The Punishers


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Feb 22, 2011
Ashley lay curled up in a ball in his tiny cell , It was impossible to stretch himself out or get comfortable He was in real pain from yesterdays beating, He was sobbing to himself wondering how he could ever escape those evil bitches.

It all started 3 years previously, and in his mind it was all His stupid Girlfriends doing, messing with his head, she didn’t understand that he decided what they should do, who her friends should be, Had-dent he told her so many times not to speak to other men She just wouldn’t listen, She did it on purpose .

He had to teach her a lesson he thought, so he hit her a little too hard, he didn’t mean to fracture her eye socket. And break her ankle it was her fault for trying to run away.

He wasn’t the only man there, he could hear the staccato clacking of stiletoe heels on flag stones. For a moment he thought they were coming for him He sobbed louder but the boots went on past.

Then he heard a lock being opened and a male voice pleading, then cries of pain and the sound of someone being dragged along past his cell door. The male voice was begging now.

Then he heard Nikki

Shut up wife beater, your gonna get what you deserve,

The male started to wail and plead which the only response to was feminine laughing.

Ashley heard the sounds of a slight scuffle as the male was tied down and then he heard the swish of a cane being flexed through the air. And a female voice say 50 to start with I think

He recognised the voice, it was Katie, she was the small blonde girl he could see her hair poking out from under her balaclava, with fantastic legs . He just knew she was gorgeous behind that balaclava head mask.

They all wore balaclavas. Its was so intimidating, de personalising

She was the worst ,a true sadist who revelled in dishing it out,

His anger rose as he thought about that little bitch and how he would beat her to a pulp if he got the chance.

Then he heard the cane swish through the air and that terrible sound, He couldn’t bear it, a man bellowing and screaming in pain.

That sound haunted him He put his fingers in his ears to try to block out the sound.

Billy the male on the receiving end had not long finished a 3 year sentence for throwing acid on his ex girlfriend, She had dumped him and disappeared, But he found out she was living with another man on the Northumbria coast and found her . He threw acid on her, aiming for her face but missed and got her arms and a bit on her torso causing burns. Now the bitches that had him were punishing him again, had-dent he done his time,

Billy was tied down on his front to a long heavy wooden bench. Secured imoble by straps at regular intervals securing him to the bench His legs were bent at 90 degrees at the knees and his feet were tied at the ankles to a pole and bar attached to the bench leaving his feet exposed.

Katie drew back the long cane and wack, she landed the blow hard on his feet,

Billy jerked as much as he could in the tight bondage and screamed the place down, he couldn’t believe the amount of pain she was inflicting. He tried to wriggle like he had been given an electric shock but the valcro straps prevented all but the slightest movement.

As the cane impacted on his feet it felt like a red hot poker had been placed on them . He didn’t get any mercy from his captures only a sadistic laugh from Katie.

He tried to move as his body tried to dissipate the pain.

Only 49 to go, woman beater laughed Nikki.

who was stood next to Katie enjoying her friends work.

Katie took her time waiting for him to calm down before swinging her cane down again , catching him on the sensitive arches this time,

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, no no please please I cant take it I really cant stop, Screamed Billy,

Mollie a tall athletic long blonde haired Beauty again in a Balaclava Let out a throaty laugh as she grabbed hold of his chin and said,

Yes you can. And you will, You should have thought of that before hurting a woman, I’m loving every minute of this , Ha ha Just so you know.

Katie took her time letting the fear build until she rose her cane again and splatt it landed across his toes.

It all started two year ago, Nikki a Tall 5ft 10 Amazon of a women with a very pretty face and long dark hair with long shaply legs,, was talking about her work as a police detective on a domestic abuse unit. She was with some women friends having a glass of wine at her house after a tough work out at the gym.

Nikki was fitness mad and had honed her body to perfection. She wasn’t overly muscular , just strong and toned.

She talked about some of the evil scum she had to deal with, who beat their girl friends and wives without a single regret or any pity about it,

She explained about men fracturing women’s face bones, kicking them punching them and worse.

Katie a slim 5ft 5 in long haired blonde who worked as an estate agent to fund her love of show jumping horses said

But they go to prison for a long time for that surely,

Also Present was Sarah and Clare gym friends of Nikki and also tall strong women.

Nikki explained.

Often they don’t even go to prison. They get suspended sentences , and if they do get sentences they are pathetic ones often.

Clare chipped in

Yes did you see that guy who got a life sentence for disfiguring his girlfriend was out after only six years it made me sick , How can that be a life sentence.

Sarah a five eleven long darked haired woman with amazing legs and a pretty face replied,

If I was a judge I would give them 10 years hard labour, and horse whip them , I would gladly do it myself, They would never hit a woman again that’s for sure.


A 6ft fair haired business woman Chipped in.

Yes,yes, too right Sarah, I would work them and work them until they were completely exhausted and whip them to make them work on.

Nikki laughed and said,

Joking apart I could actually do that and not think anything about it, well apart from enjoying it.

Clare continued.

Id love to make a woman beaters life hell on earth, Id be such a bitch , Id give them false hope and then make it worse for them ha ha .

Nikki served wine and the conversation drifted off the subject,

An hour later the ladies all headed home and as Sarah left she laughed,

I wish I was going off to see a wife beater, these boots would give some woman beater a real lesson, Oh I could cause some pain with these pointy toes.

The other women all laughed,

That night Nikki couldn’t stop thinking about dishing out proper punishment to violent men. The thought of hurting them didn’t bother her a bit. In fact it made her feel good.

Over the next few days she was in contact with Sarah , Clare and Katie and they all brought up the subject.

That got Nikki thinking,

Could It be done, Could they get revenge for the victims, It hardly bore thinking about getting caught,

A week after meeting up with the girls they all got together at Katies house and Nikki brought the subject up.

After our chat last week about what we would do to violent men I cant stop thinking evil thoughts about how evil I would be to them.

Katie replied,

Not you as well. Some of my ideas were really evil,

Clare said,

Dont joke I really would enjoy whipping them. Or stamping on there feet or hands with my spike heels.

Sarah laughed

Joking apart could you really do it, even if they screamed for mercy.

Katie laughed,

It wouldn’t If the had hurt women they could beg and plead as much as they liked it wouldn’t stop me in the slightest, I would enjoy making them grovel. Id make them lick my boots and my feet for mercy and still punish them more,and she laughed

The other women all laughed and cheered. and They all agreed they could do it easily, After a few wines they started to talk about how it could be done and how they could avoid being caught ,

Nikki being a Police officer talked about CCTV and forensics and how to incapacitate males with pepper spray and tazzers.

At some point Katie said

I actually really want to do this,

One by one they all agreed,

They found a remote farm with some stables that Katie knew about,

The owner Gaynor was a beautiful 50 year old dark haired horse woman who loked much younger and her stunning daughter Lucy, a twenty year old very pretty red head. Gaynor owned the farm house and buildings and some 10 acres of land,

Katie and Nikki approached Gaynor Lucy and asked about the buildings and particularly a large enclosed barn just right for what they wanted,

Gaynor was delighted to rent the barn to them and said they could do what they liked with the big barn as it was too big for her horses needs and would be knocked down one day,

Although it was slightly risky they had to tell Gaynor what they had in mind. Katie was prety certain she would be ok with it as she divorced her husband for hitting her.

Gaynor was all for it and so was Lucy and they employed a builder friend Kevin to put in some block wasll cells and strong doors.

Kevin would do anything for Gaynor and lucy and loved working for them.

Gaynor asked for a price for the work and Kevin grinned and said cheekily ,

It depends how bossy you are and if you wear your long boots.

Gaynor laughed and said Oh I can be very bossy and so can Lucy when we want to be, would you like that.

Kevin went red and admitted he would,

I will do they work for nothing if im under your and lucys bossy supervision

Two cells were subsequently built and Kevin was bossed about constantly by Gaynor and lucy. They drove him mad in skin tight jodhpurs and Long leather riding boots, He loved it.

So Very soon it was ready.

Clare knew a woman who regularly turned up for work with bruises which she hid the best she could, The woman had admitted to another woman employed at the same offices that her boyfriend had a bad temper and hit her sometimes

They did there research and watched Carl for a few evenings , He drank excessively and walked home from the local pub most nights,

They got balaclavas handcuffs easily enough and Sarah went to France and bought several pepper spray cannisters where it was on sale for personal protection.

Not long after Jane the woman at Claire s work came in with concealer over a black eye,

the next evening Katie was stood in a door way as Carl staggered home, she was dressed in skin tight leather trousers black knee length riding boots and a black leather jacket. She was turned side on to Carl so he couldnt see her face well. As he got closer she bent down as if to pick something up.

He couldnt help but stare at her magnificent leather clad ass, and as he did so Claire and Sarah, in similar clothing to Katie but wearing balaclavas , jump t out of a door way sprayed Carl in pepper spray, handcuffed him, put a hood over his head

Nikki then pulled up in a van and they threw Carl in the back and drove off,


At the farm they opened the back doors of the van and carl let out a scream . And he was struck in the face . The next thing he knew he was naked hanging from ropes by his arms so just his tip toes were on the floor from a beam in the middle of the barn .

His hood was pulled off and As he slowly realised the position he was in, he saw 4 women all dressed the same, walk into view,

Katie approached him and said,

So you like hitting women do you,

Fuck off bitch what the fuck do you think your doing, let me down and you wont suffer as much when I get you,

Katie moved so fast bringing her knee up sharply and feeling it impact on his unprotected balls,

Carl bellowed in pain as katie shouted,

Your going to be so sorry for threatening me,

At this she picked up a riding crop about 4 feet long and drew it back then whipped his chest deliberately striking his nipples,

Carl Bellowed out,

You fucking bitch, I will kill you when I get out of this.

Nikki approached him and slapped his face good and hard with her leather gloved hand,

You have just made your stay worse for yourself with that little outburst.

You are going to pay dearly for threatening us ,

At that she stepped back and joined the others picking up a thin evil riding crop.

In unison they whipped him. Katie whipped his chest.

Nikki whipped his shoulders. Clare whipped his thighs and Sarah whipped his stomach bringing a real scream of pain from Carl.

Nikki shouted 20 to start with and they whipped him.

He cursed he bellowed , he screamed and then he begged in between the lashes as they

whipped him full force,

All the women were determined to make him suffer,

Clare drew her whip back and putting in all the force she could muster swung it down onto his exposed rear of his thighs . It was like she had touched him with a cattle prod, he danced on his toes screaming the place down much to her amusement.

Katie laughed as her whipp bit into his already sore nipples and he screeched in pain. She was loving it.

All the perpetrators that Nikki had dealt with and got off two lightly were floating around in her head and she was making him pay for it, Crashing her whip down on his shoulder loving every second of it.

Sarah was having gtrat fun making lines of welts on his stomach with her whipp.

Katie shouted halt at 10.

the other were surprised but went along with it,

Katie approached Carl and whap slapped his face to get his attention.

Are you sorry cretin

She giggled,

Carl s bravado and anger had dissipated into pure fear and said.

Yes Im so so sorry. No more , no more Please please.

Are you sorry enough to grovel to us, let my think ah yes, to , I dont know, Lick our boots,

He hated it but would do anything to stop them whipping again.

Yes , Yes I will lick your boots, I will I will he wailed,

Good she replied

My feet get a bit hot in these boots would you like to lick my nylon feet for me

He hesitated, hating the idea, and sobbed


Nikki approached him and slapped his face ,

He doesn’t sound too convincing to me he obviously wants us to continue whipping.

Carl was half crazed saying

No no please Please im sorry ,

The ladies picked up their whip,s and hiss splat it started all over again,

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGh he screamed No no Il do anything Please

The women took no notice of him and enjoyed making him pay,

After another 10 each, Carl was so broken,

Katie again approached him and slapped his face . She loved slapping faces and said,

Well do you want to lick our feet or not,

Sarah grinning into his face said,

Id beg if I was you , well if you don’t want some more of this that is, and swished her riding whip through the air,

Carl begged

Please please I will lick your boots and your feet please let me do it I’m begging he pleaded.

Clare approached him and slapped his face good and hard, The sound echoing around the room ,

You do know we want our feet licked properly don’t you I want every millimetre of my nylons licked, between my toes and the soles licked hard, I want all the sweat removed, Do you really want to do that

Carl couldn’t believe what she was saying he had to do and hesitated, he really didn’t want to lick sweaty female feet ,

Looks like he wants some more giggled Sarah and picked up her whip.

No no I will lick your feet please please no more.

Sarah slapped his face and laughed,

Too bad you hesitated and that insults us .

Another 10 I think,

No no no more I cant take any more he wailed,

Not that the ladies cared one bit

and they lashed their crops down onto him again.


No No he pleaded,

Katie just laughed and whipped his chest as the others whipped him as well.

At 5 he was hanging from his wrist.

Stop shouted Nikki,

She then went to a bag and took out some smelling salts,

I dont want him missing a single lash.

They all laughed as she held the little bottle under his nose.

He immediately shook his head and spluttered so Nikki took away the bottle grabbed her whip and continued,

At 10 he was a mass of welts and was crying and drooling and sobbing much to the ladies amusement.

The got together in a small huddle and Sarah came up with an idea,

They left him and had a cup of tea and a chat about what next.

Clare came up with an idea and after 20 minutes they went back to Carl,

Katie slapped his face and said,

Repeat after me.

Women are the superior sex and men are nothing.

A wave of anger flashed through his mind but he dare not show it and Mumbled

Women are the superior sex Men are nothing,

Sarah slapped his face hard saying

Say it again only louder.

Carl repeated that women were the superior sex louder this time.

Clare approached him and smiling sweetly slapped his face hard. And hissed

Louder she said ,

He shouted

Women are the superior sex men are nothing,

Nikki approached him and slapped his face saying

How dare you shout at us, your going to pay for that.

Hmm let me think,

I sentence you to 10 face slaps from all of us.

She giggled

Nikki drew her right gloved hand right back and slap she delivered a real hard slap to the left side of his face , she giggled into his face and slap she hit him with her left hand , oh this is fun she giggled and Katie replied

Great I cant wait to for my go,

Carl s arms were on fire from hanging from them , his toes were on fire from trying to take the weight off his arms as Nikki slapped away.

Next went Clare who used a forehand and back hand technique slap , slap salp 10 times as they all laughed at him

After her 10 Katie went next.

She flexed her gloved fingers in front of his face and slap.

Her right hand snaked out, slapping his face good and hard.

Slap followed by her left. His head bouncing from side to side with the force.

After 10 she giggled into his face then said,

You ungrateful pig say thank you.

As she said this she stamped down with the sole of her boot onto his toes bringing a howl of pain.

Thank me.

She said as she ground the sole of her boot onto his toes,

Thank you

he wailed,

I should think so too,

she replied,

Sarah approached him and took her time delivering 10 hard stinging slaps and made the last one extremely hard on purpose.

Carl s head swam and before he could recover Sarah said,

I don’t believe it, he has forgotten to thank me already.

You have just been told to do that, You are like most men Stupid arnt you .

Again he hesitated and it cost him dear,

How dare you keep me waiting hissed Sarah,

You are going to pay for that,

No please im a stupid male,

wailed Carl please no more

Let me think mused Sarah,

A kick in the balls from each of us, that should waken you up she smirked.

No no please no pleaded Carl

Carl wailed as Sarah leant back slightly and swung her leg. Back then

forward crashing the toe of her boots into his unprotected testicles.

Carl’s reaction was like being shot.

He opened his mouth to scream but he had lost his voice, But just about managed to squeak a

Thank you out

The ladies all laughed as Sarah pronounced.

I do like to kick a man’s balls, who’s next.

Clare jumped forward saying

Me me

she stood in front of Carl who was looking sorry for himself with his head down and said,

Look at my face boy,

As he looked into her grinning face she drove the toe of her boot into his testicles


he bellowed

Followed by a quick

thank you

Katie drilled a solid kick next followed by Nikki,

Carl was nearly sick , retching from the pain and they decided he had mostly had enough for now,

Katie whispered something to the ladies and went off,

She returned having changed her riding boots for 4in stilletoe heeled knee high boots

They let Carl down and he slumped to the floor,

Immediately Nikki and Sarah put the toe end of there boot soles onto his hands as Katie pulled up a chair right up to Carl and sat down saying

You may lick my boots now.

Carl could not believe he was having to lick her boots but knew he had to and tentatively extended his tongue, and licked the leather , after a few seconds she jabbed his shoulder with her spike heel saying

Lick them like you mean it, or are you forcing me to get the whip out again.

It was like Carl was suddenly turbo charged and laved away with great vigour at the leather in front of him,

Katie made him do a proper job, taking her time but she really couldn’t wait to make him lick her feet.

After 10 minutes she slipped off her right boot and flexed her black nylon clad toes next to his nose ordering

Lick it.

Carl could smell the sent of leather and feminine perspiration from her foot and hated the fact he would have to lick it.

He extended his tongue and licked along the sole offered to him. His tongue feeling the damp mesh of her stockings .

Sarah immediately pressed the sole of her boot down harder onto his fingers ordering.

Lick her foot properly, lick harder like you mean it or we may just give you another taste of the whip.

Carl licked like mad at the foot pressing his tongue onto her sole as Katie laughed at him.

Now get that tongue between my toes , and work that tongue,

he could not risk another beating .

Katie didn’t know she would enjoy having her feet licked so much. And it made it all the better knowing he was hating every second of it.

The ladies took it in turn to have their feet licked enjoying having a damp tongue on their sweaty nylons and the fact he was hating it.

Laughing at him and amongst them selves saying,

I dont know how he could enjoy licking my sweaty feet,l, they must be evil but that’s men for you, Ha Ha Ha amongst other insults to him and men.

When all the nylon feet had been licked fresh they ordered him to crawl to a door at the end of the barn. As he did so he tried to jump to his feet and run.

The ladies had anticipated this and Sarah kicked his left leg behind his right so he fell onto his front.

Carl had his right hand out to stop him from bashing his face and Katie stamped on it with the spike heel of her boots, bringing a satisfying crunch from bones as she did so.

That was a very stupid mistake she shouted ,as she ground her spike heel into the back of his hand , brining a scream from him.

Tomorrow is going to be a very hard day for you now,

Clare laughed,

Oh dear , Oh dear that was a big mistake you are going to suffer for that believe me

Katie ground her heel into his tortured hand for about another 30 seconds thoroughly enjoying the pain she was inflicting ,

meanwhile Sarah kicked him with her riding boots to his side winding him.

Afterwards he crawled in agony to the door.

Claire and Nikki tied his arms to his sides and his legs together and rolled him into the cell.

Katie produced a pint aluminium cup of water and asked him if he wanted a drink,

As he looked up at her nodding his head she opened the side of her mouth and tilted her head so a long string of her saliva, dribbled into the cup.

Are you sure she enquired Statistically.

The other women all spat into the cup and katie held it to his lips.

Despite his disgust he was so desperate he drank the water down.

Clare looked at him and kicked him causing him to fall over and she deliberately then kicked his injured right hand bringing a bellow of pain, and him to roll around in agony.

You forgot to thank us she giggled,

He was locked in the little cell l room to suffer.

As the ladies were about to leave they spoke to Gaynor and Lucy,

Sarah said,

I guess I will have to come back later to check on him for the night.

Gaynor said,

No dont do that Lucy and I can check on him for you.

Katie Replied,

Great do you want us to leave a couple of balaclavas for you.

No its ok, I thought we would put stockings over our faces and wear or riding hats , that should intimidate him Ha ha

Nikki laughed,

Could you kick him a bit when you go in we dont want any women going soft on him now do we ,

and they all laughed.

Our pleasure replied Gaynor

Katie giggled,

Good, He has a possible broken right hand where my spike heel dug in a bit, when your kicking him could someone work on that a bit,

Lucy grinned and said,

Il do that no problem.