The Superior Female

Jul 21, 2009
Alone in the dark I waited. It was kind of cold and disorientating not knowing what was around me and what was too come. All that I knew was that I was to wait for “her”. I started to question what I was doing here, but my curiosity and yes lust had brought me here. In the darkness my mind replayed what the receptionist had said, statements that upon reflection should have caused me to worry. Some of the things she said where, “It is advised to bow down before her.”, “Alone in the darkness is how she likes her victims.” That last one echoed in my head , I was to be her “victim”, a victim to a female that many legends where spoken.

In the coldness my penis had shriveled up , which given my nakedness would not present much of a sight to such a experienced female. I decided I shouldn't battle her, so I placed my head on the cold floor and raised my bottom in the air. With such a subservient position the great dominatrix would recognize that this slave understood her superiority.

Slowly the silence was broken with the sound of stiletto heels on the wood floor. The sound itself was consistent and firm , sending out the signal that descending upon me was a strong and confident woman. My heart quickened and my mind raced, “run while you can!”, “your submissive position will not be enough to gratify her.” I kept my head firmly pressed against the floor, desperate to show my subservience to the great female. Patience and relax I told myself.

The firm and consistent sound of stiletto heels striking the wood floor had grown louder and louder, when suddenly there was silence again. This could only mean that the great female now stood above me. Strangely she stood quietly, surveying, calculation and plotting, no doubt she drew in the power of knowing that below her , at her feet, cowered another submissive male. It must have made an elegant sight, a naked bowing, subservient, yes- shriveled penis male his head positioned meekly in front of her stiletto heels. This was contrasted the sight of tall and erect female towering over him. It frightened me to think that she could with the simple step of her foot, if she so desired, inflict pain upon me - the submissive male.

At her command I dared to look up, taking in the powerful sight of her stilettos I then began to admire the her shapely legs which where encased in high latex boots. Everything about this woman was perfect, her curves, her firm amply sized breasts coupled with a saintly face that was framed with silky smooth locks. I could not help but contemplate superiority. Suddenly it seemed right to be submissive , powerless, cowering before such a strong and confident woman.

She moved her foot and pinned my head onto the floor. It made me somewhat frightened and more than a little turned on, knowing that in this position she signaled that she was in control. She had the control, the beauty and the power. A demonstration of female domination was the only outcome.

She then explained to me that one of the practices, no laws of female domination was that the male submissive was required to undertake a ritual that was commensurate with the level of superiority of the female over the male. So if the female was only slightly superior to the male a simple ritual of domination such as a kiss of the foot was suffice. However if it where a strong and confident dominatrix standing over a lowly male then higher ritual encompassing a higher level of humiliation and pain would be required. The concept gelled in my mind, the more superior the more humiliation and pain, only this would honor the great female. I realized I was in trouble, before me, no over me stood a strong, confident and beautiful dominatrix. Combined with her natural female supremacy, I did not stand a chance. Looking up from the floor she absolutely towered over me and it was from this position that I was required to negotiate the required ritual. I thought about the required rituals, humiliation and pain, how much would I have to take to honor such a superior female? She simply looked down and me once again pressing my face into the floor with her foot and said, “ Pain, humiliation and superiority, this is the cocktail that will dictate your fate. By now you must be realizing that my level of superiority over you is at the large end of the spectrum. This can only mean that to honor my female dominance will require you to submit to absolute humiliation or pain. Any amount that I desire. Slave do you understand?” Now was my chance to make my case, my bargaining that would rescue some element of male pride. However with the great female standing over me , pressing my face into the floor, I could muster little pride, I only managed to say “yes Mistress, it is understood, I hereby declare that I submit to your obvious and complete superiority.”

“Excellent you will not regret it , I will take you to the peak of pain and humiliation, you will live, dream and study female dominance. The contemplation of a goddess of beauty and power more than you could imagine when suddenly I blow your mind. As you peak in humiliation, pain and desire then shall you in your eruptions scream the truth that is female domination. Only at that point will you experience my superiority. A goddess or a god will you gaze upon me as. You will want for no other, serving me shall be your only desire. It is with this in mind, shall you eagerly undertake any of the rituals of female supremacy, honor in its all, honor in its absolute. And so it shall be.”

She had me, maybe it was the lack of blood rushing into my head, but I could feel her power. A power that was not only great but also one that I desired to get closer too. She spoke, “Humiliation is your first experience, and I am sorry to say that because my superiority over you is so great, you will look up at me with complete admiration and submit to become my toilet. My waste, my girl pee, shall be your nectar and drink it all you shall. A transfer from Mistress to slave. Only by this understanding, that you crave my waste, shall your humiliation honor my female dominance.” So that was it, this tall and beautiful female was going to use me, as a toilet no less. Strangely as I gazed up at her towering physique I did crave it, yes it was right for such a strong and confident woman to use me that way. If she where to call “hey, toilet boy” I would answer crawling on my hands and knees, behind her stiletto heels, offering to be used. What power, however it was exciting to think that I should become her toilet, meekly offering my open mouth as her urine streams from her tall and erect body, swirling and then pooling into my subservient mouth. Somewhat enthusiastically I did respond, “Yes mistress I understand, your superiority gives you the right to use me as your toilet.”

Humiliation and desire, that left pain when again she spoke, “Bowing down before me, humiliated and lustful, then will you experience pain. For yours will be the ritual of penetration. Not a word will be sounded, not a whimper uttered, when my firm and erect girl cock puts you in your place. Lost in your desires, you will beg for me enter, powerless you will feel its girth, your arse submitting to girl-cock, providing little opposition to its force. In pain , in rhythm I shall move in and out of you. Plunging and withdrawing at will. No combat no resistance just feel the pain. Girl fucked and taken you descend, then at that point shall you scream of my superiority.”

Tomorrow will such acts be performed.” And with that I her stilettos again impacted the floor leaving me to shiver and fear for her return. Fear or desire , all I knew was that I craved for such a strong and confident female to put me in my place, I needed female domination.