The Ultimate Chastity Tease


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Jan 16, 2017

I've got this chastity slave not only locked up tight in a cage, but strapped up with bondage belts as well. A lovely double sided dildo gag, muffling his groans of displeasure as I run my body all along his cage, causing his cock to fight against the metal bars. The sight of making his manhood turn purple as it fights against it's confinement, desperate for release brings me much pleasure and amusement; but I'm just getting started. I'm going to remind him not only that it is I who controls his cock, his orgasms, but of what he dreams of, though will never have. The depths of my body. What it would be like if he weren't so unworthy, to fill my warmth wrap around his cock. I'm not only the ruler of his orgasms, but I'm the ruler of my own. This fact, is one I'm going to tease and torment him with, as I hover my perfect pussy over him, before using his face and dildo gag as the objects that they are. Means to bring only I, satisfaction.

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