The Vows - Male & Female trample male


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Feb 18, 2003
Just put this story up on my blog this morning :) Reposting here for those fans who seem to enjoy this kind of trample.

I've known Ken and Penny for years. They were the first couple to find out about my fetish, and the first couple to actively engage in trampling on me together. They had each trampled me separately over the years as well, sometimes just for the fun of it, other times to “pay” me for working on their computer. Through it all they were just all around great people. So when they told me they were getting married, I was thrilled. When they told me they were having a private wedding in their living room, I wasn't surprised. They were never big on making a scene. When they told me they each wanted to stand on me as they recited vows, I was blown away. They said they wanted to do something silly to commemorate the day and to give the hired minister something to remember when he got old. How could I resist that?

The following week we gathered at their apartment. The minister smiled and greeted me. Ken introduced me as the best man and witness as I smiled and shook the ministers hand. Did he know already or was this going to be a complete surprise and shock to this guy? The last thing I needed was to have a minister fall over of a heart attack and land on me for fucks sake. He'd apparently been made aware of the situation, although they hadn't mentioned to him that it was my fetish as well, just that we'd be doing something silly and they'd stand on me for vows.

After a few moments, Penny came out of the bedroom. She was in a beautiful little dress that cut off at the knee. Frilly and white, she'd chosen something that wouldn't cover over me and block my view of the marriage, but still be adorable and pretty for her big day. Her hair was done up by a friend that appeared in the doorway behind her. I wasn't aware there would be another person here today besides us and the minister. Penny walked gracefully into the room, her bare feet leaving soft footprints in the carpeting. Her friend followed behind her, equally as cute, brunette, about 130lbs and curiously, barefoot too. Ken had chosen a nice white button down shirt, a jacket with a hanky in the pocket, a pair of cargo shorts that stopped at the knee and barefoot as well. Apparently we were doing wedding photos afterwards, and some of them would be standing on me for the shots. NOW I was excited to be here :)

The minister set up where Ken and Penny wanted everything to take place. We ended up doing this in front of a large bay window that they have in their living room. The window protruded from the house in a half circle and was wide enough for me to lay down and for everyone to have room to move around me. I laid down, with my head about 2 foot away from the ministers shoes. Ken walked up and stood by my right side, Penny on my left. Her friend stood back behind her, her eyes tearing up over the occasion. They smiled at each other, took each others hand, and the minister began.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Ken and Paige in holy matrimony...” he began. His voice trailed off in my head as I laid there, looking up at them both. I'd like to say that this was a magical moment. Watching two friends get married. Being here to witness it. But in all honesty, this was some weird shit. But I liked it ;)

It wasn't until I felt the foot on my stomach that I snapped out of the daydream and realized that Ken had his large size 13 planted across me. “Are you ready?” he asked me again. I didn't hear him the first time apparently. I nodded and he stepped up, placing the other foot across my chest. The minister's eyes widened a little and he laughed, “This is one for the books for sure.” He began with the vows, which Ken recited back to Paige, word for word. She stood there next to me, holding Ken's hands as he crushed me into the floor. I looked down at my body, flat under this guy. These two had trampled me a lot through the years. I couldn't imagine his feet on me without hers. They're the perfect couple.

After a moment, Ken stepped down. I felt Paige's soft size 8 across my tummy and she asked me, “Are you ready?” I nodded and she stepped up as Ken took both of her hands and the minister started reciting again. Her little feet sank into my belly. I'm surprised she asked if I was ready. She was usually the one jumping on my stomach unexpected, saying the best stomps were when you're not ready for them. Of course she was right, but she'd stomped me a few times like that in the past and had me curled in a ball for a moment from the pain. I always laid back down for her though. I looked up as I heard Paige finish her vows.

“I now pronounce you man and wife!” the minister said with a smile. With Paige still standing with both feet on my stomach, Ken put one foot on my chest, lifted himself up and grabbed the ceiling for balance, as he placed his other foot down across my hip. I looked up at them both standing on me, kissing as they'd done a few times in the past. This time they were officially married. Ken's foot was crushing the air out of my lungs and Paige's feet had already flattened my diaphragm so that I couldn't get a breath. I didn't want to stop their kiss though. I think I must have set a record for holding ones breath. At least while under the feet of 2 people. It was less than a minute though as they stood there kissing, but I was turning red apparently. They both stepped off, laughing and hugging one another.

The minister stayed around for a few photos with the bride and groom and then left. We continued taking wedding photos. Ken and Paige stood on me together for quite a few. Paige and her friend stood on me for a photo and then their final shots were all three standing on me together while the camera ticked off photos on a tripod. I'd have to say that I'd never enjoyed a wedding more!
Apr 6, 2018
Many thanks for sharing, great to see stories re a man being under the feet of a superior lady and her partner

Any more cuckold trample stories would be most welcome!