Too good to be true...?

So far as i can tell, there's a new game in town, something called femfightfree, an Italian site offering free downloads of selected entire matches by Ultimate Surrender, which often include facesitting in their girl-girl wrestling contests, either during the fight or as one possible climax between the winner & loser. And also some DWW excerpts, some with FS. And some other material of lesser interest.

i searched MD without finding femfightfree mentioned, so this may be new to you.

It's a bit involved getting registered on their two sites, you have to keep at it to make it work, one accessible from Yahoo at:

the other on Lycos at:

i was at first suspicious of their offer, as it sounded too good to be true (which usually turns out to be just that). My suspicions grew when it seemed that their signup process and assigning of user names & passwords might be a process for hooking into back door entrances to a few company computers
in Italy. In fact, i'd be grateful if the moderators here would give this a look-see & make sure this is really legit, and if not simply omit those two links.

At the moment they have two ult. surr. matches up on Yahoo, one a single file of about 120MB, the other in 20 segments of about 10MB each.

i have three reasons for hoping it may be okay. First, there is no blanket access to all Ultimate Surrender files, just one changing match every two weeks or so. Second, Ultimate Surrender itself has also been running an extremely powerful giveaway program elsewhere on the web, though what they give away there tends to be not whole matches at all but just 1MB snippets. And third, femfightfree has
been up on Yahoo since March of 2004, during which time you'd think they would have been caught if anything were illegal. Not sure how long they've been on Lycos, could be fairly recent. The Lycus site says in Italian: "does not violate the author's rights."

Don't mean to sound prissy about legalities, i'm as open to freebies as anyone else, which is one reason
i come here, but i'm also a writer, which means that i'm aware of the need for creators--whether writers, artists, musicians, or porn makers--to make some kind of living from their work.

If you do go there & try to sign up, be aware that the registration process is rather cumbersome but eventually works.

As you probably know, Ultimate Surrender matches tend to be highly structured, with points awarded
for fingering nipples, pussies, breast smothering, FS, etc. Also, what i've seen features some fairly good wrestling. The girls are lovely, or at least pleasant to look at. Very slick production values.

Another Yahoo group that has been featuring longer clips from Ultimate Surrender in their files section is:

Hope this turns out to be okay & works out for everyone.

In which case, enjoy...

Dec 31, 2004
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Ugh...the whole sign up process is loaded with tracking cookies...everytime you click something it's sending you spyware. I haven't checked, I've probably got a virus too. THe yahoo groups are okay, but stay away from signing up for that site.
Thanks to Golpherguy674! For the record i did run a Norton/Simantec scan on my machine & came up with not a single virus. And also ran the shareware version of Adaware, which showed no more than the usual number of spyware objects. Anyway, these clips are beautiful, so i'm hoping no one else will post an alarm...

all the best!

A perfectly good question, Erikk, and your answer is also perfectly correct. Ultimate Surrender is indeed quite reasonably priced. So why don't i subscribe? Also easy to answer: it would break the peace at home. My wife quite happily accepts my spending inordinate time spans DLing porn, mainly FS, and when we make love she also happily indulges my taste for this practice. But if i were to actually start paying for such downloads, that would be going too far. For both of us. It would mean to me personally that i had become an insatiable junky for such images, even though this is probably
already true. :) That i was totally unable to control my lust for this kind of lust. That i would end up never getting anything else done, which fortunately is not yet the case. And my wife's respect for me might suffer. Anyway, why should i start paying when there is a virtually infinite supply of free FS
material available? How could i handle adding an infinity to infinity? For the same reason i have not yet graduated from dial-up to broadband, not because of the money but because this would mean i wanted easier access to the further infinity of larger files available, at present i think twice before i DL an image larger than 100K. i already have thousands of images & hundreds of clips, so why should i long for more? (though this does not stop me from DLing new ones... :) )

Irrational? You bet! Just about everything about human desire is irrational, which is why we all enjoy it
so much...

Thanks for the thought, Downunder007. But to do that i'd need to be an infinite number of blokes who found an infinite number of FS-loving ladies. Things might get a bit easier after that, since we could all just go check into that famous mathematical paradox, the Hilbert Hotel, which has an infinite number of rooms, so that it can always accomodate new infinite numbers of guests.

very best!



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May 3, 2004
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Originally posted by sub_with_character

easy to answer: it would break the peace at home
Just to say you couldn't have come up with a better answer - whatever protects and enhances that relationship has to be top priority - always & permanently.

We're in a similar situation - though my other half is more protective of the time than the modest occasional outlay.

Good on yer.