The Making and Breaking of a Cuckold


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Nov 3, 2002
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Anyone like this idea? The theme is a dominant wife cuckolding her wimpy new husband with an alpha-male. The dominant male flogs the arse out of the pansy husband and makes him into his slave.

Therefore, there will be MALE-MALE domination. Is that OK with everyone given that this is a femdom site?
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Feb 22, 2011
I can live with that too. I would prefer it if this is done in front of the female so she can laugh and taunt the slave, and get pleasure from his suffering
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Nov 3, 2002
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WARNING: This is a fictional story of how a dominant female cuckolded her husband. It is also a story about how an alpha-male broke a weaker male so there is MALE-MALE domination. Please don’t read it if that offends you.

It is, however, ultimately a story about female domination.


Chapter 1


It all seemed so innocent at the time. My new wife of 6 months, Gemma, asked me if it would be alright if one of her friends from the gym came around for a drink tonight. I said sure, what’s her name? HIS name is Max, she replied. I was slightly taken aback but I said fine, no worries.

As background, my name is Peter and I am a partner in an accounting firm, 41 years old and successful financially, but short, pudgy and balding. My wife works as a PA at the firm, or did until she married me, is 30 years old, blonde and gorgeous in a cheerleader way. I guess when I think back, she clearly married me for my money. From a looks perspective, she is way out of my league.

Our courtship went well initially. But, after we began love-making, Gemma made it clear she was disappointed with the size of my 4 inch penis and my sexual performance. So I spent an inordinate amount of time servicing her orally until she had multiple climaxes and I thought that would be sufficient to satisfy her sexually. It was a miscalculation on my part.

After we were married, Gemma ceased work and spent the next few months finding a house which she felt was “suitable” for her. I paid a few mill for it. She had me purchase a new red Mercedes sports car and I had to say she looked spectacular driving it, hood down, designer sunglasses, and mane of blonde hair flowing behind her. I had given her everything she asked for and I expected her to be contented and grateful. That was a miscalculation too.

There was a knock on the door. Gemma hurried over and opened it, gave the young man standing there a big hug which seemed to go on for a bit too long, then ushered him into the house. He was introduced as Max and he was quite a sight. Viking descent, eight inches taller than me at 6 feet 4 inches, blond hair, tanned skin and a very muscular build. I enquired as to his occupation; gym instructor, of course.

“Would you like a beer Max?”

“Yes thanks Peter”.

I went to the bar and poured two wines and a beer and returned. Gemma and Max were sitting close together chatting animatedly and she had her hand on his thigh which I thought was unusual. They basically ignored me for the next 10 minutes apart from a few glances in my direction. It was a bit uncomfortable but I was dealing with it.

“Another beer Max?”

“Yes Peter, bring me another one”.

Hmm, no please. Bad manners, I decided. I returned with the beer and handed it to him.

Gemma spoke. “Be a darling and prepare some snacks Peter. We’re getting peckish”. I thought that should have been her job. After all, I was the one who worked long hours while all she did was stay home and go to the gym. But I did it.

I returned with the savouries and handed them around. There were no thank yous and they continued to chat and ignore me.

Max looked at me, “My beer’s empty. That’s a bit slack don’t you think? You’re not much of a host Peter”.

“Now look here Max ... ”. The words had barely left my mouth when he stood and smashed me across the face with the back of his hand. I was stunned then he slapped me hard with his open palm then backhanded me again.

Max was big and strong and the blows made me see stars and my ears ring. I was disorientated.


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Nov 3, 2002
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Chapter 2


“Your wife’s told me about you Peter and what a wimp you are. You can’t even satisfy her in bed so she’s asked me to step in for you”.

Max crashed his backhand across my face again. I went down on my knees. He grabbed me by the hair and spat in my face.

“That’s what I think about males like you peepee. Gemma tells me your penis is really a peepee so that’s your new name. From now on, you don’t have sex with your wife; she’s my property and her pussy is off bounds to you. Do you understand me or do you want me to beat you to a pulp?”

“Please don’t hit me any more Max”.

Max kicked me in the balls as I knelt before him. “Weaklings like you aren’t permitted to address me by my name peepee. You will address me as Boss”.

As if to emphasize his control, Max then stepped back and drove his right foot deep into my ball sac. I convulsed with the pain but he kept me upright by gripping my chin.

Max had disabled me. I was helpless kneeling at his feet before him, dizzy and wracked with pain in my balls. I was totally at his mercy and he could have killed me if he wanted to. I later found out he was an accomplished MMA fighter and instructor so I never stood a chance.

Max lifted my chin up and spat another big glob of spittle into my face. My defeat was total and I just wasn’t in a position to do anything to resist so I looked at him and said, “Yes Boss”.

Gemma clapped her hands and called out elatedly, “I knew you’d break the wimp easily Max. He’s a pansy and a pathetic excuse for a man. The last thing the world needs is weaklings like him spreading their seed and creating new losers”.

“Though, people like you and I will always need servants Gemma”.

“True Max, but I’m not going to be the one producing them”.

“OK peepee, you can kneel beside me now”. I got there in a hurry; that large right hand of the Boss’ had instilled fear into me.

“I like how eager you are, boy. I’m going to rest my beer can on the top of your head as you kneel, while my hands roam your wife's body”.

I had never felt so stupid in my whole life, kneeling before the Boss desperately trying to balance his beer can on my head while he was making my wife groan during what was presumably foreplay. Yet I knew I had to obey him or he would make me suffer. He finished the can and tipped the dregs over my head to add to my humiliation.

The Boss studied me for a reaction but I just sucked it up. “Now peepee, I’m taking your wife up to your bedroom and I’m gonna fuck the eyeballs out of her. You will wait downstairs and not leave the house or use the phone. If you disobey me, I will flog you to within an inch of your life. And if you try anything stupid like calling the police, I guarantee your wife, my new whore, will support my version of events. Am I clear peepee?”

“Yes Boss”. I was disconsolate. There was obviously nothing I could do now, I would have to wait for Max to leave to take control of my life again.


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Nov 3, 2002
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Chapter 3


Max lifted Gemma up into his massive arms and carried her up the stairs. I was still kneeling there 5 minutes later when he called out to me. “Peepee, I want you up here”.

I scurried up the steps and Max was standing at the door of my bedroom in the nude with his huge semi-erect member jutting out at me. I admit I was gobsmacked at his endowment. I stood there in awe until that back of his hand was unleashed again. Shit it hurt.

“You will always stay on your knees in my presence cuckold. And don’t make eye contact. The only time I ever allow my boys to look me in the eye is when I am painfully squeezing their tiny little balls in my hands. I love that look of pleading and weakness, the knowledge that only their fear of displeasing me keeps them from struggling or trying to save their useless manhood”.

This was insane but I lowered my eyes to the floor and said, “Yes Boss”.

“Good boy. You will learn. Seems my whore still has some feelings for you peepee. She’s begged me to allow you to kneel outside the bedroom door while I pound her so you can hear her screams of satisfaction. I said sure, as long as you do something for me. So here are my shoes. You will lick them clean, including the soles, while you’re kneeling there listening to us. I think I stepped in some dog shit on the way here so lap that up too faggot”.

The Boss threw his shoes at me and struck me on the face with my eyes downwards. The door shut. Faggot! I hoped Gemma hadn’t heard that derogatory term. I picked up a shoe and started licking it clean. There was dog shit there alright. What could I do? Surely he didn’t expect me to lick that off. Actually, he did and, in fact, he gave me specific instructions. I figured I had better do a good job or the Boss would hurt me.

I knelt there for an hour listening to my wife, who the Boss described as his whore, scream and moan.

Finally the door opened. It was the Boss.

“After my slut showers, you’re taking us to dinner cucky”.

“Yes Boss”. Shit I was weak. Couldn’t I say anything else? Couldn’t I push back even slightly? The Boss sensed what was going through my head and said, “Stand up peepee”. He then proceeded to grab my balls in his large powerful right hand and started to squeeze.

“Look into my eyes cuckold. These balls belong to me now. They are MINE. You will surrender all pride, dignity and masculinity to me. When I snap my fingers, you will rush to do as you are told. Anywhere, anytime. Or the day will come when I don’t stop squeezing”.

The pressure on my balls was unbearable but there was nothing I could do. To try to fight the Boss would be suicidal. To try to stop him having his way with me was more than hazardous. I maintained eye contact as instructed and tried not to call out but it was impossible to not contort my face with the enormous pain he was causing.

“Remember this peepee. I didn’t come over here so we could be buddies. No, we could never be friends. A wolf is never friends with its prey. I will be the Master who you slave for, the Dominant whom you suffer for; the God whom you pray forgiveness from. I could use a little groveling bitch to amuse me and that’s going to be you cucky”.

“Yes Boss”.

I was defeated, emasculated and my wife appeared at the door.

“Everything under control Max?” She took one look at me and saw Max’s vice like grip on my balls and she laughed. “God, what was I thinking of when I married this loser. Did you tell him he’s taking us to dinner darling?”

“Yes Gemma. Cucky’s in a very cooperative mood. The faggot even volunteered to lick that dog shit off my shoes while I was stretching your holes. Go figure, eh; it takes all types. Go and bring the car around the front cucky”.

“Cucky”, said Gemma, “I like that. You heard your Master cucky, get to it”.

So, Gemma was going to be part of the problem too. As I turned to head to the garage Gemma called me back. “Oh by the way cucky, you will call me Mistress from now on. And one more thing. Your Boss wanted to ban you from any contact with my body but I have negotiated with him and you have his permission to touch my feet. In fact, you can start now. On your knees and grovel cucky”.

What choice did I have with the Boss standing menacingly beside Mistress? So I dropped to my knees and kissed and worshipped her feet. She was obviously pleased with my submission to her and kept me there for 10 minutes.

“That’s the way it will be from now on peepee. You will be my footslave. Now get the car”.

“Yes Mistress”.


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Nov 3, 2002
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Thanks mac and rubber. There is something excruciatingly humiliating about serving a couple, isn't there, especially when you're straight.

Chapter 4


I held the door for them to enter the car and they sat together in the back seat. They started fondling each other the moment I took off. Then Gemma threw something into the front seat. It was a hat.

“Put it on cucky. It’s a chauffeur’s hat. I bought it for you a few weeks ago”. They both had a good laugh as I donned the cap. So, I thought to myself, this had been planned for a while.

We arrived at the restaurant and I parked right outside and opened the doors for them. The Boss spoke,

“Give me your car keys peepee. You can keep your phone so I can buzz you to come in and pay the bill when we’re finished but you are forbidden to make calls or send texts. I’ll check it when I return. What’s your PIN?”

I was staggered but I gave him my PIN. I thought we would all be having dinner together and felt I was owed some sort of explanation from both of them for their behavior.

Gemma moved very close to me and beckoned me to lower my head to hers with her index finger. As she started to whisper in my ear I was intoxicated by her perfume, presence and beauty. How I longed to be her husband again.

She whispered, “I want you to stand at attention beside the car wearing your cap while we’re inside cucky; you know, as a sign of respect for your superiors”. She positively glowed with triumph as she turned away and they walked into the restaurant hand in hand.

Once again, I was flabbergasted by her audacity. I was her boss at work 6 months ago and now she was treating me like garbage. It was so unfair. Nevertheless, I stood there at attention for the next 1.5 hours while they dined.

My phone bleeped. It was an SMS from the Boss which read, “Rhonda at the till is ready for you to pay the bill cucky. Tip her $50”.

My phone bleeped again. It was from Gemma and said, “As per Joe Cocker’s song, you can leave your hat on”. I could imagine them killing themselves laughing over that one.

I entered and approached a young woman standing at the till with the nametag Rhonda, still wearing my chauffeur cap as instructed. Before I could say anything she spoke,

“Cucky I presume? Hey, you’ve been in here before and that woman with the big blond guy is your wife. Hang on, he told me your name was cucky but that’s not true is it, that’s what he’s turned you into, his cuckold. Well I never”.

I just stood there lost for words. What could I say?

“That’s why you’ve been standing at attention beside your car for the past few hours; he’s making you do it to show you and everyone else he controls you. All the waitresses were wondering what you were doing. My oh my, this is hilarious”.

I finally worked up the courage to say something. “Could you please give me the bill Rhonda?”

“You’re a male who can’t even hang onto his wife cucky; I don’t think a coward like you should be ordering me about”.

“Please Rhonda. He’ll flog me if I don’t get this done. He’s told me to give you a $50 tip”.

“Tell you what cucky, let’s make that $100 and I’ll share the extra 50 with the other waitresses. Then I’ll let you crawl back and stand by the car like an idiot. Good deal? Oh, and by the way, what does he make you call him?”

“Boss, he makes me call him the Boss”.

“Oh that’s just too funny, but it’s right. He’s obviously your superior in every way and you should have to treat him like a God”.

I paid cash to Rhonda, including her $100 tip, skulked back to the car and stood at attention.

Gemma and the Boss kept me waiting for another 15 minutes before they appeared at the door of the restaurant. They spoke to Rhonda on the way out with frequent looks in my direction. It was awfully embarrassing cause I knew my subjugation by them all would be the topic of conversation.

The Boss and Gemma approached the car and I went to open the door for them. As soon as he was close the Boss smashed me across the face again with the back of his huge right hand. I swooned and Gemma moved in and kneed me in the nuts. I went down on my knees.

“What did I tell you cucky? You stay on your knees in my presence. When we approach the car you kneel and bow your head. Am I clear?”

“Yes Boss”.

“Kiss our shoes and apologize peepee”.

I did of course and heard and, as I kissed Gemma’s shoes, the Boss placed his large right foot on the top of my head and pressed down, keeping me there for several minutes. There was no need for it, he was doing it just to humiliate me even more in front of Rhonda.

“Now mine cucky, and you can lick the tops of my shoes”. As I started, cheering and clapping broke out from all the waitresses, not just Rhonda, who had gathered to see what the Boss was going to do to me. It was a comprehensive victory for him and a dark moment for me. I knew I could never return to that restaurant.

The Boss and Gemma high-fived each other then he spoke, “Stand, turn to the girls at the restaurant and bow cucky”.

I bowed to Rhonda and the other girls as instructed and the cheering broke out again. Rhonda called out, “Come back soon cucky, we’ve got heaps of dishes out the back for you to wash and we’d all like our shoes licked clean too”.

Gemma then grabbed my earlobe and pulled my face down to hers. “Good boy faggot. Now you can drive us home”.


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Nov 3, 2002
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Chapter 5


We arrived home and entered the lounge room. I knelt and awaited instructions.

“In front of me cucky”, said the Boss.

“Now, I’m leaving but you will obey your wife from now on without question. I will visit regularly but I have other whores who I fuck and other cucks like you who are in service to me. I’ll let Gemma know when I’m coming over and you will wait for me kneeling inside the front door”.

“Yes Boss”.

“Let me be clear about this boy, you will never enter your wife again. I demand that my whores keep their pussy clean for me only and no other male is allowed into them. Yes, she is my whore but you are her slave so that puts you a long way down the food chain cuckold”.

“Yes Boss”, but I was secretly thinking that as soon as he’s out of here I’m taking control of my life and wife again, and I will report him to the police.

I should have known better. “Now cucky, your wife has a present for you. It’s a CB6000 chastity tube with DreamLover 2000 attachment. Have you heard of them boy?”

“I’ve heard of the CB6000 but not the other Sir”.

The right hand smashed across my face again. “I didn’t give you permission to call me Sir peepee. I’m not Elton John or Prince Charles”.

He struck me again, this time with an open hand. He was so strong that the blows just sucked energy and life out of me.

“Sorry Boss, it was a slip of the tongue”.

“Well, from now on you just keep that tongue for what it was designed for, cleaning my shoes, bootlicker”.

Did he really have to humiliate me to this extent in front of my wife? Bootlicker! Surely peepee, cucky and faggot were insulting enough.

“You’ll learn to fear the DreamLover cucky. It delivers an electric shock to the balls which can be activated remotely. The original remotes worked from as far as 200 yards away but the new ones have a GPS and a SIM card and can be activated by cell phone. So, Gemma and I will both be able to shock you using our phones even if you’re in Africa. Ingenious, eh loser? And if you were to go anywhere near, say, a police station, I’d know. Put it on”.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So he would be able to track me wherever I was and cripple my balls using his phone. I fitted my penis and balls into the device as instructed.

“Lock the padlock and hand your Mistress the key cucky”, said the Boss. I complied. “Now beg her to be your key holder”. He was relentless.

“Please Mistress Gemma, I beg you to hold the key to my chastity tube?”

“You don’t seem very sincere faggot; maybe you’d like me to give it to Rhonda. She’ll just throw it in the trash then you could say goodbye to orgasms forever”.

“Please don’t do that Mistress. I adore you and am desperate for my Goddess to be my keyholder. I’ll do anything you say if you grant me that privilege”.

“Oh all right then cuckold. Throw me the key”.

I did and Gemma made no attempt to catch it, she just let it fall at her feet. The look on her face said it all as she was positively radiant with a triumphant grin from ear to ear.

Gemma chimed in; “Aww, don’t worry faggot, you’ll still have access to my feet and there’ll be pronged periods of foot massage and foot rest duties to look forward to. And I’ll keep your key on my anklet so you can see it bobbing about as you work for me”.

“Yes Mistress”. Damn, I hated that word faggot.

The Boss stood up and pointed to his shoes. I took my cue and leant forward and kissed them thinking to myself my freedom was just moments away.

“Let’s use our tongue as a sign of respect for your Master bootlicker”. So I licked the tops of his shoes. Then he raised his right shoe on its heel and, knowing what he wanted, I licked all the filth from the sole then repeated it with the left shoe.

“You’re lucky faggot, I didn’t step in any more dog shit in the car park”.

Lucky!! It was all so unnecessary, enacted purely as a display of raw power and dominance to emphasize the control over me he had achieved in such a short time. I was emasculated and my wife had witnessed it all.

“Thank you Boss. It was an honour to lick your shoes clean”.

The Boss then patted my head, said “Good boy” and left. At last I was alone with Gemma and had a chance to plead my case.
Dec 12, 2004
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Thanks once again,i always find it more humiliating when there is a 3rd party involved and they aren't really into the scene.My current Master and Mistress have a son and daughter who know of my position and just accept it,but it is more humiliating serving them than it is serving my Master or Mistress.


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Nov 3, 2002
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Femdom for submale4u.

I know what you mean rubbermac. I've started off serving a Mistress, then been forced by her to serve her boyfriend, then been coerced into serving her mother, then the boyfriend's mother. The humiliation is intense.

Chapter 6


“Get your face under my feet cucky”.

I started to speak when a jolt of electricity passed through my balls.

“That was a 4 cucky. I’ve been trained to use this collar around your balls and basically 4 is uncomfortable, 6 is painful, 8 is very painful and 10 is agony. The dial goes from 1 to 10”.

“Please Gemma aaaaarrhhhh !!!”

“That was a 6 for a bit longer. It’s painful, isn’t it peepee?”

“We have to talk eeeekkkk aaaarrrh!!!”

“That was an 8 fuckwit. Hurts like hell doesn’t it? I’d keep your mouth shut if I was you. There’s nothing to talk about. You’re my slave and under my control. You’ll do anything and everything I say or I’ll fry your balls to shrunken black peas then your Boss will destroy whatever’s left. Do we have an understanding?”

“Yes Gemma aaaaarrrrhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

“It’s Mistress to you, you limp dicked loser”. Then she gave me a blast on 8 which went on for about 10 seconds. I was wasted.

“Drains the resistance away, doesn’t it cucky, makes you really want to be in a safe place like grovelling at my feet. Don’t worry, with the help of my little device, I will teach you compliance and obedience you never thought possible. I’m now going to live the life I’ve always wanted too, plenty of money and decent sex with an Adonis. He is handsome Max, isn’t he faggot?”

“Yes Mistress. Max, er I mean the Boss, is a very impressive specimen”.

“You’re lucky really peepee, I could have cucked you with someone you couldn’t admire but the whole world thinks Max is fantastic”.

“Yes Mistress”, I said but was thinking, please Gemma, I don’t need this right now. I fucking hate Max with a passion.

“Oh, by the way, there are a few housekeeping issues I want to discuss with you. You’ll be sleeping in the garage from now on. There’s a mattress on the floor and a doona. You can put a bucket in there for a toilet cause I’m gonna lock you in there at night, at least initially. I also have a chain around a pole which I’ll padlock your chastity tube to until you get used to this new arrangement”.

“May I ask a question Mistress? Arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh!!!”

“That was an 8 again loser. The correct way to address me, if you want your balls to survive, is, ‘Excuse me Mistress, may I have your permission to speak’. Now, let’s try again but first here’s another 10 seconds on 8 to embed it in your memory”.

“AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!!! Excuse me Mistress, may I have your permission to speak?”

“Not now peepee. I want a foot massage. And you’d better keep your mouth shut, the dial is set on 10”.

It was just total destruction of my ego and manhood. There was nowhere to turn. I could try to get the controls off her but Max would still be able to demolish my balls from afar. There was nothing to do but suck it up for now.

Mistress decided it was time for me to be bedded down for the night so I crawled behind her into the garage and was chained to the post in there by my balls. She stood before me hands on hips. You didn’t need to be Einstein to figure she wanted me to kiss her feet so I did.

“More passion cucky”.

I kissed her feet passionately. It wasn’t difficult she was such a beautiful woman and her feet were to die for.

“Now, just before I leave peepee, what did you want to ask me before?”

“Please Mistress, I just wondered when you’d let me cum next. I’m feeling desperate cause we hadn’t had sex for a while before today”.

“Naturally not, I’ve been fucking Max for a while now. You think I want to put up with your useless dick after being with a real man?”

“I suppose not Your Highness”. Utter defeat.

“Your Highness eh? A little bit of acceptance of the new regime setting in is it loser? Keep worshipping my feet while I tell you. Max doesn’t allow his cuckolds to cum. Full stop. He considers you lesser beings who should focus on service to their superiors and not their own selfish needs. He’s done research though which indicates that your storage sacs need to be drained from time to time so he allows a milking occasionally. Do you know what that is slave?”

“I’ve heard of it but not really Mistress”.

“You will be bent forward over a chair and one of us, with a glove on of course, will place a finger in your arse and massage your prostate. That will be the extent of your sexual relief. Get used to the idea cuckold, cause it’s forever. And you’d better pray it’s usually me because you’ve seen how big your Master’s hands are. Sleep on that tonight loser and remember, if you were a man with a decent sized dick none of this would have happened to you”.


“That’s 10 fuckwit. Any more pleading and I’ll leave it on 10 overnight. This is your destiny. Accept it pansy. You really are a pathetic excuse for a man”.

With that, Mistress turned and walked out, leaving me in darkness.


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Nov 3, 2002
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Chapter 7


Gemma released me the next morning and I made her breakfast then lay under her feet. There was no conversation. It was becoming apparent that her interest in me was purely functional, what I could do for her.

Her phone buzzed. “That was the Boss cucky. He’s feeling horny so he’s coming over in an hour. I don’t need you for a while. Clean up the kitchen then go and kneel inside the door. No, wait. Go and get my pedicure kit. You can do a pedi for me first so I’m pretty for him”.

Great. Now I was expected to make my wife pretty for another man to fuck while I was never to orgasm again. I did a good job on the pedi I thought and Mistress was pleased.

Max let himself into the house with a key I didn’t realize he had. I suppose it shouldn’t have surprised me. I was kneeling by the door when he entered and kissed his shoes. He patted me on the head, “Good cucky”.

Gemma rushed up and embraced him passionately. He spoke,

“Hmmm, seems like you’re in the mood to see your man Gemma. Have you told cucky that he’ll be driving you over to my place sometimes for me to fuck you?”

“Not yet Max”.

“Listen up peepee. Sometimes I’ll want to ream out your wife’s holes at my place and I expect you to chauffeur her over, wearing your cap, of course”.

“Yes Boss”.

“When you bring her to me, you will escort her to the door and present her to me. Then you will kneel at my feet and beg me to give your woman the satisfaction you’re incapable of”.

“Yes Boss”. This was ridiculous. Max had already proven himself to be in charge, there was no need to rub my nose in it like this, especially in front of Gemma. A quick glance at her, though, revealed that she was relishing every moment of my submission to this stud.

“I then require you to go back to your car and stand there at attention until I’ve stretched all my whore’s holes and they’re dribbling with my cum. Yes, just like you did today when you stood by your car cuckold. You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“Yes Boss”. This was becoming excruciating. I hated standing beside the car today. Gemma wriggled in her chair, pupils dilated; she was clearly turned on by witnessing my being dissected by her lover, my new Master.

“When I’m finished with my slut, I’ll summon you boy. You’ll walk up to my home and prepare to take your wife home. I call that walk The Walk of Shame when you wimp cucks come to me to reclaim your women until I want to fuck them again”.

I couldn’t speak, the humiliation was too great. I hung my head in shame. That big hand crashed across my face again. It hurt like hell cause my face was still so sore and swollen from yesterday.

“You will answer me boy”.

“Yes Sir”. My balls exploded as his right foot tore into my ball sac.

“I’m not Sir to you fuckwit. I’m your Boss. If you feel the need to humble yourself before me even more, I do give you permission to call me Master”.

“Thank you Master”. I was almost crying by now. The Boss had totally broken me down, and done it in front of my wife who had rejoiced in every millisecond of my demise.

“When you lie in bed tonight, I want you to visualize yourself on the Walk of Shame cucky. You will find it the most extraordinarily humiliating experience, especially when you kneel and kiss my feet and thank me profusely for tending to parts of your wife’s vagina you could never access with your miniature peepee”.

“Yes Master”.


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Nov 3, 2002
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Chapter 8


The Boss was holding a bag and he then reached into it and produced two items, a collar and leash, and a blindfold. He handed them to Gemma.

“Strip cucky, then kneel again”, she said. Mistress then placed the collar around my neck and pulled the blindfold into place. “Follow me loser”.

Mistress dragged me up the steps and into her bedroom.

“You will kneel there until your Master and I have finished fucking cucky. We want you handy in case we need to make use of you. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress”. The shame burnt bright. How had I ever let myself get into this position?

“By the way cucky, the Boss has decided you need your balls jangled so you don’t lose concentration while we’re pleasuring each other so I’m dialling your ball collar to 4 and leaving it there till we’re finished. Enjoy”.

The current starting passing through my testicles and was most uncomfortable. It wasn’t excruciatingly painful but it was an unpleasant sensation you just couldn’t ignore. And it went on and on ... and on. After one hour I was in trouble, aching from kneeling in the one place so long and exhausted from the electrical relentlessly current passing through my balls. Please, this had to be over soon.

Then I heard one of them get out of bed and use the toilet. I sensed someone standing in front of me.

“Did you have as much fun as me cucky?” It was Gemma. “Yes Mistress”. What else could I say? I knew she’d have the dial in her hand just busting to turn it up and cripple my balls.

“I have a surprise for you peepee. Turns out I’ve missed having your tongue on my clitty. So I’ve talked it over with your Master and he’s putting you on clean-up duties after he’s fucked me. Yay, you’re finally gonna have access to my pussy again. What do you say?”

This was terrible. Much as I loved my wife’s vagina, the thought of licking it full of semen deposited there by another male was repulsive. Then I felt the current passing through my testicles start to increase in intensity. There was only one way out of this.

“Thank you Mistress. I would love to lick your pussy”.

“Yes I know that silly, but what do you say to your Master? I mean he’s the one who has to give you permission to touch me. Here, I’ll hand him the dial in case he’s not happy with your answer. Better make it good cucky”.

This wasn’t quite life and death but there was a lot of pain heading my way if I didn’t snivel enough.

“Thank you for allowing me to touch my wife’s pussy again Boss, I am most grateful. You are a very generous Master to allow a worthless cuckold like me such pleasure. I just can’t thank you enough ... ”

“That’s enough fuckwit. You’re gonna make me puke in a moment you’re such a pathetic faggot. OK, get to it. I’m taking a shower. What do you want the dial on Gemma?”

“Five please Max, a little extra incentive to perform, eh?”

So then it happened, I buried my face in my wife’s vagina and licked away, lapping up copious quantities of the Boss’ sperm whilst targeting her clitoris. It was utterly revolting and I felt ravaged by being forced into such a demeaning act. Gemma had several orgasms then was spent after 20 minutes. She pushed me away with her foot like I was a sack of garbage and spoke,

“You can go downstairs and make us coffee cucky. We’ll be down shortly. No, don’t put your clothes on. You’re to wear your chastity tube and collar and leash only when you’re home. Get moving loser”.


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Nov 3, 2002
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Chapter 9


My own wife calling me a loser was unbearable but I had to face facts, she was right. I made the coffees and they appeared shortly after. I served them then knelt before them. They ignored me for a while then Gemma spoke,

“By the way cucky, I’ve cancelled our housekeeper and yardman. You’re going to take over those duties from now on. Now you’re my slave, the only activity I’m going to permit you to have outside the home is your work. That gives you plenty of free time to be our maid and cabana boy. Max and I are still trying to figure out what uniform we’ll require you to wear but we’ll let you know shortly and you can go buy it”.

“Yes Mistress Gemma”.

Max then spoke, “And your work better be up to standard boy, I expect my house and yard to be immaculate”.

HIS house!! Fuck that. Whoops, thoughts like that could only cause me grief so I replied, “Yes Master, I will go out of my way to make sure the place is perfect for when you visit”.

“I want you to always have 6 bottles of Dom Perignon in your wine fridge for when I come around; it’s my favourite champagne and I like to serve it when I entertain”.

Entertain? Not here surely, not in my home. Whoops, there I go again, the Boss did call it HIS house. “Yes Boss, 6 bottles”.

“And for your cabana boy outfit, buy a pair of leather underpants and a leather harness; that should amuse the neighbours”.

“Please Master ... ”

Crunch!! My face exploded again and he dragged me to my feet by my hair then applied that vice-like grip to my balls which were sticking out below the chastity tube. I looked him in the eye, as instructed, and he began to squeeze.

“This isn’t a fucking democracy around here peepee. You are my slave, my cuckold, and you’ll do whatever I tell you without question”. He increased the pressure on my balls until I thought they were at rupturing point. I was on the verge of begging for mercy when he spoke,

“Don’t speak cucky, I expressly forbid that. If you cry out, I’ll crush your balls for good, exterminate them permanently and make you my eunuch cuckold. Do you want that?”

“No Master”.

The pressure intensified even more and he said, “By the way cuckold, don’t you ever say No to me again”. He gave me one last extra squeeze them pushed me away. I collapsed in agony on the floor and Mistress walked over, placed her foot on my face and spoke,

“You will learn cucky, probably the hard way by the look of it. We aren’t compromising in any way with you. It’s our way or the highway and we do intend to use pain to mould your behaviour. It’s a simple equation, the more you give us of yourself, the more you humble yourself before us, the less you will suffer. Do you understand?”

“Yes Your Highness”.

“Interesting Max, he started calling me Your Highness last night. I think it’s a subliminal sign of his acceptance of his new status. Do you agree? Cucky, come over here and lick the dirt from the soles of my feet”.

“Yes it is Gemma, I’ve seen it before with these weaklings I’ve cuckolded. They lose all resistance and start to regard you as their God, their religion. We should encourage it. Cucky, you may now address me as My Lord as well”.

“Thank you My Lord, and thank you Your Highness for the privilege of licking the dirt from the soles of your feet”.

“Definite progress. OK Gemma, I’m off and I’ll see you tomorrow. Will you send cucky out on his own to buy his new outfit or will you go with him”.

“Oh I’m going with him Max. I’ll want him to model it for me before we buy it, hopefully with a nice young female sales assistant who I can share his secret with”.