The Spurs - Part 2

Aug 29, 2002
Down Under
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And the ironic part, this is based in part on a real event. Oh what a day it was too... The first and only time I have felt a spur. Sigh.


When I finally got my thoughts together Sarah was riding the horse around the paddock using her sharp spurs on poor rocky. I was now well acquainted with how nasty and sharp those spurs were.

Yevette was watching her and shouting guidance to her. She then turned and looked at me with hard eyes. I withered under the look and stared at her boots and spurs. She slowly walked over to one of the bags and pulled out some rope. Rope?!?! What now I thought. She smiled at my panic and grabbed me by the hand. The feel of her riding gloves on my hand was a turn on, everything she did was a turn on. Oh my god was I under her spell or what.

She led me over to a tree and threw the rope over a branch. Wordlessly she tied one of my hands and pulled it up to the branch tying it off. I could not speak. She softly touched my cheek with her glove and kissed me. It felt like a thousand volts, her kiss was electrifying. She was now tying my other hand to another branch, spinning me around to face the tree. I was so dumb, I had really not connected the fact that my arms were spread high, and I was spread eagled against a tree.

Yevette leaned in real close and whispered “you like harsh girls don’t you, spurs and cruel girls turn you on baby? How about being whipped?” I gasped, and she laughed.

I hear Sarah in the distance yell out “are you going to do to him what I think your going to do to him?”. Yevette yelled back “if you mean flay him alive, then yes!! Yes, I am”.

I was now crying and begging “please Yevette, don’t!! please!!”.

There was silence, the distant sounds of Sarah making poor Rocky’s life hell and him yelping. Silence.

Then out of nowhere a load “Crack” and incredible sharp pain across my back and it felt like I got hit by something very heavy, burning hot and razor sharp. I screamed. Another “crack” and impact and pain and I just kept screaming as the blows kept coming.

At some point something nasty and dusty and leather got shoved into my mouth and tied around my head. I was crying and whimpering and I realised the blows had stopped. I was dizzy and disoriented and shattered. The girls were talking, they were both close behind me. There was a ringing in my ears, and my head was pounding. It was all like a bad dream. In the distance I could hear the girls.

Sarah was saying “it is amazing how deep those welts are, it looks like the whip absolutely slashed his back open!”. “yeah, I’ve never been able to whip a guy before, oh god it turned me on, I’m totally wet!!” said Yevette. I was shaking in pain and fear as I processed all this, whipping me had turned her on?

“My turn!!” said Sarah, “I’m going to try out my single tail whip and see what patterns it makes”. “that looks amazing and so heavy” said Yevette. “Yes, I don’t know what possessed me to bring it, it was in the bag and I just didn’t take it out. It was a gift from an admirer who wanted me to whip him with it, but this big bull whip was way too much for him”. Said Sarah proudly. “you whipped him with it?” asked Yevette excitedly. “Only two strikes, then the wimp ran away. But he never had the guts to come near me and ask for his whip back” laughed Sarah. Both girls laughed at that then Yevette said “well this one won’t run away from you, he’s tied to the tree so have at him!!” both girls were laughing their heads off and that made me so incredibly scared.

There was a short pause and the jingle of spurs moving behind me as I waited crying.

Them “crack” “Bang” my back erupted in pain, it felt like I got hit by a baseball bat the impact was that hard, and the pain … oh the pain. The tip of the whip wrapped around me and slashed my already damaged chest. I was screaming into the gag in my mouth as impact after impact hit me hard. Sarah was worse that Yevette, she was relentless and at some point, I passed out with the pain.

I woke up some time later, I was lying face down in the back of my car on the road and the first thing that hit me was the pain in my back. I was gasping for air as I cried out and screamed and cried all at once.

“Oh god its awake, pull over I can’t stand that noise” I heard Sarah say.

As the car pulled over I subsided into sobs and whimpers, I was in great pain and crying openly. I felt like all my energy had been sapped and I felt very dizzy and disoriented.

The car door opened, and the girls lifted my head and looked at me.

“looks pretty pathetic, doesn’t he?” said Sarah. “Yup, I don’t know what I’m going to do with him” Yevette responded. Sarah rummaged around and found the old leather gag they had used on me earlier and forced it into my mouth. I couldn’t resist, I had no energy.

“He’s pretty docile at least” she said.

With that they closed the door, got back in the car and we were rolling again. I drifted back into blissful unconsciousness.


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May 12, 2018
why not get sarah to shoulder ride him, treating him like she did rocky? then he collapses when she cuts his sides open.