Tormenting His Testicles

Britney is wearing her strapless black dress and nude colored nylons. She is feeling very sexy and she wants to dominate her subject with an intense ballbusting. Her sexy feet hit hard time after time against his cock and balls. We thought his nuts were going to crack into pieces from the force. Next Britney uses her feet to beat him into complete submission. She slams the soles and heels of her feet into his nut sack, crushing his delicate cords and bruising his balls. His sack turns red and then black and blue as her torture continues. To top it off, Britney stands him up again and uses the crushing block to further pulverize his manhood. She stands on his manhood and slams her heel down, expertly targeting one ball at a time with extreme force. He feels extreme pain as she smiles in pleasure. Britney simple loves it!

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Thanks and Enjoy!
Unless we find another clip buried on one of our computer here, this is Britney's last clip with us. One day when we were shooting, Britney took the camera and turned it on, started to direct and film while she was busting her subject. You can tell that she is enjoying herself as you listen to her voice. After a hard front kick that lands with a hard smack against his balls, she says "Awww, poor baby" in a voice that will turn you on as you soon as you hear it. After this she has her subject film her as he takes some extremely hard kicks. You get to see her face as though you are right across from her. Then look down and see her foot swing up into your balls! She takes the camera back to show how she loves to torture a pair of cock and balls with stomps and super crushing forces. When you see it you will agree that this is simply amazing!

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