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May 12, 2006
Something that I would really like to see is a raised platform about 12 feet long, carpeted, with a "Face in the Box " cutout about 6 feet into the platform. Then a woman in flat shoes would walk back and forth, in full stride, stepping on the face. Tread did something similiar to this, but not in full stride.
Jul 30, 2002
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When I got my first PC in 1995 or 1996, there was a very dominant woman online namded Kathy Kastro, She was reportedly around 5'11" and 150 or so lbs and she had a "Face in the Floor" box with carpet and allegedly she would not only stride barefoot across her victim's face but wearing heels as well. She was in either the Oregon or perhaps Washington state area I think.
Perhaps some of the other early trample afficionados will remember her and her posts and photos, she was a fabulous story teller.

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Jul 5, 2008
I apologize for my "cheekiness". I won't bother anyone with any future Threads.

Don't feel discouraged , I hope you do decide to post more (that is IF "size matters" or the number of posts makes you more of a member in lieu of just adding to the stats numbers and taking up server memory with comments in individual personal message posts for the heck of it- I'll admit I'm at fault with doing that), rather than be feel intimidated by some who spend much of their time online and have high digits.

You have been a member since 2006 so I am certain you have spent your fair share online in these rooms and until now have had little to say or have other more important things to do than log on or the need to post daily. Give me Quality over Quantity anytime in my opinion.

I think you made a very valid observation and wish. I just do not believe there are many who have the room for such a large 12 foot platform, maybe build two individual boxes stick them inline, unless there are two holes for faces next to each other in the center, so this way she can not miss at least hitting one of them per pass. I would also like to suggest adding a cock hole.

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