The Scarecrow


Fantasy into Reality
May 24, 2009
This isn;t my story but I plan on continue it where this author left off. Give me some time as I am also doing my Halloween trample videos for this month. Enjoy

The Scarecrow
It started out as a complaint. I have been finding cigarette butts in my garden for the last few weeks, since school started. I live in a college town next to a 5 bedroom house that is rented out to students regularly. I was out there one day and heard some girls talking on the other side of my fence, and then a cigarette butt came flying over the fence. I immediately went next door to confront them. I knocked on the door and a pretty young blond answered the door. It was fall time so she was dressed in jeans, Uggs, and a sweatshirt. I confronted her about the cigarette and she said it must be one of her roomies. She led me through the house to the backyard. I saw 2 girl's near the fence, though they seemed tall for an 8 foot tall fence. I looked down and noticed them standing on top of a scarecrow, which was on top of some logs or something.
I have had a trampling/foot fetish for as long as I can remember. The world slowed down as the blond walked me towards the 2 brunettes. They were both in sweatshirt and jeans as well, but one was wearing keds while the other was wearing some flat boots. The girl in the boots was standing right on the scarecrows face, while the other was a foot or so away on the torso of the scarecrow. I was instantly hard at the thought of being that scarecrow. I could tell it had been there awhile and had been trampled down almost flat.

We reached them and the blond explained about my complaint. They profusely apologized and said they didn't realize someone was on the other side of the fence, etc. They complained that they didn't have an ashtray or butt-can they could use. I volunteered to build one for them. I asked them if this was there smoking area, they all agreed it was. They said under the debris there was a small stage that they never used and it was the perfect spot for the smoking area, being so far from the back door.
I asked what the deal was with the scarecrow and the brunette standing on its face stomped down on it (causing my member to twitch) and proclaimed that is was an old prop their sorority had used for the fall fest activities last year. I asked why they didn't get rid of it. The brunette answered again by twisting both of her booted feet into the face of the scarecrow and proclaiming because now we have a man we can walk all over anytime we want! The blond seemed to second that notion by leaping up onto the stage and its chest, she started singing these boots are made for walking while walking up and down the body of the scarecrow. When she got to its face she stepped down and twisted back and forth like the other girl. I couldn't believe the sexiness taking place in front of me right now.

I was stammering and stuttering at this point. I think they mistook my nervousness as shyness around pretty girls, but I couldn't get that scarecrow out of my head. They both had stood there like it was just a part of the stage, the brunette in boots definitely seemed to enjoy the thought of standing on its face. The other one could care less, she just stood on it like nothing was there. The blond and her impromptu trample. I couldn't believe my luck at experiencing this.
I asked them what kind of ashbin they wanted and they wanted something that looked nice and was sturdy. I told them I could attach it to the stage so it would be sturdy, but I would need to move the scarecrow and access the stage. At this point a plan was rapidly forming in my head. They had no problem with that. I also offered to build them a walkway from the house to the stage if they wanted. They loved that idea.

Fast forward a month. I had finished this project in record time. I had moved the scarecrow to the side and all during the construction the girls in the house (5 total) were constantly trampling and standing on it. It had become a habit for them to stand and trample on this thing while they smoked or just hung out outside. What they didn't know is that I had modified the stage. I cut a hole in our fence below the level of the stage. This would allow me to crawl under the stage from my backyard without alerting them. The stage was almost exactly the length of my body. I also modified 2 of the boards so that they were a bit wider. If I removed those boards and lay down on an army cot it brought me to about 3 inches above the level of the stage. This was about how thick the scarecrow was after years of trampling. I had also created a replica of the scarecrow, without stuffing it. As you could have guessed by now I set it up so that I could lay on the cot with the scarecrow skin draped on top of me so I could get trampled without the girls knowing what was going on. I didn't know how well this would work or not. I was taking a huge risk if I was found out. Not sure what they would do or think.

The day came when I told them it was done. I had replaced the boards in the stage and laid the scarecrow back in its place. They loved it. They could walk from the house all the way to the smoking area without worrying about mud or whatnot. The space under the walkway was also conveniently big enough to fit an adult male, with a couple of boards having removable sections. I could lay down in this one particular spot about halfway up and have modified board that exposed my cock as well as a modified board that exposed my face. This walkway was lined with lights so at night when they looked down they wouldn't be able to see anything.

This was in the morning on a Friday. By that evening I had inserted myself into the walkway so that my member and face were exposed. I was too afraid to try the scarecrow at first because I was unsure I could handle the full weight intensity. I guess the first girl came home from school because I could hear noises in the house. The back door opened and out walked the brunette that loved stomping faces so much (her name was Brittany). In my vertical position it was hard to see what footwear she was wearing. I found out an instant later when she walked right across my cock. They felt like riding style boots with a slight heel and some minor tread. When her booted foot smashed into my face it didn't feel so minor. As she shifted her weight with her stride I could feel the sole of her boot pressing relentlessly into my face. It was a little dirty, before she covered my vision I noticed a small smudge of something on her sole. Some other thing that got smashed by this girl without any knowledge or care. Her heel was right over my mouth as she strode forward. My nose was right against the heel, but there was not enough space for it as her foot became flat so my nose was smashed relentlessly down into my face. Then just like that it was gone.

I was instantly rock hard. I was reliving this moment when I heard the backdoor open again and saw the blond come out. Here name was Ashley and she was kind of the leader of the group. I heard the clunking of hard soled boots. I surmised she was wearing wedge heeled boots when she got to the board with my cock and the toe part of her sole smashed down into the top half of my member, while the bottom half got twisted against the side of her wedge heel. I almost screamed, but just as I opened my mouth her smooth sole came smashing down, forcing me to take her sole into my open mouth. I could taste dirt and other unknown things as she walked across my face without knowing or caring what she had just trampled on. I knew my next step was going to be the scarecrow. After a few minutes they both went inside, missing me on the way back.
I quickly fixed the walkway and made my way to the scarecrow. I was in position for about 45 minutes or so before I heard the back door again. From this vantage point I couldn't see who was coming or what they were wearing. One of the voices was Ashley, the other sounded like a bit older of a woman. What caught my attention was the click-clacking of heels. These being younger girls they usually didn't wear heels out here. I had no eye protection or anything. I was getting really scared as they got closer and closer. Ashley stepped up on the stage saying something about perspective. She was interrupted by a question from the heeled lady asking what that was. I immediately knew she was referring to the scarecrow because Ashley stepped up on my chest and gave the same spiel to her as she did to me not long ago. I watched in horror/arousement as she lifted her wedge booted foot and brought it down onto my face, leaned on it and began twisting back and forth, singing these boots are made for walking. Luckily for me her soles were smooth and mostly glided across my skin while my face was smashed beneath her boot; if she had any kind of tread it would have shredded my face. I was beginning to regret my rash decision to get in the scarecrow.

That thought was replaced with a shot of pain from my right hip. I felt the heeled lady step right up on my hip which was quickly followed by her other foot landing on my groin. The pain was immense and immediate. Here heel was about 2.5 inches in diameter and had found purchase right at the base of my cock. The way her foot had landed it caused my cock to stand up before her sole came down to pin it. She had on about 4 inch heels, I guess that because it was not enough room for my hardened member. Here heel started dragging down the base of my cock as my head was smashed into the arch of her shoe. The blond had stopped grinding my face. And just stood on it. She kind of wobbled on my face and proclaimed that ever since the weird neighbor had fixed there yard the scarecrow wasn't quite right. I guessed her mother stepped forward with her left foot as I couldn't see anything but the blond's boot soles by the sudden shift of all her weight to the foot trapping my cock. Her heel kept sinking into the base of my shaft while the arch was smashing down on it. Just when I thought it was going to break her weight shifted to the left foot on my ribcage and her right foot lifted. The front of her heel scraped up my cock, catching the glans for a second then finishing. I was almost in a panic at this point, but had no time to think as the Mom asked the daughter to check it out. The daughter stepped off my face only to be replaced by her Mother. Her heel came down in the corner of my mouth while the sole, which had a few ridges for traction quickly slammed won covering my left eye.
I caught a glimpse of a beautiful blond woman wearing a skirt and knee-high boots. This was before her other boot came down on my face. Here I was beneath this lady, she was standing on my face without a care, right after her daughter had been standing on my face. I was aroused to no end and couldn't believe it. She tried to wobble back and forth on my face to test for herself. I tried to hold my head still so her heels wouldn't slide off me gouging my flesh. She started slowly walking in a circle on my face. Seems alright to me as she continued to smash every square inch of my face beneath her relentless soles. I felt my lips bust open, my nose crack, teeth loosen, all while this lady was treading upon my face without knowing. She stopped when she was facing my feet. I was fortunate enough her heel was too wide to fit in my eye socket or I would be blind in my right eye. Instead her heel had landed so that one edge was on my brow and the other on the ridge below my eye. It forced my eye open and I had a very close up view of the worn rubber sole of her heel. It had some bare remnants of some sort of tread pattern, but that had all but been worn smooth. The other heel had landed right above me eye. I don't feel anything wrong dear the mother replied. I was staring up at this unintentionally cruel woman when I felt the daughter climb back onto my stomach facing her Mom. I guess so, she absentmindedly spun on my stomach and stepped forward onto my raging member. She spun back around to face her Mom, catching the general under her soles so that when she finished spinning around she was facing her mother, with my twisted cock perpendicular to normal trapped under both of her boots. It even feels like it has a dick she exclaimed as she rose up on her toes and ground into it. That was all it took, I lost my load. I was afraid I might buck or shudder, but if I did they didn't notice. I went flat while under Ashley's crushing soles which she felt. I got rid of that lump, I guess it will just take some time to trample this old guy flat again. They laughed as they stepped off to head into the house. I heard her Mom say something before I lost hearing of them. She thought that the stage was a great place to do their sorority pictures. We can do the individual shots first, then pile everyone on the stage for a group photo. We can do them all while standing on the scarecrow, it will be kind of a powerful feminine statement with a fall theme.

I extracted myself and fixed everything. There was no way I could handle a whole sorority, after just 2 woman almost killed me. Or could I.......?
Jun 4, 2007
Looking forward to your continuation, be nice if it changed from unintentional to intentional, but of course it is your choice.
Aug 7, 2002
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