The Rich Neighbor

Jul 21, 2003
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I wrote this quickly because I had an idea in my head. Not ure how I feel about it, so if you guys really like it I might continue... but it was mainly just to get this thought out of my head. Enjoy!

*Obviously total fiction, with any likeness to real people purely coincidental

This was the final straw! How could someone so beautiful be such a spoiled bitch?? As James watched her through his window he was on the verge of boiling over the top with rage! The sense of entitlement… the lack of decency… he had never had to suffer someone so indignant!

It all started when he moved to the neighborhood 6 months ago. Her had built himself up from nothing. As a self employed plumber he had finally saved enough to move to the best neighborhood in the city. BARELY. He bought a modest home. In any other area it would have been a nice house, but next to these mini mansions it seemed quite shabby. One day while working in his garden he noticed her. A gorgeous woman in really expensive clothes walking out the front of the house next door. . From a distance she looked like the spitting image of Megan Fox. At first he was thrilled to see his next door neighbor was so gorgeous. When he went up to introduce himself he saw she indeed looked remarkable like the actress from up close too. Just a little older, maybe late twenties… and a little darker. She had a hint more of an olive, Mediterranean color to her. And when she spoke, she had a slight accent. He couldn‘t quite place it… Greek? Italian? Just a hint of something was there, but it added to her sexy swagger. And that was part of the problem - she had too much swagger. She looked at the pot bellied slightly balding older gentleman the way someone looks at a roach. James picked up on her arrogance and they never really hit it off. Their first conversation went sour fast and ended with Elizabetta commenting on his “shack” and laughing that even such a cruddy house was beyond his means as she walked away. It had started off on a rotten foot and it only got worse!

As it turned out, there was some confusion on the property lines and she had intended to build a huge addition to her home. James studied the deed and discovered that it would encroach on his property ever so slightly. To teach the rich, stuck up bitch a lesson he took he to court and won! His legal victory squashed her home addition and cost her thousands in pre-paid fees and contracting. After that, their uneasy neighbor relationship went further south.

Tough times soon followed and James’ business started to dwindle. With his money drying up, every dollar had to count! Each month the bills piled up and her words that he was too poor to live here kept repeating in his head. He HAD to make it… he couldn’t give her and all the other rich little bastards the satisfaction of watching him move. On the contrary, Elizabetta kept up her extravagant lifestyle into the poor economic times. And she went out of her way to rub his nose in it all along the way. In the battle of wits and wills, she was trouncing him.

Case #1: 9 months ago:
He had intended to make small improvements constantly to his home. However, with the economy down he had to save for long periods to make any changes at all! Finally, he saved up enough for one load of concrete to have his driveway re-paved. He would do it himself to save money. He spent a long hot afternoon working outside and paving his driveway and the walkway to his house. When he went inside to get a glass of water he decided to take a nap instead. Later when he woke up he ran outside excited to see his finished result. It was no surprise that the concrete had cooled and solidified. It was a surprise that he had dainty little barefoot prints walking right up the center of the driveway, up the front pathway, to the front door. THE BITCH had walked through his cooling concrete and now her footprints were permanently left all over his property. He turned around in disgust to see her footprint on the front door with dried up concrete and a note saying “You are like the crud between my toes - you dirt poor fat little plumber!”.

Furious, James stormed over to her house and started banging on the front door! She never answered. He started yelling at the top of his lungs for her to come out. Then, with no warning, he felt warm water splash on his head and drench his face and torso. He was startled but he heard hysterical laughter coming from above. When he looked up he saw Elizabetta standing on her rooftop deck peering down at him. “I had to wash the concrete and dirt from my feet after my little gift to you!” she laughed in her accent. “So, my butler has been giving me a foot soak and scrub. I figured, you could bathe in it to cool you off!” Then she disappeared out of sight. James was furious beyond belief but thought best to leave it alone. Maybe now they were even in her mind?

Case#2: 7 months ago :
As James business crumbled, he was forced to sell his car. He had originally had a work van and a personal car. No, he relied on the work van. When this happened, Elizabetta started parking her new Mercedes in his driveway!!! She left her Bentley coup in her own driveway and used his as well - for her other car! James was outraged and his complaints to hr were met with a smile at first and then laughter in his face. He would try to complain to the police only to find out that Elizabetta was the Godmother of the chief’s daughter and one of the largest contributors to the Policeman’s Association. His pleas went on deaf ears. In fact, he noticed his van started to get ticketed more often around town after he complained - an additional cost he couldn’t afford! To make matter worse, she would usually block him into his own driveway, making him reverse over his front lawn to get out and go to work! It made him fume like a mad man to have to stair at her footsteps as he walked to his van and then often have to tear up his front lawn to get out of his own driveway!

And that brings us to this! Months ago he had started noticing dog crap all over his yard. He had suspected her of this, but could never prove it. Now, here he was… staring out the front window as she intentionally walked her poodle over to HIS lawn to do its business.

He banged on the window to let her know he saw her… and then… she waved and blew him a kiss. She knew he saw her and she didn’t care!! That was the last bit of disrespect he could stomach. James went running outside to confront her Ironically, as he ran up to her he couldn’t help but see how beautiful she looked. She wore a flowing white linen summer dress that stopped right behind her knees. She wore an oversize sun hat and some matching designer oversized shades that seemed to both hide much of her face and accentuate her beauty! Her long flowing black hair was pulled back and flowed neatly down her back, like a waterfall flowing out from under her hat. As he got even closer, he noticed her olive skin seemed soft and perfect! Her fingers and toes both seemed freshly manicured with a French manicure/pedicure combo. Her perfect legs emptied into designer slide on high heeled sandals. They were a name brand he had only seen in store windows and he knew they cost more than half of everything in his closet combined! They were only a heel, a leather sole, and a white leather strap across the top of her foot. How could something some minimal cost so much? And, as if to emphasize the snobbiness of the moment, she held her rather large perfectly groomed poodle on the end of a leash that was connected to a diamond studded collar. By contrast, the dirty jeans and tight t-shirt that covered most of his belly made James even FEEL less than her.

James started yelling at her about the dog crap, the disrespect, and how this was the FINAL straw! Elizabetta just laughed at him. “Your lawn looks like crap anyway… what does it matter?” And with that she gave her dog a little slack as if to say, go ahead and finish using this man’s lawn for a toilet! James completely lost it at this point and started calling her every foul thing he could think of! Bitch, slut, c*nt… all these words rolled freely off of his tongue. Then, something happened he never saw coming… she hocked back and spit directly in his face. The glob of saliva struck him in the forehead and started dripping down over his nose.

“Watch your mouth when you are talking to a lady, pig!” she warned. James wiped the spit from his face and stood shocked. Then, as the anger overtook him he let rage be his guide. “Woman or no woman, she’s going down!”, he thought. James lunged forward and went to grab her by the throat. The dainty little woman stepped forward into the lunging, larger man. And, with catlike reflexes, she firmly lifted her knee into the startled man’s groin and landed a direct hit! He slumped forward and she stepped aside to let him fall. Her poodle started to bark as if it wanted to protect her until she calmly said “Muffy, heel!” and the dog sat calmly and started to pant in a relaxed manner.
He went to get up, but he couldn’t stop his head from spinning. Her direct hit on his groin was so hard it made him nauseous and dizzy. Elizabetta calmly walked around to where his head was. As he lay writhing in pain. As his vision slowly re-focused, he saw her toes in front of his face. Then he watched, still unable to move normally as she lifted her foot and slammed down the sharp heel on the back of his hand. He screamed out and tried to pull it back but it was too late. She had his hand trapped under her shoe as she applied more and more weight to the narrow heel until she seemed to be standing with all her weight coming down on that single point! It seemed like his hand would burst. He begged her to get off but nothing happened. Finally, he reached with his other hand to push her away, but he had no leverage. Instead, she grabbed his arm, still standing on his hand and twisted it violently. He felt his whole body contort as she had complete control of his body and the situation. His shoulder felt like it would pop out of the socket. Finally, she stepped off of his now bleeding hand and concentrated on controlling his body through the arm lock. She stepped over his body, straddling his back as she turned his arm. His only hope was to turn with her, but as soon as James was about to try it, she slammed her foot on the side of his head, pinning his face into the dirt on his own front lawn.

It must have been a sight to anyone who looked out their window on this sunny afternoon. Here was this petite, gorgeous, well dressed woman - still wearing her shades and sun hat - standing over this larger man… on his own front lawn. Her foot pressing on his cheek, the thin sole of her shoe forcing his head down into the grass and dirt. The heel resting on his jaw line as she twisted his arm. He tried to move in any way to alleviate the pain and pressure but he couldn’t. All he could do was kick his legs wildly as he felt his arm nearing the breaking point. “What were you going to do little piggy? Hit me?” Then, she twisted his arm some more and he felt his shoulder pop out. He screamed loudly in pain and started to cry. Elizabetta, looking down at her foot resting on his face started to laugh. She wiggled her toes against the shoe leather and enjoyed the imagery of her foot on his face. “Now you know your place… I told you you were like the dirt on my feet!”

“Screw you bitch”, James sobbed out. As Elizabetta looked down at her foot on his face some more, she realized that she had to humble him more… teach him she was truly better. Then she got an idea. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. Pointed it at her foot on his face and started laughing. James realized that she started taping this! She let his arm drop limp and stepped off of his face. She walked over to the other arm and grabbed it. He was in too much pain to fight back much. She easily got a hold of his other arm, twisted it over, and straddled him again… taping the whole thing with her free hand.
Then… she started narrating her video - “I’m teaching this bad man a lesson! Why did you attack me?” James was about to answer, but she twisted his arm sharply and he screamed out in pain instead. “He spoke tough and mean to me” she said in her accent as she taped her own actions. “Now he realizes he put his foot in his mouth.” She paused as an evil grin lit up her face, signaling she had a great idea! “Now, he will put MY foot in his mouth!” She stepped over his limp arm and put her foot directly in front of his face. Twisting his arm violently, she lifted the sole of her foot so that her high heel rested on the ground but her entire foot pointed up. Then, using his arm as a guide, she moved him forward so his face was directly in front of her foot. She twisted his arm to the point of another separation and he knew what to do. James opened his mouth and lunged forward, taking half her shoe into his mouth. She was amazed that he got the whole front of her foot - all five toes and the top and sole of her sandal - into his mouth. She laughed wildly as she cut off her camera at this triumphant moment. Now, she was drunk with power!
She put the phone away and just enjoyed the view of this man groveling with her foot and shoe in his mouth. She couldn’t resist talking a little smack!
“How does that shoe taste? You know it costs more than your little shitty house!” She laughed at her joke and wiggled her toes in his mouth. She saw him straining not to gag and giggled some more at the thought of the pain his mouth must be in… struggling to remain stretched this long! She pulled her foot from his mouth and he started coughing violently. “Have you learned your lesson? Do you realize now this is where you belong - at the feet of people like me?”
James looked up with angry eyes! Elizabetta felt he needed more humbling! While still controlling his body through his arm, she turned and presented him with her back. Looking over her shoulder, she slid her foot slightly out of the expensive slip on so the ball of her foot rested on the heel of the shoe and her entire sole was exposed in front of his face. James noticed that there was some black dirt on her heel and scattered lightly over her sole. She must have been walking that dog for a while in those flimsy shoes. That added even more fuel to the fire! She had walked all over, but still returned to his lawn to let the damn dog take a dump! “Lick my foot!” James stared at the dirty sole and paused. A sharp twist of the arm made him snap into action though. Filled with shame and disgust, he slowly extended his tongue and lapped at the dirt on her heel - immediately being overwhelmed by the salty, leathery taste. He started to gag… but thought better of stopping his foot cleaning duty - one dislocated arm was bad enough! He thought to himself as he ran his tongue up and down his nemesis’s foot, how did it come to this? At this lowly moment - he truly felt that she was better. As she laughed at his predicament, that thought was reinforced. A tear ran down his face!

To be continued…


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Dec 18, 2002
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Great story so far. He should accept his rightful place as her servant in her beautiful home and let her build her extension, perhaps even pay for it with the proceeds from selling his house :) . If only a woman like that lived next to me!
Jul 21, 2003
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***WARNING: I wanted to take this story as far as it would go exploring femdom & male humiliation. Therefore the ending is a bit extreme and may not be for everyone. Enjoy.

As she leaned into the arm lock and looked back over her shoulder , Elizabetta couldn’t help but be fascinated by the sight of this mongrel of a man licking her foot. The complete feeling of superiority was intoxicating. Truth be told, she always felt she was better than most people anyway… but to physically have kicked this guy’s ass and reduced him to this? She couldn’t stop smiling! The bonus: This felt really good! On a very hot summer day, the soothing sensation of his tongue running up and down the sole of her foot was just what the doctor ordered!
In the other side of things - James’ arm was still in immense pain… the dislocated one that its. And, the other one wasn’t doing much better as she twisted it to the point of snapping as well. But, way worse than any of that was the pain in his heart… his soul! Here he was on his own front lawn, being used and abused like a little pathetic worm! He pressed his tongue against the exposed ball of her foot and dragged it slowly up the entire sole. His tongue cleaning the dust from her foot. “That feels nice, fatty.”, she mocked. “But press harder… I want to feel the tongue massaging me.“ James struggled to position his head to comply with this newest command. He wedged his face as close to her foot as possible… then as forcefully as he could, he licked her foot again.. Fighting to push his face hard forward … anything to avoid another twist of his arm! He was really trying to wedge his face into position! Then suddenly, she slipped her foot back into her shoe, running her sole over his face as she more or less stepped on it - since it was virtually under her foot already. His nose was momentarily crushed under her weight as he tried to retreat his face… but for a split second his nose was under her completed weight… wedged between her heel and her shoe. She saw this as she watched over her shoulder and she giggled again. She spun around and presented him with her other foot… the one that had not yet felt his tongue or been in his mouth.
“Time to clean my toes little fatty!” She smiled down at him and lifted her toes, raising them so that although the shoe was flat on the ground, her toes were elevated in the open air. James, with her foot directly under his now sore nose, could see the black toe prints on the white leather shoe sole as she wiggled her toes. She must wear these shoes all the time! Ironically, those were her next words… “These are my favorite shoes. Stick your tongue under my toes.” James inserted his tongue under her toes, creating a sort of insole between her toes and her shoe. Slightly twisting his arm she commanded, “LICK!”. James started to run his tongue back and forth under the base of her toes. The sensation sent chills up her spine! It almost felt like sexual arousal… almost, if not for the fact that it was this pig of a man groveling. But, the mental satisfaction may have actually been better than orgasm! Three things were simultaneously happening

1. Her toes were being soothed and refreshed in am manner that she could have never fully anticipated. All the while, her oversized ego grew exponentially.

2. James was utterly and bitterly humiliated, defeated, and just about “broken”.

And 3. She pressed her toes down into his tongue. This increased the sensation for her, made it harder for him… and at the very same time, meant that the underside of his tongue was cleaning away her old toe imprints. While the top of his tongue cleaned and soothed her toes, the bottom of it cleaned away months of dirt previously left from her foot. And James tasted it all. He tasted her toes and the sweaty, salty residue. He tasted the flecks of dead skin from in-between he r toes. He tasted the dust and dirt from the shoe, mixed with a sweaty, leathery taste. But most of all… he tasted shame and humiliation as his manhood washed away like the dirt from her toes!

At that moment James tried to think of something else. Anything to let his mind escape. But, he couldn’t. So he focused on the task at hand. That’s when he realized how soft her toes were. When he had licked her foot, there were very few rough spots anywhere. A slight hard spot on the heel and one on the ball of her foot… but her toes were like tiny soft pillows. Then he tried to block out all the pain and focus on her grip… and when he succeeded he realized how soft her hands actually were too! This rich bitch probably never lifted a finger!!!

Elizabetta, was now content in her complete and crushing victory.. But she was having too much fun to stop now! So she had won her battle, but now she would win the war too. She slipped her foot out of the white slip on heel. The black toe prints were fading away from the shoe! “Nice job” she laughed. She twisted his arm slightly, forcing his face down inches from the shoe. “Finish cleaning them“ James stared at the toe prints, the foul tastes of shoe leather, sweat, and dirt already attacking his taste buds. He swallowed his pride one more time as he lowered his head and began to lap at the shoe. He closed his eyes and tried to pull back tears, but he couldn‘t. The torturous laughter of Elizabetta… laughing at him degrading himself for her pleasure… brought the tears out freely. He felt her barefoot press on the back of his head, forcing his face into the shoe as he licked. Making it harder to complete the task. After a few moments, the shoe was spotless. Expecting an end to this whole scenario, James was heartbroken when she slipped her other foot out of the shoe and presented him with a fresh pair of black toe prints to clean! “Muffy, Guard,!” she said to her rather large poodle as she pointed at James. Then she let go of James’ arm. The man was very thankful the pain was over… but his other arm still hung limp and useless. Elizabetta explained that despite being a poodle, the dog was a trained attack dog, given to her by her rich father for her protection. She told James that she would leave him to lick the shoe… but that if he stopped licking, got up, tried to run, or anything until she returned…. Muffy would tear him up!

Now this seemed very far fetched to James… but then again, why risk it. After all… who would have thought that this little woman would have kicked his ass either. At this point, James was already broken and prepared to play it safe! He lay there and licked the dirt from the expensive shoes, under the watchful gaze of the poodle. James couldn’t help but feel ridiculous. What was worse, being physically forced to do it… or being left to do it freely? Either way, he licked! Elizabetta walked over to her luxury car, still sitting in “her part” of James’ driveway. She returned with a piece of paper and a pen. She looked very serious. When she arrived back to James, he had just gotten the last bit of dirt form her shoes. She slipped them back on without so much as a thank you, and started to read the document to James. As she read it, she would pause to explain it… but it was very clear… and it broke James’ heart even more.

She explained that after the first lawsuit… the one that blocked her home addition.. She had her big time, heavy duty lawyers go to work. The document she held was the result of their investigation, wheeling and dealing, and the end of all of James’ dreams. In a nutshell, the document stated that James was wrong. That the original sellers never had the legal right to sell to James in the first place. In fact, according to this - the entire property was actually Elizabetta’s due to a screw up in the deeds back in the 1920s. James had been living there illegally. Upon signing the document, James was deeding it over to Elizabetta to start ownership on the first of the next month, agreeing that all of this was true. In return, she would settle everything financially - because she knew how close he was to bankruptcy. However, James was financially responsible to repay her for EVERYTHING - the losses incurred due to the legal process, the original losses due to contracting, the money she would pay to settle the bank. He had two choices.: He could move out, and owe her all this money - in which case his wages would be garnished… or he could live there and in effect, rent from her by working as a “staff member”. James didn’t like the sound of any of this! And the final touch? A 10 million dollar gag order stating that if he ever told anyone anything about her - even the cops - he would be liable for 10 million additional dollars. This thing was iron clad!

“What will it be?”, Elizabetta asked.

James had taken all he could take! After all that, she wanted his property… the same thing he had saved so long to get? “FUCK YOU BITCH!” James started to get up, then the dog sprung up and growled viciously. He remembered the details of the situation and paused on one knee. Elizabetta calmly walked behind him… then calmly… forcefully kicked him in the back, knocking him down. She placed one heel on his butt, stepping up. Then she slowly walked up his back, her heels digging into his flesh.
“I thought you were broken, little fatty… but I see you have more life in you than I thought!” When she got to the top of his back, she stomped down with her heel on his previously dislocated shoulder! As he screamed out in pain, unable to move much under her weight, she continued to grind her heel into his most painful spot, standing full weight on it. “SIGN” she said firmly.

That was all it took. With his free, good arm…. James signed away everything! She had won! Totally.

She reached down, stepping off of him, and collected the contract. “OK, Muffy - do your business so we can get out of here and start to plan what we will do with this dump when we get it. For now, its still his until the first… so its still your toilet. What will I make it? Maybe a shoe closet? Or maybe a dog park or you snookums!”
James couldn’t believe it. After all that, she was still going to let the dog poop on the lawn? Crazy bitch! James reached with his good arm to grab the leash. Elizabetta quickly grabbed it again and he soon found himself back in the same position. Her foot on his face pinning him to the ground. With her weight forcing him to lay there, he watched as the poodle left a soft, steaming pile of crap on his lawn…. Or at least what WAS his lawn. James was still defiant! “Fuck you… and fuck that dog!”
Elizabetta twisted his arm again forcing him forward. “Still too macho and rude to talk to a lady!” Whatever she was trained in, she was an expert! She masterfully used leverage against him and could seemingly snap his arm at any time!
As she controlled him, he tried to fight against her… but any struggle seemed to bring his arm to the point of snapping. She maneuvered him forward so he was staring at the crap pile. He could smell the stench in his nose and throat!
She wouldn’t… she couldn’t! She twisted his arm again he lunged forward… fighting not to end up in the dog ‘s excrement. Then, she leaned hard and twisted his arm. He felt it go… first a the wrist…then at the elbow… then at the shoulder. THREE PLACES… snap, snap, snap! He screamed out in pain and cried loudly. Then, the sole of her expensively heeled foot slammed down on the back of his head - forcing it into the pile. Still, screaming when she did this, his mouth was open and the dog’s filth went everywhere… in his mouth, up his nose, in his eyes, smearing over his face! EVERYWHERE! She stood there, with her foot holding his head down into the muck… and started laughing hysterically. James was at the lowest point in his life … and she was laughing at him for it, her foot grinding on the back of his head like it was a cigarette. After a few moments, she stepped off of his head and stood on his back. With both of his arms limp and useless and her weight on his back, he couldn’t move or struggle. Just lay there and cry.

He heard her speak in a soft baby voice, “All done Muffy? Anything else for the little fat man, girl?” The dog walked over and sniffed around. James couldn’t move, his head, still laying in the pile of shit. Muffy straddled him and then sat back. Laying on his front lawn, having just signed away everything he owned, with his bitch of a neighbor standing on his back after having torn up both of his arms, forcing him to lick her feet and shoes clean, and his face laying in dog shit…. He now suffered the final insult as the rich bitch’s dog Muffy, let loose a stream of warm piss on his face…. And all he could do was accept it!

“Good girl” he heard her congratulating the mutt! With that, the two walked off. Elizabetta, laughed and said over her shoulder as she walked away… “You WILL learn your place!”

Struggling to even get up with out the use of his arms, he fell a few times back into the mix of various dog filth. Unable to wipe away the filth from his face, he was forced to smell and taste it… he wondered what “place” she was referring to. Clearly… it was below even her precious dog!

Finally he was able to get up,. He slowly walked up the driveway to his front door… staring at the cemented footprints she had left for him as a present months before…. These would soon be gone as she would no doubt knock down his house to add some sort of extension…but he knew now that nothing could erase the footprints he left on his spirit. He truly now knew where she saw him…. And it was clear that when she said “the dirt on her feet”, that was exactly what she meant. He looked at “HIS” home for one of the last times, and cried as he wondered what the future held in store for him.

The end... maybe
Sep 19, 2007
Well, it was a nice idea to descirbe the humiliation of James having to clean the prints of Elizabeth's toes in her shoe (while cleaning her feet at the same time). That's a turn-on-imagination I have been phantasizing of for years. :) Good effort!


the bootlicker
Oct 8, 2006
i also liked the footprints part..
and would like to see how it goes with him serving her as staff.. i guess she has many important bitchy friends!
Nov 24, 2006

Bitchy, arrogant, rich woman, proving to be TRULY superior to this guy. Amazing. Just awesome. LOVE social status domination, either the upper ladder putting the lower in its place, or a role reversal. A snobby, beautiful bitch being in charge despite how much her sub hates it is the absolute best. Just fucking incredible. This is one of the hottest things ever.

And she physically dominates him too, thats hat really makes it rule.
Nov 24, 2006
Just read 2nd part(didnt make it thorugh the first without making a mess lol).

I LOVE the extreme nature of it. Having his arms broken, pretty excessive and brutal, but hot. And the humiliation with the dog. Amazing. Even this stupid little poodle is superior to him. This was one of the best humiliation stories ever.
Oct 1, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
Nice story again John. Love your style, love your themes.

With all that said though, please don't forget that other great story of yours posted here recently, 'Stripper Takes a Pet'. Really looking forward to that conclusion.