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Apr 23, 2017
054_ Today Trina is guilty again. She wants to be as beautiful as her Mistress Berty. But the slave cannot wear clothes. She should only walk in what the Mistress gives her. While Bertie was not at home, Trina decided to take advantage of the moment. She began dressing the Mistress's clothes without permission. But Berty saw this and was very angry. Therefore, Trina will receive punishment. Berty tied her hands, put on a gag, so she would not scream very loudly in pain. Also began to beat her on the ass. She left the red stripes with a stick and beat her slave, so she would not do anything without an order. Berty laughed at her and sat on her back, and then put a foot on her back and pressed heavily. The girl whined even more with pain. Then, Berty sat down in front of the slave and punched in the face. She also spat on the face of the slave girl and stroked with gloves on the cheeks