Three great SLAVE ORDER Videos


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Oct 23, 2007
Lady Yvonne prepares a yummy-looking slave meal for you. She starts to crush the small sweets under her high heel sandals - grinding them slowly to pieces before she tramples them with her sweaty bare feet until her whole feet are covered with small pieces from the sweets and the chocolate filling - NOW YOU'RE GONNA EAT IT - right from her Feet!

BBW Mistress Cathy trains you - her new personal slave. You're allowed to follow her trought the house after licking her high heels clean while she sits on the stairs. Upstairs you've to clean her bare feet before she tramples you to test your endurance!

Mistress Katja from Russia humiliates and dominates YOU in this terrific clip. After worshipping her sexy black boots you're used as her human chair on which she sits down with her gorgeous jeans ass - of course all while verbally humiliating you!