The Punishers Part two


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Feb 22, 2011
Carl was in despair, He was locked in a small room Trussed up so he couldn’t move much and those evil bitches had left him. He was in agony from the beatings he had taken and his hand was agony. He was racking his brain to think who those evil witches were, He would find out and they would pay one day .

He lay there for hours it seemed then he heard the clacking of High heels on stone and started to panic , at this his cell door burst open and two women burst in both wearing sjin tight Jodhpurs , Knee length spike heeled boots blouses and jackets and riding hats. They both had stockings over their faces instead of balaclavas, The one asked him sarcastically if he was comfortable.

He realised it was not one of the women from before so he was emboldened and spat out

what do you think ,

Gaynor immediately drew back her leg and kicked his balls, and laughed

Let me see I think you need to learn some manners.

Carl was rolling around the best he could screaming in agony

Lucy started to walk around him looking down at him and said sweetly

There’s no need for that is there lets be civil shall we do you want anything to eat.

Carl was so hungry he said,

Yes please let me have some food.

At this Gaynor leant against one of the walls and pulled off her left boot. Inside the foot part of the boot was a slice of half stale bread all mashed up where Gaynors stocking foot had been on top of it,

Gaynor grinned and said,

MMM looks tasty one bread and sweat sandwich.

Carl lost it and shouted,

You evil bitches im not eating that , I cant I wont.

At this Lucy swung back her leg and drove the pointy toe of her right boot into his injured hand bringing a scream of pure pain from Carl.

Start apologising to her right now

hissed Lucy.

Carl looked up at her and she swung her foot again driving her pointy toe into his injured hand again

as he screamed and bellowed in agony she laughed and said,

better start apologising to her and begging to eat the bread or I will give your hand some more treatment, let me make this clear, im enjoying this and love kicking you so don’t make me start again.

Please Please no more Im sorry , im sorry lady, I am in pain I want to eat the bread please let me eat it im begging you to eat it,

T hats better laughed Gaynor and picked up the bread in her gloved hand and approached his face . She held it out and said,

Start eating,

Carl looked at the evil discoloured bread and hesitated.


Jabbed her spike heel into his injured hand


eat it now

He had no choice and took a bite out of the bread as the women taunted him

Mmm , I bet that tastes lovely

Giggled Gaynor.

Delicious laughed Lucy

Eat more and tell me how good it tastes ,

Carl was nearly retching at the thought of what he was having to eat. He mumbled,

It tastes very good,

He wasn’t very convincing which was what Lucy hoped and she took great delight in driving the toe of her boot into his injured hand again. God she loved dishing out that treatment to him.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH he screamed and she giggled.

You had better be more convincing , or im going to kick your hand much more ,

Mmm its delicious thank you Carl pleaded,

Carl realised he had to eat the bread and went to take a large bite to get it over with,

Ah ah ah

Giggled Gaynor,

I want you to take your time and savour every last mouthful, or do you want me to ask her to kick your hand some more.

He had no choice and had to eat small bits telling them how delicious it was as they laughed at him.

When he had finally eaten all the bread Gaynor made him lick the crumbs from the sole of her nylon foot enjoying the sensation of a tongue on her sweaty foot sole.

Katie whispered something to Gaynor who smiled evilly and replied.

Id like that

When he was done they rolled him onto his back and as they left Katie who was on his left and clapped her gloved hands together to get his attention. As she did so Gaynor deliberately brought her boot sole down onto his injured right hand and took her time walking on it grinding his hand under her sole, as she left.

Carl screamed the place down.

Gaynor and Lucy walked off and went into the farm house They both collapsed into arm chairs and fell about laughing,

Gaynor laughed,

That was so much fun. I didn’t know I could be so sadistic. Knowing he deserved it made all the difference,

Lucy replied,

Oh yes so much fun. I loved kicking his injured hand so much fun. And making him eat bread from off your feet so so much fun.

Ha ha laughed Gaynor.

What was it like making him lick your foot ,

Asked Lucy

I really liked the sensation and knowing he hated it was even more fun.

Replied Gaynor.


laughed Lucy

if I get the chance he is going to be licking mine too.

Meanwhile Carl was in real pain and couldn’t get to sleep, his hand was throbbing as were his whip welts. He felt so sorry for himself and was sobbing , As the night went on and on his emotions went from self pity to anger to fear of what those evil bitches would do . He tried to work on getting out of his restraints but couldn’t. He so wanted to get free so he could jump those bitches as they came in. Hed make them sorry, they would be so so sorry, they would be begging him no doubt about it.

After Katie, Sarah, Clare and Nikki left him they all met up at Nikkis house and enjoyed a relaxing glass of wine,

Here’s to making them pay laughed Nikki

They all raised there Glass,

Here’s to the Punisher’s club laughed Katie ,

Clare asked ,

Anyone felling sorry for him or a bit Guilty we did work him over a bit. Personally I think we were lenient with him,

I want to make him, and watch him suffer more.

They all agreed that they were loving it and started to plan the next day. Each having ideas on what he would suffer.

The next Morning they all arrived at the barn at 10am fully rested and ready to go.

He heard the staccato clicking of stilletoe heels on the hard floor, he started to moan , no no no more,

The ladies were all dressed in the same standard punishment gear , boots tight leather trousers and leather jackets, with balaclavas, That was all except Katie who wanted to tease him. She wore a very short skirt, shear black stockings, 5in high black patent leather Laboutin heels and a low cut top showing off her amazing body to perfection and a balaclava

A moment latter and the door burst open and Clare and Nikki burst in .Carl was still tied up and could not do anything. , he started to beg

Please please im begging you, no more, I cant take any more please.

The grabbed hold of him and half carried him , half dragged him to the centre of the barn where again he was suspended by his arms with just the tip of his toes on the floor.

A chair had been put out about 2 meters from him in the centre of the room and katie slowly sauntered over to the chair and sat down . She let her skirt ride up so he could get a good view of the lacy stocking tops.

Katie let him take in her full beauty for 5 minutes then said,

Are you feeling sorry for what you did to your girlfriend BOY,

He replied,

Yes very very sorry so sorry Please no more. As he devoured her with his eyes, so sexy, but such a bitch flashed trough his mind.

Katie didn’t have gloves on and looked at her red nails for a second or two before saying,

T hats Very sorry superior highness,

and she looked over at Clare and said,

4 slaps please,

Clare sauntered up to the helpless Carl and whap,

Slapped his face good and hard with Her black leather gloved hand,


He wailed and Slap she hit him again.

Clare was loving it, she loved slapping his face and the fact he couldn’t do anything about it was even more fun.

Clare could slap very hard and did so

When she finished Katie who was now dangling one of her shoes off her toes giggled and said,

Lets try again.

Are you sorry for hitting your girlfriend Boy,

Carl was not going to fall into the trap again and said,

Yes superior highness im so so sorry,

Hmmm pondered Katie,

You see im not only your superior highness today, Im your judge. You need to convince me you are sorry, and its going to take pleading and begging.

Carl could feel the anger rising in him but knew he must not show it.

Please superior Highness I really am sorry I beg you to believe,


Katie held up her hand, got out of her chair Shut up boy.

She approached him and pushed her firm breasts out in front of her.

He could smell her sexy perfume as she approached him.

She balled her right hand into a little fist behind her back and said,

Are you really that stupid, did I not tell you I was your judge, so you address me as Superior Highness Judge, don’t you,

and at that she drove her hard little fist into his stomach. Winding him.

He coughed and spluttered as the other women laughed at him.

Katie sauntered back to her seat looked at Nikki and said,

Bust his balls .

Nikki sauntered over to him as he started to plead, She then casually but with great pleasure, Kneed him hard in the balls.

He was nearly sick and would have gone down if he could but he was suspended and had no where to go.

Nikki let him recover a bit then whap she drew back her left leg and kicked him hard in the balls.

He screamed in pain.

The women all laughed.

After five minutes Katie said,

Are you sorry for hurting your girlfriend Boy.

Yes superior Highness Judge , so so sorry please im begging you believe me please please.

Hmm , lets see keep grovelling, tell me how women are superior to men and that you are a piece of dirt,

Katie was loving what she was doing to him. Playing with him and tormenting him

He grovelled, he crawled, he begged as they laughed at him.

Katie again looked at her nails and said,

Not bad begging but I need to see more of a demonstration I wore these stockings yesterday and they are sweaty today if you told me how much you wanted to smell them, to kiss them and lick them I may be impressed, But you had better be convincing , But fearing the consequences he begged,

Please superior highness Judge , bringing smirks from the women .

Women are so superior I beg to smell kiss and lick your superior feet.

Ok not bad toyed Katie,

Bring him over,

Carl was slowly lowered and put in arm locks by Nikki and Clare as Sarah grabbed hold of his hair,

They made him crawl over to Katie who took off her Right shoe and said

Sniff them

Carl put his nose to the nylon sole and sniffed,

Katie jabbed him with the heel of her left shoe to the shoulder and said,

You idiot , put your nose between my toes and sniff much harder or else,

He immediately placed his nose against the nylon under her toes Taking in the smell of leather and feminine perspiration Sniffing like his life depended on it, Much to the ladies amusement,

After 5 minutes Katie ordered,

Kiss my feet boy ,

He started to kiss the nylon soles , Sarah slapped his face and hissed,

Kiss her feet like you mean it boy ,or I will whip you.

His frantic kissing amused Katie so much.

After 5 minutes Katie ordered

Now lick my feet Boy,

How could he do that wasn’t it bad enough he had to sniff them and kiss them, but he had to and reluctantly extended the tongue and touched it onto the sole of her foot.

Sarah, was on him like a shot and kicked him hard .

Lick them like you mean it, like you love it boy or I will make you suffer,

Again this spurred him on and his tongue laved up and down from heels to toes with a slight rasp as his tongue pressed into the mesh of her stockings.

Katie was loving it and let him continue a while before saying

Not bad , but Clean my toes and in between them, we don’t want to leave any perspiration there do we,

He obeyed her.

After wards when he had grovelled to both her feet he was again suspended from is wrists and she said,

Now for my judgement, You did grovel well, You kissed my feet quite nicely and the licking was good so You must be sorry.

He felt a lift in his mood she was going to be merciful

Then she added,

My problem is are you really sorry, or just sorry you got caught by us.

I need to think a moment.

Please superior highness Judge Im really Really sorry Please believe me he grovelled.

Katie was loving it and after 10 minutes she held her thumb at right angles then put it down and said.

Work out time,

Sarah approached him first and spun a round house kick into his stomach followed by two good punches to his face, Nikki came in second and drove her pointy boot toe into the top of his thigh giving him a dead leg.

Clare stamped on his toes bringing fresh screams of agony from him before another round house kick to his ribs , which brought a satisfying crack sound.

The used him as a human punch bag and kick bag for half an hour until he passed out.

They used smelling salts to bring him around.

When he came round he was sat in a chair, his arms and legs were tied to the dining room type chair Clare slaped his face tp bring him to full consciousness.

Right boy said Katie,

If you do as your told we may release you today.

First look into that camera and read what we are holding up. I warn you if you dont sound convincing or don’t do it. You will get another beating only worse , do I make myself clear.

Yes Superior Highness Judge he shouted much to their amusement.

Ok and three two one go said Clare.

Carl read the words .

My name is Carl and my fantasy has always been to be kidnapped by some women, I wanted to be interrogated by them and hurt by them. He could not believe what he was reading but could not take any more beatings so he continued.

I asked them to be hard on me and to drop me off in the most humiliating way they could think of. I have paid them to do this and fully consented to everything.

He couldn’t believe what he had just had to say but he was broken.

After that he was ordered to put on a pink sequinned short dress, They then sat him down and put some 5 in pink high heeled shoes on his feet, They had straps around the ankles which had a lisle padlock fastening. They were locked on his ankles so he couldn’t take them off,

He was then pepper sprayed and put in the van in restraints.

They drove him out into the country , five miles from any towns .They then opened the doors of the van and pulled him out.

As he fell to the ground they removed his restraints and Sarah pushed him over. As he tried to get up Katie again stamped on his right hand with her spike heel, bringing a second crunching sound and a bellow of agony.

They jumped in the van and sped off. After Clare had filmed him trying to get up and trying to walk in his heels.

They dumped the van at a secret but secure location where there cars were and met up at Nikki,s

That was so much fun laughed Katie,

Nikki laughed and said,

My god Katie they should contact you from MI5 to teach Phycological warefare , you were evil, but we loved it.

Katie laughed,

Im such a bitch arnt I .

Sarah laughed.

Heres to the next one and they all drank to that.

Meanwhile Carl was staggering along the county road , ahais feet were on fire from the shoes and he was in a short dress,

He was in tears of pain and anger.

Clare said,

I will Email his little film and mine to Ilona in Moscow, she will hack his facebook acaount and put the films all over it, No one will be able to trace her lol.

They all burst out laughing.