"The Twins - Assignment Paris"

Jul 11, 2002
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An extract from the latest book by Dr Jane Foxx, "The Twins - Assignment Paris" that I finished publishing and editing a couple of weeks ago:

After the veteran stalker/rapist returned to consciousness, he found there actually WERE two blonde-haired women with him in the hotel room. He had not been hallucinating. They had bound him hand and foot to an overstuffed chair sitting in a corner of the room.

Not only that, Jack Duvall instantly realized he was also sitting in the chair totally naked. “How had THAT happened?” he asked himself. What a revolting predicament for the veteran stalker/rapist. It was totally unbelievable that anything like this could have happened to him.

At first, the two women in the room simply ignored Jack. They went about their business as if he was not even there. It was as if naked Jack Duvall, “Master Stalker/Rapist of All Fucking Paris” did not exist.

Through blurry, disbelieving eyes, Jack saw the two blonde-haired women studying a newspaper together, and he thought they also spoke to each other in a foreign language that was totally unfamiliar to him. The words sounded of Slavic origin; something like Russian, or Czech, or maybe even Polish.

The foiled stalker/rapist also noticed the two blonde-haired beauties occasionally laughed together, as if they had no cares in the world. Even more revealing was the fact that Jack saw them kissing, patting, and hugging each other, and it was plain that some of those demonstrative smooches were extremely passionate.

“Are these two bitches lesbians?” he wondered. “If they are, what had he, Jack Duvall, REALLY gotten himself into?”

As he continued to surreptitiously study the two women, Jack surmised, “They sure looked a lot alike. They must also be fucking twins,” he finally resolved in his beleaguered mind.

Eventually, as his head cleared a little more, Jack began to wonder if the beauties were ever going to acknowledge his presence in the room. Here he was with his naked thighs completely separated and tied to the legs of the over-stuffed chair. His hands must be fastened to the rear legs of the same chair, Jack guessed, because he could not move his arms at all.

What an extremely vulnerable position for the infamous Jack Duvall to be in. He continued to be flabbergasted at finding himself in this unique and highly undesirable situation.

Continuing to quietly evaluate his defenseless position, Jack realized the two blonde-haired women had evidently jammed a couple of pillows behind his body as he sat in the chair. It was for that reason his cock and balls hung out there over the edge of the chair seat in plain view, and there was nothing he could do about it.

It rather embarrassed the ‘mighty’ Jack Duvall to be on such open display, and he began wondering exactly what the two women had planned for him. It was certainly NOT a pleasant situation for the veteran stalker/rapist to be in, not by the wildest stretch of his staggered imagination.

Jack speculated about trying to initiate a conversation with the two blonde-haired women. Was it a reasonable idea - or not? Whatever he might choose to say would certainly be from a point of extreme disadvantage and, of course, he was totally unfamiliar in speaking from such a weak strategic position.

What should he do, Jack kept wondering? Should he continue to be silent and perhaps feign unconsciousness? There certainly was nothing he could think of that gave him the slightest clue of what he should do in such a difficult, unfamiliar and embarrassing situation. It was all completely new to him.

A moment later, Jack watched as the two young women finished with the newspaper. They stood with arms around each other’s waists, and one of them was whispering in other other’s ear while stroking her breast through an opening in her robe. It was another unmistakable show of affection, but extremely passionate.

Whatever had been whispered, brought smiles to both lovely faces, and another noisy, very succulent kiss was initiated between the two young women. They obviously gloried in each other’s company. Jack had never witnessed such a sight before in his life, and it greatly confused his usual thinking regarding females.

Finally, when one of the twins went into the bathroom, she closed the door, and Jack Duvall decided he would try to initiate a conversation with the remaining blonde-haired beauty. Anything in this instance was worth a try, he felt.

“A - er – excuse me, - a -,” Jack began rather feebly, “I was just wonderin’ h-how long do you two bitches – er – young ladies –expect to keep me here like this?”

“Poofka, darling,” Piffka called through the bathroom door to her twin, “it appears that “lover man” is finally awake.”

“He is?” Poofka answered.

“What do you think we should do with him, darling?” Piffka asked.

“Well, we could push him out the window, chair and all” Poofka replied through the door. “It’s about thirty or forty-feet to the ground. Do you think he would bounce very high when he hits the pavement?”

Jack Duvall was aghast at hearing this exchange. Were these two women merely kidding him, or were they serious?

“What about dropping him into the hotel swimming pool from the other window?” Piffka offered. “I think he’d make quite a splash, and his picture might end up on the six o’clock news.”

“Is this supposed to be funny?” Jack blurted out. “Look, I know I – I probably made a mistake in coming up here. I just wanted to introduce myself, but I wish you two women would untie me now so I can leave. I can see you don’t want to be bothered by me, so I won’t bother you again. That’s a promise.”

“Don’t be silly, Mr. Duvall,” Piffka responded. “You’re no bother at all. As a matter of fact, we think we’re going to enjoy having you here with us for a while.”

“How do you know my name, bitch?” Jack Duvall wanted to know.

“We simply looked in your wallet for some identification,” Piffka replied with a smile. “We saw your driver’s license, the money you were carrying, and all the rest.”

Jack’s troubled mind immediately went to the contents of his wallet, and he hoped the two women had not noticed his…

“We found your newspaper clippings, Mr. Duvall,” Piffka announced.

Jack Duvall looked startled at Piffka’s words, as she continued her discourse. “What we couldn‘t figure out was why someone would keep all those stories about rapes and robberies at various downtown hotels, unless you personally had something to do with them.”

“I-I don’t know nuthin’ about any of that,” Jack responded.

“I’ll bet you enjoy reading those stories to yourself – over and over again. It must give you quite a buzz,” Piffka smiled.

“What happened to all my clothes?” Jack Duvall asked, trying desperately to change the subject. This blonde-haired bitch was no fucking dummy, he felt. She was a sharp cookie. Maybe it would be better if he said nothing else to her, and just waited to see how this awful situation might play out. He was sorry he ever started talking to her.

It was at this moment Poofka exited the bathroom, smoothing the robe against her hips as she moved forward. She came immediately to join her twin, and they both turned their focused attention on the naked male sitting restrained to a chair in their hotel room. Jack Duvall felt extremely ill at ease under their steady, smiling gaze.

“We took off your clothes because we’ve always preferred speaking to male creatures when they’re completely naked,” Piffka said to Jack. “That way the truth is always - out in the open – so to speak.”

With that statement, Jack watched as the two blonde-haired beauties turned toward each other to laugh again. They smiled, and shared another kiss. Once more, it was not just an incidental peck but one of those zinging, ardent smooches that required plenty of effort from both women. Jack was dismayed to witness such a demonstration.

“You’re so cute, Piff. I simply adore you!” Jack heard one of the women whisper to the other. Afterward, Poofka turned toward their male captive to inform him, “My darling sister thinks you won’t be needing your clothes as long as you’re here with us, and I agree with her.”

At this point, Piffka and Poofka went into one of their pre-arranged, playful soliloquies. It was designed to fill the recipient’s mind with stark terror. The two of them often enjoyed playing such games, just for the effect it caused on men under their charge.

“What do you think of him, Poof?” Piffka asked in perfect English.

“He’s disgusting,” Poofka answered.

“He doesn’t have much in the way of size between his legs,” Piffka added, “but what he does have looks perfect for some robust slapping. I’d really like to work him over.”

Poofka immediately offered, “I was thinking we ought to cut his silly cock completely off. Afterward, this detestable person won’t be pestering other women in the future.”

“What are you saying, bitch?” Jack Duvall screamed in great surprise.

Ignoring Jack’s excited reaction, Piffka responded, “There’s something in what you say, darling, but let’s not do it right away. Let’s make him wait a while before we get out the scissors.”

Jack Duvall was totally aghast to be hearing such mind-searing comments from these two young, blonde-haired women, especially while he was restrained and completely unable to defend himself. His racing pulse beat was clearly visible on his throat and it made the twins smile when they saw it.

“Wouldn’t it be fun,” Piffka said offhandedly to her sister, “if Natasha’s private plane was available so we could get this unmitigated asshole back to the confines of her dungeon complex at the castle?”

“Yes,” Poofka agreed. “It’s exactly where he belongs. Too bad the plane is grounded for maintenance right now.”

Jack Duvall was beginning to realize the depth of his predicament, especially after he heard what the two women were saying about him. But what did they mean concerning a private plane, someone named Natasha, and wanting to take him to a dungeon in a castle? What the hell was all that about? Jack was CERTAIN he did not want to go ANYWHERE with these two damned, blonde-haired bitches.

“The latest dated newspaper clipping from your wallet tells about the rape of a young lady named Michelle Myers,” Poofka was saying. “It supposedly happened right here in this hotel. Did you have anything to do with that, Mr. Duvall?”

“I don’t know what you talkin’ about,” Jack Duvall replied, but he was clearly perturbed by the question. More sweat was forming on his brow and his troubled eyes were wide with nervous anxiety.

Immediately after his negative response, Jack Duvall received the first in a series of vicious slaps from one of the blonde-haired beauties. He was caught across his left cheek by the force of the sudden blow, and it took him completely by surprise. Jack had never been subjected to such treatment before, and he had never even imagined that he might receive it from a female.

The foiled stalker/rapist started to protest, but the words were struck right out of his mouth by another equally forceful slap administered to his right cheek. He had not noticed one of the twins was wearing a pair of black leather gloves to do the slapping. Maybe that was why the blows sounded so terribly loud in his ringing ears.

“We – (slap) – don’t – (slap) - want – (slap) - to – (slap) - hear – (slap) - any - (slap) - more – (slap) – of – (slap) – your- (slap) lying!” the determined young woman insisted.

“I think you’d better listen very carefully to my sister,” the other beauty told him. “Piff can get very angry whenever a male creature is obviously lying.”

“I – I just came up here to your room to introduce myself,” Jack repeated in response, but his misleading statement was met with another series of slaps from the twin wearing the black leather gloves. He realized she could hit very hard for such a petite female.

After the latest slap to stinging cheeks, Poofka came close to advise Jack Duvall again, “Do you see what I mean?”

With that statement, one of the twins pulled Jack Duvall’s head back, while the other shoved a muffling gag into his mouth. It was quickly fastened in place around the back of Jack’s head. Immediately, the gag was inflated, which made it impossible for the veteran stalker/rapist to speak any further.

“We’re tired of your lying to us,” Piffka informed him.

“We refuse to listen to any more of it,” Poofka added. “How does it feel to have your jaws pumped opened so wide?”

“Yes,” Piffka laughed. “Try pronouncing the word “fish” for us! A smart guy like you ought to be able to do it easily.”

The blonde-haired twins laughed at Jack, and he was deeply chagrined to be in such a defenseless position. Piffka and Poofka played their taunting game for several, unnerving minutes, but it was merely a warm up for other suffering Jack was to endure via their FEMDOM proficiency.

“I get the impression from our “guest” that he’s greatly concerned about his disgusting penis,” Piffka offered. “See it hanging there over the edge of the chair seat?”

“Yes, I think you’re right, darling,” Poofka added.

“What do you think about his display of manhood?” Piffka asked.

“As I say, it’s not very impressive as far as size goes. We’ve seen much longer, thicker specimens from plenty of other men we’ve had under restraint.”

“Yes, I think you’re right!” Piffka agreed. “But I wonder why he uses that silly thing to do all of his thinking?”

“Most members of the opposite sex do that,” Poofka remarked, as she slipped on a pair of latex gloves.

In his fitfulness, a restrained and gagged Jack Duvall wondered what the latex gloves were for. Were his worse suspicions about to be realized? And sure enough, the blonde-haired beauty reached down to seize his flaccid penis in her latex-covered fingers, giving it a sharp upward tug. Piffka smiled openly at Jack’s frantic reaction.

“Try to relax, Mr. Duvall,” Poofka smiled softly. “I only want to examine this ugly specimen of yours to see if we can discover why it is you act the way you do toward women. I mean, why is it the act of raping attractive women is always on your troubled, little male mind? Do you have any clue about that?”

As Jack Duvall fidgeted in Poofka’s tight grasp, she began examining his wilted penis very closely, twisting it one way and then the other. She also squeezed at the width of it as if she was a medical professional. Several times, the reddened tip of his penis bulged noticeably in her inquiring fingers.

Of course, Poofka’s real intent was to cause Jack Duvall additional concern about his personal welfare. He was already breathing heavily through his nose, and sweating even more profusely.

Jack Duvall could not remember the last time a female had touched him so rudely or so intimately. He found it was truly discomforting, especially in this unique situation where he could offer no resistance whatsoever. What was he to do?

Jack flinched involuntarily several times, which made both of the twins laugh at him. But he could not help himself, and the foiled stalker/rapist felt the first real pangs of hopelessness seeping into his mind and body.

The two female hands working in his crotch continued fingering Jack’s sensitive penis. One female stretched it, twisted it, shook it, and a moment later – when Jack least expected it - the twin holding his penis slapped sharply at the tip of it.

It was not a very robust hit, but just enough to capture Jack Duvall’s immediate attention. He winced noticeably on contact, and fixed his gaze on the smiling, pretty face staring back at him. “Would there be more such withering hits to endure from this bitch?” He asked himself in a growing panic.

The answer was quick in coming. The female hand holding his penis in position took a firmer grip just before a long series of even more rousing slaps to his undefended penis were delivered. They came from the left and right, all delivered quickly and with equal vigor. Jack shut his eyes from the unaccustomed shocks he was being made to suffer.

Attempting to call out his displeasure was impossible for the veteran stalker/rapist. The muffling device filling his oral cavity prevented any words from forming, while it also restricted any appreciable volume from his voice. Except for some soft, irregular grunting, Jack Duvall found he was forced to endure each slap in near silence. Only the herky-jerky spasms of his body revealed his true distress.

Finally, when the slapping of his penis abruptly stopped, Jack slowly opened his wrinkled eyes to see the faces of both blonde-haired beauties were very close to his own. The two women were drinking in his stressful emotions. It was as if they enjoyed watching his struggles to endure each shock to his entire system.

A moment later, Jack Duvall also saw the two blonde-haired women had returned to kissing each other again. They were doing it not two feet from him. He watched through squinted eyes as those two female tongues played a merry game licking and lapping at each other, all while their voices made mutual sounds of lustful pleasure.

“You’re so delicious,” Jack heard one of the twins whisper to the other. “I want you, darling. I really want you to fuck me.”

“Wait just a moment, sweetheart” the other twin was saying. “I’ve got to get this bastard properly trussed up first.”

“Trussed up? What the hell did that mean?” Jack wondered behind his gag. “What were these two bitches planning for him next?”

In another moment, one of the beauties handed her sister a small, curious-looking electronic device. It was unlike anything Jack had ever seen. It consisted of two wire leads with clamps on the ends.

A moment later, one of the clamps was clipped tightly on Jack’s wilted penis while he saw and felt the other being applied down lower on his cringing body. Jack flinched noticeably when he felt the small teeth on the clamps bite tightly into his most sensitive flesh.

The second clamp had been made to grip his testicle sack. This did not look good to the overwrought stalker/rapist, not good at all.

A small control box was placed near Jack, and afterward he saw the twins begin kissing each other again. Jack noticed there were moments when the two women appeared as if they could hardly keep their hands and mouths off each other. He thought their latest slurping wet kiss lingered for almost thirty seconds until they broke away to stand together before him.

Jack suddenly realized the two beauties were now totally naked. He had not even noticed either of them undressing, but the shimmering robes they had been wearing were tossed across the back of a nearby chair and the two of them were standing there naked like two erotic alabaster figurines, smiling at him.

A tormented Jack Duvall was seeing Piffka and Poofka in all their naked glory. They stood very close together, with arms around each other’s waists. Breasts were being gently fondled. Blonde-haired pussies were on full display, and they continued smiling at him, almost laughing. The foiled stalker/rapist thought he could also see the fires of lingering lust lighting up the twin’s eyes, and Jack began to understand the true depth of the passion they had for each other, though it was entirely foreign to him.

“I set the new control for thirty-second intervals,” one twin said to the other. “That should keep his interest while we’re busy.”

“Darling,” Jack heard one of the twins say to the other in a throaty whisper, “Oooo, I’m so hot. I want you to fuck me, darling. I want you to fuck me right now!”

At least, that is what Jack thought he heard. The message was slurred somewhat as a result of the powerful passion and yearning behind the words as they were spoken.

Suddenly, Jack was jolted by a powerful charge of electric current buzzing across his wilted cock and throughout his entire body. It knocked him hard against his restraints, and he heard both young women laughing at the effect it had on him.

“The new transformer works perfectly, darling,” One of the twins remarked. “You were right. That will keep the bastard jumping while are busy making love.”

A distraught Jack Duvall looked up to see the naked twins were settling down on the bed together. They were lying not more than six feet away from him, and he saw one of them had a long, thick dildo attached to her lower body. It was plainly evident the two beauties were getting ready to enjoy some red-hot sex together, as if it was a very common occurrence between with them and perfectly natural to be doing it in front of a restrained, tormented man.

Meanwhile, Jack was being made to suffer sporadic jolts from the device they had clamped to his body. The power was just enough to keep him wary and jumping, each time the surge made itself known.

What a revolting situation for a man of Jack Duvall’s reputation to be in. He simply could not believe what was happening, nor did he believe what these two blonde-haired beauties were doing right there in front of him. They had coupled themselves together, and were having a great time, too, judging by the look and sound of it.

As he was suffering, the twins were busy enjoying themselves to the maximum, and none of it seemed very fair to Jack “The Hammer” Duvall. This type of activity was not ANYTHING like what he had imagined doing when he saw that enticing blonde-haired beauty in the lobby just an hour earlier.