The Pond

Jun 25, 2009
A small group of us would always gather at our friend Terry’s pond. I was the youngest at 18 and all the others were slightly older than me. Julie was the oldest and didn’t come around all the time she was a tough chick and didn’t take shot from anyone. I was just a couple years younger than Julie, always had a crush on her but she was a big girl. At 5’11 and a solid 175 she was not fat just solid. She often complained guys never asked her out. She was sweet to me but had a mean streak most didn’t test her.

The pond had a nice dock that was fun to jump off and swim back to the bank of the pond. We spent many days swimming Or in the tree house next to the pond. It was our local hang out not much else to do.

I remember looking back I wasn’t always attracted to Julie she was after all pretty but compared to me. She was huge her chest was huge, really like double Ds and her feet were pretty but huge. When not in a bikini by the pond she mostly wore ripped jeans and with flip flops and a rock band t shirt. She had short hair and dark makeup. I always thought she would of been a lot hotter with long hair.

One day this kid Drew was messing with Julie he was on the bank in the mud. He was small for his age and like me skinny.

We made a slide in the mud it was stiff but would give if you stood and bounced. He said something that pissed Julie off. she was sensitive about her weight and he had said she should stand on the mud to pack it solid as a rock. He wasn’t trying to be mean he really didn’t think about what he said but I could see the fury in her eyes. Without warring she walked over and shoved in into the mud face first then stepped on his butt. The mud was firm and held him level with the ground until she stepped on.

Her weight pressed his groin into the packed mud a few inches. He was howling in pain as she just pounced up and down. Her weight pressing his smaller body into a rut in his shape she had to weigh 50 pounds more than him, “Shut up” she said as she then walked up on his back causing his chest to sink in and make a rut. “ say you’re sorry” she yelled. He raised is face up and squeaked out “ I’m sorry” as he struggled under her weight. Then she stepped off.

I was completely turned on I wished that had been me. My eyes were glued to her while standing on Drew. I didn’t think about it at the time but she noticed. The smile she shot at me sent chills down my spine.

I spend the next few days thinking about what happened over and over in my mind. It was magical I think it hurt Drew’s pride since he hadn’t been around since.

Our little group was the regulars myself Julie, Amy, Heather, Terry, Drew, And Tim. But a lot of the time other someone brought a friend or cousins .

I had just about put that out of mind and gave up on the idea I could get under Julie. I was at the pond and just hanging out with Terry, Julie and Amy. Amy was a year older and really cute long brown hair and pretty blue eyes . She was around 5’6 and maybe 125 with really nice feet and toes.

I was messing with the girls and started splashing them. Julie chased me off the dock and I swam back over to the edge where we had made mud slides. Amy was standing there and she was trying to not let me out of the water. We locked hands and started to wrestle. I took her down to the ground softly and wiped mud on her face. That really pissed her off I was laughing. I was so wrapped up in Flirting with Any I forgot about Julie as she came up behind me and pulled me down to the ground. I was laying just past the harder mud barley in the water but the mud was soft.

Amy took full advantage of my vulnerability. Amy placed her muddy foot on my face and pushed down a little and smeared mud all over my face.

Since where we were half in the water and half out it was slippery and Any lost her balance and landed hard her ass crashing into my chest. As I let out a loud groan. They both laughed and Amy said “ it’s hard to stand here let’s pull him up on the bank and burry him in mud. Julie laughed and said ok.

With that Amy stood up and stepped onto my chest to get out of the water. Her weight sunk my back into the mud. And now the water was up to my chin. Before I could even process what just happened, Julie stepped down on my face pushing my head down into the mud.

My face disappeared under the 6” deep water under her enormous weight. It happens so fast it didn’t even hurt. She took a step onto my chest and the air was pressed out of me. I struggled thrashed more like to bring my face back above water.

As I opened my eyes I could see Amy she was smiling but looked worried. Then the heavy weight pressed my stomach. Then my dick was pressed like nothing I had ever felt. Julie brought her other foot down and my stomach burned from the pain in my balls as her full weight transfer to the foot crushing my balls. Once she steadied herself she took another step and down my legs.

“Damn how much do you weigh, I feel like a car ran me over” Amy was laughing pretty hard now and Julie got a little pissed. “ 175 Your just being a titty baby how much do you weigh?” “Me? I’m 150 I said” Amy said “I’m 130 last time I got on a scale”.

“ It didn’t really hurt did it?”

“ only when you stepped on my face, that hurt a little bit” I said.

They were both laughing now and Julie piped up “ I felt that bulge when I stepped on you’re man stick, I squished him pretty flat does it still work? As hard as you were I think you kind of liked it”.

Amy was laughing “ I want a turn I won’t crush him as bad”.

I was pretty embarrassed I’m sure my face was red.

As Any placed her soft foot on my face she had mud on her feet the bottom of the pond is muddy. “ she whispered were just flirting with you”.

As Amy added weight to her foot my head again pressed down into the mud as her weight stood on one then both feet. It hurt but was not killing me other than I could not breath. Her weight was enough that my face and her toes were under water.

Next thing I know Amy’s foot came down on my chest and she stood with feet across my chest. My chest sank a little but nothing like being under Julie.

Any bounced a little “ am I killing you” as she stood heels facing my chin and walked in place.

Able to get a breath I said “ no you’re not very heavy I can take it”..

Julie said “ lower and started laughing, I did, it’s you’re turn”

With that Any took small steps from my chest to stomach. It was like slow motion I was loving the feeling. Being pressed into the stiff but giving packed mud.

Any placed her foot length wise covering most of my shaft as the weight increased. Mud squished out from between her toes as she brought her other foot on top of the first. The weight just sitting pressing me flatter as she pounced. Then she moved around to get both feet across one landed on my balls it hurt a little. But also felt so good.

Amy had a huge smile on her face then with out warning Julie stepped onto my chest. My whole chest sank under her much heavier weight. She just marched in place then Amy got in rhythm as I struggled to breathe.

“Let’s switch his face is getting very red, are we crushing you” she teased.

I will keep it going if people are interested.

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Jun 25, 2009
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Julie stepped off and I was able to draw a full breath she was after all very heavy outweighing me by 25 pounds.

Amy marched in place just a little longer. My mind was going in a million directions. This was all new to me I liked it but was confused. I was almost drown my groin and chest are sore as hell. And yet I’m more turned on than I have ever been.

Amy stepped off and Julie wasted no time stepping back on this time feet across my shaft and on my balls. I groaned as she stepped up.

“ oh you’re ok I can tell you like it,” she started to softly walk in place. I was in heaven and hell she was so heavy her bony feet hurt.

“ Amy step on his chest to hold him down, I’m putting on my flip flops, it’s like stepping on a stick”.

Amy did as told and stepped on my Chest her feet working my sore ribs. Then I felt a rubber sole of Julie’s flip flop touch down then her weight press me. It was still heavy but much less harsh. As her other foot came down the huge size of her shoe trapped my balls. Only protection I had was wet swim trunks that made my erection very obvious. This hurt in a good way as Julie walked transferring weight from one foot to the other. My balls were pinned and took her full weight.

Julie looked me in the eyes” so why have you never asked me out? Do you think I’m ugly?” Then she pounced causing me to groan.

Amy, before I could answer stepped off my chest, planting her foot on my face. As she stepped up my face was pushed back under water. I was not ready and barely taken a breath. I was slightly panicked. Her weight was crushing my nose into my face and Julie’s weight was working my groin.

“ Hey Julie said he didn’t answer my question.”

Amy said “ why have you never asked me out?
“ you have a boyfriend” Julie said.

“ Yes but we are not serious and he is a jerk, I don’t think we are going to be together much longer”.

“Well you get hit on all the time, guys fall at you’re feet, laughing or in this case under them” Julie said.

I was in full panic now, these two are crushing me, crushing my face, and drowning me while arguing over who I should ask out. If they don’t let me get some air I will never be able to date either of them I’ll be dead.

My arms were flailing trying to get Amy off my face, finally she lost her balance and stepped off. I took a huge breath while they both looked concerned.

“ shit are you ok Any said”, Julie said “ well, why have you never asked either of us out” she didn’t see very concerned about almost killing me.

After recovering, from lack of air I said “ I have never asked either of you out because, well Amy has a boyfriend, and Julie I didn’t think you would say yes. you’re usually mean to me, punching my arm, you have sat on me more times than I can count, you tease me, and now I can add walked all over me”.

“You idiot I’m a girl that’s how we flirt haven’t you noticed I am always smiling at you, I punch you playfully. I would knock you out if I punched you for real. And walking all all over you, that was only today. I had no idea how fun it is and that you could take it”.

Will add more as I can, I’m sitting in my truck typing on my phone. About to have start my shift, oh and from my other stories I am a building engineer.
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