The Rotary - part four

Ste Letto

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Aug 28, 2002
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The Rotary – part four

With Angelica’s words playing back and forth in his mind Gary concentrated on serving Gemma’s feet as well as he could. Gemma’s foot was wedged tightly into his mouth. Her long and agile toes were wiggling, first touching his tongue, and then the top of his mouth. Gary’s tongue ran under her toes, over her toes and in between.
As Gary served Gemma’s toes Philipa crossed the room to the Rotary’s control panel and stopped its rotation. She returned quietly, picked up her chair and placed it close to Gemma’s chair, on the left. Angelica followed suit, and placed her chair to Gemma’s right.
As Gary suckled Gemma’s long toes, his wife slid her toes into his mouth as well. He had ten toes wiggling in his mouth, and automatically began serving both women. Philipa watched for a few seconds, then slid her toes over the top of Gemma’s foot and into Gary’s mouth. He had fifteen toes in his mouth. The girls giggled and laughed at the sight. Gary’s mouth was stretched wide. His tongue moved up and down, sliding in between the women’s toes as well as over the knuckles or under the pads.
The idea that he was proving himself in some way made Gary proud. He closed his eyes and continued to suckle, lick and serve.
When the three women removed their feet from his mouth his eyes shot open. “What’s the matter Gary?” asked Angelica. Their feet, slick with Gary’s saliva, hovered achingly close, but out of reach. Gary’s mouth felt empty.
“Please,” he began again, but then he faltered. “Please what?” Angelica probed. “Please,” he paused again. He couldn’t understand what was happening. He felt an urge to plead for the chance to worship the feet of these women. He wanted to suck, lick and suckle their feet. “I want,” he started, “to serve your feet!” At last he managed to speak the dreadful truth of his newfound desire.
“You want to serve our feet?” Gemma asked. “What do you mean?” Gary felt sick inside. He would have to explain the shaming desire he felt. “I want to lick your feet and toes, your soles and heels, your shoes, God, even your boots. I want to taste your feet and smell your feet and see your feet and love your feet.”
The women chuckled. “How extraordinary,” Philipa mused. “We’ve created a footboy!” The women laughed. Angelica stroked Gary’s cheek with her toes. Philipa did the same, then Gemma also. Gary’s eyes closed and opened slowly. “Hmmm,” said Angelica, pointing her toes at Gary’s eager lips, “he loves our feet!” Gary burned with two emotions. He felt lust and shame in equal measure. He began to wonder if he’d always loved women’s feet and just never acknowledged it. His mind whirled.
Angelica held her toes just short of his mouth. Philipa hovered one foot in front of Gary’s left eye. Gemma hovered one foot in front of Gary’s right eye. Philipa stroked Gary’s lower lip, but pulled her foot away before Gary could lick it. Philipa rotated her foot in front of Gary’s left eye, showing him her sole, the top of her foot and all around her toes. Gemma rotated her foot in front of Gary’s right eye, showing him all different angles.
Angelica began thrusting her bunched toes and foot in and out of Gary’s mouth, strengthening and magnifying his obsessive desire and lust. Gemma and Philipa began stroking Gary’s face with their cool toes. Gary was now their puppet. They were growing and magnifying his longing and lust for their feet. Minute by minute they reinforced and secured his longing and adoration for their slender, shapely, flexible and perfect feet.
Gemma withdrew her feet and crossed to the control panel. She dropped the hoisting chain down until Angelica and Philipa could attach it to the top of the Rotary. With a push of a button Gemma drew the man and the machine free of the hole. When he was above the opening the women closed the hatch. Gary soon found himself set down. He felt abandoned and scared. He had grown to like his strange new world.
Angelica stood in front of him. She reached toward the Rotary. Gary wondered what she was doing. Unknown to Gary there was a small door in front of his crushed cock and balls. When the pressure was eased and he felt a coolness on his cock and balls Gary guessed that somehow his genitals had been freed.
Angelica, Gemma and Philipa placed their chairs in front of the stunned man in his prison. Six bare feet came up and began teasing and toying with his cock. Gary rapidly reached a painful level of arousal. He felt he could cum buckets.
Angelica smiled grimly at Philipa and Gemma. As Gary leaked precum the three women withdrew their feet. Gary’s eyes opened. He was just about to start begging when Philipa slammed her heel into his testicles. Gary howled. Philipa drew her foot back, and Angelica slammed her sole into Gary’s ballsacs. Fresh pain was layered on the existing one. Angelica’s foot withdrew and Philipa slammed her foot into his package. Burning pain throbbed in his aching genitals.
Philipa slammed her foot into his balls again, crushing them both, making them swell alarmingly. Angelica tried to do the same, but her heel only crushed his right ball. Gary nearly passed out from the pain. Gemma laughed as she flattened both balls.
Gary could barely think straight. His world was a maddening blanket of pain. His stomach clenched and rolled. His balls felt as if they were being crushed and boiled simultaneously. The women stood, moving their chairs aside. They side kicked his cock and balls kung fu style. His genitalia were compressed between bare female feet and hard wood over and over again.
Gary was panting harder and harder. Angelica left Gemma and Philipa to kick her husband’s balls. She collected the tights the three women had earlier discarded. She collected some black tape and scissors off the table also. She forced the stinky black nylon tights into her struggling husband’s mouth and sealed his mouth with the tape.
Gary’s desperate, pain riddled breaths whistled in and out of his nose at a furious pace. Angelica fetched her right high heel. Within seconds she had taped the shoe over Gary’s nose so every breath was suffused with her foot scent.
Gary’s balls and cock were black and purple with bruises. His balls swelled and distended more and more with each kick. Angelica squeezed his balls in her hands as Gemma and Philipa put their boots back on. Gary passed out from the pain.
When he woke it took him a while to figure out what had happened. The Rotary was now part way back down into its hole. This meant his cock and balls were resting on the floor. Strings around the top of his cock, and around the base of each ball, stretched his genitals away from his body. The strings were wrapped around a press pin pushed into the woden floor.
“Say goodbye to your balls darling,” said Angelica as Gary’s eyes opened. His eyes shot wide. Gemma placed the toe of her right boot on Gary’s right ball, flattening it agonisingly. She lifted her left foot off the floor, letting all her weight press down. Gary’s ball flattened, yet held. Philipa placed the toe of her right boot on Gary’s left ball. Giggling, she lifted her left foot off the floor, letting all her weight press down on that one. This ball flattened as well but didn’t give. Gary was in agony.
Angelica smiled. She hopped up, one foot on Gemma’s right foot, one on Philipa’s. Gary’s balls split, spilling their mess of innards and entrails. Gary screamed against the nylon gag in his mouth, then passed out.
This time when he awoke he was in the middle of nowhere. His groin ached fiercely. He found a gas station and nervously got the key to the men’s room. His balls were gone. His cock was swollen, black and blue, covered in cuts and scrapes. His skin had been stitched and cauterised. There was a note attached to a string tied round his cock. “Poor baby,” it read, “addicted to feet and ballless. Have a miserable life. Love A.” Gary stood a moment, then wept.
Jul 1, 2003
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This quick and brutal tale was spot on, friend. I enjoyed everything about it. It had immobility, forced foot worship, ballbusting. It had verbal humiliation and a striking contrast between the oh-so-comfortable women...and a frantic, frustrated, tortured man.

It was damn good, pal.

Thank you for writing such a thing. It was right up my alley. Much appreciated, Ste. You're one of the best.

Jul 1, 2003
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Hey Ste,

Here's a entertaining thought:

Suppose you were going to create this tale into film. What actresses and actor would cast for the parts of Angelica, Gemma, Philipa and Gary?

You must have some idea in your mind's eye, friend. Would love to hear it.