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Jul 8, 2002
The MDFF Rules
(may be updated at any time, so check back often!):

Additional rules may apply in individual Forums. Also check each Forum’s FAQ page (at the top of the thread list), if one exists, for other important information. Check with the Forum moderator if you have any questions.

Note: If you have problems with MDFF Registration, or Membership, contact Admin, at:



MDFF Owner & Benefactor: John - He owns the place, generously provides it for us for FREE - And does what he likes...:)

MDFF Moderators: Anyone you see with their name in Bold Red letters - They keep any 'Boofheads' from fucking up your fun...:)


(1) Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums (MDFF) is a
Femdom Forum.....That means our explicit interest here is Female domination, in a sexual context.

The following depictions of Female and male interaction ARE allowed at MDFF:

a) Female(s) sexually dominating/interacting with male(s)

b) Female(s) sexually dominating/interacting with female(s)

c) Male(s) sexually dominating/interacting with male(s)
at the explicit dominating direction of Female(s)

The following depictions of Female and male interaction are NOT allowed at MDFF:

a) Male(s) sexually dominating female(s) -
no exceptions, even at the direction of female(s)

b) Male(s) sexually dominating/interacting with male(s)
- without the explicit dominating direction of Female(s)"

Note: For the purposes of this Rule, "interacting with" is defined as sexually-related activities that do not create or imply a dominant/submissive theme.

(2) (a) As we assume you have express permission to post images and/or are the copyright holder, we expect you to advertise the site. All image posts need to give credit to the owner/copyright holder of the image, or video.

(2) (b) If the images are of a personal nature (ie, taken in your bedroom and there is no website, please disregard)

Any image posts without crediting the owner/copyright holder will be deleted for the following reasons (except for above policy):

a.) You might be lying and don't have permission to post and therefore should be ashamed of yourself, and we have to force you to advertise for the real image owners just in case

b.) If you do have permission and/or you are the copyright holder, we want you to obtain benefit from sharing with the femdom community...even if you don't want it

Even if the image contains an imbedded website address appearing in the image, you are still responsible for explicitly crediting the name of the site/owner of the copyright.

If you do not know the origin of the picture, state so in your posts....If you post images with imbedded website addresses, but claim not to know where they come from, the images will be deleted.

(3) Don't act like an ass. This is up to moderator discretion. If you engage in a behavior that a moderator finds objectionable then you must stop engaging in that behavior once you have been notified.

This is not a democracy. All decisions regarding the policies of these Forums are ultimately up to the owner, John. John may appoint others to act in his name (administrators, super moderators, moderators), but the final decision rests with the owner.

Any complaining will be cheerfully ignored.

(6) (i) No more than 2-4 pics from ANY ONE SET need to be posted unless you are the copyright owner of the images. If you are not the copyright owner of the pics, and you post more than 4 from any ONE SET, they may ALL be deleted.

(6) (ii) Video/movie clips - and links to video/movie clips that you don't own the copyright to - posted at MDFF must be no more that 80Mb in size - or 12 mins in length....Video/movie clips should be samples of a producer's content only, and never all - or a major part - of any video/movie. We don't give producer's content away for free.

Please note: This also means that you should not post several short clips from the same video/movie, that, in effect, adds up to more than the allowed limit.

The only exception to this size-limit is if YOU are the owner of the copyright of the material - then, of course, you can give the whole thing away for free, if you want.

(6) (iii) Posting links to a Forum/Board/Site outside MDFF that contains (free) full-length movies/vids is not allowed. These are Forums/Boards/Sites that carry large amounts of stolen/pirated material. MDFF does not support that activity.

(7) Absolutely, positively NO password trading or TALK of password trading. If we see a post where you even ASK about password trading without even actually doing it, we will delete your registration.....This includes asking about how to get otherwise paid content for free.

(8) No posting of movie files by re-naming them under a different extension like .txt. If you want to post a movie, put it up somewhere else and post a link to it.

(9) NO Underage References (under 18 years of age) are allowed at MDFF. We are an adult fetish Forum, and we do not wish to be associated with underage activity.

Do not, ever, for any reason, post pictures - or videos - of anybody who is under 18 years old....Do not post stories that involve anybody under the age of 18 - including reference to one's own personal early fetish interest.

Do not discuss Underage (younger than 18 years old) people in
any way. Period. Do not post artistic renderings, computer-generated images, or any variant thereof that depict anybody who is underage - no exceptions.

Breaking this Under 18 Rule is likely to get you banned.

(10) Don’t embarrass us as a community. By that we mean don’t talk here about getting free access to webcams, or post links to services not in the “community” that may have something in common to our interests (like massage parlors) - but don’t want to be associated with the fetish way of life. And, (to repeat an earlier rule) don’t act like an ass.

(11) Do not issue ultimatums to the moderators, administrators or the owner (John) in order to get them to do something you want. An example of this would be stating something along the lines of, “If you don’t do what I want I will leave the Forums.” This type of action will get you banned.

(12) The fetish Forums are designated for the enjoyment of people who want to discuss their interests in an environment that is relaxed and friendly. If you get into an argument there take it to the Flame Pit.

(13) No racist comments in the fetish Forums.

No personal threats against anybody in any Forum. No exceptions.

Do not dispute the sex of another member on an open Forum. If you are transgendered you are expected to ensure that the membership knows this. If you believe a member is misrepresenting his or her sex then bring it to the attention of a moderator in a private message or e-mail.

(16) Absolutely no images, discussion or advocacy of “animal crush,” or media (videos, stories, etc.) depicting it, are allowed at MDFF. Do not post links to other websites where this topic is discussed or in any other way use MDFF as a vehicle for people to locate such content or discussions.

For the purposes of this MDFF Rule, “animal” includes all living or formerly living members of the taxonomical classification “Kingdom Animalia,” with the single (and obvious) exception of adult (18 years +) homo sapiens. Images or content that violate this rule will be deleted. Repeat offenses will lead to more severe disciplinary action.

(17) Stories & Discussion of Scat is allowed at MDFF in the Scat Stories & Discussion Forum ONLY (and, in no other forum at MDFF)....No visual images, including pictures, movies, clips, drawings, graphics etc depicting the use by one or more persons of shit/scat of any kind are permitted to be posted - nor, are links to any other place that depict visual images of scat allowed to be posted at MDFF.

Pee pics/vids/stories are allowed - BUT - threads containing pee pics/vids MUST indicate this in the thread title.

Since everyone and their brother seems to be posting spams for their new sites around here, the following Rule is in place :

If there is no link back to on your site, do not bother to advertise your site here.

It is understood that no set of rules can anticipate every possible situation when people are involved. Therefore, MDFF relies on the appointed moderators to exercise good judgment in helping to create and maintain an atmosphere of comity and civility in the fetish forums.

MDFF recognizes that members enjoy the fetish Forums as places to pursue on-topic conversations in an environment relatively free of harassment and disruption. This is not to say that there will be no rancor, but that the expected norm should be relatively free of intentionally troublemaking actions.

To that end, moderators are granted a certain degree of latitude in regulating member activities on the Forums, and this latitude is not restricted to the set of written Rules.

Understanding that no person has perfect judgment, MDFF welcomes discussions, critiques and criticisms of moderator, super moderator and administrator actions.

(20) No incest...Content that describes MDFF fetish activities, or any activities in a sexual/erotic context, between immediate family members (e.g. mother/son, father/daughter) is forbidden. Likewise, content that describes MDFF Topic activities between blood siblings (including half-siblings) is also forbidden.

(21) Hotlinking Is Bandwidth Theft.
DO NOT hotlink to content posted on MDFF. The bandwidth that is paid for by the owner is for the use and benefit of the members, proto-members, and guests. It is not to be hotlinked from other sites (hint: if the code on your website looks something like “< img src= “ then you are hotlinking to Mistress Destiny’s Femdom Forums). If we catch you doing it, you will be subject to disciplinary action.

The MDFF Rules apply to all content provided by members, including profile Visitor Comments, Albums, and other off-Forum content areas. For the purposes of these Rules, all off-Forum content shall be understood to be posted in a "fetish forum."

(23) There shall be
no requests by any member to be fatally harmed, in any way, posted on Mistress Destiny’s Femdom Forums.

Likewise, there shall be
no offers (whether truthful or otherwise) to satisfy such a request posted on Mistress Destiny’s Femdom Forums.

Any member violating
either of these conditions shall be banned.

MDFF is not to be used as a tool to circumvent the Rules stated here. If something is prohibited from appearing on MDFF, don’t use MDFF to “get around” that restriction. If it isn’t allowed at MDFF don’t post links to it at MDFF, don’t discuss it at MDFF, and don’t make arrangements at MDFF for a private transfer (e.g. e-mail) of the prohibited content.

We do not moderate the posting of images. If at any time we are informed the images you post are placed here without permission of a copyright holder, they will be deleted immediately.

Final Note: All members agree to follow these Rules as a condition of continued membership at MDFF. The obligation of each member to “check back often!” is the reason that other notification of Rule changes is not frequently given.

Any member is free to discontinue his or her membership if she/he does not want to abide by any Rules listed above. To discontinue your membership - or, for any other issue related to MDFF forums - e-mail Admin, at:

That's it!

Now go have fun! :rasta:

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