The Lost Town

I wrote this story to match a Namio drawing.
I was going to write more but never got around to it.
The drawing is posted at the bottom of the thread. :D

The Lost Town

I walked into the town tired and beat. My clothes were sweat soaked from the heat. The last ride I got had dropped me off about a mile out of town. My car had overheated about twenty miles from my destination so I had to use my thumb to get to a phone. I couldn’t believe how far out of the way this town was! The streets were deserted and the sun was setting. I walked into the first building I came to, it happened to be a bar. As the air conditioning hit me in the face I looked around and noticed that the place was filled with only women. Most of them were very full figured and to die for.

I stepped up to the bar and asked for a glass of cold water. The bar tender smiled and scooped up some ice into a glass. She poured the water from a plastic jug and told me it was on the house. I got some change and walked over to the pay phone to call AAA. As I pushed the buttons on the phone a tall large women walked up and hung up the phone with her forefinger. I remember thinking that I couldn’t believe she did that.

She smiled broadly at me and told me I looked like I needed to sit down for a little while. She wore a short dress that barely covered her ass cheeks. Her eyes hypnotized me. She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me over to a table to sit down. She ordered me a drink and took the ice water from my hand.

I told her about my car breaking down and how I had to get triple AAA to tow it to town so I could be on my way. Her voice soothed me as she explained she would take care of everything. I gave her a description of the car with the plate number, and the location it was at. My drink came and I drank it right down. I was so thirsty that I didn’t care how much alcohol was in it. She sat across from me at the table and ordered me another drink. After about three drinks I was starting to relax.

Her voice purred on and on about how many people she knew in this town. She made a call on her phone and told me my car would be in the town shop within the hour. My mind wandered as the alcohol took hold. I felt very lucky to have run into this woman. She got up from her chair and moved over by my chair. With no warning at all she sat in my lap and kissed me hard on the mouth. She rubbed my shoulders and ground her ass into my groin. I got hard almost right away. I surrendered to her advances and gave myself to her completely. She pulled her ass off my cock and told me to follow her to her room upstairs. I obeyed, and followed her up the stairs.

Once upstairs she pulled open a refrigerator and pulled a bottle of iced cold vodka from the freezer section. She smiled and took a long pull off the bottle. She handed it to me and I drank some down. She laid me on the bed and sat on my cock facing me. My already hard cock was buried under this woman’s large ass. She kept grinding on me and making me drink vodka. This woman owned me now. I kept getting drunker and drunker until I passed out.

When I awoke I found myself tied to a post under a table. As I lifted my head to look around I saw others tied in the same fashion all over the room. There were a few small women tied like me, butt most of them were men. Two or three of them laid still with their heads resting on the top of the wooden posts they were tied to. The rest had their faces buried under a huge ass.

The women that had brought me up to her room walked up and smiled down at me. She told me very soon my nose and mouth would be buried under her ass. As she turned around I noticed she was wearing no panties. She stood on my thighs with her high heels and jumped up and down. Pain shot thru me like a knife and I screamed out. She turned around and raised her huge ass above my face. She told me if I didn’t quit screaming she would have to jump up and down some more. I quit screaming just before she seated herself on my mouth and nose.

My whole face was completely covered with her ass and thighs. All her weight was not yet completely on my face though. With one last jump her high heals dug once more into my thighs and she landed full weight on my face. The back of my head felt like it was on fire. This woman must have weighed over 200 lbs. All my air was cut off completely. She wiggled around until my nose was all the way up her ass. My head was swimming around when she lifted off one ass cheek and let me have some air. I heard her tell me she would continue to let me breathe as long as I pleasured her with my tongue. She shifted her weight back on my face and stayed there until I blacked out.

Again, and again she repeated this until I was working my tongue all the way up her ass. She started rubbing her ass full weight against my face until I heard her scream in ecstasy. She would lift off an ass cheek just long enough to let me have a breath or two, then back down she would come, and cum, and cum, and cum. As she worked her way up to her seventh orgasm I was running out of air again. She was so into her pleasure that she forgot to give me air.
Just before she came for the seventh time I felt her ass buck, and press down harder onto my face. As I lost conciseness I heard her scream out louder then ever, then I remember nothing.

When I awoke I found myself in my car on the side of the road. The smell and taste of her ass was still on my face and filled my nostrils.
No matter how hard I’ve tried I can’t find that town again. It’s not on any map I’ve looked at. I lost it.