ..? Certainly, the little game just now - where her whole weight on his cock must have flattened it, big time - seemed to have gone down well enough? Presumably he’d never wanted to be crunched into little pieces by one of her more serious heels, though, like with his precious Physical Graffiti tape..? Danni thought not, on that one – although he’d seemed happy enough to go part way there, in that kitchen, which had been a big part of the buzz: the risk, and the fact it must have hurt like the blazes – all eleven stone, and those boots. But the idea that seemed the most definite, was of him angling to get her dirty footprints all over him, actually on his body – and, surely, that HAD to be something he was showing he was up for..? like…? Like, with his pillow, when she’d climbed onto his bed to sort the curtains…? Took a while, for that pillow to make its way to the wash, despite all his mouthing off he did about the muddy marks that got left on it - from those same, trusty DMs. This had to be it, surely…? That he was fantasizing about being… the ground she walked on. Aaaaahhh. Sweet, really. Except, that was clearly not something which would have been so easy to achieve in real life, so..? So he’d got what he needed, from her discarded shoes - and from inspecting the stuff that she’d trodden on, when they’d still been on her feet - instead? Until now. Okay, made sense.

But then, why had he always been so furious, so adamant, whenever Danni or Miranda had actually put a shoe or a boot within a yard of him (if they were actually wearing it) or if anyone had suggested anything that might, in fact, have meant him getting his greatest wish..? Like, the footrest idea, on the few times it had been brought up before, and up until now had always sent him fully mental..? In the end, it had only been used as a wind-up, rather than a real suggestion…

Hang on, though. Perhaps that was easier to understand than it might have seemed. Danni could even have behaved like it herself, at times. Like if she’d particularly fancied some guy, say, and he wasn’t a dead cert to return the compliment, she’d have blanked him, complete… best way to put in the insurance. He’d have had to make the running…

Now that. That made real sense.

But then there were other things going through Danni’s head, too, which she’d felt she really needed to give some thought to, all of a sudden. First thing was, Geoff was kind of family, even he wasn’t actually in any way related. And once erections started coming into the reckoning, then things like that needed a bit of care, or people could end up regretting stuff, for ever – no matter how much the buzz, at the time. And then there was Stacey. And the Stacey thing worked both ways. She wasn’t family, any way shape or form, so she could stomp on his nuts like they were a half filled toothpaste tube – squirt his spunk out all over the room, like it was a stream of jet propelled Colgate, nothing to worry about with her mum, or his dad - any time she liked, if that took her fancy… but if only… if only Danni didn’t have just this small nagging problem, where Stacey was another woman, and Danni, till now, had always thought of this as HERS. HER feet, HER shoes. Her mum’s too, of course – which was what made the nagging worry so much stronger, that maybe just any old tart would do… No offence.

Bottom line? There was something in all this that was harder than she might have imagined, to let go of - no matter if it was going to be Stacey that might take all this stuff to a whole new level, or if it was going to be Danni herself...

Plus, finally. Danni didn’t know if Stacey knew, for sure, exactly how much Geoff had obviously got himself worked up, already. The way it had seemed, one well aimed prod, and a firm stroke or two on his throbbing cock – and both girls had been close enough to have easily reached out that extra couple of inches, with their toes, and done the deed – and it could have been light showers, for the foreseeable… And if Stacey didn’t know how near the edge it all was, and if either of them had pressed a foot on that particular button..?

Dannie wouldn’t have done that, to either of them. Not even with the drink and the high this was giving her. Geoff had done plenty, not to deserve real humiliation – and Danni did not, did not, want to piss off her boss.

Which meant, all in all, that when she felt – and saw – the head of his prick emerging out of his underpants, and touching her toe… she kept perfectly still, for the next thirty seconds, and then after a couple of minutes she pulled her foot back, more to the centre of his gut, and tried to concentrate on the film… Which got her a funny look, from Stacey. But, hey…

And that was when the phone rang. Stacey’s other half, doing the nightly catch up. Which meant another stop in the show – the one on TV, as well as the live one – and meant that, before she settled back into the business in hand, Stacey reached down for her shoes… and announced she’d better go get the bags.
‘You want help,’ said Geoff.
‘You just worried about these heels?’ she joked. Lacing them, as she spoke.
‘… no…’
‘Really, she said. Well, I may hold you to that, when I get back..?’
‘Honestly – I’ll give you a hand,’ he said.
‘Star,’ said Stacey.

They hadn’t been gone thirty seconds, when the voice entry went. Pizza. Danni buzzed him in, unpacked the goodies. Put a couple of slices on plates. And then a wicked little idea came to her. There was a way to keep the full game going, with just her knowing, for the time being. Quick as she could, before they came back, she took off her socks – and then put Geoff’s plate on the floor, and kind of pressed her right foot, just lightly, into each of Geoff’s two slices. Two or three presses, on each slice.

And then… how would he even know, ever believe..? Of course! The phone, the phone…. Where was it..?

She only just had time, when they walked back in the door, to wipe the tomato off her toes, and then chuck the sock she’d used as a cloth – along with its partner - into the washing machine, before the suitcase crew were back in the hallway by the kitchen. She gave the slices of pizza one last quick check. Anyone who’d known what she’d just done, would have been able to spot it. A couple of bits of the surface were a bit squidged, and one bit of pepperoni had been dislodged where it had temporarily stuck to the ball of her foot. But… it would pass. Pizza delivering was never a precise business – and they often arrived looking a lot worse… She just needed to hang around, make sure he got the right slices.

She enjoyed the gratitude, when he took the plate from her. And she really enjoyed sitting there, watching him feast away on his pre-squished treat. She’d tell him, when she had the right chance, show him the photos to prove it. Not now, but…

It meant the footstool was out of commission for a while, of course. For maybe half an hour, while he ate and digested… But, fair play to him, when he was asked, he reluctantly went back.

Probably right to be reluctant, too. And Stacey was right to have warned him, about the change in the stakes. And she warned him again…

‘You sure about this?’ she asked him. ‘They’re a fiddle to get off, these, and I may still have to go back to the car, one more time..?’

So, when it all got back to where it had been before, almost at the end of the movie, Geoff was in an even less enviable position than before. He had Danni’s sweaty, bare feet, up by his face. And Stacey’s heels, making deep, deep dents where they were pressed into his thigh… which had to have been painful, even with jeans in between.

Good lad, though. He took it. And Danni gave his face a nice little rub with her right foot, as the credits came up, by way of a thank you. Then she was off to his bedroom, to get all her stuff sorted, and get ready for the morning. And work.

Seemed like a good place to leave it, for the first night. But just in case he was too disappointed, she left him the boots, in the lounge. He might have preferred to have had Stacey’s shoes, since they’d have been outside most recently..? But they’d still been firmly on her feet, when she’d made her way into the spare room, and closed the door for the night. Which, in a way, Danni was grateful for. She wasn’t sure how either she, or her boss, would have reacted if he’d done his party piece, with his tongue on them. A part of her thought they might all three have enjoyed it. And a part of her thought there might be a fair share of jealousy, or resentment, or even of disproval (if he was caught while anyone was in the wrong mood – or had sobered, sufficiently).

So that one seemed best for another time, too.

And Stacey’s last remark, before she’d left them – to Geoff? ‘Nice hospitality. Night, babe.’

Bit of a relief, for Danni hearing those words. She knew her boss had enjoyed. And guessed she’d be up for more. So her manager would just need, somehow, to be managed – and not just go taking – until Danni had her head fully straight, and had a definite plan.

‘Smile’ she said to Geoff – as she, too, prepared to leave him. He obliged. She took the picture. Handed him the phone.

‘There’s two or three on there’, she said. ‘You might want to scroll back?’ And she left him. ‘Night, then?’

Well, he was a computer nerd. He’d suss it. Probably blow them up, full size, even, once he saw. American Hot – under an English skin.

Hope you like it.

“Babe.” She added.


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Ste Letto, I realy like your very well written story.
Thanks so far :thumbsup2:

I have the feeling these ladies will cross some line and will use him as a complete inanimate part of the floor :pbbbbblt:

Jun 13, 2005
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"the same as she’d done with his computer project (although, in fairness, that was one of the times Danni had been truly apologetic - where the pages had got tragically reshaped, from just those couple of minutes of being sandwiched between her low-heeled DMs and the carpet, not to mention that he’d lost the original file, and couldn’t reprint…)… "

"Presumably he’d never wanted to be crunched into little pieces by one of her more serious heels, though, like with his precious Physical Graffiti tape..?"

Excellent passages, please give more detail about that kind of stuff, you can find trampling and foot worship in every story but these are really unique and priceless...
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Dec 5, 2002
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Great stuff. I've always liked your writing. It's inspired me to write a piece as well with a similiar backstory -- the true story of my step mother and step sister who walked on me years later.
Sep 8, 2002
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Part 3

At the end of that first night, Geoff definitely had no complaints. It had been perfect. Sure, he might have wanted more, at times - and less, at others. But when it had got too close for comfort, then Danni had done him proud. Fuck, sly bitch: she had to have known. That had to be the reason, for her to have pulled back, like that. Bless her cotton socks. For real.

So although, in some ways, Geoff felt a twat, knowing that after all this time he’d unquestionably allowed Danni in on what’d he’d wanted her to do all these years – and his stepsister had finally and completely lived up to her job description, and had stepped all over him, good and proper, where there could be no denying it had happened - he felt like it was better that the secret was out there, than for him to be sat on that couch, the end of the night, knowing he’d had the chance of trying it out for real, and had blown it. And that was especially true, now that he knew just what a turn on it had been…. Fuck, Danni, please don’t let that be the last and only time. Don’t stop now. Grind me into the dirt, girl, give me every last ounce of that body, twist those toes on my face… Please, please…

Get a grip, get a grip. Stay on the planet, don’t completely blow it… should have got some bedding out, before they’d gone off for the night, of course. Too late, now, to get into either of those rooms. But it wasn’t as cold as all that, and the advantage of working with computers was that a lot of it got done at home. Didn’t matter so much, if he lost a bit of sleep, either. Great, too, thinking of the two of them, their feminine curves, their skin, their legs… sleeping in his beds. Because even Stacey – she was one hell of a woman. And Danni? She’d leave her perfume, her scent, everywhere on his own sheets and pillows, no problem. What a girl. Since the minute she’d first come in to that old house, and had first put her feet up on Geoff’s real mum’s favourite settee, with her dirty shoes all over the ‘sacred’ cushions, he’d pretty much worshipped her, through the tears. (And she’d never stopped doing that, even with the endless muddy smears on the embroidery, and no matter how many times she was told.) Geoff had needed to work so, so hard to try and give the impression he was indifferent, that he wasn’t in awe of her. The nerve of the girl… Like she knew was something so special, just because of her shape, her looks, her attitude…

And it just kept getting to be that there was more stuff from the evening to find out about, after it had happened – even long after the girls themselves had turned in. First, Geoff noticed Danni’s boots, on the floor by the couch, that he could have picked up anytime he’d liked, and pressed up to his face, or against his cock. (Which he saved, for when he was sure she was fasto.) Second, he found a whole cluster of pretty full-on horseshoe shaped impressions, from both sets of high-heels, on his kitchen lino – which made him wonder whether he should have shelled out more, for the tougher stuff, or whether he might actually have made a good call, completely by accident…

And then there was his T-shirt, in the washing machine, where the cycle hadn’t been started… but when he went and got that, a bit gingerly (in case of either of the two girls still needing the toilet, or something) he got an extra bonus. Her socks. Funny thing, though, the red stain. Blood? No, couldn’t be. But he didn’t think he’d noticed it, when he’d been playing footstool, so how…?

The shirt was in quite a state. The tea had really stained it, and Stacey’s heel had actually pulled a couple of strands of cotton right away from the rest of the material. Jesus – how could anyone do that? How could anyone go standing on people’s stuff, with shoes like those on their feet, and not seem the least bothered, the least apologetic? Damage to his floor, snags in his clothes – and they’d only been in that kitchen a few minutes, total, between the pair of them.

That was the whole point, of course. That’s what had started it all, way back. Danni, and her mum - because, for sure, Miranda had never been any less vain, particularly with her damned footwear. They just hadn’t seemed to care about anything else, either of them, so long as they thought they looked good. So long as it wasn’t their own stuff, of course, ended up fucked as a result… Could only have been them, carried on like it. Except…

Geoff remembered that friend of Miranda’s: Suzanne. And that huge house, and the infamous rug. Like, who the hell would have had a polar bear skin, bold as brass, laid out on their lounge floor – even if it was true, that it was old, and that she was somehow not completely responsible for the fact of it? Most people would have sold that, or whisked it up to the loft, where no one from this day and age would have ever known any better… But not Suzanne Witherspoon. And every time she’d swaggered across it, wearing some pair or another of those supposedly classy stiletto-heeled mules that she always seemed to have on, for indoors (which Miranda had said always cost her a fortune) and with her filthy-rich feet, pressing them deep into the fur – so that even her oh-so-glossy-scarletty toenails would somehow sink into the whiteness, with each step she took - Geoff hadn’t known whether to kill her, to let her see what it felt like, or just to explode inside, with anger. (And, whichever, he’d still always had to torture himself, watching.) And then, other times, she’d go and sit on that pretentious chaise-longue, sometimes with the tips of those heels poking right into the side of its head, where the sole of her foot was forever resting on the back of that once proud neck… stupid fucking bitch.

But the thing was, Miranda and Danni weren’t like Geoff. Sure, they claimed they didn’t like the idea of it – but they’d just kind of shrugged, and pointed out that it was there, and always would be. And that was their excuse, for walking on it almost as much as the witch Suzanne did. Danni even made a muddy footprint right in the middle of its back, once, where she had on those Doctor Martin’s sandals that collected shit in the treads, like anything – but were actually heels, and had little straps, and looked pretty sexy on her… Geoff would never have done that. He always walked round the outside of it. But the ‘Steps’, they always took the straight line, time after time. They even, sometimes, joined ‘slutty’ Suzanne on that chaise-longue, where it was pretty much impossible to sit, without… and they could say what they liked, afterwards. But that room wasn’t short of chairs.

There it was, in a nutshell. No woman had the right. Not any, of the three of them. The rules that applied to everyone else in the world just didn’t seem register in the slightest, where they were concerned. Or, not concerned, to be more correct. But somehow, with Suzanne, it was just rich-bitch crap. With Miranda and Danni, it had always gone straight to Geoff’s cock, the arrogance. Perhaps it was knowing them that bit better, or perhaps it was actually living with that attitude, full time, that made the difference, that made them stand out? Because the thing was: although he’d never liked the business with that rug, even with those two, he’d always somehow wanted to take its place, in some different version of reality, and they’d always have been welcomed as the first pairs of feet to come and inflict the ultimate, painful indignity on him. It was a half-waking dream, he often had – where somehow his own skin could be flat on the floor, but could still feel itself being trampled on - and the women in his dream just didn’t care, even if sometimes he was still doing that business of crying inside his head, and all their different shoes would be gouging into him, and they’d just be sipping cocktails, and talking away, sometimes putting all their weight on the back of one foot, or even on the backs of both, and making him scream out… (He’d always wondered exactly what it would be like, to be under a woman’s feet, if she’d done that thing of momentarily rocking back, and balancing just on her heels, in really thin stilettos…) And Miranda, and Danni: when he was awake enough, to be able to stop the image being mad, and murky, and out of control - when he was actually able to make choices … then it had been his own floor, at home, that he’d wanted himself to live out his fantasy on. He’d have grabbed at his cock, gone with the flow, and…

And to be fair, even to Miranda. Neither her nor Danni had ever actually bought a fur, or worn one. Perhaps that was what allowed Geoff to kind of forgive them what he couldn’t forgive, with the Witherspoon bitch. It was fair to say that when they’d had a choice, in their own space, they’d done the right thing – and Geoff knew enough to know that it wasn’t what people might have thought, that they’d have worried about… It was about the only thing, in fact, they’d ever really given quarter over. He could have given each of them a huge kiss, if they’d been with him now – for being sometimes so wrong, but sometimes so right.

One last treat, before he laid himself down, prepared for the night ahead. That phone.

It took him a while, to work out what the pictures were. And then he twigged. He couldn’t see, for certain, if her toes were actually touching the pizza topping, or if…
Laptop, laptop. Shit, the charger was in the bedroom, same as the big PC. Please let there be enough battery... Was the phone Bluetooth equipped..? Fuck, look how flash it was… had to be…

Oh, yes. He could see, once he had it on a bigger screen. Grainy, but… and he’d thought, when he was biting in, that bits of his food had been knocked out of place, somehow, in some areas… So he’d eaten… from her bare feet! Or maybe from her socks, too, because when he sniffed all round those… it all fitted together? Only slight problem was she didn’t have the socks on in the photos, so how…? Shit, who cared. He sucked at them, anyway. They tasted more of her, than they did, in truth, of tomato.

Even better.

He went back to the lounge, laid on the sofa, curled himself up, pillow under his head. And the socks, between the pillow and his cheek. Okay, so maybe that was risky… But only Danni would have known, for sure, that they might not just have been left there, in the lounge, and… and Danni wouldn’t be in any position to get all high and mighty…

In what seemed like no time, it was morning.

Maybe not the most eventful morning, by comparison. But still pretty damned cool. It was Stacey, he heard first, when he woke… banging around in the bathroom, and then knocking on Danni’s door.

‘You make us late, and..!’
Shit, she really was a boss, Stacey. A proper one. Danni had never got out of bed, not for anyone. Till now.

Geoff remembered the socks. Slipped them aside, where they wouldn’t be seen. Just in time, too. Stacey was in with him, right after – hadn’t even knocked. She looked at him, shrugged. ‘Thought I might not need to wake you’, she said.

So, was that her idea of an apology?

She looked fabulous. Freshly made up, black trousers, red shirt, black jacket… and high sandals, with straps, on stunning bare feet, with perfectly painted red toenails… almost impaled Danni’s phone with one of her heels, and then leaned down by the side of the couch... (Shit, look out..! But, too late. Crushing a bit of stray pepperoni into the carpet… standing on it, for maybe ten seconds…) ‘Thought I’d left some tissues, down here?’ And the giving up the search, walking back toward the hallway.

And, what..!? Where the hell..? The pepperoni was gone. It had been there, up until when it had disappeared under the front of that shoe, under those sexy painted toes… but now…. Just a greasy stain, and… and another, and another… she was walking round with it, still on the bottom of her sandal…!

She was right, too. She’d had tissues. But…

Next, it was Danni, still in the nightdress. Kind of frilly, almost like an overdone party frock, but short, showing her legs… her bare feet.

‘Hiya…’ Kind of sleepy, hair still a mess. ‘Oh, yeah’, she went on. ‘The phone. Oh….’ She smiled, but kind of a nervous smile, by Danni’s standards. ‘Did you check it out?’
‘Maybe’ said Geoff. Not often, he could fight back a little. She obviously wanted to know if it had pissed him off, upset him… and she was fully sober, now. She would have realized he might already have saved the images on file, and could show them to… the boss… if he didn’t find them funny.

Fuck, she looked good, even only half awake. And he couldn’t have been too cruel, after the way she’d let him off, the night before…

‘Danni, I’m telling you..’ Stacey’s voice, from the kitchen. ‘You make us late, and..!’
‘Exhibition today’, said Danni, quietly. Like Geoff needed to know.

It was almost eight, by the time Danni was ready, and already she’d had something to say about the water not being as hot as it could have been. But she looked great. Similar look to Stacey, only with a black top, rather than a white one, and peep toes, rather than straps, but… he’d have kissed either of their feet, if he’d been asked, right now. Right there.

But they were almost out of the door…
‘Stacey?’ Danni asked.
‘Have you got something..?’
‘What? Where?’
‘Lift your foot….. No, the other one….’
Danni laughed. ‘Geoff?’ she called through. ‘Well,’ she told Stacey. I don’t suppose you want to touch it, any more than me – I’ve just spent half an hour…’
‘I know that, well enough!’ replied Stacey, with bite to her words – and still standing there, one foot off the ground, sole in the air, waiting… where Geoff was already on his way, and she’d seen him… being obedient..

Geoff bent down, cradled her foot with his fingers. Held her leg still.

It was stuck firmer than he’d have thought – near the edge, where there was a bit of a pattern to the shoe on the borders, and where there was a tiny bit of the meat overlapping, that Danni must have spotted - although it was mostly squished even flatter than before, from Stacey walking round on it, so that it left a ring of grease marking where it had been, when it was finally peeled off). ‘Oh, hell,’ she said, inspecting it. ‘I really don’t want that, on there. Is there any way..?’

Silence, for a moment. Like, what was anyone actually supposed to do..?

All just kind of looking helpless. And then...

‘Unless you want to try licking it off?’ Dannie suggested to Geoff, mischievously. He should have known, she’d soon get her own back.

All the three of them stood there, again, silent. None of them thinking for one moment… except that something down inside of Geoff…

He should have made a use for those tissues, instead of saving himself. Because if he had, then an emptier cock might not have sent him up that mad road that he was considering taking. This was the type of situation he’d always have run from until the night before. And, without knowing why… almost as if these weren’t real people… if this was one of those dreams…

He put the piece of squashed pepperoni down by the skirting, and then closed his fingers around those painted toes, a second time, as gently as he could but still firm enough to keep Stacey’s foot steady…

‘Oh my God!’ said Stacey – and he was about to pull back, pretend it was a joke, but then she finished speaking… ‘You really ARE an angel?! Are you sure about this?’

That was the last bit of encouragement he needed. He put his tongue to that sole, pressed hard, and…. Three strokes, bottom to top. It even tasted a bit like he might have expected, even just that little remainder of food… and then it was done. She gave one last approving look at the clean, shiny wetness – and then put her foot back, firmly, on the floor. (Where any prints she left right now, would be from the moisture of…)
‘Wow. What can I say,’ Stacey said. Almost crowing, it sounded a bit like. ‘You..? Well, I just can’t tell you…’’
‘Oh, man’ said Danni. ‘Gross’. And thought she tried to make it like she was teasing, and to smile, she even looked a bit put out. Like somehow it had backfired on her, her little barb.
‘Sure you’ve got your phone?’ Geoff said. He was on fire, this morning.
‘Yeah, alright,’ Danni replied. ‘So, do you want to tell us the quickest way, to get where we’re actually supposed to?’
And then, another idea came crashing in.
‘Tell you what’ said Geoff. I could come with you?’
‘But then you’d be…’ said Stacey. ‘I mean, I can’t lend you the car, it’s not.. I mean, you’ve already been such a star..?’
‘That’s fine,’ said Geoff. ‘Just let me get trainers – and ignore me, stinking.’
‘Consider it ignored,’ said Stacey. Already walking out of the door. ‘I mean, when would you have got into your bathroom, anyway?’

Good point. And he’d forgotten that. But, before he left, Geoff took one quick look at it. A disaster area. Wet footprints, towels trodden into the puddles of water on the lino, cosmetics he’d never seen before, scattered all over. More little heel indents, by the mirror - and then more wet foot prints, and even wet shoe prints, all out into the hall…

Maybe he should have thought a bit more, before offering the guide services? He was wishing, for a second, that he’d let them find their own way… that bathroom looked like a kind of nightmare/heaven, right now.

Too late, though.

Geoff wheeled and carried their bags, and carried the pizza boxes, out to the lift, down to the basement. Still four slices in one of them, but… He popped the boxes on the concrete floor, for a moment, and packed the bags into the boot of her Audi. Then he went to pick the pizza boxes up, to take them to the bin…

‘No time for that,’ Danni called out. ‘Just get in. I’ll let you have the front, just this once…

He obeyed, again. Climbed in. Danni seemed to be more normal now, more friendly again? Stacey put the car into reverse.

‘The boxes…?’ Geoff found himself saying. Where he was suddenly thinking he might at least have moved them to one side…?

No reply, at first.

He couldn’t stop himself, watching her feet on the pedals. The shoes, he’d just…. He watched her put plenty of pressure on the accelerator, lift her toes off the clutch. He felt the car start to move….


‘THOSE boxes?’ said Stacey. Laughing.

And then again. A bit softer, but still… Cruuuuuuuuunch.

The car stopped, where she’d stamped on the brake. She shot him a glance, smiled. Geoff could just about see the flattened cardboard, in front of the car now, with the two dirty great tyremarks, from where Stacey’s wheels had rolled right over it, two slightly different tracks, turning it all into a sorry looking, crushed mess. And she was turning the steering – before hitting the pedals, hard, again…a screech of rubber, and then a thumping sound, from right under Geoff’s feet, and… he looked out of the window, and saw the remains of last nights dinner flying all round the car park. That was one way of getting rid of it…. And, hell, Three out of four tyres! Pretty damned impressive, if she’d meant to do it. With a real smirk on her face, like there’d been nothing remotely accidental…

He didn’t look at Danni. But he knew her eyes were boring into the back of his head. Probably best to not say anything more. Although, if she was riled, again? If she was going to somehow make this personal?.

Then he’d REALLY pay.

The only thing he needed to be mindful of, though, was to make sure it was the right one, of the possible prices.

Didn’t want her sulking, and booking back into some hotel. Not now. Not, so close.
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Part 5

Stacey was juggling three sets of things in her head, on that journey into work: the traffic, in a strange town, with someone else doing the directing; the job that she needed to be sure and do right, for keeping here career in shape, and; the guy sitting next to her, who she’d spent the previous evening resting her feet on, and who – this morning – had actually licked squashed food from the bottom of her sandal.

It wasn’t like she’d minded. Not in the slightest. From the moment she’d thought he was really about to do it… her head had gone all spinny, and she just couldn’t find the way to do anything but play ball. Like, what girl wouldn't have gone for that, at least once in her life - even just to find out how it felt? (And it had felt amazing, almost like a drug, the adrenaline rush…) But then it had seemed to be a problem, looking back. Thing was, this was Danni’s stepbrother. And for all that Danni had been part of what had gone on the night before, she hadn’t exactly….

Although, dammit – it was her, who’d said for him to come peel it off, from it’s flattened new home on Stacey’s shoe, and her that had actually made the jibe about him using his tongue…!

Even so, though. They needed some kind of chat. She was a hell of a worker, Danni – best in the team, which was why she was on this trip in the first place.

So the first thing was, Stacey relented over the firm’s car. She told the guy he could borrow it to get home, so long as she understood he’d be dead, if… but, hell, where was she supposed to have parked, anyway, it turned out? She even almost apologised for splattering bits of pizza all over his car park – not to mention the boxes - and hoped there wasn’t CCTV. It wasn’t that she felt bothered about running over stuff, but she hadn’t needed to be so crazy about it: tyres squealing, engine revved right up. But… She’d still had the rush. That was the truth of it. People just do not, do not, lick your shoe, and not get a reaction… and if it had seriously put Danni offside, then… so Stacey had been pleased he’d done it, and high, and cross, all at once. The driving had reflected it. His stupid boxes had got mangled to a pulp, as a result - and only in part, by accident.

But it wasn’t until lunchtime, that she actually got to catch up with her workmate, properly.

And, just like Danni – she’d worked like a trooper, through the morning. Not a mention of anything else. Stacey bought her lunch. Tried to find a quite corner, in the café. Soon as she could, she got right into it.

‘Last night, and this morning… specially this morning..?’
‘Dan, I think he’s a really great bloke, I really do, and… well, all I want to say is, I don’t want anything causing trouble between us. I mean… well, if we need to, then I’ll get us somewhere else, on the card. Of even just get me somewhere else?’

Danni looked at her, square. ‘Know what,’ she said. ‘I did actually think of that. But…. Look, it hasn’t been exactly the way I’d thought, I admit that. In loads of ways. But… I don’t think I’m any different to you, really. I just don’t want any trouble caused. But that doesn’t mean… I mean, we all had a laugh, most of the time, right?
Stacey nodded. That was true, for sure.
‘And, I guess you obviously know what the deal sometimes is with him, now, and it’s not like we don’t all have out secret stuff… just, his isn’t so secret. But…Oh, fuck’s sake, Stace. I have to say, that was a classic. I mean, I never thought… And I never meant to be funny about it. Just want us to stay mates, same as you. That’s all.’
‘So? What now, then. We stay, and…?’
‘You know what, said Danni. ‘If he wants a bit of fun, and if that's what does it for him, and if this Angie isn’t going to give it, and if you don’t have any problems…?
‘No problems,' Stacey admitted. More, still scared of herself for how much she'd liked it, in truth, than having any kind of problem with the idea in itself.
‘Well then let’s give him some of what the fuck he wants, eh – for once in his life? What do you reckon?’
Stacey tried not to laugh out loud. Yeah, she reckoned. Oh, Danni. You star. ‘Thing is though,' she said. 'We probably shouldn’t. Right?
'Right. Exactly.'
'But then, if we get a drink inside, then we probably will anyway?
'Right' And Danni nodded, and laughed..
'So we're just being honest, right?'
'Left,' said Danni, still laughing. 'But, you know, we can’t just leave, really, anyway… not now? I mean, it wasn't just him, was it. I mean, I can be a bitch to him, I know that, but that…. That just wouldn’t be fair. I mean, it was me… Us, and me…'
'No,' admitted Stacey. 'No, that’s what I kind of thought, too. So, what? Because I can’t say I’ve ever got caught up in anything like this before, and not without… so, what…? We have a top up, just a glass or two, on the way home?’
'Right enough.'
'And, what, he drives?' said Stacey. 'Which means we can... ?'
'Exactly,' said Danni. 'If you can live with that? And if all of us…?'
'Reckon so', said Stacey.
And that was how it went.

Geoff was the one allowed to choose the pub. He was even given the choice of going to one close to home, if he wanted - although it was made clear that he was the only one, wouldn’t be drinking, if he was going to be … driving that car. But he decided on somewhere he'd never been before, in his life - which probably meant he wasn't known. Interesting.

Danni got the first round. Fair play to her. Like she was saying sorry, right in front of both the others, for all those sour looks, in the morning? And they chose their table. Stacey and Danni one side, him on the other. And him, he looked well chuffed with himself, with the pair of them. Damn right, too. Stacey knew full well she and Danni were a good catch, alone, and a hell of a good deal, as a pair. Work, or play. Didn't take him long, either, to start trying to check out their legs, and shoes…

Hard for him, though – unless it was made easier, with one foot slid out to the side of the table, where he could just about see, with a slight lean... poor love, trying not to make it obvious…

'You're alright,' said Stacey. 'I think they're still clean. But..?'
His face. Red, but alive.
'I can see that he might have to check, though?' Danni broke in. 'Later, that is.' Real big smile, showing she was relaxing. Which he obviously noted.

An hour, then two hours, still in that bar. The more spritzers, the more they got loose. And it was Danni, made the first big move. Lifting her legs, resting them on the chair opposite – the one next to Geoff. 'So, are you going to look after us, tonight?’ she teased. ‘Pamper your guests? Because… I mean, do you have any idea how much they can get to hurt, shoes like these?’ She lifted one leg, so that her toes were visible, even across the table. (Which sure as hell caught the eye of the guy collecting the glasses, and flushed up Geoff again, like a tomato.)

‘You need more drinks’, the glass guy asked. Eyes popping, where Danni still held her leg up there – and that bright red nail polish, in the peep-toe… not to mention that Danni’s other high-heeled foot was probably still resting on the pub-man’s chair, as far as Stacey could tell.
‘You do service?’ she asked?
‘I guess,’ he said.
‘Be a love, and take these off.’ Danni said. Motioning, with the raised foot.
The glass guy went puce. But then he actually looked light he might…
‘No, not you.’ Dannie laughed. ‘Him.’ Pointing her toes towards Geoff. ‘I’d have thought you’d have been happier, getting us a couple more Spritzers? And…?
‘A coke,’ mumbled Geoff.
The ‘waiter’ went off, seeming excited enough in hew new role. God, so typical of Danni. But while he was away, Stacey decided it was time to join in. She waited until Geoff had finished clumsily fiddling around, removing Danni’s shoes (and even when he’d finally done that, he was still clearly flustered by the bare feet, that she’d left resting on the chair next to him) and then… ‘You know what?’ Stacey said. ‘You’re right. My feet…. I could so use a foot rub, right now?’ And, without asking any further, she lifted her own right leg, and slid her foot in between Geoff’s thighs. Because that was the thing, of course. Danni was sitting opposite an empty chair. Stacey was opposite an occupied one… She pushed hard, making sure she was nestled right in where it would have the most effect. ‘Maybe you can give us both a nice foot rub?’ she said… just kind of lightly teasing, with her toes. She couldn’t quite feel if she was pressing on his cock, and she knew that was crossing a line, but… she still stroked away whatever she was in contact with, a couple of times, just for badness… and the panic on him now… it had to be, she was bang on target!
….Now?!!’ he said. Even more mumbled than before. Almost a whisper.
‘If you want? But I was thinking more… later?’
‘Two working girls?’ Danni joined in. ‘Hungry for…’ she laughed. ‘Shit. That didn’t come out quite right’ she added. ‘Mind you. Definitely hungry, now I come to think of it?’

‘Geoff’, she added. ‘You got enough money to get take-away? I don’t know? Indian?’
‘Oh. God,’ he said. ‘That reminds me. Angie rang, asked if you two wanted dinner tomorrow?’
Talk about ruining the moment. Danni and Stacey looked at each other.
‘Tell you what,’ said Stacey. ‘You pay tonight, and I’ll put tomorrow on the card. We can go to a restaurant. Treat her. That okay?’

Fuck. Still, Danni had been right about one thing. They needed to eat. Better make this the last Spritzer, for now.

Meantime, Stacey knew full well she ought to have pulled pack, taken her foot off the other woman’s goods. But, for some reason, being reminded just made her meaner. So she stayed as she was, her toes still occasionally pressing harder, for effect, forcing the sandal home - for a good five minutes. Till she could actually feel, for sure, that she hadn’t been wasting her time. And only then, did she pull away.

Stacey made Danni right. This Angie, she clearly just didn’t do it, for her man. Shame, too – cos he was alright. Certainly spoiled a girl. Ought to get him some appreciation, that.

Back at the flat, the drink was really starting to hit home. Danni unpacked the curries, fiddled around with the microwave. Stacey ‘helped’. She was no Jamie Oliver, and she knew it. ‘Christ… Phall?’ she said. Reading the lids.
Danni put her finger to her lips.
‘He’s a Madras man’ she whispered.
‘Yeah’ and so..? I mean, he’s paid for all this? And the Vindaloo and veggies, they’re ours, right?’
‘Right’, agreed Danni.
‘God. You bitch.’
They both laughed.
‘He’s not getting his yet, anyway,’ said Danni. ‘So – hide it.’
What? What was she suggesting?
‘I got him Vodka,’ said Danni. ‘He needs to catch up. And the measure I just gave him…. Stace? What time we need to be in, tomorrow?’
‘We could do ten. But that’s it. No later. It’s a quieter one now, leading up to Friday. But…’
‘Ten it is,’ agreed Danni.

They ate the food. Well, the girls did, while he hit the Vodka. Fair play to him – car safe and sound back in that space, not a scratch. Them on the sofa, him on the floor. Shoes off, but all four bare feet rested solidly on their prone host, just like before, like it was getting to be a habit… hadn’t taken much persuading, this time. And them, eating away… until….

‘Need the loo,’ said Stacey. And she slid those sandals right back on to her feet. She stood – and then placed a foot on his thigh. Actually, she wasn’t going to go through with it, it was just meant more as a wind-up…. But…. He didn’t show any signs of doing a single thing, to try and stop what she was half threatening. In fact, his eyes were almost pleading. And Danni? She’d stopped eating. Had that, “Go on then, I dare you?” look on her face. Okay, so that changed things. Needed a bit more thought, though. Pressing a bit, all round, to find a place where…. Fuck, it wasn’t going to be easy, with the drink, and with these particular shoes… at last, a spot that felt firm enough, where Stacey could feel confident of the balance… although that meant being pretty much where Danni had done it yesterday… but it really was the only part of him where she didn’t feel she’d go arse over tit, and then… Stacey pushed down, lifted herself up…. Felt the heel go right in, felt herself wobble… compensated with more weight on her toes, probably right on the marital goods for all she could tell…. Then down, onto the other foot. Fuck, Danni had made it look so easy.

But then Danni hadn’t been wearing strappy sandals, with a heel, and…

Stacey felt a real bitch, now. That had to have hurt. She could see beads of sweat on him. She wanted to ask…. But she wanted the loo, and the chance to compose, even more…

When she came back… that was when she looked down at him. He wasn’t showing any signs of saying it had been too much, or even that he couldn’t face a repeat... she was amazed, and high again. ‘Didn’t that hurt?’ she asked. Feeling a bitch again, for wanting him to lie, and to say no. And it would have to have been a lie. Surely?

‘A bit,’ he admitted. ‘But… you could have on stayed longer. I could have..’

Well, no actually, Stacey couldn’t have. ‘Only if I’d broken by neck!’ she told him. ‘And never mind what I might do to your…. Are you serious?’
‘You asked,’ he said. ‘Yes, I’m serious’
‘It’s hard’ isn’t it,’ said Danni, suddenly. From nowhere. ‘Tell you what, though. If you really think you can stand it..?’ she said to Geoff. ‘I’ve got something, I bet you’d struggle with. If you’re man enough to play, that is?

And then she stood up, called Stacey over, whispered a wicked idea into her head.

It was Stacey, who had to explain the rules. Who had to suggest it, and get him to agree. Geoff would have to be blindfold, and then the girls would share all the shoes they’d brought, swapping them – they’d hold each other, whilst they took turns with him under their full weight – but not strict turns. So he’d have to guess which of them it was, that was standing on him. And if he was right, he’d have to kiss the feet of the girl that had been up on him. And if he was wrong, he’d have to take off an item of clothing. There’d be eight goes, total. Plenty of chance for him to end up…. Starkers! Less pissed, and less high, and she’d never have got into this. But… Stacey even volunteered a pair of her knickers, tied round with one of her stockings, for the blindfold. And Danni didn’t give a toss. Just laughed, loved it.

As for Geoff. Unbelievably, he was in.

It was Danni, who got to go first. He was on his front. She’d chosen a pair of Stacey’s wedges. Cork, mostly – and although with a heel, the sole was pretty much flat. Stepped up, no problem, onto his back. But then, the bitch… she kind of deliberately wobbled around. Took the piss…

‘Stacey?’ he said. And off came the shirt. Which meant Stacey decided to play safe, with unprotected skin, and took the shoes that Danni had just worn – letting him have a second turn with them – but on his bare back. She took Danni’s hand, climbed up.

‘Stacey?’ he said again.

Spot on. She stepped down. Wow, even those wedges had left one hell of a pattern, on his skin. And now Stacey was stood, with them by his face. She prodded at his cheek with her toes. ‘My kiss?’ she said. And then it came. Fuck, fuck, fuck, was it sexy. Her, standing there, fully clothed, in his flat, and him on the floor, with her knickers tied round his head, kissing the tops of her feet. He could have slobbered. But he didn’t. It was perfect. So perfect, Stacey almost panicked, despite the drink, almost decided to call it a night. But…

Danni, meantime, had come up with another little torture, which she was preparing for later. As soon as she’d finished watching the first of the kisses, she was out to the kitchen, warming up Phall – like it could have needed to be any hotter. But that was still work in progress

She came back, soon enough, for her turn, and chose…?

The sandals. The ones Stacey had been wearing, all day. Jeeze, that was going to hurt. She buckled them onto her. Slowly, seductively – which Stacey had never imagined thought she could have thought, about another woman… But it was what she was about to do in those heels, after the slow preparation, that had made it so hot… Then Stacey held out her hand, and Danni hopped up…
‘Aaaagggh’. This time, there was no pretending. They’d broken him, as far as hat went. And… still stood there. Danni, the fucking professional. Still into the game. Still did that little wobble, thing.

‘Danni’ he said. In a voice which was definitely badly pained.

‘Fair play,’ she said. Waiting another few seconds, and then finally stepping down… Fuck, the marks those metal tips had left? They were evil! Three or four, over his back. Then she paraded round to his face - to take her turn, with the kiss. Might not have been so easy for her, that bit. But they were her rules, after all?

And she was the same, professional, Danni. Played it straight, with his lips on the tops of her toes, same as they’d been on Stacey’s. Then she pointed, to Stacey, mouthed for her to keep the same sequence, for a bit. And Stacey wasn’t gong to be outdone, and she was still seriously high… so she chose the shoes she’d worn, the day before. With the laces. Which weren’t that comfy, without the stockings, but… they’d be worse for Geoff, that was for sure.

Took a while, sorting them. Danni, meantime, was back on plan B: she’d slipped her right foot into one of a pair of unlaced trainers. The Phall was up to temperature, and she’d poured some of the sauce out – not onto a plate, but onto a tray. Then she dropped one bit of Nan after another into the brown pool of liquid and meat, and… Stacey could see traces of mud on the sides of that shoe, and God knows what would have been stuck in the treads of it. Danni hadn’t bothered checking, before… mashing his food with it, under her foot. Sliding the bits of bread round on the tray….

A fair bit of it ended up on the bottom of the trainer… she pulled it off her foot, and walked over to Geoff. Pulled at his hair with her fisted hand, and then shoved the upturned shoe under his face… ‘The first bit of your dinner,’ she said. ‘You just need to…’ and she guided his mouth down to it… ‘lick’.she said. And, once he was more or less clear on what he was doing, she stepped away.

The she motioned to Stacey, to get up on him. Almost impatiently. Held out her hand… She wanted her on his back, pronto… So..

‘Aaaaghhhhhhhh!!’ Again.
But Stacey hadn’t even touched a foot on him, yet. Danni motioned, even move impatient. And Stacey shifted herself, hurriedly onto his flesh, as “instructed”. ‘AAAAAAAgggggghhh…. What the fuck??!!’

Poor, poor sod. Stacey actually felt for him, for those few seconds. Red hot curry sauce mixed in with dirt, on his tongue, and then Stacey, on his back. And if she hadn’t watched Danni, keeping the pressure on, that last time, then she’d have got down, but… She could feel both her heels, sinking deep into his flesh… she couldn’t believe that he hadn’t just bucked, hadn’t tried to throw her off, and gone to the kitchen for bandages and water… and what he did next, impressed her even more. Even though he called it wrong, he still kept faith with the rules…

‘Danni’ he said. Voice, now completely strangled. ‘Danni’, he repeated. Which, strangely, Stacey was disappointed about. Like, didn’t he think Stacey had it in her, for the really vicious stuff? Although, actually, she could see why he’d have gone for the guess he’d made. A double bluff, between the two of them, where Danni had been the one to provide him with the full on fire meal, just before, and…

Incredible, though. No matter what the guessing was going like. The way the buzz was still growing. Stacey had this terrible thought, coming through to her. Even when she’d stepped down, and was kind of looking vaguely at the new marks on his skin, that SHE’D made, and that he’d laid there and let her make…

If he’d suggested they went to bed and fucked, right now…? The problem was… she might have said yes. In fact, if Danni hadn’t there, it would have been more than just a possible. She’d of dug her fingernails hard into those marks on his back, and…

And then she’d have kissed him better – but not until it was over, and she’d come, and come, and….

God. What was she thinking?
Sep 8, 2002
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Part 6

It may well have be that this was the most amazing twenty-four hours’ ever, in the life of Geoff Walters. No way to imagine what could have topped it, for sure. Even whilst he’d been home, alone, he’d had more than enough to get excited about…

First, there were the bits of well and truly fucked-up pizza, that he’d found still in the car park – one slice of which had got thrown clear of the cardboard and had collected what looked like part of a tread impression on it. It was completely pancaked - but he decided against eating it. Couldn’t completely match it, to the tyres on the Audi, whereas with the boxes themselves: there was no doubting it. Snap. Exact same patterns. But they were just, in the end, bits of old cardboard that had got smashed flat and shredded by her spinning wheels when those amazing feet had been slammed down on the pedals. Not much beyond the fact of it, that they could be used for. Whereas, indoors…

Indoors, was the small and very squashed and crumbly slice of pepperoni – which turned out to be surprisingly dirty looking on one side of it, when he inspected it properly. But, it had to be done. Into his mouth, and… Not too bad – even though something tiny and gritty crunched between his back teeth, before being swallowed with all the rest. Not that the rest was all that much, of anything, by way sorting out his rumbling stomach.

Good enough, though, as a starter. Especially when he thought back to the image of the foot that had ground it flat. The smooth, slightly tanned skin… the fabulous, painted toes… with the first of the black straps of the shoe, framing the bright red, glossy nails…

Then the bathroom. A slight disappointment there, at first, too - a bit like in the car park - because some of the wetness had dried, in the time he’d been out. But not all of it, and there were still plenty of only-half-dried prints, in the shapes of both of their feet. And then there was the scattering of horseshoe-shaped indentations (especially in one thick cluster, on the lino by the mirror) and a couple more of the same tiny impressions, preserved in the water-soaked towels, on the floor. It was clear enough: both women had walked all over everything that didn’t move, in that sopping mess – even after being the ones to create the mess, in the first place: dropping his things, and then just leaving them there to get royally trampled…

God, he would usually have been so furious, for them doing that. But today… today his cock was a slave to these two women, and especially to their deadly siren feet.

Geoff got on his knees. Starting with the remains of the prints out in the hallway. And licked. Tongue, firm to the floor. He knew it was mostly just water, and that the feet themselves had been bathed immediately before leaving their marks– but it was still the water that the dirt would have soaked off into, and some of the now evaporating puddles had clearly been revisited, by shoes. He even mopped up some of the remaining pools with two slices of bread, which he brought in from the kitchen, and then he ate that, too. After all, one tiny slice of pepperoni wasn’t going to be enough, given he was hungry, even if it was the bit he most enjoyed.

Then the bedrooms. He felt a bit funny about that – and he was careful. He didn’t actually touch anything of Stacey’s, no matter that he wanted to. But with Danni’s stuff – which, after all, was in his own bedroom – he was less reverential. Although, kissing her shoes, for the first time in so long… some people might have thought that quite reverential enough, for their liking.

He enjoyed, too, that Danni’s boss had trusted him with a firm’s car, after calling him babe, and even after what he’d done that morning. Surely, if she’d been put off by him licking the food that she’d trodden on, right in front of her eyes… well, then she’d have made him walk home? And although Danni had seemed a bit funny about all that, at first… well, that had sure as hell changed, during the day. And now…

He couldn’t believe it. Just couldn’t believe it. He knew damned well it was his stepsister, that had come up with the rules of this game… and her, too, that had been responsible for his mouth being burned to hell by… Red hot curry: which had been less of a treat, especially with the blindfold. Okay, so that blackout idea had been fine, for the “Guess the Feet” game - which couldn’t possibly have worked, otherwise – but Geoff would really have liked to have actually been able to see the shoe, with his own eyes, that he’d been licking that pure chilli off of the bottom of. That would have been so much better. He’d have known, then, if it was Danni’s – or Stacey’s, say? After all, he’d seen trainers, in both rooms.

It had all been pretty damn good, though. But if he’d voted? Well, if he’d voted, then the best gig so far, since being back home, had probably been Stacey, spearing him so close to his cock with that fucking lethal sandal – partly because that had been the first of the more severe tests of the evening, and maybe the least expected - but what might have sealed it, about when she’d gored his groin with those fuck-me, strap-ons? What might have just edged it over the rest of the night’s proddings and stabbings, so far: she’d had no-one to hold on to. And that had made it better. More… more like the exact deal he’d always looked for. After all, people didn’t need to support each other to walk on ordinary carpets.

He could see, though, that there was a need for the role of “The Lovely Assistant” in order for them to play the guessing game, without disaster – as well as an equal need for the impromptu eye-bandage. He could live with that. Quite enjoyed it, too – the fact of it being made of Stacey’s stockings and knickers. And he tried not to allow himself to think there was something else, on top, about that first piercing of the night, that he’d specially liked: which was that he was starting to get a bit of a thing about Danni’s blue-eyed, page-boy-dyed-blond, curvy-limbed, red-toed, sharp-tongued boss. That needed to be kept under wraps, if at all possible – even if there was a nagging truth to it. It probably needed even to be hidden from Danni, as well as from Stacey, and definitely from… although Danni wasn’t exactly blocking the stuff with Stacey, now. It wasn’t like it had been, this morning…

And on, and on, it went. More painful, each time, like the layers of his skin were being stripped away, one by one, each time one of the girls took another stint up on his back. Even the fifth go (which turned out to be Danni, in some kind of shoes that he could tell straight away weren’t even thin heeled) it was sore as hell, each time she shifted and swivelled a foot, with it still on his flesh – which she’d seemed to delight in doing, again and again. Incredible, from the moment she stepped up – like someone was dancing to Chubby Checker, with cheese graters strapped to her soles, and with him already part grated.

Plus he guessed wrong on that one, said it was Stacey, and lost his trousers. The two of them rolled him onto his back, still in his blindfold, unzipped him, and pulled his last bit of protection away – aside from his pants. So he was lying there, on his back, almost starkers, somewhere at their feet…. Which led to a whole lot of whispering and stuff, and then…. The last one, for the time being. And the last, was pain beyond belief. The first time in that particular game, for either of them to do it with him lying on his back. But it wasn’t just that, which made it so different. He felt the a lot of poking around, at the tops of his thighs, before it started for real… and then. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, this time it felt whichever of them it was might actually pierce the skin, break right through to the flesh underneath. He couldn’t work out how either of them could have forced so much weight onto two tiny stiletto tips – especially as he could feel the soles on him, too (which meant it wasn’t one of them doing the rocking-onto-the backs-of-the-feet thing…) Sweat poured out of him – which soon caused some slippage, with a heel scraping down the side of his leg, hard… and which definitely, definitely felt like it had drawn blood, and which led to a heavy landing on the floor, sounding more like a fair sized animal than a human being…? No attempt was made to get back up, which Geoff was more than a little grateful for. In just that one go, his thighs been taken to a pain threshold which his back had neded four or five serious pummelings, to reach…

What the..?

‘Stacey?’ he said. Based on the slip, and what had sounded like a drunken fall… Not that Danni was soberness personified… or Geoff himself, for that matter.

‘Well, yes,’ Danni said. ‘And. no.’ But at least you get to keep the knickers. Yours, that is.’

Sly bitches – when they pulled his blindfold off. It was Danni’s boots – but with one girl wearing the left one, and the other girl wearing the right. So they’d been up there together. No wonder it had felt so weird, so unsteady, so….. lethal. No way, though, could he take any more, for a bit. The indents in his skin were incredible… perfect, deep, white… then red…

That at least allowed for a small break, for food, at any rate – being as Geoff was the only one not to have eaten anything proper, yet – other than fire. The two girls seemed to be happy enough with a few minutes on their backsides, on the sofa, too – so Geoff kind of sat on the floor, and chewed away at the trampled looking bits of sauce-covered Nan. As best as he could, that was. It was still way too hot. If it hadn’t been that there were obvious trainer prints, all over the crap on the tray… and with Danni occasionally prodding at it, making an extra bit of mess with her bare toes, and then wanting them cleaned, even whilst he was eating the mains…

Those were the things which made it worthwhile. And then there was the Vodka, to help with the heat.

God. Ten o’ clock, already. And both Girls, looking a bit worse for wear, and whacked out. But that was a false dusk. Didn’t take much, for them to be right back into the party.

Another evil spark, from the demon stepsister.

Danni’s next idea was, in some ways, even more scary than her first one. She was really setting out the challenges. This time it wouldn’t just be Geoff, blindfolded. One of the girls would be, too. And each person was to choose two things, from in the flat – and they could be absolutely anything! – and the girl with the blindfold would have to identify it, but to identify it with her feet.

There was a bit of a discussion, about whether they could be sitting, and whether it could be barefoot – but Danni was insistent it shouldn’t be too easy, for anyone. She was insistent, too, on a quick break, and a change of clothes. Which meant both her and Stacey, getting out of the work stuff - coming back in smart jeans, and then rooting all round in Geoff’s stuff, with him on the couch with the blindfold back on.

Even that bit was hard. Listening to them searching his cupboards and drawers, and not knowing what they were getting in to. Plus, he had two objects to choose, for himself. Which had had to do, inside his head, because of there being no way of him looking, without seeing what his playmates were considering, for sacrifice. It took him maybe ten minutes, to come up with his choices – and more than once, he lost his nerve with one of them – but then, finally, they all declared themselves ready. Then the last small things, with the blindfold temporarily removed. And the first of those things, was for him to show Danni one of his choices, and to show Stacey the other.

Funny, it was Danni to be the one to ask, ‘You sure?’ when she saw what he’d chosen: that old violin. Stacey just winced, with the guitar, but laughed. And both of them were well drunk, now, and seemed really into the whole thing.

The very final treat, for his unblocked eyes? He was shown a pair of shoes, An older looking pair of fancy looking courts, from Danni’s room, with spikey heels that had a few little scratch marks up the sides of them, and were slightly worn at the tips… not as up-to-the-minute looking as most of her stuff, and with a kind of up and over buckle, that crossed over the front of the foot, at an angle… ‘I use these for kind of casual smart,’ she said. ‘So they have to be with jeans. And I already felt daft enough, messing around with my trainers, in work clothes… But at least... it won’t matter so much, if these get a bit more damaged. Maybe. Hell… you can buy another pair, anyway, if they do.’

If the SHOES got damaged!

And then, returning mad-made (or woman-made) darkness, over Geoff’s eyes. Stacey had on the original blindfold – so Geoff just had a pillow over his face, to keep him from seeing, this time. Oh, and held there, firmly, thirty seconds or so later… By Danni’s arse! Sitting, full weight, on the top of it. Deliberately shunting her cheeks around, getting comfy. Rubbing his nose in the situation.

Stacey was up and running, with the first show. One of Danni’s choices. It was torture, for Geoff, right from the first seconds… especially with him wanting to see, almost as much as he could imagine himself not being able to bear it, actually watching.

‘Forward a bit’, Danni was telling Stacey. ‘And a bit more, and a bit more, and… okay, you’re on one. But you can move around. There’s a few of them. Okay, you’re kind of in the middle of them all.’

Christ’s sake. More than one thing? Danni, you bitch… Although it was obviously stuff that was reasonably solid, under Stacey’s feet. Geoff could hear the metal of the heels, softly tapping – but no cracking or crunching, no smashing right through into the carpet, as far as he could tell. He could hear Stacey, too, confirming as much.

‘Quite hard?’ she was saying. ‘Kind of plasticky? And…’

Then this scrapey, scratchy noise – which didn’t sound at all like good news. ‘And there’s weird edges…?’ she reported.

More tapping. Went on for maybe a minute. Felt like it, anyway.

Then yet more of the scrapey-scratchy sounds, and… ‘They’re kind of…. I don’t know. Round, maybe? And…. Oh my God, Oh my God. I think I know?’

‘Yeah?’ said Danni.

‘They’re records, right?’

‘Yeah – but what ones? asked Danni.


‘What! Said Stacey. Echoing the question from inside Geoff’s already panicked head. Exactly. Surely to God? Just get her off them… Except… Geoff never made his plea, out loud. And his cock… that didn’t agree, in any case, with his brain. Big swelling.

Only joking, said Danni. Just, you were so quick, How did you..?’

‘I probably shouldn’t admit this,’ said Stacey – but: I’ve done it before. Not on purpose, of course, but my old man… and he went ape. It’s not something you forget… I can remember the feel of it, when I stepped back with my heel on one of his precious Elvis singles… and I looked down, and it was too late - and suddenly, just then, it came back to me.’

Okay. One down. Next up, Danni. And Stacy, copying the blindfold approach. Sitting on the pillow, keeping it tight to Geoff’s face. Laughing, giggling.

‘Forward a bit. Left a bit… left a bit…’

‘But I’m already on something?’

Which sounded true. Geoff could hear it – very similar to before, the plasticky tapping.

‘Yeah – but that’s not it. You have to go left a bit.’

‘But, this is a cheat? It’s the same things as yours.’

‘Not if you go left, it isn’t.’

‘What? But I’m still on his records?’

‘Only to save… look, you’ll see why I did that, when you just go left. It’s not like any of those are ever going to play again. Not after… Trust me. I’ve seen them properly, and maybe you haven’t..?’

Was she really so sure about that? Well, if they’d hadn’t been beyond repair before, they obviously would be, once Danni had stomped all over them, into the bargain…. Geoff wished he knew which ones they were. And then…

‘UUUUUUuuughhh!’ What the fuck have I just stepped in?’

‘That’s the point of the game, hunn,’ said Stacey, laughing out loud again. And now you know why… which means, don’t move too far from where you are, from now on. There’s only a bit of the carpet, that’s covered…’

‘Oh, Jeeze, Stace. It’s all slidy, and…’ Danni was laughing, too. ‘Oh, please tell me it’s not…?’

‘Don’t be daft, Dan. It’s nothing you wouldn’t normally touch, no problem. Just, you wouldn’t normally step in… but, maybe I’m giving too many clues.’

‘Shit. I’ve just completely squashed something. It was kind of lumpy, but then when I put some weight on it…?’

‘I saw,’ said Stacey.

It was quiet again for a bit, other than the constant: tap, tap, tap, all over the prized posessions… And then. ‘So it’s like… squashy, and slidy… and I can’t even feel anything under my heels, only a bit from the soles, so it’s got to be really soft….? It’s got to be food, right?’

‘Yeah,’ said Stacey. ‘But, what kind of food?’

‘Oh, come on – you didn’t have to tell me which albums? Not, in the end..? And it feels like I’ve trodden in it so much, now, there’s nothing left but slidy, sticky – could be anything? Hey, alright – actually, I think I know. It’s curry, right? God, tell you what – it might not be a bad idea to bring a stool out from the kitchen or something, to hold on to. I’m nearly slipping, all over.’

‘Yeah, it’s curry. Well, kind of…. Sort of just a squished mess, now. Take off the blindfold. Cos you’ll need to take off the shoes… I’ll come help you.’

And when Stacey lifted her arse off Geoff’s face, and Danni took away the blindfold from her eyes, all three of them were able to have their first look, together, at the destruction so far.

Danni was kind of over by the telly – further away than Geoff had thought she would have been. She had an album under each of her feet, and she still had the shoes on, with the heels boring mercilessly into The Who. The floor was covered by bits of the boxed set, for about three square feet – and where there was no vinyl, in the covered area, there were the inner sleeves (which were the only things on top of the carpet that were relatively un-trashed). The records themselves…. Even from where Geoff was, on the settee, before he looked closer, he could see the dents and gouges, and if that hadn’t been enough to have written off every single track, there were the patches of trodden-in curry, forced right into the grooves, on all of the discs, without exception – plus a really thick, trampled-to-mush dollop, more or less in the middle of the disaster zone, which had obviously been where the sorry-looking portion had started off its life… There was one of the albums which only had one, lone – almost completely perfect – imprint on it (where you could see the exact shape of Danni’s curry-covered sole, with another little shitty brown dot, just behind, from her heel). The rest was nothing but shitty shoe shapes, everywhere – some no more than jumbled mess of different intermixed ones, where she’d stepped several times in almost identical places, and everything was all mashed in together... She’d really done a number.

And now both girls were standing on the stuff. Stacey in bare feet, Danni…. Danni in bare feet too, once she had Stacey to hold on to. Both of them, suddenly taking care to tread only where they hadn’t trodden already – which, mostly, meant them crumpling all the sleeves into the carpet. Danni, stopping and picking up the shoes… which had sauce, potato, chicken and all sorts, spread everywhere across the soles, and even on parts of the uppers.. ‘Shit. That’ll stain!’ she said. Almost cross, for a moment. But then just laughing, handing the pair to Geoff. ‘Job for you’, she said. Quick as you like, before it’s there for good? Mum won’t be happy, if I give them back like that.’

Fuck, fuck, fuck. So that’s why they hadn’t seemed so terribly right. They were Miranda’s. Shit, Danni – that was a perfect bit of evil. Geoff wanted to grab at his cock right then and there, and start pulling on it. But instead, he was licking at more burning sauce – although this lot wasn’t quite as bad as before, it had to be said. And what he was licking at, along with the curry, could have got there from Danni, or from Stacey – or even from Miranda herself, walking round the streets. And she was going to get her high-heels handed back to her with nothing but Geoff’s dried tongue strokes, on the bottoms of them. Where he’d have cleaned them for her, after they’d just…

Danni made him pour vodka on the leather sole, even after he thought he’d finished, and give it one last tongueing. ‘Fucking Turmeric,’ she kept saying. Bet that’s what it is?’

Then, back to the darkness, and back under her arse.

The third one was quick – but hard to deal with. Two chairs had been brought in from the kitchen, to help with the balance, but Stacey didn’t take that long, anyway, to guess.

‘Is it on cushions or something?’ was the first thing she asked. ‘Or, are they part of it?’

‘On cushions,’ said Danni.

‘Oh, right… yeah, I can tell now. God, it’s not easy…. It’s…. it’s like at an angle. It’s hard to…’ There was a sound like playing a washboard. ‘Shit, the heel just slid all down something, but everything kind of gives moves when I touch it… like nothing here’s solid? And…. Oh, right, there’s a flatter side. Can I…? I mean, will this take my weight? It feels… it’s flat, but…the heel is just sliding again…it’s like a kind of a V?’

Geoff had known, about five seconds before Stacey did. He’d realised it was the keyboard, that had made the rhythmic clicky sound…which meant it must have been the screen, that his stepmother’s spikey shoe had just ‘slid’ across, guided by Stacey’s…

‘Shit, it’s a laptop!’ she said. ‘Oh, Danni, I never thought… God, do I dare to take off the blindfold?’

‘I think you’re alright,’ said Danni. ‘Maybe a little scratch, but…. It was kind of more obvious that I’d thought. I don’t know why, but I’d been thinking it would go completely flat, so you could properly stand on it.’

Danni’s arse lifted off Geoff’s face, again. And, once again, Geoff flipped off the pillow. Stacey was still right next to the laptop, looking down at it. And yes, it was his. But… it looked like it had fared better than he’d have thought it would. And part of him was disappointed, that Danni had made such an easy mistake.

Fuck though. This was tougher than he’d ever have imagined. And still three more, to go. Although at least he knew what two of those were, already. Even if he was really having third and fourth thoughts about his mother’s violin. God, she’d loved that thing. And if even Danni had looked shocked..?

Should he really keep going, with this punishment?