The Office Rivalry

Jul 21, 2003
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If you are the type of person who only wants the action without the story, skip to thefirst reply. Everything here is fictitious - enjoy!

Office Rivalry

Its almost inevitable. In a highly competitive environment, with highly competitive people, form very different backgrounds… natural competition creates natural rivalry… and sometimes natural enemies and feuds!!

This was the case at the offices of Remington Southcrest Financial.(RSF) It was the hottest firm on Wall Street and everyone who was ANYONE seemed to want to work there. However, the poor economy had limited jobs. If it was competitive to land a job there before, it was virtually impossible now!! In this environment enter two of the sharpest, brightest, and talented young executives around. Charlie Congrove and Ava Velencia.

They were both very ambitious and knew exactly what they wanted. They were also both very talented go-getters who were clearly head and shoulders above everyone else. This is where the similarities ended!

Charlie Congrove: Charlie was a fairly attractive young man. He had a nice athletic build and slicked back brown hair. Women were not a problem for him. And like everyone else in his life, he used them up and spit them out! Charlie had been given every advantage in life! Not that he didn’t earn his stripes, but he had a clear advantage on most people. His father was a right tycoon in real estate. He had been raised rich and privileged. Yes he worked hard in school to get ahead, but those schools were the best private schools money could buy. His parents paid for him to go to Princeton and then to get his MBA from Yale. When he got out of Yale grad school , his dad got him the interview at RSF.

Ava Velencia: Ava was gorgeous! She looked almost exactly like Jennifer Lopez. She was dark and curvy and always dressed to kill! She usually wore flattering skirt suits and she always wore killer heels! Usually incredibly expensive killer heels. It was the one way she “spoiled” herself. She was born to working class parents in a poor urban area. Her father died when she was only 6 and her mother did the best that she could. Her mother didn’t speak much English, but she was determined her child would get the best education possible. Although the local public school was not that great, Ava excelled at school and got a partial academic scholarship to Harvard. With no rich parents or any trust fund to fall on, Ava worked part time through her entire undergrad experience. Despite that, she had such stellar grades after graduation, that she received a full academic scholarship from Harvard to stay and get her MBA. At her graduation, she gave a riveting speech about the sacrifices of her mother. The whole audience cried.

Now, here they both were in the same place at RSF.

Personality Differences

I guess you could say that they never liked each other much. Ava picked up immediately that Charlie was a pompous jerk. He talked down to everyone and always tried to steal the spot light. He treated people who he felt were beneath him (maids, vendors, even some “modest income” customers) like trash. And he seemed to get off on making other people look stupid… especially in front of the boss.

Ava was the exact opposite. She stayed late to help her peers. She treated everyone with respect. - especially “the help“. The only person she was cold with was Charlie. And years of growing up in a poor, tough neighborhood gave her all the edge she needed when she HAD to use it.

The Beginning - Sparring

They were both brought in to lead teams in the most important investment segment of the business. And, to no surprise, both of their teams excelled. Charlie, ruled with an iron fist demanding the best! His team lived mostly in fear… but performed. Ava, coached her people and helped out as much as she could. Her keen business sense led to great leadership decisions… and her team put up great numbers. The two competing teams had a natural rivalry occurring.

Round one of their true rivalry went to Charlie. At a meeting with their division boss, Ava made a mistake in her figures. Charlie stepped in and made her look foolish., Most people in the room were uncomfortable with his tone, but he was correct in his statements and the meeting moved on. Afterwards, Ava was both angry and humiliated. She vowed never to be in that predicament again.

The next 5 rounds went to Ava. Over the course of the next month’s meetings, it seemed that Charlie made at least one small error each week. Ava always seemed to catch it and politely correct him in front of the room. At the last meeting, he made 3 or four mistakes, likely caused by his being frazzled from the earlier ones. Each mistake jostling him to make another… and each one casually being corrected by Ava. After the last one, one of the division heads remarked “Charlie, thank goodness for Ava or your figures would have been useless.” It was a sarcastic joke said in fun… but it cut deep.

Charlie went up to Ava and said coldly, “Stop correcting me! You trying to make me look bad?”

Ava casually replied, “Stop being wrong! You’re making yourself look bad!” Then she chuckled and walked away.

The Coffee Incident

The next morning when Ava was reading her paper and nobody was in the office yet, Charlie casually walked in and handed her a cup of coffee. “This is for you. Let‘s be civil.” Charlie placed the cup down on her desk and walked off. Ava was a pro at reading people, and something just seemed… off. She dropped the whole cup in the trash next to her and kept reading the paper.

That night most of the office went out for a happy hour. Ava drank red wine and the fellas drank beer. They all started to get a little drunk and started asking different questions to get to know each other better. Someone asked Charlie… “What do you fear or hate in life?”

“I hate failure” he replied.

The group moaned and someone said, “We all know that! Tell us something we don’t know… something different!”

“Ok, ok”, Charlie relented. “Um… I hate… feet!!”

The group chuckled and then one of them said “But you get more pedicures than any man I know!!!” Again they laughed!

“I don’t hate my feet” Charlie explained. “Besides… the main reason I like getting pedicures is because it makes me feel like a king! I sit down and put my foot in someone’s face and say ’Serve me peasants!’ It reminds me I’m better than most people. But I would NEVER touch anyone else’s feet! That’s disgusting!”

Some people chuckled… others rolled their eyes at Charlie’s always present arrogance!

“Speaking of feet… Ava, I always notice you take your shoes off a lot!” someone added.

Ava was surprised that anyone noticed. But, she explained that she wore the prettiest tallest shoes she could afford and they often killed her feet. So, she would kick her shoes off in her office and put them up on her desk while she worked. She never thought anyone really noticed or paid attention.

“How much do you spend on shoes Ava?”

She smiled shyly and added, “A lot”.

“How much is a lot?”

Ava paused and then told them, “thousands”

The men seemed surprised. Charlie jumped in, “Women are stupid!”

Ava tried to ignore him and the group asked and answered fun and personal questions for the next 40 minutes or so.

Slowly the crowd went home one by one until it was just Ava , Charlie, and one of Charlie’s only true friends - Steve. Ava realized who was left and decided to leave. Before she left Charlie couldn’t resist egging her on some more. “Leaving Ava? Going to blow some more of yurt pay check on shoes? Silly chicks!”

Ava had had enough and replied, “No.. I’m going to do some research so the next time you make an ass of yourself at a meeting I can correct you again!” Even Steve laughed at this one. Now, Charlie was pissed!

“I know you’re Columbian so you must know a thing about coffee”, Charlie began. Ava was surprised that he would be so blatantly prejudice! “Did the coffee this morning taste funny?” Charlie paused for emphasis and leaned in to whisper in her ear… “I peed in it” With that he broke out laughing!

Ava threw the rest of her red wine in his face and stormed out. She knew he was a jerk. She knew he was a pig. But, she had know idea how low he could stoop! How horrible he could be. Well, she was thankful that she hadn’t been foolish enough to trust him and drink the coffee. Now, it was her turn to show him how mean SHE could be.

The Set Up

It was a beautiful summer day! Ava walked into the office and thought about the night before. She had found out a few crucial things. She found out that Charlie was a complete pig… capable of tremendous cruelty!

But she also found out some things, during the “fun” Q&A games. Things that could be AMMO! Charlie thought feet were disgusting and degrading to touch. Despite that, he enjoyed “degrading” others in that way. He also had a horrible allergy to shrimp and he was compulsive about brushing his teeth at lunchtime. In fact, he kept a tooth brush and tooth paste in his desk drawer. Ava had already started to form a plot. She was still mad about the coffee and plotting revenge when she walked into her office. There, sitting on her desk was a gift wrapped box. She walked over and read the note:

If you must wear shoes that kill your feet, then keep this handy! You’re a great boss and we want you around… and happy!

It was a gift from her team. When she opened it, she saw it was a foot massager. It had an electric part where she could slip her foot into the massaging mechanical arms and a wooden roller part where she could roll her foot over massaging, kneading wheels and knobs. Her team bought he this after a few of them heard her talking about sore feet last night. Their gesture touched her and reminded her of the good people… other than Charlie… who worked here.

As Ava looked at the gift, her brain worked like a computer….

He hates feet
Feels superior to everyone
Horrible allergic to shrimp
Brushes teeth compulsively
I just received a massager

The plot came together in her mind like a beautiful symphony! She smiled and started to go to work.

Ava calmly worked on her business and her revenge plot all week. At Friday’s meeting, the boss asked for two volunteers to stay behind during lunch for two hours on Monday to work on a big account. The entire office would be out to a half day meeting. He needed his two sharpest people to stay behind and work on an account, and then close up the office. Ava immediately volunteered. Like clockwork, Charlie did as well - just as she expected. Everything would go down on Monday!
Jul 21, 2003
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The Allergy: The Medicine

On Monday Ava came in early. She wore some sweat pants and a t shirt. She was drenched with sweat and had obviously run the 7 miles to work that day! She wore some old beat up running sneakers and no socks. But when she freshened up and came out of the bathroom, she was looking more beautiful then ever. Her long brown hair was tied back in a slick ponytail. She wore designer sunglasses that covered most of her face. Her skirt suit was a beige color and looked like a thousand dollar suit. Her shoes were a slightly darker brown, high heeled closed toe slip on mule. She wore some smooth stockings just slightly more beige than nude. All eyes were on her when she walked through the office. She commanded her sexuality like a cannon! There was a special bounce in her step today too! Nobody else knew it, but she was about to relish a long planned victory.

The morning went by quickly, just as it normally does. The only peculiar thing was Charlie kept going to the bathroom for long chunks at a time. But most people didn’t notice. What they also didn’t notice, was Ava going in and out of his and her office. Then, before too long, everyone was off to the off-site meeting for the rest of the day and Ava and Charlie stayed behind as requested. They both started doing work. With no love lost, they didn’t even speak to each other. Each sat in their respective offices and worked. Finally, Ava came over and said to Charlie, “I’m starving. Do you want to order lunch?”

Charlie looked at her and huffed, “I always bring my lunch!” Then he pulled out a cooler and laid it on the desk. He continued working. She, of course, already knew this. What Charlie didn’t know was that Ava had studied his patterns everyday. She had it down to a science. And this morning, while he ran down the hall to check with an international account, she had slipped a powerful laxative into his coffee. You’d think he’d be more careful… he had to know leaving it around was a bad move after what he told her!!

It had a few time left to kick in! She knew exactly how much to give him to keep him “busy” all morning. Charlie walked by her and said “I gotta take a shit!”… always the crude pig! As soon as he went to the office bathroom, Ava went to work finishing what she had been working on all day!

About 45 minutes later, Charlie came out and went back to his office. He saw Ava talking to a man in a hard hat at the door. “OK Ms. Velencia, we are going to start the scheduled maintenance. No water for your office for the rest of the day. And, because we’ll be working in the hallway… you will have to use the rear service elevator if you want to leave.”

“No problem”, Ava responded. “You hear that Charlie… no water and you have to use the rear elevator to leave. I have the key so we can leave together later, ok?”

“Yeah whateva! I got my bottled water anyway!”

Charlie was already hungry… but now, with his stomach empty… he was STARVING!!! He went in his cooler and unwrapped his hero sandwich. He picked up half of the sandwich and took a huge bite. He continued to chomp it down, barely stopping to breathe!

Charlie continued working but started to feel funny. First his face started to itch… then his eye started to quiver and then close a little. Charlie got scared. Just then, his phone sounded off with a text message. He checked the phone and saw it was from Ava, who was now in her office. The text read:

[I left you a present in your sandwich… Ava]

Charlie peeled back the bread on the other half of his sandwich and lifted off a few layers of meat. There, sandwiched in the middle, were 4 large pieces of shrimp! He must have eaten four as well. Now he really panicked. His allergy was violent! First his face would break out and swell. Then his throat would start to close. Then, his muscles would actually start to seize up and/or weaken. He might even pass out!! He NEVER should have told everyone all this that night! WHAT A BITCH!!!

He opened his drawer and looked for the allergy medicine he always kept there. It was not there!! He frantically opened another drawer, then slammed it shut. He screamed in frustration, all the while his face itching more and more! BEEP… another text

[I’ve got your pills! You never should have done that to the coffee!!]

Charlie hopped up and ran out into the office area,. He sprinted to Ava’s office and grabbed the door. LOCKED! He stepped back and stared through the wall sized window looking into her office. She sat in her office chair… smiling at him. It was a very condescending smile. It ate at his heart. He banged on the door and tried to pull it open, to no avail. His muscles were starting to get weak now… his right eye almost completely shut. She held up the bottle of pills and waved it back and forth taunting him. She opened the bottle and put the pills in her left hand. Then he looked in horror as Ava slipped her right mule off and dropped the last three pills into her shoe. She slipped her shoe back on her stockinged foot and started to go back to work. Charlie was getting even more panicked now. He started begging through the glass door… “Please…. Please I need those pills! You don’t know how bad this could get!!!”

“I’ll give them to you, don’t worry. I just want to feel them between my toes a little before I let you swallow them!” Then she laughed for a good few minutes. Her words and her laughter were like daggers to Charlie’s mind and soul. The reality that he would HAVE to take those pills, despite what she was doing to them, made him even more sick!

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Charlie, but was actually only 8 minutes, Ava hit a button on the desk and the door buzzed open. Charlie clumsily bust in. He was feeling weak and light headed. His right eye was shut and his face was swollen and covered with bumps. “Give me my pills” he pleaded.

“Go get em”, Ava chuckled. Charlie didn’t have time to argue or to worry about pride! He collapsed at her feet and went after her shoe. She kept her feet firmly on the ground, not making it easy for him to get her shoe off. In fact, she seemed to resist him! He struggled with her foot and shoe, the entire time she was laughing as if watching the best comedy ever! Finally, he was able to slip her stockinged foot out of her expensive mules. One of the pills fell on the carpet and Charlie immediately picked it up and greedily swallowed it with no water. He didn’t see any of the other ones and with as much shrimp as he ate and as long as he took before getting any medicine… he knew he would need to take all three for them to work…. And soon. He looked all over the carpet and crawled on all fours around Ava’s chair as she laughed… desperately looking for the other two pills. Finally Ava asked, did you check the shoe?”

Charlie crawled back to the shoe on the ground. He picked it up and looked in it like a telescope. He saw one. Crammed deep in the shoe, where the big toe would go, he saw another pill stuck in the shoe. He tried to get at it with his fingers, but with his hands cramping he couldn’t do it. So, he held the back of the shoe up to his ,mouth and knocked against the sole trying to dislodge the pill. Specs of leather and dirt fell into his mouth, but no pill. He thought about how he must look as Ava kept laughing. Kneeling at her feet with her shoe to his mouth, trying to “eat” what was inside. He quivered with anger that she had done this to him and with shame that he was reduced to this! Finally, with one last knock, the pill dislodged and dropped into his mouth. One more to go!!

He spun his head around and saw the pill on the carpet a few feet away. He started to crawl that way but Ava wheeled her chair over to the pill faster than he could crawl. She quickly slipped he other foot out of her shoe. He saw her nylon covered foot land on the pill as it disappeared beneath her burgundy toes in reinforced beige stockings. He looked up at her like a whipped puppy. Now what?

“Beg me!”

Charlie started to tear up. He was being humiliated! “Please… he whispered”

“Please what?”

“Please let me have my pill!”

“I’ll do better than that… I’ll give it to you!” She clenched her toes and picked up the pill. As he knelt in front of her, she lifted her sole to his face and waved it back and forth…. Teasing him with the sight of the pill lodged under and between her toes. With her sole inches from his face, he could smell the faint smell of foot sweat and feel the warmth from her hot feet against his face. He tried to pry the pill from between her toes but his hands were still cramping and his muscles still weak. The first two pills had not kicked in yet!

“Please… I can’t”. Charlie was now crying openly. Degraded and defeated. Ava again laughed at his misery.

“How does it feel to beg! To beg to even be let into my office? To beg to swallow what’s in my shoe? And to beg to feed on what I hold with my toes?” Ava laughed loudly as Charlie dropped his head and cried. “Tell you what…. You make my feet fel good and I’ll give you your pill. After all, I’m “stupid” and I wear bad shoes!” Ava pointed under her desk and Charlie crawled there. Then, much to Charlie’s dismay, she slipped the foot with the pill back into its shoe, crossed her leg over it, and offered him the other one. “Rub it!” Charlie sat there and grabbed her foot with both hands. Tears running down his face, he pressed his thumbs into her soles and kneaded firmly. His hands were a little less crampy now as the other two pills started to work. But he was still itching and his head was very light., He needed that other pill soon! He sat under her desk and massaged her foot as he heard her typing away. “Harder” she commanded. Charlie tried to oblige but the massaging motion locked his cramping hands up. He stopped!

“I can’t” he cried. “My hands are cramping”

“Then I guess you don’t want this pill.”

“Please” he begged. Then out of desperation, he did the only thing he could think of…. He gently kissed the top of her foot.

“OOHH… improvisation!!!” she laughed. “OK, run with that!”

She lifted her foot and offered him her sole. He started to kiss it all over. She giggled like a little girl and relished her victory. He cried even more, despising himself for his weakness and his failure!! After a few moments of him kissing the sole of her stockinged foot, she said to him “I have a perfect idea!!! You can be my foot massager while I work!! Lay down.” Charlie felt so light headed he thought he might pass out. He tried his best to maneuver under her desk and lie down. He rested his head where she was pointing… right in front of her feet. He heard the unmistakable sound of her foot slipping out of its shoe. Then, with his eyes closed. Her felt her warm , damp foot come to rest on his face. Her arch fitting perfectly over his forehead with the underside of her toes resting on the bridge of his nose. He felt they were still clenched… she had the pill. Then, the other foot… the one he had massaged and kissed…came to rest on the top of his head, with the heel on the ground and the sole of the foot resting diagonally on the top of his head. That exact moment seemed to last forever… burned into Charlie’s and Ava’s mind.

Charlie, completely defeated. Having been tricked into getting sick, made to beg for his medicine, eat it from the floor and from her shoe after she had rubbed her grubby toes all over it, forced to massage her foot, kiss her foot, and now…. A footstool!

Ava smiled widely! This was what total victory felt like. She was used to winning… but usually with some humility or some concern for the loser. Now, she had this arrogant ass right where he belonged and it felt good! And the plot was only nearing the middle!!!
Jul 21, 2003
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The Allergy: The Massage

Just when Charlie felt at his lowest, it got worse. The sweaty foot resting on his forehead slid forward slowly. Gliding in a warm sweaty film across the length of his face. When the heel got to the chin, she dragged the whole foot back across his face. First using the chin like a massaging knob, pressing down as it kneaded the length of her sole. Then, as she dragged her foot back across his mouth, the heel would catch the nose and turn it up like a snout - opening his nostrils as the sole followed sliding against his upturned nose and assaulting his sense of smell with the warm smell of tired feet in nylons and shoe leather. As she did this she left the sweat in his nose to dry, giving him the gift of smelling her long after this would be over. She repeated this process a few more times, surprising herself with how good it actually felt. Nothing could compete with her mental satisfaction though - using her rival’s FACE to massage her FEET! She played in his hair with her other foot and noted “Your face is much better than my real foot massager that my team gave me!” She laughed at this, but Charlie just lay there and take it. “In fact, the bumps all over your face from breaking out act as little massaging hands!” Again she laughed. Charlie steamed with anger and shook with shame… but he just lay there and took it… waiting for his pill before he passed out. In fact, he probably would have passed out by now, but taking the first two pills only served to give him enough strength to stay awake and take this abuse!

When she was dragging her foot back across his face again, she stopped at the mouth and said “Open up for your medicine!”

FINALLY! He thought! He opened his mouth wide. But when her toes were over his mouth, instead of opening her toes and letting the pill fall in, she slipped her foot into his mouth. He almost gagged! As all five toes crammed into his mouth! “Take your pill!” she laughed. For someone who hated feet, having her use his face as a foot massaging foot rest was about all he could stand without feeling like he would DIE…. But to have a foot in his MOUTH??? He tried to block out the shame and concentrate on getting the pill! He used his tongue to try to pry it out of her still clenched toes. It didn’t work! The more he tried, the more he licked her toes and the ball of her foot. The taste of “feet” and sweat was so strong that there was no denying what he was doing! He had to mentally acknowledge it. Finally, he was able to lodge his tongue into a nook and free the pill. He quickly swallowed it. However, Ava didn’t remove her toes from his mouth. In fact, she opened them up and wiggled them around in his mouth instead! “That feels better! I was actually getting tired of clenching them!” Charlie thought about biting her, but then thought better of angering her in his weakened state!

Eventually, when SHE was ready, she removed her foot from his mouth and went back to massaging her feet on his face. He peaked at his watch.. 2:15. He started to black out “… NO… NOT NOW… was I too late with the third pill.. Too weak to move… too weak to….”

The Allergy: The Toothbrush

Charlie started to awake slowly. The first thing he noticed was the sound of typing. It was getting louder as he became more fully conscious. Where was he? Was that all a horrible dream? There was a funny smell… smelt like old shoes. He opened his eyes and couldn’t see. There was a heavy weight on his face, covering his eyes. He slapped away her feet, which were still resting on his face. He struggled to get up, hitting his head on her desk. Finally, he pushed her chair back violently and stood to face her.

“What you did… I will never forget…. Never forgive you!”

“What I did,” she laughed “I will never forget either. Your face will forever remind me of my feet! You were so nice to loan it to me while I worked. I‘m almost done… what about you?” She laughed wildly.

Charlie didn’t have a good reply. He just turned beet red with anger and humiliation and checked his watch - 4:20! He had slept under her desk for 2 hours? She had used his face as a footstool/foot massager - all the while finishing her work! Between his bathroom breaks and this afternoon’s fiasco, he hadn’t gotten much done! He would need to pull an all nighter to finish! She had crushed him in so many different ways that he couldn’t cope! He stormed out of her office. His mouth tasted like feet. He smelt her feet inside his nose and on his face. His body still felt slightly weak. And she just sat there and laughed in her victory!

His compulsive need to brush his teeth kicked in full force! It was 3 hours to late… he did it everyday at 12 noon…. At least! Now, with what had just happened he REALLY needed to. He went into his office and opened his drawer…. No tooth brush! BEEP! Another text:

It was a video message. The text read [I have your toothbrush]

Then there was a video, apparently taken by Ava with her cell phone. She had come into his office, taken his toothbrush, and returned to her office. Then, she had wedged it into the wooden rollers of her foot massager and proceeded to run the ball of her foot and her nylon covered toes back and forth over the rollers until the video cut off.

How long ago was this? How didn’t he notice when he was under the desk? How long did she do that for? Charlie sprinted back to her office. This time she buzzed him in right away.

She again smiled at him. “You can get your brush!”

“You maniacal bitch!!! Do you know what you did???”

“Of course I know!!!”, Ava laughed loudly. “ I have known several people with compulsive disorders. I knew that you would have to brush your teeth. HAVE to! Especially after what has happened! And, what a better revenge for me then to watch you brush more of my foot sweat into your teeth even as you try to get the footy taste out!!” Ava was laughing so hard now she was tearing up.

Charlie brushed by her and crawled under the desk to get his toothbrush. He knew the unfortunate truth, she was right!! As he was kneeling in front of her, she placed her expensive mule on his butt and pushed him forward. She erupted in more laughter as he slammed face first into the front of her desk. She had won, and now she was rubbing it in at every opportunity! Taking sweet delight in any chance to humiliate him and make him feel beneath her. He was furious, but his need to brush his teeth was so strong. He grabbed the tooth brush and ran out of the office.

“I’ll wash this, brush my teeth and deal with you later!” he yelled as he ran out.

“There’s no water” she yelled back!

He forgot! Had she set that up too? The front door being locked. The water being shut off? How much effort went into this? He ran to his office and grabbed his bottle of water from the little fridge. It was off! She had unplugged the fridge so the water was warm! He grabbed his tooth paste from the drawer and ran to the bathroom. He used the water and the toothpaste to thoroughly clean the brush. Still, all he could think about was where his face had been, where his mouth had been, where this brush had been. What a complete defeat! How could he get the brush clean enough? When he had rinsed off the brush thoroughly, he put a heavy dose of toothpaste on his toothbrush to drown out the smell and taste of feet. He started brushing rigorously but it seemed he couldn’t get the taste out of his mouth. It was mentally burned in. He brushed and brushed, attempting to cleanse away not just the taste but the memory. He couldn’t.

He could still smell her feet too. All over his face and up his nose. He took a few swigs of the warm water…. But it seemed to taste horrible. Determined tog et the smell out, he used the rest of the water to wash his face. He went back to his office. He sat there, in misery, defeat, and anger. How could he ever get her back for this? As the water on his face dried he noticed the smell of feet seemed to get stronger not weaker. In fact, his face now reeked worse than before! He heard Ava locking up her office preparing to go home.

He looked down the hall to her office and saw her getting on the service elevator. “Hey Charlie… I’m taking the only key to this elevator, so you’re stuck here. The construction guys will be back at 6 am to open up the front. Oh, and the water will be off till then too… so there’s no way to wash up or anything. But, I figured you’d need all night to catch up on all the work you missed while you took your little nap. Phone lines are dead too… they killed them right before they left. See you in the morning!”

The elevator doors closed and Charlie realized he had a long night of work in front of him locked in at work, stinking of feet and feeling depressed and disgusted. He never lost at anything… and here he was , having lost to his rival in the worst possible way. He stared at the floor, smelling and tasting her feet all over him, and cried.


Another text! One last taunt?

The Allergy: She Who Laughs Last

[How did you enjoy brushing your teeth?]

There was an attached video.

It was filmed with the same camera phone from before. This one was of Ava right after she came into work. She was still wearing her running gear. He had almost forgotten that she ran to work that day. The camera recorded as she went into his office with a small bag, took his bottle of water out of the fridge, and sat in his office chair. The blinds were shut so nobody could see in. He watched in horror as she removed her old, ratty sneakers and revealed a slimy, sweaty bare foot. She wiggled her toes for the camera for emphasis. She placed a small basin on the floor. Then, she poured as much water as would fit into her shoe and swished it around before pouring it into the basin. She took off the other shoe and repeated the process. He could hear her laughing and at one point she looked into the camera and smiled. After she had poured the water into either old shoe, swished it around, and poured it into the basin, she placed both of her feet into the water. Watching this video, Charlie just started sobbing... But he couldn’t look away!

As she rested her feet in the cold water, she sighed and he heard her say “Nothing like some cold water for my hot feet! But I’ll make sure its warm for you!” Then he saw her reach over and unplug the fridge. She filmed her feet sitting in the water. He saw her wiggling her burgundy toe nails freely as she soothed her feet with his drinking water! After a few minutes, she pulled out a small funnel. Then, she poured the water back into a shoe, swished it around again, and carefully used the funnel to refill the bottle, repeating the process until the bottle was full.

She looked into the camera and said with a smile, “After a foot soak is the best time to remove dead skin!” She pulled out a foot scraper - the kind from TV that holds the scrapings - and started to clean away the dead skin from her heels and the balls of her feet. After a few minutes of this, she took out the funnel again and reached for his toothpaste. Still sobbing, Charlie watched the video on his hand held as she put the funnel in the toothpaste tube. She took out a nail file and filed her toe nails down, letting the dust fall into the funnel. Then, she clipped her pinky toe nails and dropped them in the funnel. Following that, she opened the foot scraper and dropped her dead foot skin into the funnel. She peaked into the funnel and looked disappointed. She looked into the camera and said “Its all just kinda sitting there.” With that, she let a big glob of spit fall from her lips into the funnel. She watched it for a while and then repeated it. Then another. The smile on her face indicated that the spit did the trick…. Washing the toe nails, foot skin, and filed toenail powder into the toothpaste tube. She put back the toothpaste, grabbed the toothbrush and put the water back in the fridge.

She put the bin back in the bag with her pedicure set, but placed the old sneakers in the corner. Right before the video cut off, she smiled at the camera…. At him… one last time.

Charlie, still crying, looked over to the corner and saw the running shoes…. The truly last joke.

So this was how it ended. After being made to break out with a horrible reaction, beg for medicine, eat it from the floor and from her shoes, lick her toes to get the last pill, allow her to use his face for a foot rest and foot massager, having his compulsive disorder taken advantage of to force him into further humiliation with a nasty toothbrush,… after all that… it turns out she also tricked him into using her foot bath water as mouth wash and drinking water… and WASHING HIS FACE with it. Even as he tried to brush the shame out of his mouth, he was using a toothbrush she used to tickle her toes and that he had “CLEANED” with her foot soak water? Even the toothpaste was contaminated with dead skin from her feet, toe nails, and her SPIT!!! He convulsed at the thought and vomited… all over his computer. This had to be truly the bottom!!! How, now, would he finish the 4 hours of work he didn’t get to? How would he explain being in the same clothes tomorrow, stinking, and having thrown up on his own computer?

He dropped to the ground and fell into a deep depression, crying like a kid who had lost the basketball game for his team with no time left by missing a free throw!! She had destroyed him… he was broken. He smelt like her feet, his mouth tasted like her feet, he had brushed his teeth with a brush and paste contaminated by her feet, bathed in her feet’s grimy bath water. How could he look at her tomorrow? Look at anyone?

BEEP…. What now?

[My feet feel great!! Thanks for a great day! We should do this again… by the way….. I never drank that coffee]

The reality hit him…his prank had failed… hers had crushed him….he closed his eyes and pictured her crawling into her bed… as he would sleep on the office floor… and smell her feet all night,
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Awesome, incredible, creative story!!! Thanks so much.

Too many stories on here are where the 'victim' has the fetish. I love the ones with humiliation, where those being abused hate it.

I thought it was great and refreshing how you tied the allergic reaction and life/death choice to make him force himself to her feet.

Please write more stories!

Any chance on a F/F forced story?
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The Aftermath

Charlie had a tough time of it that night. He couldn’t do his work on his computer, he was locked in the office all night, his office stunk of vomit and his face of feet. Mentally he was battered and beaten. He had concocted some story bout losing track of time, getting locked in the office over night, and getting sick. This explained all the situations he needed to explain, including why he had vomited on his computer and failed too finish his work. It did not, however, make it any better when the boss called him into his office and ridiculed him for not completing his portion of the important work. He saw the smug look on Ava’s face as he did the walk of shame from the office after being dressed down.

Ava, on the other hand got all sorts of praise at the next weekly meeting for her great work she had done. Charlie turned bright red when she commented on how relaxing it was to work in peace and quiet while she used her newest foot massager to relax her tired feet. Everyone chuckled except Charlie because they all thought she was talking about the gift from her team… but he knew she was referring to him… to his FACE.

“So you like our little gift, huh Ava?”, one of her team members asked.

“Oh yes”, she started. And then she started to torment Charlie by describing what happened in a way that ate at his core but seemed to everyone else that she was talking about the foot massager. “I’m not very technically savvy, so it gave me some difficulty at first… almost like it didn’t want my feet on it. But, I just told it - your place is at my feet! So let me use you to make them feel good while I get my work done! They don’t smell that bad so just deal with it! And then, MADE it rub my feet! It started working properly and time flew buy while I worked! I think it made me work BETTER!” Again, everyone chuckled… except Charlie. She was eating him alive in front of the room and loving it… and nobody knew.

After that meeting, Charlie tried to avoid hard her. She would often shoot him a sly smile and he would turn red and walk away. Ava spent the next several months continuing to impress her bosses and relishing her mental edge over Charlie. She certainly held a strong grudge and she would laugh in his face or make subliminal remarks like she did at the meeting whenever he would annoy her. He would always turn red, tempted to say something but having nothing to say… and walk away frustrated to the sound of her giggling.

Charlie hated Ava like he never hated anyone else. What she did to him, taking advantage of his weaknesses to completely steamroll him was unforgivable. Furthermore, he never lost at anything!! How had he been so severely out played and humiliated with no shot at redemption. He was determined to make her pay… he just had to wait for the right time. Career-wise, Charlie spent the next months climbing out of the dog house and restoring his good name. The pressure brought out the worst in him and made him even more of a pompous jerk! While AVA grew in popularity, Charlie grew enemies. But… he still delivered results.

So, on one fateful day the sales VP brought them both into the office and explained they had been selected for an intense advanced leadership program. They would be 2 of 5 people to move on and be “groomed” for future leadership positions. The first major component was a week away at a local resort. They were both determined to come out of this as the number 1 prospect!

The Retreat: The Bet

The workshops were intense! The 5 candidates spent long hard days in tough strategic and development sessions. The one stress relief they had was each morning they had decided to take a group run together on the 4 mile path through the woods behind the resort. In typical fashion., although they were the two strongest runners - Ava often fell back to help two of the women who were in slightly worse shape then the rest and Charlie always raced out in front and finished first. By Thursday morning, the Sales VP had heard of the morning run and decided to join them. Heading out on Thursday, Charlie thought of a great idea… this would be the way to get Ava back… at long last!!

After the run, in which the two people acted exactly the same as they always do, Ava helping and Charlie winning, Charlie said to the Sales VP. “Good run huh?”

“Yes”, he replied still trying to catch his breath. “It’s a challenging trail with lots of hills!”

“Yes, and see how I lead the pack… that’s what its all about right? Winning and being the best and inspiring others to do the same!”

Ava interrupted, “It’s not ALL about that, Charlie! Its also about helping and leading from the back sometimes”

“Whatever, you’re just trying to justify finishing last!” Charlie chuckled. The Sales VP raised an eyebrow to see where this would go.

One of the women whom Ava helped with the run everyday shouted “She could win if she wanted to!”

Charlie just laughed at this and said “You want to bet?? In fact that‘s it! Let‘s race right now, winner takes all, and make a friendly wager!”

Ava was upset that he was trying to embarrass her and turn her kindness to weakness, but she knew he was right… she couldn’t beat him even though she was a very strong runner. But, everything on these trips was an evaluation… with the sales VP standing right there… could she run from a challenge? “OK”, she said… “Loser pays for dinner tonight for the whole group” (a big final dinner on the last day was a custom)

“Sounds good”, Charlie added. “And… he continued, the loser must get on their knees n the restaurant and say that they are a big loser, take of the other person’s shoe, and kiss each of their toes in front of everyone - one by one!!”

Ava stayed shut…realizing Charlie was going for the kill!

“In fact, if I lose… I’ll even throw in a five minute foot massage!” Again Ava stayed shut! “I’ll even sweeten the deal… I’ll give you 3 wild card choices of your choosing to name whatever else you want to add later!!”

The Sales VP cut in, hoping to nullify all of this. He looked Ava in the eye with a serious expression and said - “That seems extreme! I don’t condone this, but before you answer - just remember that what we have been working on here this week is really being accountable to what we say. So if you guys make this bet… there will be no backing out! You MUST do it unless its called off! Do you understand??” He was convinced this would scare her into saying NO!

“Don’t worry… she knows I’m better. She know she can’t win! She won’t risk being exposed! There will be no bet!” Charlie relished his words as he tried to embarrass her.

Ava had taken all she could! Being put on the spot like this, her competitive juices kicked in “Fine… lets do it!”

Charlie smiled ear to ear… she had taken the bait… and now she would pay!!

The Retreat: The Race

The rules were simple… out and back, 4 miles , winner takes all.. Ava had her long hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wore dark grey spandex down to her ankles with a loose T shirt over her sports bra. She was already sweaty from the first run and her skin glistened. Charlie always thought she looked like Jennifer Lopez, but in this outfit her curves and thick rump made it even more so. She wore no socks with her old ratty sneakers that she always wore to run… the ones Charlie unfortunately knew too intimately. Charlie had on the latest designer running shoes and a pair of shorts. He ran with a white t shirt. Before they ran, everyone started wishing Ava luck… nobody wanted to see Charlie embarrass her and gloat all night. Only the VP stayed quiet, but secretly even he was put off by Charlie’s bragging and the vicious bet.

The two people took off running down the trail into the woods. From the onset, it was obvious Charlie was a stronger runner. As soon as the two disappeared from view into the woods, he slowed down to her pace and started talking to her. He reminded her how much he hated her… how badly he wanted to humiliate her… how inferior he though she was… how she had humiliated him in private but he would get her in public. Charlie wasn’t even out of breath! The more angry Ava got, and as she sped up to try and win, Charlie would easily match her and keep talking! Ava started to feel hopeless. Realizing she could not win, she started to panic. Charlie saw this and kept taunting her. For two miles it went like this. Then they turned around and headed back and the same situation continued. Ava started to run as hard as she could, but Charlie just matched her and kept talking… only breathing slightly harder.

With about one mile to go Charlie said to Ava “Its been fun but I gotta go now… I’ll see you tonight when you kiss my feet!” and he took off fast! When he left her a good 10 feet behind, he looked over his shoulder and winked at her. Then he started waving at her and laughing… this was great… this felt so good…. Except, he probably should have looked where he was going on such a tough trail. As he gloated over his shoulder, his foot caught a tree root. He fell hard… face first into the wet dirt.

Seeing all this unfold about 20 feet in front of her, Ava knew she had her shot. She started to run even harder. But before she could catch up, she saw him struggling to get up… he had turned his ankle awkwardly. He was truly struggling to get up. Ava felt a sense of calm come over her. She slowed down to a comfortable jog and watched as he struggled to all fours moaning in pain. As she came up behind him, she raised her foot and stepped firmly on his butt. Her weight forcing him to the ground as she literally “ran over” him! This movement seemed to aggravate the turned ankle and he cried out as her next step came down on his back, her sneaker leaving a dirty footprint on his white t-shirt. She slowed down now, even more… almost pausing with her one foot on his back and aimed her next step carefully…. And landed perfectly with her foot on the back of his head… forcing his face into the dirt… and standing for a second full weight on his head with one foot before stepping off of him. Simultaneously, his turned ankle wedged itself into a crack between two rocks. He was hurt…. And stuck.

Ava stopped and turned to face him as he writhed in pain. She bent over, hands on knees trying to catch her breath and looked at him. Charlie, still struggling to get up, started to throw a tantrum like a two year old.

“NO!! This isn’t right! I was going to win… I was going to make you pay!! This is MY turn!” Ava looked at the pathetic man in the dirt at her feet. Ava knew she had dodged a bullet! He WAS going to win. Now it was her turn to taunt!

“Don’t you know you can’t beat me? No matter how good it looks for you, you will always wind up right where you are now… at my feet!” She stood in front of him now, fully having regained her breath. She started to laugh at him. He was so close… half a mile more and he could have had his revenge! The laughter cut him like a thousand knives. How had it all been flipped on him again. Ava playfully kicked dirt in his face a few times and kept laughing. Charlie tried to shield his face as she did this and Ava laughed some more.

Ava reached down and removed her old shoe. She slipped her highly arched foot out of the sneaker and lifted it to Charlie’s face. She lifted her French pedicured toes to his face and wiggled them under his nose. The full morning of running combined with the old ratty shoe left her foot quite rank and the smell hit his nostrils hard. Ava laughed when he made a face and kept wiggling her toes, following his head as he tried to turn away in vain.

“Here is my deal with you, Charlie! Take my foot in your mouth. Lick it, suck it, do what I say… and I’ll help you cross the finish line and we will call off the bet. Or… say no and I’ll make sure to publicly humiliate you in ways you can’t imagine tonight!” Charlie’s face revealed the horror of his choice! He thought for a few minutes and decided he had suffered privately before and could stomach it again… but publicly??? No way!!

“Don’t move!” she warned. Then, she pressed the ball of her foot up against his nose, her soft toes still wiggling against his face as his nose was wedged into the base of her toes. “Breath deeply” she instructed. Then she erupted with laughter as she heard him deeply inhale and felt the air run through her damp toes. “Eww… in those shoes for those runs… ugh that must smell awful” she laughed. “Ready for a taste?”

He paused, crossing his eyes to look at the toes in resting on his face. They looked well kept but smelled like hell. And he slowly opened his mouth. When his lips were slightly parted, Ava shoved her foot in his mouth forcing it forward until all five dainty toes were crammed inside! He couldn’t believe it. As the acrid taste hit his taste buds and the sound of her laughter filled his ears, he tried to figure out how it had come to this… how his plot had been overthrown. Ava wiggled her slimy toes in his mouth and commanded him to use his tongue. As he tongue ran back and forth and in between the soft wiggling toes, Charlie was filled with the emotion of having been played again… and he started to tear up with humiliation and a sense of being truly pathetic.

“That’s right… cry and grovel! It must suck to be you. That must taste awful!!” She removed her foot from his mouth and laughed at the face he made. He looked like a child who had the after taste of nasty medicine in his mouth. She flexed her sole in his face. “Now lick the bottom!” He hesitantly extended his tongue and touched it to her heel. Slowly, he traced her foot up the sole to the ball of her foot, allowing the foot sweat to coat his tongue. “Mmm… that feels nice!” she cooed. Indeed, having her tired, sweaty, and freshly removed barefoot licked felt heavenly. But on the other hand, Charlie was at a new low!! Words couldn’t express his shame, disgust, or anger. His mouth tasted like her feet and old shoes… again! But this time from licking her sweaty bare feet, even as he lay in pain. How was it that she always benefited from his pain…. And then kicked him when he was down?? “Again” she barked

As his tongue cleaned her foot, Ava smiled ear to ear., She studied his face carefully. She wanted this image of him licking her foot permanently burned into her memory… and for the image of her smiling face as he did this to be permanently burned into his. “Enough” she said as she nonchalantly kicked him away.

She slipped her shoe back on and helped him free his ankle. Then, she helped him to his knees. While he was on his knees, she turned and said to him “I can be a really nice person… a perfect lady.” As she said this she caressed his face gently with her soft touch. “Or I can be a real bitch… and you deserve the real bitch”. With that she turned around and presented the kneeling man with her plump spandex covered ass. She grabbed his head with both hands from behind and pulled him forward as she sat back into his face. He went nose first into the sweaty spandex covered rump and she pushed his head in firmly so that his nose sunk into her crack. “In fact, I can be downright nasty!” And as she said this, she held his head in place with both hands and let loose a slow, silent fart into his face as she sat back. Even when he was her footstool that day, he never felt so disrespected. Then firmly grabbing his hair, she rubbed his face up and down as if wiping her butt with him through her spandex. Charlie was almost in shock, and he just waited for her to stop. After a few moments he realized she wouldn’t, so he pushed her away. She laughed at the disgust on his face and helped him to his feet.

The Retreat: The Double Cross

Ava helped Charlie limp back to the crowd. When everyone saw her helping him, despite his treatment of her earlier, they were stunned. Of course thy had no idea what had transpired in the woods. Ava helped Charlie until there were about 12 feet left to go. Then, she left him and walked across the finish line alone as he struggled to limp on his own.

She turned to him and said, “I did it! I won!”

“But … but… I was hurt!”

“And I helped you… but I still won! Are you ready to kiss my feet??? Oh I can’t wait to get my feet rubbed while I eat my sushi tonight!”

“But.. But… that’s not fair!!”

The sales VP interrupted, almost happy to teach Charlie a lesson. “Now Charlie… you made the rules, you made the bet…. I warned you against such a harsh bet! But will you honor your word?”, he asked in an obvious public test.

Charlie looked angrily at Ava “But you said if I…” He stopped himself. What could he say? Could he tell everyone that she made him lick her toes and sweaty sole to get out of the bet and was now reneging? He couldn’t! He had to eat it! He looked at Ava. She wore a smug, triumphant smile! She had used her feet, the thing he had TOLD her he hated, to humiliate him again. She had a second private moment of absolute victory. And now, she would take her public glory too! As the others congratulated Ava for overcoming the odds, Charlie did all that he could to not publicly cry! She had beaten him again… snatched his victory away and handed him another defeat. Snatched his redemption out of his mouth and replaced it with her sweaty foot!

As they all walked away, he still smelt her sweaty toes in his nose… again. He tasted old shoes and foot sweat mixing in his mouth… again. And, the last straw was that he had licked her feet for nothing… she had played him like a puppet and still would humiliate him publicly. As they all walked away, leaving Charlie to limp back to the hotel alone, he had to turn away so that he could cry. He never felt so pathetic… knowing that he had been used like a little toy and still had to face the music some more. Someone noticed the footprint shape on his back and snapped, “Damn… did she walk on you too?” thinking that it was witty but not knowing it was true. Charlie really felt dumb… indeed she did… figuratively and literally. He limped towards the hotel at a safe distance where nobody could see his tears…wondering how mean Ava could be in front of everyone. He knew he would soon find out.
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The Retreat: Slipping Down the Ranks

The rest of the day seemed to be a fog for Charlie. The workshops were intense and the group had some great discussions. The five candidates were really bonding now… at least all of them except Charlie. He was unusually quiet. While others worked hard on the group projects, Charlie was drifting off into daydreams… or maybe day nightmares is a more appropriate term.

He replayed things over and over in his head. He had hated her for so long… and for good reason. He just kept thinking about how she had completely used him… for the second time. And this somehow seemed worse. At least he could somewhat justify things in his mind for the first time around… after all, he was damn near dying to get his medicine. after she tricked him into eating shrimp! Yeah, she had humiliated him horribly and used his face as a foot massager/foot rest. She had tricked him into brushing his teeth with a polluted toothbrush and toothpaste. She had washed her feet with his drinking and washing water. But most of that was either desperation due to his allergy or trickery on her part. Yes… it hurt bad and he hated her for it… but it was easier to explain away to himself. But this was worse. This was her making him VOLUNTARILY extend his tongue and lick the sweat from her hot, disgustingly sweaty foot - fresh out of a running shoe. All to avoid a humiliation that he would apparently endure anyway! She was defeating him mentally and physically in a manner he was unaccustomed to. It seemed every 30 seconds, he would see her smiling face looking down at him as he reluctantly licked her sole… laughing… always laughing….AT HIM! It was burned into his mind. This woman… this Latin woman who came from a poor upbringing was his equal at work and his tormentor as a rival. He never even had contact with poor people or minorities before unless they were the maids at his house or a resort he was visiting!! When he could get his mind to attempt to focus on what was going on, he would at least try to add something to the conversation. However, with his mind so cloudy he was not adding any real value. An aspect not unnoticed by the three women in the class. After each of his mediocre points or thoughts, one of the three women would usually make a counter point and rip his thought to shreds! Charlie’s arrogant and selfish ways had won him no friends - but it was the three women whom he had been hardest on during everything from the classes to the morning runs - and it was the women who seemed to stomp on every thought he had.

The two women who seemed to be getting the most satisfaction from this -and getting quite close in the process - were Ava and the “slow running” woman who Charlie always seemed to want to humiliate. It almost seemed that Ava bringing him down to size did wonders for the other woman’s confidence - as today she made great point after great point and took her turns making Charlie sound borderline stupid in front of the trainers and top executives who were running the program! Charlie resented them both - There was Ava who was probably the star of the entire program thus far , outshining everyone. Then there was Susan, a fairly high ranking executive from the marketing team. She was older, in her mid 50s, but she still maintained some of her looks. For a middle aged woman she was pretty attractive and had a Sally Field thing going on. She had previously been fairly quiet. Charlie took this for weakness and with his usual style had tried to make him self look better at her expense all week. She had started to lack some confidence and had allowed Charlie to talk down he points. Now, she was VERY confident - apparently reinvigorated by Ava‘s win that morning. Any time Charlie looked at her with anger for dismantling one of his points, she would point to Ava’s foot and pucker her lips - taunting him for the bet that was still to be paid up at dinner! This made him look shamefully at the floor and turn red…. Returning to his daytime nightmares. Why had he made that stupid bet? How had he actually lost? Why did the Sales VP seem to want to teach him a lesson? His mind raced and the mental games Ava had started and allowed Susan in on made him the worst performer of the day by far! He saw it happening but could do nothing… Ava was now dismantling his career hopes and aspirations just as she had his ego! He was blowing it!!! Next to Ava, he had been one of the stars of the program. However, with his performance today he wasn’t sure where he stood anymore. These people were all top notch and with a cloudy mind and damaged ego, he couldn’t keep up… and Ava and Susan were loving every minute of his fall!

The Retreat: The Group Decides the Conditions

Eventually, the day did end and soon enough, it was time for the program “graduation” dinner. Right before they left for the restaurant the VP greeted them in the hotel lobby. He explained that some important business issues had come up and he would be unable to attend the dinner. He explained that it was all set up and that a private room would be ready for them at the restaurant. Ava, using this opportunity to rub Charlie’s face in the mud, commented that she would be sad that the VP would “miss the show” and not see Charlie groveling at her feet.

The VP smiled at the comment, amused but assuming she was joking. Charlie fumed at this comment! He looked at the sales VP who looked back blankly. .Charlie went for an out. “This is ridiculous.” he pleaded with the VP.

“You made the rules, you picked the bet, you lost fair and square!” Still, he obviously just wanted to teach Charlie a lesson and didn’t think Ava would really make him kiss her feet. Changing the subject he congratulated them all on their participation throughout the course but reminded them that not everyone would move on to the next part of the program. He said that only three or four would advance to the next section and that if Charlie broke his word, he would have to be kicked out merely on principal. Then he added, enough was enough and nobody should kiss anyone’s feet - but the debt should be paid in some fashion. He left the group to decide and warned that if Charlie acted in his usual arrogant ways and the other four people reported that he was not a team player or tried to get out of the “alternative” punishment - then he would be kicked out first. Ava said that she would make him do something simple like pushups or sit-ups. The VP seemed satisfied and left them to go handle his business.

When he was gone Susan said loudly, “Charlie, you have been mean to me and everyone else from the start! I expect you to fulfill the bet as is… or I’ll tell the VP you’re a phony and a coward and broke your word!”

Charlie scoffed and then smirked, regaining his swagger after the VPs words. “Screw you old woman… you heard the man”. He then looked to the other two people for support.

The other woman repeated what Susan said and then went to stand next to her adding - “You’re a pig!” Charlie, starting to panic now, looked at the two men in the class. Surely they would reason with these bitches! They had no reason to go along with this! Charlie obviously didn’t realize how much he had talked down to them as well. They were both ex-Marines who shared the same opinion as each other. They explained to Charlie and everyone that as a matter of principal and honor, they respected the original terms of the bet. They didn’t like Charlie either, but felt only Ava could let him out of the bet. They said whatever she decided was good with them, but promised to be fair. They would allow no more and no less than the original bet. Charlie was really panicking now, they were all at least partially on her side! SHE would get to decide if the bet was fulfilled or not? Why did SHE always have the power??

Ava smiled at Charlie and said… “I don’t know yet. Let’s see how you behave! Ready to go everyone? Charlie, be a dear and carry my purse… and carry Susan’s too. After all she’s an “old lady” according to you. It’s only right!”

Charlie fumed and looked at the two men - “You see! She’s abusing the bet already!”

Ava corrected him, “I have three wild card stipulations! Remember? YOU added them… along with a five minute foot massage! Of course, you never thought you’d lose!” Ava chuckled to herself. Susan laughed loudly. The two women looked to the rest of the group for approval. The other woman immediately sided with them and the two men looked at Charlie and said “She’s right”. Susan and Ava both held out their bags as if waiting for the hotel porter. Charlie snatched the purses and the group started walking towards the restaurant as the two women chuckled.

The Retreat: The Happy Hour

On the walk to the hotel, everyone was having good conversation. Charlie tried to distance himself from Susan and Ava, so he walked with the two guys and the other woman. He had long since alienated himself and nobody really liked him much. However, they all acted civil as people usually must do at work. Before dinner there was a nice long happy hour and everyone was having a good time. Even Charlie was loosening up now. He started to think that Ava wouldn’t go through with it. She probably just wanted to torture him mentally and teach him a lesson. So he started to relax and have a few drinks. Just when this thought was prevalent in his mind, and just when happy hour had the restaurant bar packed to standing room only. Ava raised her wine glass high and took the microphone from behind the bar that they kept for karaoke night. “Excuse me…. Excuse me”, she spoke loudly into the microphone until she had everyone’s attention. “This man right here… his name is Charlie. He lost a bet today and now, he has to kiss my feet. Each toe actually”. The crowd responded with everything from giggling to groans of disgust. Charlie had a series of emotions run through his mind and heart. First he got a knot in his throat, then he panicked a little, then he got very angry. She picked the moment with the highest possible amount of humiliation! Maybe he would save his pride and just tell her bug off! He was pissed enough to do it. But to throw away his career? The 4 of them would certainly get him kicked out of the program! He decided his time for revenge would come someday - but he would not derail his career!

Ava continued, “Now, like a good little puppy dog, he is going to get down on his knees and live up to his word.” She made a cracking noise through her teeth as one might do if they were calling a dog or a horse and pointed to the floor. The crowd cleared enough room to let him get to his position. Charlie slowly did the walk of shame to Ava. He looked into her eyes and saw a calm confidence and satisfaction that seemed to scream “Got you!”. She also seemed almost curious … curious as to whether he would actually do it or not. He peeked over at Susan. She was grinning from ear to ear and loving every second - ecstatic that someone was about to put Charlie in his place. Little did she know it was the third time! He looked at his other classmates. They all looked curious too. The one woman almost looked sorry for him, but right when he thought he had an ally she cracked a grin. Almost as if she had just remembered what a jerk he had been. He heard the low murmur of voices in the bar - people were all fixated on the situation.

Realizing he had no allies in the room, Charlie dropped to one knee and looked down at Ava’s foot. She wore pricey soft black leather shoes, black stockings with a super tiny fishnet pattern that almost looked sheer, and a black dress that flattered her curvaceous body, ending right above the knee. She looked down at him… it seemed she was always looking down at him and lifted her foot slightly so he could remove her shoe. He slipped it off, revealing her foot. This was a view he was becoming all to accustomed to. He took her foot in his hands and felt how warm and damp it was. The hot summer evening and the walk there had obviously had an effect. As he held up her foot with both hands by his mouth he just wanted to kiss her toes and get it over with. The scent of warm feet and shoe leather drifted up his nostrils. Compared to her bare feet in the old running shoes from this morning, it almost smelt pleasant. Charlie cringed that he had a reference point that made her feet smell “good” comparatively! She really had broken him in like an old shoe! He leaned in to kiss her toes. Ava held up a finger as if to say hold on. She again spoke into the microphone. “I need everybody’s help. We are going to sing a song… a song I know all of you know. After each line we are going to pause to let him kiss… loudly into the mike… ok?” Half of the crowd laughed. The other half shouted “YES”, happy it wasn’t them on the floor and looking for some entertainment.

With Charlie on the floor holding her foot in one hand, Ava started singing “This little piggy went to market”. She paused and wiggled her toes in his face, lowering the microphone to his lips. “Let me hear it now” she whispered. Charlie, just wanting it to end leaned in and loudly kissed her big toe, making a smooching noise into the microphone. Some of the crowd laughed, some moaned “EEWWW” in disgust and some clapped. Ava continued motioning forth crowd to join in - which they did now.

“This little piggy stayed home”

Charlie, turning increasingly red, kissed the second toe over the PA system as well - “SMOOCH”.

Now the crowd was into it and had the rhythm down. They sang loudly “This little piggy had roast beef”. As the crowd sang, Ava traced her middle toe gently back and forth across the crease between his lips. Charlie stared at the French pedicured toes in fishnet stockings under his nose and listened to a bar full of people laughing, singing and all around enjoying his humiliation.

“SMOOCH”. As he kissed her toe he just kept telling himself that it would be over soon and he would never see these people again… except Ava. And he KNEW he would somehow get her for this… and everything else.

The crowd continued loudly, “and this little piggy had none”


Ava squeezed the microphone and leaned forward. She used her foot to lift his chin so that they were face to face. As the crowd laughed and sang the last line, Ava leaned forward and almost said it seductively. She looked into Charlie’s eyes and said “And this little piggy went wee, wee , wee all the way home!” As she said this, she played with his lips wit her pinky toe, flipping it up and down to each word, simultaneously pushing it forward parting his lips until her fishnet covered pinky toe was between his lips and rubbing against he two front teeth. As they stayed in a locked stare down, Ava seemed to be flying on cloud nine s she publicly claimed another victory. Charlie, on his knees with the toe of his rival in his mouth, with top talented peers from his company standing by, and the crowd cheering him on - kissed her fifth toe. The crowd cheered and laughed. Charlie glanced at Susan who was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes. Ava petted him on the head, slipping her foot back into the shoe and spoke into the microphone continuing to pet his head and rub his hair, “Good boy! Wasn’t he a good sport folks? Let’s hear it for Charlie for being such a good little boy” The crowd applauded and then the bar scene seemed to return to normal.

Charlie rose to his feet and sat at the bar, ordering a stiff drink. He looked around the bar trying to get his mind off of what just happened. He would occasionally make eye contact with a hot woman… but she would usually giggle at him and turn away. One even slipped her foot out of her shoe and raised her foot to flash her sole. Wiggling her toes she made kissing motions with her lips and beckoned with her finger before pointing to her foot as if calling for Charlie to come over and kiss her feet. She too then giggled and went back to her business. He was a laughing stock!!! Damn, he hated Ava!!

At that moment the Japanese hostess came over to inform them that their private room was ready.
Jul 21, 2003
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Dinner Time: The Set Up

The group entered their dining area noticing it was a dimly lit private room with a door that completely closed off to the rest of the restaurant. It was a contemporary sushi restaurant so they didn’t have to take off their shoes or sit on the floor. However, the restaurant accommodated the more traditional people with such requests. There was plenty of room at the table, but Ava cashed in the second of her three wild card options.

“He won’t be sitting with us”, Ava explained to the waitress. “He’s more traditional. Can you please bring a small table for the floor”

“Certainly miss.”

And before Charlie could protest, the waitress left. “What the hell!” Charlie shouted.

“My second wild card… I have one left!” Ava quickly responded. Susan broke out in laughter at the thought that Charlie would have to eat on the floor.

“Enjoy the kiddie table”, Susan laughed. She really enjoyed watching Ava take control of this arrogant ass!

“First off, shut up and stay out of it old bitch!!!”, he snapped at Susan. Turning to Ava he said, ”Make it good! Whatever your last one is I can take it… then this will all be over!!”, Charlie said enraged.

“My last one?” Ava paused to think. “My next wild card is for ……………10 more wild cards!” Ava and Susan high fived each other and laughed together.

One of the men interrupted.. “I think this may be going to far.”

Ava looked at him and reached down deep into her bag pf tricks. She was an acclaimed actress back in college, and she called on those old skills now. She explained that her and Charlie had a friendly office rivalry. But, she said, when she started to do good at work Charlie started hating her. Then she exaggerated the truth. She explained how he had erased some of her files, spread rumors about her, and then she told them how he peed in her coffee! The two men were outraged at Charlie and demanded an explanation. Charlie tried to explain that she was mostly lying, and he lied himself - that he did not pee in her coffee. He was not as convincing as she was and the two ex-marines called him out as a liar. Charlie, now desperate to save his credibility told the truth… “But she didn’t even drink it!!” The two men looked at Ava.

Ava went for the academy award. She broke down into tears and lied, “Yes… yes I did!!” Everyone looked at Charlie with disgust and hatred! Charlie scrambled to say something. They would never believe him even if he told the truth… that she had already gotten him back for everything! How she had reduced him to a groveling foot stool in her office. Perhaps they would believe him about this morning? Charlie tried desperately to explain that she had made him lick her disgusting foot in the woods as he lie in pain! Surely they would have some sympathy!!

Ava cried some more and called him a liar. She told them that when he fell down and hurt his ankle she tried to help him but he was so angry that he cursed her. That he was making up the whole foot licking thing. She was very convincing and one look around the table told the story. Everyone believed her and nobody believed Charlie. He stopped trying to explain. She had beaten him again.

Ava then explained that this was her one shot to regain her self respect and that‘s why she had been so mean in the bar and would be very mean now. She told everyone that she intended to punish him for the coffee and everything else and then it would be done. After her “10 conditions” were met, she would be able to have closure, to lift her head with some dignity again… but the conditions would be harsh. There was real anger on the faces of the 4 colleagues… especially the two men.

“You do whatever you have to Ava!”, one man said. If he doesn’t do everything you say as part of the 10 conditions we will not only tell the VP he broke his word, we’ll tell him that he got drunk and made a scene and… and..” he struggled to continue the lie.

Susan jumped in, “And urinated on the dining table in public.”

Charlie was shaking with anger. Ava had twisted the truth to turn everyone against him. It was one thing to lose out on the program graduation, perhaps he could survive that. But if they ALL lied to THAT extent? He would get fired for sure! His predicament kept deteriorating by the second. He didn’t know what she had in store, but he knew she kept proving to be more and more spiteful…. And resourceful For the first time, Charlie was afraid! He wished he had never crossed her in the first place!

Ava dried her fake tears and thanked everyone for their help and cooperation. At that moment, a man walked in and set up a table on the floor for Charlie right next to the table of everyone else. Susan and Ava sat across from each other on that end of the table. With this set up, he would basically sit at their feet and eat his dinner

The Dinner: The Breaking of Charlie Congrove

Ava knew she had a green light to dominate and crush Charlie in front of his peers and she could hardly contain herself. She had gone to great extents to crush him beneath her foot in private. Now, to do it in public with everyone’s support… she was almost orgasmic with joy!! Charlie sat at his “table” with his head barely peeking above the table top of the real one - where everyone else sat engaged in dialogue. When the waitress returned, the group ordered several platters of sushi without asking Charlie what he wanted. They all continued talking about the week and life, ignoring him there on the floor. Charlie felt disregarded, disrespected, and defeated. Ava was finding new ways to be mentally cruel - virtually removing his significance, his humanity!! But mainly he felt trapped like an ant in a glass… waiting for whatever was to come. He didn’t have to wait long.

Ava looked down at Charlie. He was obviously getting both angry and depressed. She rudely put her shoes on the table where he would soon eat and said” You owe me a five minute foot massage. Well, I’ve got 10 wildcards to use and…For wildcard #1, I think that will be changed to 10 minutes…each foot. Get to it!” With that, she went back to speaking with everyone else. Charlie stared at the shoes sitting on his table. He knew he was stuck… beaten again. How many losses could he endure. He removed her shoes and started to rub her feet. He was indeed feeling like her servant… constantly being made to serve, grovel, and cower. As he took her fishnet clad right foot in his hands and started to knead, he heard her explain to the table that he had once shared that he hated feet and how gratifying it was to demoralize him … to make him feel small and degraded servicing the feet that he hated of the woman he hated…and to also get the pleasure of a good foot rub! Susan set her watch for ten minutes. So for 10 minutes Charlie massaged Ava’s damp foot and pretended not to be enraged at being forced to sit on the floor and rub her foot. After the ten minutes were up, Susan’s watch beeped its alarm and she joked. “Time to switch feet Charlie”

Charlie shot her an angry look. She was enjoying this just a little too much. “Screw you - you old bitch! This ain’t your bet!”

Ava looked down at Charlie and scolded, “I’ve had just about enough of you talking to her like that! For wild card #2, why don’t you rub HER feet for 20 minutes before you finish mine! Would you like that Susan?”

Susan, who was so sick of Charlie she could spit, was almost bubbling! He hated feet! She hated him! She love foot rubs! It all added up! Susan looked down at Charlie. He had a look of being made to eat humble pie on his face and it made her feel good. The “Sally Field “ look alike swung in her chair and presented him with her shoes. She wore a grey pant suit and no socks with some older leather flats. Susan just smiled down at Charlie and answered Ava, “I would LOVE that”. She rolled her feet around at the ankle teasing Charlie and waited for him to take her shoes off. Charlie stared at the shoes in his face. How had Ava spread his humiliation around to others? He thought about keeping his job …so he slipped her shoes off. Of her feet. She crossed her right leg over her left and raised the foot towards his face. She had pink toe nail polish and fairly pale feet, slightly lighter than her facial complexion. She moaned loudly as Charlie pressed his thumbs into her warm, sweaty bare sole. The smell of foot sweat and leather drifted into his nose… again. These feet smelt different from Ava’s, but hey were still feet!! And he was still in torment as the two women he couldn’t stand conversed as if he wasn’t there …on the floor…rubbing Susan’s right foot. He felt that she had some hard calluses on the ball of her foot and on her heel. They were almost scraping his hands. As his hands tired, he slowed the motion. He was rubbing more gently now. Susan, having lost some of her inhibitions a few glasses of wine earlier, swung her right foot forward giving him a “soft” but swift kick in the mouth snapping his head back slightly. “Don’t stop… it isn’t 10 minutes yet.” Ava was slightly surprised at the usually mild mannered woman who had put up with many of Charlie’s insults. Apparently, something had been unleashed inside of her! The two women laughed as Charlie swallowed his pride and started rubbing her foot with more vigor. When her alarm sounded this time, she didn’t even stop talking, she just re-crossed her legs, reset the watch, and allowed Charlie to start rubbing her other foot.

The waitress brought in the food for the room. She saw Charlie, with Ava’s feet crossed, her shoes resting on his table - and Susan’s foot in his hands. She looked perplexed by what she saw, but simply walked past it all to start setting up the food. Charlie turned even redder now, his embarrassment reaching new heights!!

Finally the waitress had to ask - “Aren’t you the guy who kissed the feet outside? Now you’re letting them rest their feet on the table where you will eat? Rubbing her feet with the hands you will use to eat? Do you people have some weird kinky thing going on?”

Ava laughed and simply said casually, “No. He just lost a bet.”

“I’m sorry.”, the Japanese waitress continued. “I have too much respect for myself t do all that! Bet or no bet! Why would he do it?”

Susan, still getting her foot massaged while the three people talked about him like he wasn’t there, sipped some wine and then interrupted. “Why don’t you ask him?” She slipped her bare foot out of his hands placing the ball of her foot on his face and pushed his face away to look at the waitress.

The waitress, observing this last sign of disrespect asked Charlie in earnest, “Why do you let them do this to you?” The words haunted Charlie. What could he say? I’ve been outsmarted time and time again? My career hangs in the balance? Or, perhaps what really bothered him was the truth behind the question… Were his ego, his career, and his drive for money more important to him than his basic dignity and self respect? Would he forfeit all that just to keep his job and prestige? The answer seemed to haunt and confuse him. So he did what he would usually do… lash out.

“Get away from me you slant eyed bitch! I don’t have time for this!” Everyone at the table was embarrassed by the outburst.

The Japanese waitress, about 25 years old and fairly pretty - although tired looking - was taken back by the rude comment and was both sad and angry. Ava jumped in. “Tsk tsk! You are so rude! It is impossible to teach you manners!” She looked the young waitress up and down. “Would you like him to rub your feet too? I know they must be sore from working so hard.”

The waitress shook her head no. “I couldn’t. I’d get fired!”

“Who’s gonna tell?” Ava asked. The entire table agreed and said things to the effect of she should get the massage as an apology from them.

Charlie was furious! Were they offering him to the freaking waitress? “Just get outta here you little Jap!” The young waitress looked at Charlie angrily. He was SO rude!! She looked down at his face looking up at her, filled with anger and hatred in his eyes. She reacted… she couldn’t help herself… she spit in his face.

Charlie almost lunged at her with anger, but thought of the two ex-marines sitting at the other end of the table. He simply wiped away the spit and cursed at her some more! The waitress handed everyone hot towels to wash their hands before eating and chop sticks to eat their sushi. Everyone except Charlie.

“You shouldn’t get to wash your hands! You should eat with those same hands covered with the dirt from her feet…on the floor like the dog you are!” She immediately caught control of herself. She thought for sure she would lose her job. Nobody moved.

Finally Ava spoke, laughing. “That’s a good idea! Wild card #3 - you will eat with your hands and not wash them! In fact you will suck your fingers after each piece of sushi you eat! Now get back to rubbing Susan’s foot!” The waitress realized they were truly not going to report her for spitting on him or talking down to him. In fact… they were on her side! Ava added ”Are you sure you won’t use him for a foot massage?”

The waitress looked at Charlie. His eyes betrayed him. He wanted to curse at her. He wanted to spit back at her. He wanted to get up and walk out. But, he did none of those things. He was broken. He just turned away and kept massaging Susan’s foot. “Maybe I will” she said with a smile. “I may be back.” As she walked out of the room and closed the door she promised to maintain their privacy for the evening.

The Dinner: Charlie’s Sushi Boats

Susan reset her watch again. “My 10 minutes got interrupted… start over” Charlie huffed his disgust, but took her foot into his hands and kept rubbing!

Everyone else started eating their food, but Charlie kept rubbing Susan’s foot. Finally, her watch beeped the end of his torment at her feet! “Ah, my feet feel so much better! Thanks Ava!”

Thanks Ava??? Charlie had just spent more than twenty minutes rubbing Susan’s feet and she thanked… Ava??? It was like she had lent her a pair of shoes or something… like he wasn’t really human!

Ava told Susan not to worry about it. Then she removed her black heels again. This time, she took them away. She crossed her legs and presented Charlie with the foot he still had left to massage. Charlie again started massaging the damp foot in fishnet stockings. He realized how soft it felt compared to Susan’s. While he was massaging, her foot he heard Susan giggling. What were they up to?

He was about 8 minutes into the massage when he got his answer! Ava put both of her high heels down on his table. They were each filled with sushi rolls. About 4 rolls each! “I made you a sushi boat!” Ava laughed. Then the whole table erupted in laughter. Charlie just stared at the shoes full of sushi. “Remember- use your fingers and suck them after each bite!”

Charlie refused. “No way!! I’m not eating food from your shoes and I’m not licking my fingers after I massaged both of your feet!”

Ava smiled and said, “Yes you are! Wild card #4 - you will eat whatever we give you to eat. Nothing more, nothing less!”

Charlie REALLY thought about saying screw this! How bad did he need the job? But, truth was, he needed the job BADLY. He knew with the recession killing the financial industry, another job would be hard to come by. In fact - with the lies they would spread about him - another job may not come! His standard of living was too important too him to lose! In short - he was spoiled! Charlie stared at the food in the shoes. Then, slowly, he reached down and picked up a piece of sushi. He raised it to his mouth and put it in… chewing it a few times first and then slowly swallowing it, trying not to gag at the disgust he felt. Then, he sucked his fingers as commanded, tasting the salty residue from both of their feet. He grimaced his face as he tasted the foot sweat on his fingers. The entire table had stood up to see if he would do it. When he did, they all let out an “eww” at the thought of eating from a shoe with dirty hands.

He closed his eyes and tried not to cry. While his eyes were closed, Susan had an idea. She reached down and took off her shoes. She took about 8 pieces of raw, pink salmon and filled her shoes making “fish insoles”. Then she slipped her bare feet back into the shoes . The cool, squishy fish felt funny against her soles and toes. She flexed her toes, squishing the fish around.

Charlie opened his eyes and ate another piece of sushi from Ava’s shoe… then another. Each time sucking his soiled fingers. When he had finished the one shoe, he looked sadly at the other. Ava and Susan silently stared at him, watching him like an old favorite movie! At that exact moment, the waitress walked back into the room carrying a bar stool and locked the door behind her. She saw the shoes filled with sushi sitting on Charlie’s table and the look of disgust on his face. “We took your advice”, Ava offered. “He’s eating with his dirty hands.”

The Japanese waitress laughed and then sat the bar stool right in front of Charlie. Sitting down and placing her feet up on the table in front of him - which was the perfect height to be a foot stool.- she calmly said “I’ve come for my massage from your dog.”

Ava said, “Stop eating and massage her feet. Wild card #5!”

Charlie looked down at the shoes of the newest person to use him for their pleasure and amusement. He looked up at the pretty face of the waitress and she looked coldly back at him. He knew what to do. He removed her black waitress flats and her socks. Her bare feet were plain and unpainted. They were harder - like Susan’s feet - because she didn’t treat herself too often and they were wet with sweat from running around the restaurant on a hot night. “How long do I get?”, she asked.

“20 minutes sound good?”

The waitress nodded and Charlie, just trying to get through the night at this point, started massaging the feet of the waitress. He massaged her feet while everyone continued to eat for the next 20 minutes. The waitress truly enjoyed the massage. Her tired feet really needed the attention… but she enjoyed the tormented look on his face even more! She placed one foot on his head while he massaged the other and rubbed it around, drying the sweat off into his hair. She switched feet a few times to get adequate treatment for each foot as she chatted away with the rest of the room as if she were their long time friend. When she was satisfied with his job, she pulled her feet back and started to put her socks back on.

“I want to see him eat with those hands now!”

“I’ll do better than that!“, Ava added. She took the old beaten up shoe of the waitress and placed a few rolls of sushi in it. Ava nudged Charlie with her foot and he slowly took another piece of sushi from his custom “plate”. He put it in his mouth and sucked his fingers as required. While he chewed the piece, he closed his eyes to fight back tears. How had it come to this? Being humiliated by Ava was one thing. Unfortunately, he was very familiar with it. But it was never public! And how had it spread to Susan… and now to the freaking waitress???

The waitress smiled widely and said in Charlie’s ear - “You aren’t saying any mean things now are you?? How does the sweat from my feet taste on your fingertips?“ A single tear ran down Charlie’s face. “Those shoes are so old! I wear them every day!” After Charlie ate the rest of his food from her shoe, she put them back on her feet. Then she thanked Ava and Susan and left with a new pep in her step, taking the bar stool with her. Charlie quickly ate the last of the sushi in Ava’s heel and thought he would be done! What else could they do to him!

Almost as if on cue, Susan removed her shoes and put them on the table in front of Charlie. The smell of raw fish mixed with feet and shoe leather. “Bon Appetite!” she laughed.

Everyone at the table was surprised at the mean streak and creativity of their two counterparts, but they thought of the story Ava had told them as she cried and felt nothing of stopping the torment! Charlie looked at the shoes and reached for a piece of sushi. He held it in front of his face. He could smell the fishy smell mix with the faint funk of Susan’s feet. It was very warm from sitting under her barefoot in her shoe. Charlie swallowed hard and then slipped the slimy fish into his mouth. He didn’t’ even chew it, he just let the warm foot sweat covered piece of fish slide down his throat and tried not to vomit.

Piece by piece he swallowed the fish as Susan and Ava laughed… and laughed… and laughed. The others weren’t even engaged in his torment anymore. They talked amongst themselves, but Ava and Susan were as into it as ever. They truly seemed to be having the time of their lives! They watched as Charlie ate each piece of corrupted salmon. They giggled hard when he had to reach deep into the shoe to pull out the piece that was crammed in the front and mashed up from Susan wiggling her toes into it.

Charlie couldn’t take it anymore. He was broken down and defeated. He started crying loudly. He begged them to end this bet. He pleased with the other three people for help, but they just repeated their earlier decision - it was up to Ava.

Charlie threw himself at Ava’s feet and begged to be left alone. He was crying pathetically kissing her feet. She placed one stockinged foot on the back of his head and held it to the top of the other one as he continued to kiss the top of her foot.

“What do you think, Susan? Has he suffered enough?”

Susan had truly been empowered by all of this and had more frustration from all of Charlie’s negative comments left to work through. “I’m not sure Ava” she replied.

Charlie turned to face Susan. He started begging with her as well. Susan looked down at Charlie and said with a wicked smile, “My feet are covered with fish oil from ‘preparing your meal!’ I think you should lick them clean. Then, I think I will tell Ava to let you go..

Charlie stared in disgust and sadness as Susan lifted her sole to his face. He couldn’t believe she would do this to him. Susan held both feet up to his face. She looked so happy… so satisfied. This contrasted directly with the pathetic and tortured look on his face! He could smell her feet. And he could smell the fish. He leaned forward and was nose to sole with her foot. Then he stretched out his tongue and touched it to her sole - tasting the foul mix of salt, shoe leather, dirt, and fish oil. Regardless he dragged it up her foot. When he got to the balls of her feet, Susan commanded “My toes… I want you to lick my toes like your life depended on it… or we might keep this going all night!”

Charlie let his tongue run under her toes. She must have liked that because she wiggled them and moaned out in an honest reaction to the good feeling. Charlie then slipped his tongue in between the big toe and the next toe, moving it all around and - as an unfortunate result - cleaning her toe jam! Then in between the second and third toes, and then the next crevice, and finally the pinky toe and fourth toes. He licked her toes feverishly… determined to end this night! Susan was loving it! Her feet sent shivers of ecstasy through her whole body. The visual of Charlie lapping at her feet gave her mental highs she had never felt! It felt good to completely use him this way solely for her own pleasure. Charlie licked at her soles and toes until he couldn’t smell the fishy scent anymore. In fact, he didn’t smell the sweaty scent either. What he DID do, was taste an acrid, foul mix of fish and feet that sat in his mouth and on his tongue like an anchor. When he had exhausted himself licking the left foot, Susan replaced it with the right and the process continued. Charlie, unable to escape what he was doing, wept as he licked. Disgraced by these women and disgusted with himself., he licked Susan’s feet for mercy with all the passion he could muster.

When he was convinced he was done, he curled up in the fetal position and cried. He looked like an abused child. One of the men said to Ava, “I think he’s had enough.”

Ava nodded and everyone started to get ready to go. “I will just need one more thing” Charlie’s heart sank. While he was still in the fetal position, Ava reached into his pocket and removed his wallet. She took out his credit card and when the waitress returned to close them out she gave her the card.

“We would like you to run a tip on this card” she said.

“Thank you miss, but the original bill included a 20% tip that was master billed by your company. Besides, I should tip YOU for getting my feet rubbed! That was great!”

“We insist. Run a huge tip. $100 per person!”

The waitress ran off full of joy at the generous tip and Charlie just lay there, mouth festering with all kinds of foulness, and listened to Ava use his card to tip the waitress $500 additional!

The Next Chapter:

Weeks had passed since that night at the restaurant. Everyone at the office noticed that Charlie seemed different. People just assumed that he had learned some humility from the program. However, he didn’t make the cut. Only two people from that group went on to complete the course and get fast tracked to senior leadership - Ava and Susan. Although Charlie was broken, Ava would often torment him by hanging outside his office after a week at the program and discuss how great the program was going. She would comment on Susan’s progress too. Once, Charlie heard Ava tell someone that Susan had once been very shy but that Charlie had helped her break out of that…. Gave her tremendous confidence in herself. Charlie wanted so desperately to curse her for ruining his chances at the program, for breaking him down in such humiliating ways. He wanted to plot revenge… but he was almost scared of her now! Scared of what she was capable of… like a nerd is scared of the toughest bully.

Ava truly loved her mind control over him. In fact, as she got closer and closer to the top execs, she would farm menial tasks to him just to make him run around. At meetings, he barely spoke anymore and when he did she would often step all over his ideas. One day when she came in from a very rainy day, she used his designer scarf off of the coat rack to clean the mud from her shoe soles. When someone saw her and asked what she was doing, she simply replied “He won’t mind!”. They ran to tell Charlie… and sure enough, he did nothing! After that, word around the office was that he was Ava’s errand boy and her little bitch. Even his own subordinates stopped respecting him, threatening to tell Ava whenever he got in their faces. They laughed behind his back. It started to affect his work!

Months passed and one day, the company merged with a big former rival and everyone was restructured in some way. It was explained to Charlie that his work had been slipping and he would be demoted. He was crushed. Ava was simultaneously promoted to run the division. Charlie was green with envy and further deflated. He was truly entering a great state of depression! Then, it was announced that a STAR from a different part of the company was coming in to partner with Ava to run the other division at this location. Charlie started to get some hope! The VP talked about this person like they were the “Michael Jordan” of finance. He explained he himself would be leaving to go to the European office and that all decisions would be made by Ava and her new partner. Finally, Charlie thought, some counterbalance to Ava!!! At the meeting to introduce the new boss, Charlie waited eagerly to meet the other person. He prayed it would be someone he could bond with, regain some leverage at the job, off-set Ava’s strangle hold on his life! In walked Susan.
Jul 21, 2003
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Here's another installment... enjoy!

Charlie’s worst nightmare had come true. He was now working for the two people he hated most in the world. Despite his best efforts, Ava had repeatedly bested him. And not just bested him…but degraded him in the most public and humiliating of ways. She had outsmarted him, outperformed him, and literally forced him to cower at her feet; voluntarily doing the most unthinkable tasks! Along the way, she had managed to elevate another person, Susan, to his superior as well. Together they relished in shrinking his ego to the size of a small mouse and then grinding it to death underfoot!

Months ago he just KNEW he was going to be a major player in the company by now! With his huge ego and lofty goals, he had treated himself to a HUGE penthouse condo in the priciest part of the city. His salary was pretty big, but he was stretching it a little… expecting a raise and promotion that never came! No big bonuses this year either - the company wasn’t doing that great. Besides, his performance had been slipping and his team didn’t respond to his leadership anymore. After seeing Ava completely dismantle his authority on a daily basis, they slowly lost faith and respect for him. His bossy style lost its “teeth” and they laughed and snickered behind his back. They seemed to undermine him all the time!

Today was the day he knew would come! After months of watching and observing, Susan had announced some major changes. This week she further re-organized the company and sent a few formerly important people packing. Charlie was literally scared as he walked into her office. He had always been so mean to her! He knew she disliked him and he knew what evil she was capable of. His mind flashed back to being forced to eat sushi from her shoes and lick fish oil off of her feet! He was determined to at least leave with his dignity!

He walked into her office and sat down quietly. Susan greeted him as he walked in. He looked at Susan standing in the huge office with her grey pinstriped business skirt suit. She certainly kept herself together for an older woman! He still thought she looked like a sexier Sally Field. He watched her walk away in her grey Coach heels, noticing how nice her legs looked in her sheer nylons. She sat behind her huge mahogany desk and he sat in front of her. Susan wasted little time. She read him the failing performance numbers of his team. She spoke of the manner in which he sucked morale out of the office. She even commented on his previous harshness towards her back in the leadership program, although she swore she was over it. Then she hit him with the bombs. His team was being dismantled. Many of them were let go or transferred to the far less profitable divisions across town. The rest were absorbed by Ava’s team. Yet another insult! The hated Ava would get his best people! He had no formal leadership position anymore. Furthermore, he was being demoted AGAIN! However, Susan explained that he would not be fired. That since he was such a wiz with numbers that he would be retained in a far less glamorous role as a numbers cruncher. Mainly, he would work on some of the small but critical details of the larger, and more important projects that Ava’s team would run. He basically had to wait for hand me down work from Ava or Susan herself. If in any way he seemed to be trying to sabotage the work, if his performance sucked, if he was disorderly in any way… he would be terminated. Then Susan slapped him with the fact that he would take a 22% pay cut!

Charlie was irate! He slammed the desk and started to get loud. Then, he caught himself and pleaded for more money. He explained his situation with the penthouse and how much the pay cut would kill him. Susan explained that his poor decisions were not her problem… but if he was a model worker in EVERY way… he might get a decent bonus. She explained Ava would have to SING his praises… and then MAYBE something could be arranged come Christmas bonus. Charlie immediately counted all the ways he would have to cut back to survive until Christmas time!!!

“Well, that’s all” Susan said. “However, when there is no work ready for you, you will have to find other ways to be useful and productive. “

“Like tutoring some of the newer guys?”, Charlie asked.

“Maybe later. For now”, Susan paused and let a sly smile creep on to her face. “Go get me some coffee. Skim and two sugars, dear.”

Surprised and not really sure what else to do, Charlie grabbed her coffee mug and walked out towards the office break room. He grumbled to himself the whole time. He could feel eyes all over him as everyone watched him walking, obviously angry. Nobody knew whether or not he got fired. They all just stared. When he returned to Susan’s office, she had her legs up on her desk, feet crossed at the ankles. She motioned for him to come bring her the coffee. Susan took a quick sip and then pressed a button on her desk. The blinds on her huge office windows closed so nobody could see in and a sign that displayed messages digitally on the office door read - [Do not disturb. Conference call in session] .“I have a conference in 30 minutes and I need to relax for the next half hour to prepare. Since you have no real work in your new roles‘ capacity right now, why don’t you be a dear and rub my feet. MMMM…I remember how good you are at that!”

Charlie just stood there. Susan smiled expectantly and sipped her coffee some more. His head was going to explode! This couldn’t be happening! He thought all of that was a distant memory. Would this now become his normal life? She waited with an impatient look on her face as Charlie stood there looking stupid, pondering what to do! He wanted to tell her to buzz off! He wanted to slap her right across her arrogant, cocky face! He wanted to spit in her eye, splash the coffee in her face, and storm out! Instead, realizing that he could not lose this job and thinking rather pathetically that this wouldn’t be as bad as that night at the restaurant, the broken man slowly walked towards his new boss! He approached her expensive Coach shoes and slowly slipped off one… and then the other. Her newly freed toes wiggled in the fresh air. Then, Charlie began kneading her soles with his hands. Her damp, stockinged feet were warm and soft. He noticed she had a dark brown polish on her toes. He felt her foot sweat covering his hands like lotion. He smelt her feet as their slightly cheesy aroma floated into his nostrils. After all he had been through with Ava and Susan… he hated feet now more than ever! This was a fitting way for Susan to symbolize her dominance. He rubbed her feet, standing there while she relaxed at her desk. He felt ridiculous. She would close her eyes and relax for a while. Then she would check some e-mails. She kept sipping her coffee. Occasionally she would softly bark out an order like “Rub harder.” or “Do the toes”.

The time dragged on for Charlie and flew by for Susan. She could hardly believe how much more confident she was now than all those weeks ago at the program. Ava had truly showed her how powerful and strong she could be… all at Charlie’s expense! Now, she was a corporate executive DIVA and loving it! Why should her feet hurt as she broke in her new shoes? With two minutes to go before the teleconference, Charlie prayed he would be allowed to leave. Susan made a comment about how much she loved foot massages and how she could receive them all day!

“But this position is getting uncomfortable. While I lead the call, why don’t you get on the floor and keep rubbing?” Then , while Charlie’s deflated feeling started to sink in, Susan got a devilish look on her face. “Actually, I remember Ava saying how she used your face as a footstool and foot massager under her desk that time when you were sick. Come lay down under my desk and let’s have that type of fun, shall we?”

Charlie’s mind raced…“FUN? This bitch must be crazy! There is no way I’m going to go through that again! And why do her and Ava seem to hold such long grudges? Seem to delight in repeatedly rubbing my face in the dirt? Crushing my soul?”

Charlie began to protest. First he spoke angrily about workplace harassment. Then he rationalized that he had been abused enough and now Susan was just being a bully. Next he re-explained how much he hated feet, how degrading all this has been, how he had learned his lesson and turned over a new leaf. When all of this seemed to fail to move Susan to compassion, he begged! Eyes filling with water he begged for some ounce of dignity! For mercy!

Susan looked annoyed. “Look Charlie, its no secret I can’t stand you. You know it and I know it. You wanted to be the top dog. You wanted to be the leadership program standout. You were willing to screw anyone and everyone every day to get what you wanted. But face it.. You couldn’t cut it. Instead, you are my little stoolie and you will do what I want when I want. And right now, I want your face on my feet so I can slide them around and give myself a massage. This is your place… accept it.” The “matter of fact” manner in which she described the way she intended to use him made his blood boil! But he didn’t move! He had decided to make a stand. Susan grew annoyed and she picked up the phone. “I am going to start dialing. If I start my call and your face is not soothing my feet, you are fired. Period. Pack your shit and leave!”

“But, but…” Charlie stammered.

Susan cut him off. She pointed to him and then to the ground at her feet as she spoke slowly and deliberately. “Your face… my feet… make it happen.” She started dialing.

Charlie was stuck! His dream was now a nightmare! In his fantasies HE had always been the one with absolute power! In fact, after the way he was abused by Susan and Ava, this moment had played over and over in his head… except HE was behind the desk and the two women were powerless to refuse his whims. His perfect revenge would be to be the powerful boss and make them eat all their dirty acts against him! Instead, he had a few seconds o make a horrible decision. His job or his dignity. He had nowhere to go! As soon as he knew Susan was coming he had panicked and frantically searched his options. He had called all around to various people in the industry to get another job… ANY job… that paid well. He had no takers. Charlie had burned too many bridges and the economy was way too bad. The few jobs that were out there… he had no shot at. So here he was…His pay was slashed, his power stripped, and his life was falling apart. But mainly, it was that penthouse!! It ate virtually all of his cash. He was literally living check to check, despite his high income. Now he had LESS money! With the market crashing and real estate plummeting, he couldn’t sell it without taking a huge loss.

He had no choice! He slowly walked around the desk. As Susan finished dialing into the call, he crawled under her desk and positioned himself at the foot of her expensive executive chair. The still damp nyloned feet descended onto his face and Susan eagerly utilized his facial features as a foot massager. To add insult to injury, it turned out that the call was with her “new” leadership team. Ava and a few other executives were reviewing the new company structure with Susan. Susan spoke some, listened some, and typed some. But the whole time she rubbed her feet back and forth, back and forth, all over Charlie’s face. She had to press hard on his face to get the level of pressure she wanted, His face hurt from the pressing and grinding motions. He let himself cry now, pathetically mourning the death of his manhood. .Susan occasionally looked down and smiled a huge smile, trying not to laugh as Charlie tried to fight back his tears and pretend not to mind his position under her feet. Finally, the last crushing blow came when she reviewed his new role. Smiling down at him and using his nose to scratch an itch on her left heel, Susan explained that Charlie’s new position was a “support role”. Everyone probably wondered why she chuckled at this little private joke. Finally, she stopped rubbing her feet on his face. Instead she rested them in the most uncomfortable manner possible. She slipped the back of her foot into his right eye socket, with all the weight of her foot resting on the heel . Then she crossed her other foot at the ankle and let the weight of her feet sink into his face, pushing his closed eyed slightly into his head. He was in incredible pain, but Susan just relaxed and used him just as she would any footrest. She rocked her feet back and forth on that one pressure point as her heel sank into his eye. She wiggled her toes playfully, completely oblivious to what she was doing to him. Finally the call ended and she removed her feet from his face. He could smell her feet all over his face. Her foot sweat seeping deep into his pores.

“Put my shoes on”.

Charlie reached around for her grey shoes, his eye throbbing. He placed them on her feet. Susan told him to leave. As he walked away form her office, he couldn’t believe that this was now his life. Susan spoke to him right before he left. “Go see if Ava has any work for you. If not… well… you know. Find a way to make yourself useful”.

Charlie started the long walk of shame from one hated rival’s office to the next. His right eye was red from holding the weight of her feet for so long. Someone commented that he looked like he had pink eye. He ignored the comment and continued his march towards Ava’s office. This was now his life. He would not rest until he found another job… but until then, he needed to keep his two bosses happy. No matter the cost!